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The Secret Garden (Illustrated Edition): Classic

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary Lennox, a sickly and spoiled little girl, is orphaned to dim prospects in a gloomy English manor. Her only friend is a bed-ridden boy named Colin whose prospects may be dimmer than hers. But when Mary finds the key to a Secret Garden, the magical powers of transformation fall within her reach. The Secret Garden is a beautifully illustrated inspirational tale of transformation and empowerment.

Night Cats: A Children’s Picture Book

by Kate Ginger

When the local, overwhelmed animal shelter could not help, the author begins to feed a group of hungry feral cats. Despite attacking geese and harassment from non animal-lovers she persists. She soon is charmed by these quirky, intelligent cats. Whimsical with beautiful images. Poignant, sweet and funny. For children and cat lovers.

The Greatest Children’s Classics (Illustrated Edition): Adventure Classics, Biographical Books, Fairy Tales, Ghost Stories & Fables: A Little Princess, … Closed Room, The Good Wolf, The Cozy Lionâ?¦

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited collection of children’s classics:
The Secret Garden
A Little Princess
Little Lord Fauntleroy
The Lost Prince
Two Little Pilgrims’ Progress
Barty Crusoe and His Man Saturday
Sara Crewe or What Happened at Miss Minchin’s
Editha’s Burglar
In the Closed Room
The Land of the Blue Flower
The Good Wolf
The Little Hunchback Zia
Little Saint Elizabeth, and Other Stories:
Little Saint Elizabeth
The Story of Prince Fairyfoot
The Proud Little Grain of Wheat
Behind the White Brick
Queen Crosspatch’s Stories:
Racketty-Packetty House
The Cozy Lion
The Spring Cleaning
Two Days in the Life of Piccino
The Captain’s Youngest
Little Betty’s Kitten Tells Her Story
How Fauntleroy Occurred

Beneath These Wings

by Wendy Knight

Tresa was taken by the aliens, but she escaped. Changed. Powerful. Terrifying.

With the only thing she has left in the world – her dad – and her little nomadic band of humans, she battles the very aliens that made her into the creature she is now, using the powers they gave her.

She is a formidable opponent.

When she meets Roman – angry, sullen, and yet loyal above all else – they are forced to come to a compromise to keep their teams alive. They don’t like each other, but it’s tolerable.


Danger is something they live with on a daily basis. Starvation, fear, pain. But there’s a darkness coming they can’t prepare for, something that will threaten to tear apart everything they’ve built.

There’s something coming for that darkness, something far more terrifying than Tresa.

Never trust beautiful things.

**This is a spin off to the #1 bestselling With These Wings and can be read on its own.**

HIT GIRLZ: I was a teenage Hit Girl (Funny Comic Books for Girls, Teen Girls, and Tweens. Book One)

by Darryl Hughes

Bella is just a typical teenager dealing with typical teenage stuff: the cut throat popularity contest of high school, the social minefield of social media–Boys! Her one saving grace is her unusual after school job–Being a hired assassin for the mob.

And you thought it sucked when you were a teenager. At least you didn’t have mob guys trying to kill you before 4th period math. And believe me, Bella’s math teacher Mrs. Jacobs is going to be be pissed.

“HIT GIRLZ: I was a teenage Hit Girl” by writer/creator Darryl Hughes and artist Monique MacNaughton. Book one of a four book series for teen and tween girls. It’s like “Mean Girls” meets “Pulp Fiction”!


“This is a fun, murderous, action comedy…” Drunk Duck Feature review.

“I am most drawn to the comic’s social critique. Even though it’s a crime/noir drama on the surface, I feel that it is fundamentally a damning critique of the cruel narcissism and the blind worship of empty celebrity that pervade modern society.” “Hit Girlz” – WINNER of the 2017 Drunk Duck Award for “Best mystery/crime noir” for 2017.


How Fauntleroy Occurred & Little Lord Fauntleroy (Illustrated Edition): Children’s Classic & The Story Behind It

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

“Little Lord Fauntleroy” – In a shabby New York City side street in the mid-1880s, young Cedric Errol lives with his mother in genteel poverty after the death of his father, Captain Cedric Errol. One day, they are visited by an English lawyer with a message from Cedric’s grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, an unruly millionaire who despises the United States. With the deaths of his father’s elder brothers, Cedric has now inherited the title Lord Fauntleroy and is the heir to the earldom and a vast estate. Cedric’s grandfather takes him to live in England and be educated as an English aristocrat.
“How Fauntleroy Occurred, and a Very Real Little Boy Became an Ideal One” is a story written by Frances Burnett in which she compared her famous creation Little Lord Fauntleroy and her youngest son Vivian. In many ways Vivian served as an inspiration for creating the fictional character Cedric Errol. Later in life he wanted to escape from those comparisons and separates himself from the fictional characters, but it was hard to shake them off.

