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La Torre de Papel (Spanish Edition)

by Milos de Azaola

Una encarnizada guerra literaria se desarrolla en Bibliópolis, la Ciudad de los Libros, donde Howard Phillips Lovecraft, el Emperador de los Sueños, se ha alzado como dictador absoluto, combatiendo a los grupos disidentes de escritores que se resisten a las fuerzas del Frente Pulp. Para detener al enemigo, la Legión Extranjera de las Letras, comandada por el intrépido Apollinaire, atravesará una ciudad erizada de peligros, mezcla de todas las ciudades que ha dado la ficción, en su intento por llegar al corazón de la literatura universal: la Torre de Papel, la biblioteca que contiene todos los libros que se han escrito en el mundo y la clave del misterio que encierra Bibliópolis.

3 Stories: Fear.Love.Compromise.

by Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy

3 Stories is a short story compilation that covers three important aspects of life- Fear, Love, and Compromise. While fear is a spontaneous response to negative stimuli and we do not have control over it even though we try hard to beat it, we do have some degree of control over how we define Love and Compromise in our lives in different situations. We love and love comes in different forms. Sometimes, love takes the form of obsession and lovers can cross miles to satisfy their egos. A greater part of true, unconditional love is compromise. It is through compromise that relationships dwell. It is through compromise that acceptance is born. Compromise, therefore, forms the foundation of a fulfilling and lasting relationship. The short story compilation celebrates the three facets of life in three different colors.

The first story “Mirage? Really?” is the story of an ex-employee of a company who senses paranormal presence in the life of his ex-boss who is admitted into a mental hospital. What makes him feel the presence of a demonic spirit around his ex-boss? Read through and feel a sudden chill passing down your vertebral column.

The second story “This Bitch is in Love” revolves around the life of a teenage girl who falls in love with her college professor. The story depicts the journey of a common girl and her determination to stand out in the crowd and achieve what she wants in life. While her ‘ways’make her a Bitch, but still she is a heroine in her own eyes and in the eyes of her love interest. And that’s what ultimately matters at the end of the day.

The third story “Blood, Brood, and Boundaries” is set in the times when India was under the British Raj. This is a love story of a black Indian tribal woman and a British soldier and their interracial family. This is a heartwarming story of compromise, sacrifice, and acceptance.

The Qwerty Man: A Dystopian Satire: Type. Swipe. Don’t believe the hype.

by Dan Savery Raz

“If words were the new currency, Qwertex was the Royal Mint and God was the jewel in the crown.”

And so on December 1, 2034 the word â??God’ is released for sale. In the not-so-distant future every word typed, swiped, copied or pasted on any device costs a fee and can be traded. This is the world created by Zach Webman, CEO and founder of Qwertex (Quantitative Word & Expression Trading Index).

When Qwertex releases the rights to the keyword â??God’ for auction, it kicks off a multi-billion dollar bitter bidding war. The Saudi Prince, the US President, the Pope and the world’s most powerful CEOs will do whatever it takes to win â??God’.

Amidst the turmoil of rising anti-Qwertex protests and global terrorist attacks, Zach discovers his wife, his PA and his only son have betrayed him. God only knows what Zach will do.

What they said about The QWERTY MAN

“Like :)”
#Mark Zuckerberg

“A Godforsaken book that might just save humanity from technology.”
#Pope Francis

“Making people pay for words is not a bad thing. No-one reads better than me.”
#Donald Trump

Dan Savery Raz is a Lonely Planet author based in Tel Aviv. The Qwerty Man is his debut novel.
For more, see,

Copyright © 2017 by Dan Savery Raz
Published by 1984 Books.

