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Demon Thief

by ZHanny Publishing

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend away according to Emily Schwartz’s parents. They had found this stupid no phones, no Wifi, no FUN meditation retreat. The whole Summer, wasted. The goal was to break the phone-addiction which now affected the entire family, even at the dinner table.

What else was Em supposed to do to entertain herself besides steal from the bowl of loose change? It was not the first time she had done this. Plus the voice told her to take it. She prayed fervently for something, for anything to break the boredom.

Sometimes, prayers are heard.

Dhark Zalvan Monster Hunter: Awakening

by P. K. Lengate

A brief tale of the greatest monster hunter that ever lived. Embark on a new journey with an old legend as he must awaken to save humanity from the rising threat of new powerful supernatural creatures of chaos.

Monster World is forever changed. Dhark Zalvan is a mysterious figure who was worshiped as a God by humanity. The hunter’s disappearance threw the world into darkness. Monsters have started to evolve, taking new and more powerful forms that humanity has never seen before. The hunter’s return is the key to humanity’s survival. Will Monsters wipe out humanity? Will the hunter return? Find out in this brief tale of Dhark Zalvan…

Take a peek inside the ebook to learn more. You will not be disappointed!

See below what Wattpad Readers have commented about this ebook:

The new take on monsters was very refreshing!!!

What is the origin of Dhark Zalvan?? I must know… Please release the next part of the novel soon!

Vampires, werewolves, witches, dragons… I need more!!

Seems like the Witcher meets Van Helsing but more dark. Keep up the great work.

A page-turning fantasy packed with action. If you like monsters, angels, and demons, discover P. K. Lengate’s new series today – at a special launch price.

Clock Tower Darkness: Continue of Clock Tower After

by Allie Marshall

Alyssa’s there, we’re here. Presently, just Katie’s capacity to occupy and my capacity to see sigils and tell who’d great and evil’s identity’s our solitary expectations! appraised to be sheltered aim of the mass gut fest. Will Alise survive Clock Tower horrors?

Rebecca Paine’s Red Christmas Screenplay

by Kalon Valentine

In the halls of a Minnesota high in 1961, LISA – a thin teenage girl – closed a locker. She is

approached by ELLIOT – a athletic teenage boy.

ELLIOT: Hey umm . . . Lisa.

LISA (shocked): Elliot!? What happened to your golden locks? You know I have to kick you out of

the club now, right?

ELLIOT (sarcastically): Big tickle.

LISA (smiles): Guess who got the cabin for next Sunday?

ELLIOT: You’re kidding. (Leans on lockers) Your parents are letting you use the cabin for

Christmas Eve.

KINSEY: What do you want FRED?

FRED: Oh, come on Kinsey don’t be like that. (runs fingers through his hair) Lisa’s having a

shindig at her parents’ cabin for Christmas Eve. It’s gonna be fat city. You in?

KINSEY: Why does a queen bee like Lisa want me there?

FRED: Do you have any other plans?

KINSEY: Well . . . not really.

FRED: Boss. (walks away) You can follow up with me next sunday.

KINSEY: You’ll have to take me!

FRED stops at the doorway.

I don’t drive.

FRED (turns around and looks at KINSEY): No sweat.

ELLIOT: Lisa’s having a get together at her parents’ cabin.

BARRY: Lisa Drumhold?

ELLIOT (nods): It’s happening on Christmas Eve. I told her I’d extend her invitation so here I am.

BARRY: Sounds like a blast.

He flicks his cigarette and gets on his motorcycle.

Next Sunday?


BARRY: I’ll be there.

He starts up his motorcycle.

ELLIOT: Do you even know where it is?

BARRY (slowly): I said I’d be there.

KINSEY opens her box. Inside is a black amulet with a heart-shaped topaz stone.

BARRY: I don’t suppose you’ve heard of Rebecca Paine.

KINSEY: I have. She went missing from her home in Monroe back in twenty-one. She’s been

showing up I various cities every five years or so.

FRED: Why are you asking us about some old wives’ tale?

BARRY: Because Kinsey here is wearing her amulet.

BARRY: Look I can’t make you believe me. (opens the bottle and takes a drink) But you

can’t say I didn’t warn you.

ELLIOTT opens the door and steps out of the room. As he enters

the living room he notices blood dripping from his stocking. He slowly approaches it and

looks inside. He screams.

