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Luring a Lord’s Love: Regency Fairy Tale (Fairfield Fairy Tales Book 4)

by Tammy Andresen

He is a lord and an adventurer with no room in his life for loveâ?¦

When Nick Fairfield, sailor by trade and lord by dictate from the Prince Regent, saves a beautiful woman from drowning, he quickly realizes he has entangled himself in a danger too great to just sail away from. But staying means he must risk his life, and worse, his heart.

Arianna simply needed to deliver a basket of food to her grandmother. As she is chased by men dressed as wolves, she must float out to sea to keep from being captured. When Nick rescues her, she is safe for the moment but how long until the wolf men, who have terrorized her village, attempt to capture her again? Perhaps she should just leave with the handsome lord who makes her heart beat wildly. Because if she staysâ?¦Arianna must face the forces that surround her home.

As fate sweeps them into events beyond their control, Arianna is sure of one thingâ?¦Nick is the only man she’d risk her heart and her life to make her own.

Defiance: The Wolfborne Saga Book 1

by Cheree Alsop

Werewolves are the guardians of sleeping vampires, protecting their masters during the deadly light of day. But what happens when a werewolf gets fed up with the persecution and tempts fate by breaking his chains and fleeing while his masters sleep? Wounded and desperate, Zev finds himself at the mercy of a family who stumbles upon him during their own quest for vengeance against the demons of the night.

DEMON WARS: Epic Magic, War, and Elven Blood Mages

by Kenneth Van Lawrence

Get the whole Trilogy in one huge YA action novel! Follow young Elven hybrids as they use Demon powered GodStones for revenge against the Blood Mages, but when a Demon God Breaks his bonds and escapes into the human home world, things go horribly wrong… “Look Inside” to see the author’s style.
Spoiler below:
The action begins when nineteen-year-old twins, Traven and Vonen, learn their father suffered a magical beatdown from a connected Elven Blood Mage. The twins begin training with Demon powered GodStones to take matters into their own hands, but its late in the game. With the help of Hannah, who is full-blood Elven, they learn Telekinesis along with other skills, but her natural genetics help her achieve Alpha Master status first.
With a lucky combination of Glyphs and Runes on their matched GodStones, they tap into Ancient Elven magic that imbues them with unexpected powers. Things rapidly escalate into a full-blown war that backs the Mages into a corner for what should have been sure defeatâ??but the Blood Mages come out swinging by unleashing a seventh-level Demon God into the human home-world. After many confrontations with the Blood Mages, the twins and Hannah barely escape to the ancient Elven Home-world hidden in a magically cloaked section of Amazonsâ?¦and this is where our Demon God shows just what a bad-ass he really isâ?¦Epicâ??is an understatement!

NOTE: Some older reviews below only had the first book. The author expanded the novel to include the complete trilogy and renamed it the Demon Wars. Should you receive a free novel in one of the rare giveaways, please post your thoughtsâ??Enjoy!

Stonecoat: Novella 0.5 (AIR Case Files Book 1)

by Amanda Booloodian

Is this really my life?

From the moment college catalogs started arriving, my mother pushed me towards a degree in accounting. There are worse careers in the world, so after school, I landed a job at a firm with an eye on taking classes to become a CPA. Once Gran and I find a person straight out of mythology, I realize there’s more to this world than I ever imagined.

While at work, a call from Gran had me rushing around the countryside. I was ready to stop for the day when a whirlpool of bright light opened, and we come face to face with a giant stone person. Before I truly have time to hyperventilate, Gran is introducing herself and leading it back to my car. Our rocky friend is in trouble, and when government agents start showing up, Gran and I are in hot water ourselves.

Can we avoid being thrown in prison long enough to help Gran’s new companion?

Call of the Exiles – Part 1 – From Low Places

by Glynn James

Part 1 of a new epic fantasy saga…

Chaos does not sleep for long, nor does it forget.
It whispers from places forgotten and calls to those who wander alone.
A war is coming, and unless it can be stopped it will be the very last war.
But how do you stop a war when the enemy cannot be found?

A renowned knight, jaded by the questionable choices of his lord, discovers something upon an island that threatens the safety of not just those that live there, but everyone in the occupied lands.

An unwelcome advisor to a superstitious young lord is attacked in her own study by something that simply is not there.

A prisoner in one of the deepest mines finds himself running for his life from the very men he worked with as something unseen changes them.

Three young orphan girls, each with their own troubled lives and each with their own paths to follow, find themselves dragged into the middle of a conflict that will decide the fate of every living thing. Can they overcome the weaknesses of childhood to face it, when their choices could decide the fates of so many?

Call of the Exiles is an epic fantasy saga, a tale of apocalypse, of coming of age, and of darkness long forgotten.

Taryn’s Hunt: A Gryphon’s Story

by Chrys Cymri

Can a human really be any good as a police officer?

Inspector Taryn is proud of her record in the city’s police service. She might be small for a gryphon, but even the most hardened criminals have learned to fear her abilities.

Now her Superintendent has given her a human male as a partner. Can Peter prove himself worthy as they investigate a series of suspicious deaths?

Taryn and Peter are characters in the urban fantasy ‘Penny White’ series. This is how they first met.

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