Free religious fiction Kindle books for 11 Jan 19

Race: A Novel

by Nicole Petrino-Salter

Race is a window into death and life investigated by a detective who has his own choice to make between heaven and hell.

Roman Diego, a Thoroughbred assistant trainer, is found dead in his tack room at the Rainier Meadows Racetrack. Is the confused, barely-covered young woman who had awakened next to the dead man a killer?

As Detective David James investigates the death of Roman Diego, a syringe containing a mystery liquid is discovered. The mystery deepens as the list of suspects gets longer. Who would want to kill Roman Diego, one of the “good guys”?

In this raw, romantic, and redemptive novel, David James searches for a common denominator between the suspects and the victim as the motive becomes harder to ignore.

“In this moving story of betrayal and redemption, Petrino-Salter breathes new life into a familiar character–the hard-bitten detective–and turns the genre’s cliches on their heads. Race is what a mystery should be.”

–Karin Kaufman, author of the bestselling Juniper Grove Cozy Mystery Series

The Prince’s Pretend Romance (Clean Fake Romance Book 2)

by Rachel Meyers

Can a prince win over the woman of his dreamsâ?¦when she thinks he’s engaged to someone else?

Laid up with a broken leg Prince Nico Constantin is grateful for the chance to escape his royal duties, and his royal identity. As a prince, his whole life is already mapped out so he is enjoying both temporary anonymity and the potential for a new relationship when his so-called fiancée shows up and orders him home.

Despite her better judgment, nurse Maria Fortuna was fast falling for the mysterious Nico, but all that changes when she discovers he is a prince, and engaged to a princess! Angry and hurt, she accompanies the royal party home only to ensure Nico’s recovery continues, and to take up an opportunity to travel, which she has always longed to do. She can’t help but fall in love with the handsome, charming prince, especially when she discovers his engagement is merely a pretence. His life at the palace, however, is all too real. Can this couple from two different worlds ever stand a chance of finding happiness?

From Shackles

by Gopolang Gubaza

When bitterness strikes, intimacy is broken to pieces. When pride surpass love, sorrow dominates. An unwelcomed stranger became a third person, hoping to contribute to a marriage. A voluntary protagonist set herself for a mission to search out a riddle because the familiar being brought ultimate chaos in their midst.

A beautiful young lady was imprisoned, tortured and was destined to a grave due to the license her opponent earned. Fiona studied the effectiveness of the spirit world. Christianity remained an answer to dealing with the unseen force. Pain overflowed through her body and couldn’t handle anymore. From the hand of a cruel man she was delivered.

Wren’s Nest (The Phoenix Connection Book 1)

by Deanne Durrett

During a late-night thunderstorm, Joe Chandler open his cottage door to a young man hovering over his sister. They’re drenched and shivering, and she’s in labor. Joe, a retired cop, assists the birth. As the newborn gasps his first breath, Joe vows to protect the child and his mother from whatever drove them to his door.

Joe soon learns that Sherman promised to protect his sister while her husband is deployed. Now, they’re on the run after a surrogate mother disappeared and an unscrupulous lawyer altered his files to name Loren (Wren) as the surrogate. A ruthless gangster with hired thugs is in pursuit of the child he mistakenly believes to be his grandson. While Joe and his team of retired cops guard Loren and her baby, Sherman teams up with Blake Adams (the Phoenix Connection) to intercept the hired thugs as they follow a trail that leads straight to Joe’s cottage (Wren’s nest). If you like a story of high tension with strong family ties and warm relationships, I think you’ll enjoy WREN’S NEST.

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