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The Reluctant Berserker

by Alex Beecroft

It is the Dark Ages, and only a slave or a coward would ever submit.

Wulfstan is a berserker. When the killing fit comes on him, he is unstoppable. It’s a sign of being touched by the gods, and his peers honor him for it. He is strong and respected and must forever hide his heart’s yearning to be cherished and taken care of.

Leofstan is a harper. Never trained to fight, he makes his way in the world by his wits. He is as much a man as any, and he will not let any of these brutes make a woman of him, though his lord seems likely to try by force.

When Wulfstan accidentally kills a friend, and Leofgar flees his lord’s lust, they meet on the road to the pilgrim’s shrine in Ely. Pursued by a witch’s curse, outlaws and Leofgar’s vengeful lord, they fall in love. But nothing is simple when neither of them is what the world thinks they ought to be.

One of Cooking Up Romance’s Best of 2016

The most recent book I adored was The Reluctant Berserker by Alex Beecroft, which came out in 2015â?¦. [The] detailed interplay between pagan and Christian cultural forces made The Reluctant Berserker one of the most interesting romances I’ve ever read.”

Buy The Reluctant Berserker today and be transported to a stranger time.



1812 PART ONE: It will soon be 200 years since Napoleon’s Grand Army marched into Russia – only a tiny fraction of the 600,000 troops would ever make it out again. Little did the soldiers know that they would face the coldest Russian winter for a hundred years.This was due to an unprecedented set of climatic events. The decade 1810 to 1820 was the coldest in the C19th. In 1812 the so-called Little Ice Age was coming to an end but a spate of volcanic eruptions, a dearth of sunspots and a rapid El Nino – La Nina changeover event all added to the bizarre weather conditions that destroyed the largest Army the world had ever seen. The march into Russia was as bad as the infamous retreat. In June temperatures soared and reminded veterans of the Egyptian Campaign while terrible storms with freezing hail killed 10,000 horses overnight. In October Napoleon thought Moscow was as mild as Paris at that time of the year but within a few weeks the first snows of winter started to fall…
The story starts in May at the famous gathering of rulers in Dresden. There, Andre Legrand and his friend Alexandre, two soldiers in Napoleon’s Imperial Guard await orders while Colonel Count Armand Lafayette has just been appointed an ADC to the Emperor. Soon Andre meets up with an old friend of his and a femme fatale who will haunt him for
the duration of the Campaign. The Army crosses the River Niemen and enters Russia
and the easy victory that most people expected vanishes into thin air.

There are over 57,000 words in Part One, 11 chapters and 310 pages.

The Mail Order Bride of Cheyenne: An anthology of Mail Order Bride & Christian romance

by Vanessa Sarlson

An anthology of Mail Order Bride & Christian Romance
Daisy is broke as a church mouse but looking for adventure. Thumbing through a local newspaper, she answers an ad from a cowboy in Wyoming. Arriving in town, she discovers that the cowboy wasn’t looking for a wife. He simply needed someone to help around the ranch. Embarrassed, Daisy is invited to stay to help until she earns enough money to get back on her feet. But what she and the rancher come to realize is that sometimes the best love can be found in the worst mistakes.

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