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REG KRAY – BANGED UP!: 462 Days Next Door to Britainâ??s Most Infamous Gangster

by John Cagney Nash

Written by the man who did time as Kray’s cellblock neighbor, REG KRAY – BANGED UP!, 462 Days Next Door to Britain’s Most Infamous Gangster, may be the last publication able to reveal startling new facts about the Krays. It most certainly explores new correlations decoding their careers.

Reassessing all you know about the Kray twins’ lives, the book also offers exclusive, uniquely human perspectives on what you don’t.

From April 20, 1999 to July 24, 2000 – Reg Kray’s last day in jail – he and international award-winning author John Cagney Nash lost themselves in endless conversations, none of which have ever been published beforeâ?¦ anywhere. Now, you can share in them, too.

Politically incorrect and profane, this book challenges both criminal assumptions and crooked, corrupt law enforcement and legal systems.

-Learn how the twins’ childhood experiences cemented their eventual fates
-Learn how very different Britain would be, with the Krays still running things
-Learn how horsepower coercion is every so-called “civilized” society’s unspoken, inevitable last resort
-Learn Mr Reginald Kray’s Three Lessons for Successful Lawbreaking

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by Linnell Rodge

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Stepping out of the Circle: An account of a Childhood

by A.K. Harris

This is the story of a very bewildering and unsettled childhood. A child in a family of many siblings, no settled home, no safety, no peace, no school, no holidays. Just family, God, and moving on. Possibly this book will help social workers and also those who don’t understand poverty and neglect. This is not a book with graphic details of sexual abuse, it is about an enduring situation of poverty and emotional harm.

The Invisible Man

by Jewels D

This three part e-book is about invisible people, in this case the mentally ill. The first section is an essay which explores the idea that people with mental illness (like the author) are invisible to others, or at least treated so. The second part is a short memoir which ties the prior section to the author’s life, and how each reflects the other. The third part is wisdom learnt along the way.

Walking Thru: A Couple’s Adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail

by Michael Tyler

Bored and fed up with life, staring down a 50th birthday, Mike Tyler was looking for a change. Life had become routinized and unexciting. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis, or maybe just a yearning for one last big adventure. Mike decides to try hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, just to see what happens.

Mike convinces his wife, Margo, to join him. Together they embark on a five-month hike full of anticipation. They hike through some of the most stunning and remote places in the country on a trail full of unique, offbeat characters. But the trail had even more to offer than either of them had anticipated.

No Reserve

by Brian Husek

No Reserve is the memoir of one man’s life from 2015 to 2018. It chronicles his foray into picking. He soon discovers the secret to making huge profits reselling online. His newfound hobby soon turns into an obsession.
One wild road trip after another ensues in his quest for the next big score. His searches would take him all over the Midwest and eventually the country.
With his family life unraveling, how long could he keep up this pace? What would he eventually find at the end of a dark road trip into the unknown?

Famous people psychology:10 ways to become a famous person

by Anthony Brandstone

Do you feel like you were born to become a star yet you’re still attending your day job to pay your bills? Do you see yourself on the red carpet among the flashes of cameras and crowds of fans looking for your autograph?

If your answer is YES, you have come to the right place! In this extremely special guide, you will find the answers to all the questions you had regarding how to become a celebrity and what skills you need to master on your way to glory.

Proven tips and strategies for using your strong sides and talents to become a star, insights teaching you how to retain and grow your celeb status as soon as you reach it as well as valuable advice covering things you should and should not do when you have become a celebrity.

Curious to find out more? Don’t hesitate, purchase this book and let your journey to fame and glory begin!

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