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There Is No Here

by Jeremy Orlando

â??I’m not real, I’m not even a ghost.’Arthur Craven isn’t the most likeable individual, even Arthur would admit to that. But Arthur Craven has more pressing issues at hand, forget the phantasm that is his ex-wife, forget the unfinished novel that should never have been started. He doesn’t need to worry about the writers, who he had wronged in his past life as a ghostwriter either. What has been weighing on Arthur’s mind lately has been the disappearance of his brother, Tyson Craven, the much-lauded author, and his much-despised younger brother. After years of not giving a hoot about his brothers vanishing, this one particular day the grief became very real.Oh, and Arthur woke up today believing that he has died.

The Castaway (The Sarasota Trilogy Book 3)

by Piero Rivolta

This standalone novel is the third book in The Sarasota Trilogy by Award-Winning Author and Poet Piero Rivolta, The Castaway is the story of a man adrift on a broken catamaran in the Gulf of Mexico who’s rescued and brought to a care facility in the Yucatan run by an unconventional Jesuit. He seems to remember nothing of his past except his name. To speed his recovery, the priest engages him in searching conversations and introduces him to a captivating woman in town who runs a school for children. As their three lives intertwine and their secrets come to light, they become entangled in a complex web of emotions.

Told in poetic prose, The Castaway, which continues the story begun in Sunset in Sarasota, is a meditation on the nature of memory, love and friendship, and offers a profound affirmation of the healing power of words.


“Piero Rivolta’s writings are the work of a philosophical romantic and a poet.” — Pat Kaufman, author of Hamlet’s Mother in Love

“Author Piero Rivolta has written a book that I found very moving and poignantâ?¦ His Sunset in Sarasota is a must read for anyone who longs for a story about life’s mysteries and joys.” — Jack Roberts, Cable Network, Los Angeles

“What a great movie this book would make! It has a marvelous, touching story and the characters jump off the page at you.” — Joe Mazz, Genesis Satellite Radio Network

“Piero Rivolta nails the layers of love, devotion and driving passion to excel in Sunset in Sarasota. In many ways, the novel totally transcends the fictive and drives home the eternal truth that love and passion must be balanced between self-definition, our personal productivity and commitment to the people who love us.” — Vin Smith, America First Radio

“One of the best Florida fiction authors I’ve read.” — Shanda Trofe, Transcendent Publishing


Award-winning author Piero Rivolta grew up in Milan in a family of automakers. He left Italy and moved to Sarasota, Florida in 1980 with his wife Rachele, a painter. They have two grown children, Renzo and Marella. Bridge Through the Stars is his first novel since the publication of Journey Beyond 2012 and his Florida fiction series, Sarasota Trilogy: Sunset in Sarasota, Alex and the Color of the Wind and The Castaway. Piero is also the author of four poetry/prose collections: Just One Scent: The Rest is God, Nothing Is Without Future, Going By Sea and One Life, Many Lives.

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