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by Robin Barrett

Do you have a dream? Being a nomad might be the solution that makes it come true.
Don’t wait to travel, start that new business, write a novel, or spend time with the people you love. Do it now, by following the easy to understand resources in this book. BANCYL walks you through WHY people – just like you — choose a nomadic life, HOW to decide if it’s the right life for you, and WHERE you can travel and thrive, step by step.

In this inclusive, one-stop resource guide, you’ll find all the tools you need to launch into a successful, safe nomadic life, with:
-Hundreds of helpful links
-Budget, Destination and Planning Worksheets
-Travel Options – from frugal to ritzy
-Safety Tips – from accident safety to bear attacks and everything in between
-Resources to navigate State of Residence, REAL ID, and receiving mail
-Dozens of mobile job resources
-Financial Resources – from Health Insurance Options to banking and saving for retirement
-Easy to understand information on mobile power, water and hygiene
-Discount clubs and free camping resources
-How to travel with pets
-Finding a great mobile social life and support system
-And much, much more.

The author is a full-time nomad and the creator of the Creativity RV Lifestyle Blog and YouTube channel. Her experience, interviews with dozens of current nomads and the questions she’s received from thousands of followers has led her to create the best RV and Van-life guide ever written, jam-packed with the resources and links any nomad needs to hit the road full time.
Becoming a nomad can change your life. Over one-million people in the U.S. have chosen this rewarding life of travel and freedom — will you be one of them?
BE A NOMAD CHANGE YOUR LIFE is the one resource guide you need before, during and after you launch into your full-time mobile adventure.


by Chad Albury

all you have to have is the passion to take that fi rst major step!
Chad Albury learned this important life lesson at the age
of thirty-seven. He weighed 250 pounds and suffered from
chronic knee problems. Albury had no plan to change, but
a lightbulb moment showed him the importance of doing
so. Albury was determined to get into shape, and he chose
cycling as the best way to do it.
Little did Albury know that this one choice would lead to a
lifelong passion and a new goal. Albury fell head over heels in
love with cycling, and that love took him to cycling events all
over the world. Albury hopes that by chronicling his journey,
he can inspire you to make similar changes. They may help you
discover your own new purpose and passion as you Upshift
your life.

California Free Camping: Quick Reference Guide to Free Camping in California

by Michael Horn

Free Camping in California is plentiful with landscapes and climates to please everyone. Free California Camping was designed to help you quickly and easily plan your next camping trip. It doesn’t matter if you are escaping for a weekend or living on the road. Our camping guide will give you all the information and links you need to find the best free campsite, free campground or dispersed camping area, no matter where you are exploring in California. From Long Term Visitors area with basic amenities, capable of letting you ride out the harsh winters up north. To secluded campsites and campgrounds off the beaten path, California Free Camping is here to assist. Plan your next adventure wherever you are. All the necessary information is always on your device and easy to locate.

Details Include
* Links to all Public sites
* Contact Numbers
* Latitude and Longitude
* Site elevation
* Where the closest groceries and gas are locate
* Details specific to the site
* Links to useful external resources and maps

This guide is optimized for use on a phone or similar mobile device making it easy to travel with and difficult to forget at home.

194 Free camping spots and the information you need to find many more hidden gems.

Supporting website links and maps require an internet connection to access.

Perfect for weekend Camping, Backcountry adventure, RVing, Tent Camping, Van dwelling, and Nomadic living.

Intermittent Fasting For Women 101: The Essentials and 30 Day Challenge For Proven Weight Loss Results: Combined With The Ketogenic Diet For Fast Effective Keto Fat Burn! Beginners Friendly

by Will Ramos

If you have been thinking about using intermittent fasting to lose weight but don’t know how, then you have come to the right place – read on!

Many women swear by Intermittent Fasting, losing up to 10 pounds in three or four weeks, all without exercise! AND without having to watch what they EAT religiously!

But there are also many who don’t know what it is, and are thoroughly misled by all the mis-information readily found on the Net.

You become worried about :

  • The impact on sleep quality when you intermittent fast
  • Hearing other women miss periods when they fast
  • Getting all your hormones out of whack and dealing damage to your body

No worries Now!

This book on Intermittent Fasting for women is written exactly to allay and assuage those fears and more! Written by a Lady for Ladies, it gives the advice and tips specifically meant for the female body when intermittent fasting

You will explore and learn :

  • How You can use intermittent fasting without worries about loss of sleep and hormonal imbalance. You get all the benefits without the worries!
  • A ready 30 Day program that is tailored to get you started right off the bat with Intermittent Fasting. Seasoned with What-Tos and How-Tos, your intermittent fasting program will start off with minimal hiccups!
  • Get the knowledge of how to incorporate intermittent fasting as a MUM, and pick up extra 2 tips that absolutely are life savers!
  • What to do and what not to do whilst fasting, You heard it before. But you get to know an extra 4 more steps which will definitely boost up your weight loss and make fasting so much easier!
  • How to successfully combine the Keto Diet with Intermittent Fasting for Women
  • What many others don’t tell you about the role of eating when you fast intermittently
  • And so much more!

This Guide will be your handy companion as you work through and embark on your intermittent fasting journey.

Weight Loss is pretty much a fair certainty within 4 weeks, All without the need for exercise and watching what you eat!

Begin Now. Start Your Path to Certain Weight Loss without having to go on a DIET!

Pick Up Your Copy Now! Click On The BUY NOW Button At The Top Of The Page!

O Retrato de Uma Vida: da Ilha Terceira ao Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese Edition)

by Antônio Carlos Lapagesse Alves Corrêa

Conto baseado na vida real de Antônio Alves Corrêa, filho de lavradores pobres, naturais dos Açores.
Aos 12 anos, sem dinheiro, analfabeto e sem documentos embarcou como clandestino para o Brasil.
Uma história de coragem, garra e muita disposição para o trabalho.

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