Two birds of the same nest: Romance and fictional

by Raghav sunderlal Suneja

The story of a boy, how he got his love back. The struggles did by him after being ditched by everyone in the world.
Good for those who have lost their trust in being loved by anyone in the world

Humor de cine (Textos descacharrantes nº 7) (Spanish Edition)

by Enrique Gallud Jardiel

Escritos cómicos. Para reír con los clásicos del cine
2001: una odisea del espacio – Los electrodomésticos en el cine – El séptimo sello – Adivina quién viene esta noche – Subvenciones de cine para el cine – La herencia del viento – «Tara», la casa cursi – Alatriste – La cortina de humo – Cómo escribir guiones originales – El puente sobre el río Kwai – Galanes que enamoran inexplicablemente – Bananas – «Hogwarts», un internado al que los niños quieren ir – Testigo de cargo – Sopa de ganso – Los guionistas no van al colegio – La naranja mecánica – Cantando bajo la lluvia – Los que nos sacan las castañas – La leyenda de la ciudad sin nombre – Consejos para ver cine en casa – El Cid – Alcatraz, un hogar forzoso – Teléfono rojo, ¿volamos hacia Moscú? – Solo ante el peligro – Ingmar Bergman y mi cuñado – El vuelo – Eva al desnudo – Los axiomas de las secuelas – Una noche en la ópera – Ben-Hur – Animales del cine – Gladiator – Kant y la telecochambre – Asesinato en el «Orient Express» – My Fair Lady – Jaime Bono del Tesoro – El resplandor – El crepúsculo de los dioses – Lawrence de Arabia – ¿Vencedores o vencidos? – El gran carnaval

Ã? il Fusion, bellezza: Cronache dal festival più segreto d’Europa (Gliuni Vol. 7) (Italian Edition)

by Orfeo

Pensavi che tutti i festival fossero pubblicizzati su Internet, radio e tv? Credevi che i migliori happening puntassero a vendere sempre più biglietti? Ti dicevi che più la line-up è famosa più attirerà pubblico? Non è quello che succede al Fusion, il segreto meglio custodito d’Europa, almeno in ambito festivaliero. Una 3 giorni di musica martellante di diversi generi (soprattutto elettronica), alcol, acidi, docce comuni, spettacoli teatrali e cinema. Il tutto nella cornice di un aeroporto militare dell’URSS abbandonato. Il nostro autore, Orfeo, partecipa al Fusion a fine giugno 2013: stressato dal lavoro e dall’italia troverà ad accoglierlo una società parallela perfettamente organizzata e pacifica, libera da pregiudizi e confini, dove il concetto di peace&love à la Woodstock assume nuovi significati.Una cronaca dall’interno, scritta in modo schietto e divertente che è anche un regalo di Zandegù ai suoi fan. Il reportage infatti esce gratis per salutare l’estate e incentivare la lettura di ebook anche in spiaggia!

In Heaven There’s No Money, No Stuffâ?? and No Porta-Potties: Coping With Life’s Aggravations By Finding the Funny

by Mary Ann Hoyt

Mary Ann Hoyt’s collection of humorous essays are tongue-in-cheek views of her everyday observations and quirky experiences. The pages are filled with anecdotes about her fear of hummingbirds, the burial of the family cat in a cardboard box decorated with her son’s Grateful Dead pencil drawings, and her concern that, because of her unphotogenic smile, she won’t have enough decent photos for the obligatory collage at her funeral. Surviving an interstate move after retirement,with all its challenges and four adult children weighing in, gave her fodder for much to write about.

Mary Ann finds humor in all of life’s situations, both good and bad. With a mixture of satire and sentiment, this book will coax a smile (and maybe a tear or two) from even the most serious reader, who will identify with many, if not all of her stories.

Making Hot Love: 50 Things to Never Tell Your Man in the Bedroom

by Miss Peachez Deveraux

The goal is about making hot love…right? Well, this hilarious book is all about love, sex, and proper bedroom behavior. Men are sensitive and they are just some things you don’t want to say in the heat of the moment and post love making.


You could have been an underwear model. What’s your bra size?

Your breath just straighten the curl right out of my hair.

I didn’t know one person could sweat so much.

Make the room darker…I can still see you.

At the end, you know that you sound like the artist known as “Prince”.

If you like some of these, guess what? It didn’t make the cut in this book.

Get your laugh on.

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