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Does Reiki Love Heal Cancer?: Transcribed True Stories Of Spiritual Healing

by Reverend Mike Wanner

Does Reiki Love Heal Cancer was previously released as a cassette tape and has now been transcribed in to this book. The stories are true stories of Spiritual Healing that focused primarily on Reiki treatments but also involved other alternative modalities and the best that traditional care had to offer.

The First speaker talks about helping her sister and hosting a family Reiki course where everybody helped.

The second speaker is the sister helped by the first speaker and she shares her personal experience before, during and after her treatment regimen.

The third speaker is a Dr. of Psychology who talks about her mothers experience with traditional care and then how Reiki treatments helped.

81 Lessons From The Sky

by Fletcher McKenzie

Do you want to be the pilot who comes home after every flight?

Learn from the experiences of other pilots so you don’t become another air incident statistic.

81 Lessons From The Sky contains eighty-one easy-to-read, true stories from actual pilots, including what they learnt from their accidents and near misses. Eighty-one stories from around the globe, from the General Aviation community on their own near misses and their learnings.

All eighty-one stories have been selected and republished with permission from NASA, CASA and CHIRP, and include first hand pilot reports about aviation accidents from the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Eighty-one lessons learnt from taxiway incidents, refuelling errors, airspace infringements, cloud base confusion, reliance on GPS systems, storm fronts, military airspace incursions, and many, many more.

Each story is short and easy-to-read, written in the voice of the pilot who lived to report back. You’ll recognise the names of the aircraft, and you may have even landed at some of the airfields mentioned in these pages. Aircraft like the Conquest, the Pawnee, the Cessna 150, the 172, a Piper 6XT, even a Bird Dog, and others.

This book is an essential read for all current and future pilots. And remember, safety first. Order now.

Survival Medicine Handbook: Prepper’s Guide to Survival Emergencies and First Aid

by Mark Snow

Survival Medicine Handbook:

Prepper’s Guide to Survival Emergencies and First Aid

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on all forms of home remedies and survival-based medicineâ??look no farther! Because you have found it! Here in this book we cover everything from a minor headache to treating critical conditions such as strokes and seizures! In this troubled world we can not always depend upon emergency services reaching us on time. But this book gives you and your loved ones the extra edge you might need to survive!

This exhaustive medical guide goes over major symptoms of illness and walks you through how to treat those illnesses step by step. This book also provides a listing of important essential oils and other home remedies that are sure to minimize illness and maximize recovery. Even if the power goes out, the hurricane strikes, or you get stuck in a blizzard, the information presented here can help lead you to wellness once again. If you care about health, you should get this book!

In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Perform Emergency Medical Procedures such as CPR
  • Treat Broken Bones and Sprains
  • How to handle Cold and Flu
  • And much, much more!

Small Space Vegetable Gardening: Micro-Gardening Ideas For Growing Vegetables In Limited Space

by James Paris

Growing vegetables in limited spaces can present a unique set of challenges – especially for the city dweller with very limited or NO garden space available.
This book aims to highlight the most popular and productive of the micro-gardening techniques used by very successful urban gardeners.
Ideas and inspiration that could lead to providing all the vegetables you need on an on-going basis throughout the growing season – and beyond!

Here are some of the plans & ideas you will find highlighted in this book…

All these top techniques and more – plus great information on composting and making your own cheap, organic fertilizers and compost ‘teas’

BIGFOOT: Is The Hoosier State A Secret Sasquatch Sanctuary?

by Jordan Quinn Farkas

Have you had an encounter with the legendary Bigfoot? Reports of these hairy man-like creatures have flooded in from all over the country, and the world, dating back over two centuries.

In the early autumn of 2017, I experienced Bigfoot up close and personal while camping for a week in a National Forest located in southern Indiana.

“BIGFOOT: Is The Hoosier State A Secret Sasquatch Sanctuary?” is my personal account of this unbelievable encounter I had with the legendary “creatures” known as Bigfoot as well as some of my thoughts on the events.

