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Burdens Of Deeprock : An MC Romance (Shadow Corps Book 1)

by Aubrey Phoenix


Family is everything to me. My Father, my brother, Asher, and Hawke, who is close enough to be family, they are why I joined The Club. They are why I gave my life to The Shadow Corps.
I usually stray away from outsiders; I don’t find them or anyone for that matter easy to trust. That changed somehow when I met her, when I met Liz. She was different, and just wouldn’t quite give up the fight, for me or for what was right.

My father helped start The Lynx, and we run Deeprock. He instilled in me how to make tough choices in life when things aren’t so black and white.
I thought that I had found me a one in a million man, but I wasn’t the right woman for him. Now, I think I might have found right what I was looking for all these years. I just have to be patient this time around. He’ll find out what he’s been missing out on soon enough.

Starring down at her beautiful, magnificent form he knew he had breathed in deeply, giving in to his excitement and the pleasure of the beauty of “her”.

WARNING – This book contains steamy romance scenes and is suitable for 18+ only.

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Bobby’s Diner (Romantic Amateur Sleuth): Book 1 of the Bobby’s Diner Mystery Series (The Bobby’s Diner Series)

by Susan Wingate

A romantic cozy mystery set in the southwestern state of Arizona on a long lonely strip of highway–a perfect setting for a murder!

WINNER of the FORWARD NATIONAL LITERATURE AWARD (Drowning), Bobby’s Diner was a Finalist in three book competitions! 2010 International Book Awards, 2009 Next Generation Book Awards, and the 2009 National Best Books Award.

“Wingate shows an elegance in writing that is masterly…”
“…you’ll remember this story for years to come!”
“A fabulous and highly recommended read.”

BOBBY’S DINERâ?¦ is a story of a woman trying to find herself in a town where nobody wants her. Georgette Carlisle snags husband, Bobby, away from another woman, Vanessa Carlisle. After he dies – fifteen years later when the story begins – he leaves his restaurant called Bobby’s Diner to both women. But, that’s not the only problem. Bobby’s Diner, situated on an attractive highway corridor property, is slated as the next boutique tourist site and sits smack in way of Zach Pinzer’s dreams and future with Chariot International Incorporated, a large developer headquartered in Phoenix. Even after Zach arranges to destroy their property and fatally wounds their beloved busboy and gardener, he nearly kills Roberta, Vanessa’s daughter. Georgette and Vanessa hold fast to the only thing they have, each other, and they fight. Georgette’s story tells a tale of life, love, death, grief, pain, loneliness, and redemption. And, she finds her true family with the most unexpected people.

No Gray Matter

by T.J. Cartwright

Newly married and living in a duplex in Minneapolis, Brad and Julie Conwed had started a life together as many couples do: on a limited budget, driving rusted old cars, living paycheck to paycheck and planning out their dreams. Their path seemed set before them.

On a cold Minneapolis February evening, Brad was out walking his Golden Retriever, Razz, before bed, when he was gunned down in front of his home.

Six weeks earlier, he had happened upon the brutal murder scene of a young family on his way home from work. While too late to save the mother and son, he was, however, able to rescue the young daughter.

Minneapolis Detective Tom Lupin had worked his share of murder cases over the years, but he could not recall one so random, senseless and brutal. And now that his primary witness has become an assassination target, the stakes have increased incrementally. And complicating matters further is the return of his former lover, Sarah Vandeleer, as County Attorney on the case.

Time is running out on Brad as he recovers from the attempt on his life. He, and his new allies find themselves in the middle of a potential racial war that could tear apart the city and threaten the lives of everyone they care about.


by Philip McCutchan

When Ernest Blundy is released from prison, he finds that his wife, Ag, expects him to get a decent job and earn properly.

Doing just that proves to be too much of a task for him, so when an old acquaintance offers him the chance to earn something more, Blundy takes it. Except, the something more involves the kidnapping of a millionaire’s son.

A dream come true? Not for Ernest Blundy who has neither the stomach for the job nor the guts to turn it down. Not when his contact is a big-shot who could make or break him.

Ag and Ernest capture the young boy at Brands Hatch and make a daring escape to a remote cottage in Yorkshire, which belongs to Ag’s aunt. But with Ag’s aunt recovering from a recent surgery, Ernest and Ag have to be very careful that the boy is not seen or heard. Especially with nurses popping around. But things take an unexpected turn rather drastically and the Blundys are left to deal with a rather smart-mouthed young man.

The Blundys have to come up with another plan, and fast. Time is against them â?¦ and some things will simply not last until summer!

Philip McCutchan began writing in 1956. Prior to this, he joined the Royal Navy on the outbreak of World War Two as an Ordinary Signalman and ended the war as a lieutenant, having served in destroyers, aircraft carriers, cruisers, a battleships battlecruiser, an armed trawler, and an ocean boarding vessel. For three years after the war he sailed in Orient Liners on the Australian run and then for a time became an assistant master in a preparatory school.

Married with two children, he has been a full-time author since 1960, is a past Chairman of The Crime Writers’ Association founded by John Creasey. He is also the author of a number of sound radio scripts broadcast by the B.B.C. and overseas stations.

Mafia King (Royal Mafia Book 3)

by Bella J.

Born and bred to rule, I embraced my place in our family with pride.

I was the leader. The boss. The king.

Fueled by my family’s need for revenge, I was on a bloody path toward vengeance. That’s when I found herâ??a filthy, weak, broken girl.

The mystery that surrounded her seduced me. Her secrets pulled me down to the deepest pits of hell, the demons of her past threatening to burn the empire I swore to protect.

Now the devil himself is knocking at my door, wanting his beautiful, broken girl back.

But she’s mine now. I claimed her. And anyone who dares to take her away from me will be completely, utterly, royallyâ?¦


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