Don’t you get it!? This is a game to her!

FRED breaths heavily. REBECCA leans toward him and bites his neck. FRED screams.

Ángeles de la Muerte: Gótica (Spanish Edition)

by Lucila Castro Díaz

La vida de Helena era normal, hasta que una noche de lluvia se cruza en una esquina con un extraño hombre que le exige pagar una deuda de su difunto padre, pero no se trata de pagar con dinero sino de pagar con su propia alma, Helena no puede negarse a saldar aquella vieja deuda que le heredaron y debe elegir si vivir o morir. “Gótica” fue una escritora que por amor se entregó a la muerte, ella nos cuenta a través de sus escritos como fue su vida en el mundo humano y como es ahora en el reino de los muertos, donde está condena a escribir eternamente, donde convive con diversas criaturas nocturnas, como llegó a ser un ángel de la muerte. Unos apasionados relatos de terror, estructurados, en base a la oscuridad y el silencio y que le da vida a aquellos paisajes y personajes que habitan en un “oscuro mundo inmortal” el inframundo, un universo paralelo donde se determina a donde pertenece cada alma que ha transitado su paso por la vida humana. Gótica nos narra sus historias sobre la vida y la muerte, sobre el bien y el mal, desde un lugar donde todo se intercepta para destino final de las almas, ¿el cielo o el infierno? Nos cuenta como es “La Muerte”, y todos sus niveles jerárquico.
Unos relatos para reflexionar y profundizar en el mundo de la literatura gótica Argentina, un punto de vista diferente y fresco de lo que es la literatura de terror de nuestros tiempos, con intrigas y finales inesperados, con ese toque genuino y sensualmente oscuro que es la literatura gótica y el terror.

Mi cuarto esta ensombrecido por tu recuerdo, la soledad es atractiva y bella como el suicidio, como poemas de amor, todos los días nos suicidamos un poco, todos los días aprendemos un poco más sobre el silencio, todos los días dejamos llover la ausencia de aquella persona tan amada, todos días dejamos que la melancolía nos habite, todos los días de soles negros te siento, la oscuridad sobre la infancia, los ojos en el suelo, caminar con el luto interno por las calles, las lágrimas que gritan, este silencio que desgarra por dentro.

Las Tierras Del Silencio

La noche nos envuelve en sensaciones atenuadas, la oscuridad en si misma se pierde, los recuerdos vagos me visitan por cortos instantes, como un suave soplo sobre mis parpados al cerrar los ojos, como una voz del pasado que susurra desde las tinieblas, en estas tierras del silencio, siento que mi corazón se transforma en piedra, ya no hay versos que escribir, ni poemas de amor que desgarren el alma, sólo la luna oscura en un cielo estrellado, me despido de la luz, me quedo eternamente en esta oscuridad inmortal, donde descansan mis viejas heridas, a veces hay que hacerse fuerte a la fuerza, de que me sirve sentir dolor, angustia, ira, deseos de morir si no moriré, estoy perdida en la noche más bella, donde la melancolía reina, lo notó en los lamentos de las criaturas que viven en las sombras…

No es que me seduzca el sabor de mis lágrimas, es que en ellas recuerdo que aún queda un rastro de sentimientos humanos dentro de mi oscuro corazón�

The Mass of the Dead: brazilian legend

by Orlando Fernandes

A sacristan from an old church in Minas Gerais attends a Mass officiated by the dead of the cemetery next to the Catholic temple.

Storm of Prophecy, Book VII: The Living Fire,part 5 of the Doln Cycle

by Michael von Werner

Dawn rises and banners catch the wind. The black lion sigils on crimson dance among forests of pikes above the might of a kingdom. Between Ryga’s army and the once proud capital, the landscape churns with a sea of the risen dead. Fouler things beyond have held the city captive and unleashed horrors within.

The time has come to free Doln and face whatever nightmares their enemy has called forth from the pits of the underworld, or fall to darkness and become slaves to their twisted wills.

Steel, sorcery, and blood will decide.

The Storm of Prophecy

Book I Dark Awakening
Book II Pillar of Light
Book III Flames of Retribution
Book IV Cage of Mist
Book V Pyres of Sacrifice
Book VI Gathering Clouds
Book VII The Living Fire
Book VIII * Tides of Chaos *
Book IX * Captive Souls *
Book X * Edge of Fate *

* Forthcoming *

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