Free science fiction Kindle books for 10 Jan 19

Even the Wingless (Princes’ Game Book 1)

by M.C.A. Hogarth

M.C.A. Hogarth’s “Princes’ Game” series is peculiar and compelling (and peculiarly compelling) space opera. I really like it […] because of its determination to make the reader productively uncomfortable. –

The Alliance has sent twelve ambassadors to the Chatcaavan Empire; all twelve returned early, defeated. None of their number have been successful at taking that brutal empire to task for their violations of the treaty. None have survived the vicious court of a race of winged shapechangers, one maintained by cruelty, savagery and torture.

Lisinthir Nase Galare is the Alliance’s thirteenth emissary. A duelist, an esper and a prince of his people, he has been sent to bring an empire to heel. Will it destroy him, as it has his predecessors? Or can one man teach an empire to fear… and love?

Caution: This book is violent and contains mature/difficult situations. Readers who prefer spoilers before engaging with triggers may want to read the Reader’s Guide: Princes’ Guide Summaries first. 
Series (Complete)1. Even the Wingless2. Some Things Transcend3. Amulet Rampant4. Only the Open5. In Extremis6. From Ruins

All We Have (The Survivor Journals Book 3)

by Sean Little

Twist and Ren have settled on the shores of a beautiful lake in Texas, but survival takes work. There are crops to plant and harvest, and animals to feed. There is the daily grind of life after a viral apocalypse where things they used to take for granted, like food, water, and safety, are no longer a given, especially with predators prowling at the perimeter of the farm. It is two against the world, and all they have is each other.

Thatcher’s Tree

by James Shipway

Polly Jenkins, an eager film student, falls prey to an enigma of nature while working as a location scout. Left alone and afraid in a place where only the strongest survive, she soon finds herself on the path to far more than the journey promised.
Months later, Doctor Robert Murphy struggles to diagnose a ‘John Doe’ devoid of emotion or regard for human life, whilst battling his superiors who want the patient condemned for the murders he’s committed.
How are the two events connected? What happened to Polly? And just who is the mystery killer?

Star Watch

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

“Loved this book! … could not put it down …” Join the Star Watch crew on their first mission to the planet of Trom, where hostile Pharlom invaders have appropriated high altitude cloud-ports as prisoner of war camps. As a fierce battle in space ensues, fragmented warships fall into Trom’s atmosphere and head right for a populated cloud-port.

From best-selling author Mark Wayne McGinnis comes the highly anticipated Scrapyard Ship spin-off series, Star Watch.

The Craing War is now over â?¦ the enemy defeated. As planetary systems around the galaxy try to bring normalcy back to their existence, one thing becomes crystal clear â?¦ without the Craing around to keep everyone in line, space has become a far more dangerous place.

With tens of thousands of warships idle, along with hundreds of thousands of Allied crew personnel sitting on their hands, it’s up to Admiral Perry Reynolds whether or not to send the combatants home, and mothball most of the ships. But as more and more requests for prompt Allied assistance come in from the farthest reaches of outer space (i.e. for minor incursions into sovereign territory; or others, more seriousâ??including barbaric planetary invasions), Admiral Reynolds is compelled to introduce a new stellar over-watch program. With his own career winding down, one of his final directives will be in the formation of a special intergalactic marshaling service â?¦ Star Watch. The admiral has the perfect ship lined up for the taskâ??the most advanced warship in the known galaxy: the mile-long Caldurian vesselâ??the Minian. Next â?¦ he needs to outfit the ship with a captain and crew he can trust to get this far-range venture initiated properly.

Across the galaxy, young Boomer, daughter of Captain Jason Reynolds, begins her training in the ancient fighting methods of the Kahill Callan, and prepares to battle against Lord Vikor Shakrimâ??leader of the dreaded Sahhrain warriors.

Outpost: A Dystopian Novel set in a Post-Apocaplyptic World

by Matthew Keith

A small survivor community in a dystopian America wages an internal war on itself when the residents disagree what is best for their future.

In rural Kentucky, one hundred and sixty-one survivors of the apocalyptic Great Rains huddle inside a one-block, walled off section of town: a place they call Outpost.

It has been two years since the toxic rains fell. The people of Outpost have managed to survive by working together, scavenging food from empty homes and businesses, guarding one another while they sleep.

They have persevered through their worst nightmare–or so they believed.

But now a stranger has come to their community and offered them a choice: they can come with him and go to war with those responsible for destroying the world. Or they can do nothing and hope some other community has the courage to do what they can’t.

They’ve already suffered greater than they believed was possible, but many of them still want to fight. Others are skeptical. They don’t believe the stranger’s story and want nothing to do with furthering their own misery. They like things just the way they are… and they’ll fight to keep it that way.

Even if that fight is with those they call friend and neighbor.

An apocalyptic novel set in a not-so-distant dystopian future.

The Dissenters – A Series of Perpetual Presents

by O.T Strange

Just and Lola and her friends managed to escape the clutches of the evil Amelia and the tyranny of her Kapple Corporation.

They find themselves in a strange broken reality, apparently ruled by a mysterious Blue coloured man.

Meanwhile back home, the cycle of events that led to them being thrown into a future forgotten, are once again in motion.

At some point, these two worlds are destined to collide.

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