Free poetry Kindle books for 11 Jan 19

Lifeâ??s Sweeteners: Honey and Gall

by Latoya D’Abreau

‘ Life’s sweeteners: Honey and Gall’ is a collection of poetry and prose about the love for culture, the need to expose mental health illnesses, death and love, betrayal and revenge also relaxation and beauty. It takes you on a journey where healing is possible. It will place you in each scene, the feelings it gives is ever so real and invigorating. This collection covers life’s ups and downs. Hold on because you are in for an adventure!

The Best of David

by Forester de Santos

Before David, who is beloved of God or David of God, became crown prince and later king, David was behind the sheep and he never imagined that he would be king. But when he became first by being chosen, he once again felt behind, part of the tail and not of the front. But between both, the tail and the front, David is in desolation, more like the prince of struggle, and came to write the best to find consul. Those who are blessed to read the best of David, they will have the good sense of beloved, beloved of God. Tags: King David, desolation, beloved of God, verses, consul, God, promise, affliction, praise, joy.

Top Dog

by Brooke Gillespie

I’m just a normal African wild dog trying to make her mark in the music and songwriting industry.

Clara’s Poems and Songs: Living in the Secret Place Two

by Clara U. Downing

Enjoy Poetry, songs, special occasion readings and special presentations to make your special day even more special.

In this book, “Songs, Poetry and Presentations Written In the Secret Place” there is love to shower on many types of celebrations, including: Mother’s day, Father’s day, Children, Easter, Christmas, anniversaries and other special occasion’s and various types of church anniversary poetry is written to rejoice the heart, brighten the day, chase your fears and to encourage you to finish the work God has begun in you.

The author has a unique and enlightening way of taking a subject or a history of a life and telling it in a poetic form. She visualizes and tells the poem or song in a manner that puts you in the midst of that situation of time or a time of a person’s life.

variance: experimental poetry by christine locker

by Christine Locker

This collection of 65 poems spans eight years and ranges from the deeply autobiographical to the purely fictional, from first loves and sexual orientation to depression and addiction. Join the author on her journey of poetic evolution in which she explores the darker side of life.  Rules are abandoned, convention is flouted, and raw art is created.

(Please be aware that some of the poems in this collection contain mature themes and strong language.)

My World in Words: A Collection of Passionate Poetry

by Joseph Albrecht

Dear Reader,

Enclosed you will find my collection of poems on life’s various topics. Many have been developed from years of experience, intellectual development and many cases of trial and error. Over the years I’ve established a blog ( which has allowed me to share many of these poems as well as other pieces (media, interactions, etc… which I’ve found inspiring. It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you very much.


Joseph Albrecht

Bad Livers and Broken Hearts

by Jason Terhune

For the first time in years Jason Terhune has gone back to his roots publishing a new poetry book. Jason Terhune has a odd style, his poetry is his life. Jason does not simply write he lives his poetry, taking it from his actual life. Jason has been called beatnik, been compared to poetry slam artist, even compared to Bukowski himself. Either way Jason Terhune’s work is raw, real life that refuses to apologize to any one or anything.

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