Free poetry Kindle books for 10 Jan 19

This Curious Life: Poetry of Love, Loss and Inspiration

by Mark Kloss

The poems Mark has written blows the breath of truth over his own life and that of others, in a world both grim and wonderful. These poems touch on the heartbreaks, the spiritual releases, the hurtful losses and the returning smiles. And of course, the wonder and hot emotions of love.

Within this latest collection of poems, Mark’s words come from his ability to see, feel and understand the darker shadows of one’s soul and mind, and so offer some uplifting inspiration. Here he lets his deepest feelings of love pour out with joy and sincerity.

He hopes each, or just a few, of these poems based on his own experiences will help you when down and replenish your love and sparkle; or simply make you laugh about this curious life we share.

Surviving A Delusional World: A Collection of Poems

by Ashraf Shaikh

In this debut, Ashraf Shaikh takes the reader on a journey of “Surviving a delusional world”, with a message of hope as the main course running through the pages. “Surviving A Delusional World” is gripped by pain and loss, life and love, and illusions and passions. It dives into the depths of the ideas, tackling topics such as identity, fear, love, peace, illusions, death, passions and dreams.

Ashraf Shaikh is the recognizable figure on the platform he writes on – Instagram (@authorashraf). This author shares a similar writing style with many more modern authors – focusing mostly on short from poetry.

Oil Spill

by Dylan Saucedo

Oil Spill is a celebration of รข??bad’ feelings. The things we feel at night when we can’t sleep. The things we struggle to say out loud. The things we feel when we’re alone. Feelings many of us experience and relate to, but aren’t often given the attention they deserve. This poetry collection acknowledges this part of us, so we can try to empty ourselves out and fill ourselves up with something better.

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