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Minimalist Living: Using Minimalism to Declutter Your Lifestyle – Habits & Mindsets to Live More & Worry Less! (Life Hack Heaven Book 1)

by Jason Delucci

Overwhelmed & stressed by your current lifestyle? Wish you could escape the materialism trap without feeling like you’re missing out?

Here’s the thingâ?¦

Unless extremely “hippie” parents raised you, you’ll no doubt be accustomed to the consumerist lifestyle we all know. In truth, it’s not really your fault. Society bombards us with an avalanche of advertising since we were in diapers. We are prompted to buy that new iPhone or flashy pair of sneakers at every turn! But these possessions quickly engulf us if we’re not careful.

Sound familiar?

There’s been a mini-renaissance in recent years, a reversion back to basic living in light of everyday financial struggles & social media pressure to “keep up with the Joneses.” But there is another wayâ?¦ Minimalist Living doesn’t require you to throw out all of your belongings or live in a miniature house. It just means significantly cutting down your clutter.

It’s disconnecting from distractions, excessive material wealth & unhealthy relationships. To reconnect to what’s important. To live a more freeing & purposeful existence. You are allowed to do that. In fact, its imperative for your mental well-being.

In this insightful first edition in the Minimalism Series – you will discover:

  • 3 productivity hacks to do LESS, but get MORE from your daily activities
  • How to maximize your relationships ROI’s to optimize time with friends, family & co-workers
  • The one personality type you MUST avoid to achieve this
  • Why conventional goal setting & visualization techniques FAIL most people (& how to do them correctly!)
  • How to reap the benefits of modern technology, without becoming inundated by it
  • Why you get stressed when traveling & how to avoid this (hint: it’s not just packing lighter!)
  • The #1 problem busy people face during meal times – & how to overcome this without compromising your cooking
  • Why exercising MORE can actually make you burn LESS fat & gain LESS muscle
  • What the Old Zen Master can teach you about perspective
  • 3 vital mindset shifts you MUST make to reduce worry.

And much moreâ?¦

Minimalist Living provides the carefully curated tips & thinking strategies to allow you to flourish with this “Less is More” philosophy. Even if you’ve never tried minimalism before, these simple & actionable steps will help you successfully streamline your life!

If you want to unburden yourself & gain back your freedomâ?¦

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A Good Thing–A Book in Honor of the New Year

by Julia Audrina Carrington

A book that deals with various spiritual issues that will bless your heart this New Year season. Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for family and friends now!

“Julia Carrington draws from the depth of her relationship with God to connect her readers to His heart and His voice. She knows the language of God and writes encouraging her readers to know His voice and follow Him.”–Theresa Croft, Kingdom Messenger Network

“Thanks be to God. I read one of her books, which was very good. She is a Christian first and foremost, and an awesome writer. If you have never read one of her books, let me encourage you to do so. Amen.”–R.C.

“This is a writer with whom I have the honor of reading from her works. I know personally her love of the true Word of God and particularly her love of Jesus Christ.”–K.H.

It is Julia’s desire to glorify God in all things. Julia Audrina Carrington who is a born again Christian has touched the lives of thousands of souls across the world. She has shared the message of hope with orphans and the less fortunate. She is the founder of the international mission called Mission Friends for Christ which reaches out to needy and hurting women and children. She is the author of more than five hundred Christian books and Christian novels. See many of her books at by typing her name Julia Carrington in the search box on Her books make wonderful gifts for all occasions. Get her books today for yourself and for family and friends as perfect gifts for all occasions.

Hearts on Fire: Amish and Firefighter Romance

by Miranda Stewart

This heartbreaking story begins with danger and suspense but ends with compassion, romance, and true love. The plight of the Amish Johannsen family follows a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but love wins out in the end. The story covers interesting societal issues that anyone can relate to. Follow the trajectory of these young people’s lives as they make their way through loss, growing up, and reaching adulthood. A cast of interesting characters come in and out of the Johannsens’ lives as romantic love grows alongside great friendships.

Hearts on Fire has dynamic relationships at many different ages, from siblings and peers, children and adults, and adults of varying age. Get caught up in a mystery with a surprising twist on who the guilty parties are and the motive for the crime. Our firefighter hero is young, handsome, and Amish! He finds himself entangled in an unfolding drama with the woman that he loves but she doesn’t know he’s alive.

Can he save the lovely young woman before it’s too late, or will her drama bring an end to his life as he knows it? This great story with a happy ending will make you want to fall in love with our hero, too.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

The Pastor’s Guide to Wise Investing (BrokePastor Library Book 3)

by S.L. Potts

Pastors are so good at so many difficult things – preaching/teaching, counseling, discipling, caring – but can very often be completely clueless when it comes to handling their money wisely. This can be true of their day-to-day finances, but is often more true in regards to their retirement planning.

The Pastor’s Guide to Wise Investing takes the often confusing world of investing and makes it simple and easy to understand by compiling and condensing the best advice from the best investors of our day into one simple, easy-to-read guide.

The #1 investing guide for pastors . . .

Compiles the best advice from the greatest investors of our time into one compact, easy-to-read book

Reveals what the biggest investing enemy of pastors truly is – and, more importantly, what it IS NOT

Helps pastors gain a right view of stocks and securities that should change the way they think about these types of investments forever

Shows why “winning with the market” is a sound investing strategy for most pastors

Teaches pastors how to control the ONLY two controllable things in investing so that they can keep more of their own money

Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians (Epistole Bible Studies Book 3)

by Dr David L Cook

Relationships, Work, Marriage, Church life. Grace, Salvation, the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Just some of the subjects covered in Ephesians. It is a book packed full of both doctrine and practical advice. This 12 part study guides us through this tremendous book.

This publication is part of the Epistole Bible Study Series, by the late Dr David L Cook. Each study in the series features questions for individuals and group discussion, together with a follow up section for each study.

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