The Dangerous Voyage of Gup The Sailor

by Jenai M. Marek

Since the very day he was born, Gup has sailed the vast oceans and treacherous seas with his swashbuckling privateer parents. Though he knows little of life on land, circumstance soon finds him bound for safe harbor. Accompanied by his mother, Gup reluctantly leaves his father’s dangerous mission for his own safety. But on that tragic day, they fail to make it home … Kidnapped with his mother, by murderous pirates, Gup is tossed aside like cannon fodder. He finds himself marooned, a captive, in an island village that is anything but friendly. With the help of a ragtag band of orphans and outcasts, Gup schemes an escape. Hoping to find his father and save his mother, the young sailor embarks on a journey of a lifetime! But on this voy- age, however, Gup realizes it’s no longer about reuniting his family, but about saving the world from an unspeakable fate.

Where does the elephant live? (A Kampeas Family Story Book 1)

by Laura Little

A book inspired by a mothers trip to India and an elephant that was befriended along the way!
Enjoy the travels of Sampa the Elephant and her experience in New York City!

Neverwinter Nights Shadows and Light: Epic tale from world of Neverwinter Nights

by Drake Oskars

The first situation provided with the Neverwinter Nights is the crusade. It was entrusted with vanquishing an incredible religion, gathering four reagents required to stop a torment, and frustrating an assault on the city of Neverwinter, situated along the Sword Coast of Faerûn, in the Forgotten Realms battle setting of Dungeons and Dragons. The first and only sections of the crusade manage the city of Neverwinter itself, however the extensive mid-story requires the player to wander into the encompassing field and travel northward to the city of Luskan. En route, numerous discretionary side journeys are made accessible.

Presently we come back to this epic story with new journey. Foe is secured up in the Plane of Shadow. New life has started and everything is by all accounts incredible. Anyway some murkiness hides from the past, is there somebody who can devastate harmony and joy? Go along with us on epic story of Neverwinter Nights.

Once Upon a Time, A Bit Earlier

by Erik Peterson

Over the years and through the centuries there have been hundreds of retellings and adaptations of fairy tales. There are multiple versions of the same tale, some recorded by the same author or authors. Why are there so many versions, with similarities and disparities?

In “Once Upon a Time, A Bit Earlier” the Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror sets a plan in motion that disrupts the natural order of the fairy tales as we know them. Through manipulation of time and magic, the stories as we know them shift and change. In “Once Upon a Time, A Bit Earlier” readers journey alongside our heroines and heroes as they seek to overcome his plot, and along the way, perhaps find answers to the greatest mysteries in all of fairy tales: Why do these sorceresses so desperately want these little girls dead? What is the ultimate destiny of these princesses?

Can evil truly be overcome once and for all?

Brave Heart: A Great Journey Of Faith

by Quwna Davis

Brave Heart is the story of a young, courageous boy, named Tyler. He is entering his sixth year of school in a new building and is excited and happy to be going to “big boys school”. But this year Tyler finds himself facing some of the biggest challenges he’s ever faced when Malcolm Bronner, a well-known bully of the school takes issue with him and his best friend, Terrance, over their beliefs. Journey with Tyler as he embarks on new territory and learns new principles of life and faith.

A for Aeroplane | Children’s Picture Book for Age 2-6: Scotty Club Transport Adventure Learning (A to Z Transport Series 1 of 26)

by Rob Bevan

Exciting learning adventure with words beginning with the letter A, let your children’s imagination take flight.

The children’s story book is about Scotty who loves playing with his toy aeroplane but was too scared to fly in a real aeroplane. Until one day, Scotty flew with Grandad in his bright yellow biplane. The flying adventure turned into an action-packed flight. Scotty spotted lots of wildlife and things beginning with the letter A.

This exciting ABC children’s book is wrapped in an engaging story, vibrant illustrations, glossy images and fun activities to bring alphabet learning and basic vocabulary to life with the lovable character named Scotty.

A for Aeroplane kids story book is not just an entertaining, exciting children’s bedtime story, it’s also a practical choice for the child’s first plane trip or visiting the airport for the first time.

The transport book concept for toddlers is a fun learning experience on aviation and words beginning with the letter A, the children’s book has lots of features to entertain and a learning tool for the kid:

  • Photography images of wildlife and objects.
  • A memory quiz to enhance the children’s alphabet learning and vocabulary.
  • Free downloadable learning activities.
  • Photography images of different aeroplane types.
  • Fun things to do on an aeroplane.

Enjoy reading the engaging text of A for Aeroplane children’s picture book with bright, beautiful and educational illustrations to encourage little ones to engage directly with the airplane story and provide the opportunity to try out new words beginning with the letter A.

Wake Up Farm

by Diana Kanan

Rooster Ted sounds his alarm as the sun comes up in Wake Up Farm. Early readers can follow along as each farm animal begins their morning routine.

Forest Animals

by Lorayne Miller

Take a walk through the forest and what kinds of animals will you see? Deer, fox, rabbits, owls and much more.

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