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The Billionaireâ??s Proposal: A BWWM Billionaire Romance

by Olivia Saxton

Calvin Michelson needs to get married and produce an heir so his fly by night cousin won’t inherit the family legacy and fortune when he dies. This is business for Calvin. He has every intention of resuming his playboy life after marriage so he needs a woman who is willing to bear a child and can put up with his ways. After a quick conversation with a family member, Calvin realizes that the perfect bride was right in front of him all along.

Yvonne Moore has worked for Mr. Michelson for ten years. He was a good boss and he had never expressed interest in the efficient assistant with dark framed glasses who always wore her hair in a bun. So when her billionaire boss asked her to marry him, she laughed her head off- until she realized he was serious. Yvonne wants time to think about it. Calvin is not a patient man. He’s in hot pursuit in convincing Yvonne to marry him and have his child. What Calvin and Yvonne didn’t bank on was falling in love.

Warning: Explicit language and sexual scenes

One Cruel Night

by K.A. Linde

A heart-stopping sexy contemporary romance prequel toâ?¨ USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s new Cruel Trilogy.

I spot the mysterious stranger across the party.

I’d seen him in the park, writing furiously in his worn leather notebook.

He’s pure confidence, born and bred in high society with eyes like a hawkâ??observant, cunning, and wicked. With sensual lips and a body made to worship, he’s exquisite. A work of art.

While I’m young, innocent, and completely out of my depth.

But I’m drawn to him. Captivated by his approach. When he asks for one night, I have only one word for him.


One summer in Paris. One night with him. One cruel night.

Hung (Mister Hotshot Book 1)

by Anne Marsh

He’s big.
He’s sexy.
And he’s hung.

The first time I met Pick Revere I tried to bash his head in with a baseball bat. The second time, I kissed the ever-loving daylights out of him on a dare. For a girl who’s on the lam and hiding from her cop ex, I’m failing miserably at laying low. Instead, I’m going up in delicious flamesâ??because Pick’s the hottest, roughest, toughest bad boy firefighter I’ve ever laid eyes (or lips) on. He promises he has a big hoseâ??and knows how to use it. I’d investigate, but I need my job as a cook at the fire camp. I’m supposed to serve my hotshot breakfastâ??not me. I’m supposed to keep my secrets. And I’m definitely supposed to stay single.

But I’m not prepared for what happens after our kiss. Pick’s magnetic and dangerous. He’s short-term funâ??not Mr. Commitment. But then he volunteers to be my muscle when my douche ex tracks me down. And I shouldn’t want more than that.

But I do.

I should run as fast as I could from Pick.

But I won’t.

Because he sets me on fire and you know what they say about firefightersâ??the hotter you get, the faster they come. How’s a gal to say no?

This full-length standalone from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh is full of dirty swoonworthy hotshot firefighters that know how to use their hoses and who are about to learn how to use their hearts. This novel was originally published as a much shorter and tamer novella by eKensington and has been completely rewritten. The book is twice as big… and so are the hoses.

His on Demand (BBW Romance)

by Fiona Murphy

To make my dream come true I’ll do anything, even put up with an a$$hole like Leandros Kaplan. Four years, five tops and I’ll have enough money saved to stop working and write full time. I know lying to him to get the job is crazy and stupid. It’s as crazy and stupid as the requirement for his new assistant to be married. I’m not married, and I’m not like his past assistants, the ones who dropped sexual innuendo daily and then would hand him their underwear when he asked for reports. I’m a freaking virgin at thirty-one. 

I swear I never thought I would fall for him, it doesn’t matter that he’s a gorgeous Greek god billionaire, he’s also a jerk who takes pride in being ruthless and cold-blooded. He’s so out of my league we don’t even play the same game. He’s into dating double zero models. There’s no way he would ever be interested in a plus size like me.

When he finds out I lied I’m not surprised he wants his pound of flesh, I’m surprised he wants it in the form of my flesh, naked for him. The retribution he demands is me, whenever, however, he wants my body. I’ll give it to him, everything he demands. He doesn’t want my heart or tears, only I can’t stop giving him both, and it’s slowly tearing me apart. Can he ever forgive me for lying or will that one lie be the end of us?

Full length at 79,000
A standalone

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