Imaginary dinosaurs: from Aachenosaurus to Zatomus – the astounding story of the dinosaurs that never were

by Michael Maisch

You know that something has gone mighty wrong in dinosaur research when pieces of fossil wood are described as a 5-meter long spiky hadrosaurâ?¦ a fragmentary Tertiary mammal skull becomes a unique iguanodontidâ?¦ shipworms are identified as titanosaurid teeth… These are only a few of the more spectacular cases in which renowned scientists from all over the world created “imaginary dinosaurs”. Misled by faulty anatomical identification, wrong dating of strata or simply out of a zealous effort to describe as many new dinosaur species as possible these men blundered and created a vast array of dinosaurs that never were. These “dinosaurs” are usually not dealt with in textbooks and popular accounts, but their history, and the stories of the men behind their creation, which include some of the greatest dinosaur researchers of all time, tell us much about the history of paleontology, and the history of science in general. Science never goes the straight way, and every step to new insights is paved with faults and failure. Scientists fail, as we all do, because they are just human, and their mistakes resulted in some of the most amusing and some of the most tragic chapters in the history of dinosaur paleontology, all recounted here in detail â?¦

Oh! I’ve Forgotten: Facts about the memory and how to improve it

by Meredith Richson

So, you want to improve your memory or you’re just interested in how it works? Look no further. Dr Meredith Pluti Richson delves into the world of memory and how you can improve it through techniques including diet, mnemonics and more…

Bipolar Disorder: a student’s guide

by Dr. Jerry Kennard

In this subject guide, Dr. Kennard provides a concise and informal introduction to Bipolar Disorder. The Guide is a development from previous work entitled, ‘Bipolar Disorder: a short introductory guide’, aimed primarily at those newly diagnosed with the disorder, their friends and relatives.

The intention then, as now, is to provide a concise easy-to-read introduction for people who want something more than a leaflet or a webpage, but less than a formal textbook. In this student’s guide, more detail is provided as to the description, diagnostic criteria and explanations for bipolar disorder.

There was a time when the study of mental health was confined largely to students of psychology, medicine or nursing, or those involved in social care or health-related occupations. Today the message is finally filtering through that mental illness is extremely common and is not something to be feared or hidden away.

Many students from non-health backgrounds are now interested all aspects of the human condition. Perhaps because of a term paper, examination or project, they are looking for a suitable way in to some of these potentially difficult and confusing topics. This Guide provides sufficient detail to answer your most pressing questions about bipolar disorder, its diagnosis, characteristics and treatments. For students, it provides a general introduction in its own right, or a suitable platform from which to take their investigation to deeper levels.

Dr. Jerry Kennard is an author, psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is a former healthcare professional and academic who now writes regular Expert blogs for on a variety of mental health issues.

Genesis Creation and Cosmic Big Bang: In Agreement â?¦ at Last! (The Explanation)

by Sam Kneller

Genesis Creation and Cosmic Big Bang: In Agreement … at Last!

Bible and Science: Which side are you on? Why take sides? Proven Science leads to true insight. Proper Theology leads to true comprehension. Then, proven science and proper theology must support the identical story.

Sam Kneller reveals that Genesis Creation and Cosmic Big Bang relate the identical amazing story. He clearly explains what was present before Big Bang all the way to its continuing accelerating expansion right now. Learn how Stephen Hawking was so right and so wrong at the same time.

The best of real Science and the best of real Theology open your mind to a new understanding that both these sources of knowledge don’t collide but rather lead to coherent completeness. Grasp a vaster worldviewâ??universeviewâ??than you’ve ever seen before.

Sam Kneller is the creator of 7 Keys to Master Biblical Hebrewâ??A Study Method to Unlock Bible Meaning, with no fuss. No need to learn the Hebrew alphabet, grammar, and the hard stuff to understand the original language of the Bible. All the tools are freely available online as Sam takes you on a Bible tour highlighting many Biblical Hebrew contexts that refer specifically to the Big Bang. And you didn’t even recognize they were there! But now, you’ll be qualified not only to check them out for yourself but to decipher the deeper meaning.

It’s impossible to even begin to see this comprehension of the Big Bang and Genesis in your native language. After this concise but adventurous read, you’ll acquire a new respect for both Science and the Bible. You’ll realize that, handled with care and caution, these two sources of knowledge take us on an unprecedented eye-opening journey.

Join Sam for this gripping and thrilling story for seekers of answers to the big questions in life. This is not just information, it’s fundamental understanding of how the Universe is assembled. Get the beginning right to unravel the puzzle of why Humankind is on Earth.

The Acid Reflux Drink Recipe Book: 100 Delicious Drinks to Prevent and Provide Relief from Acid Reflux, GERD and Heartburn

by Amy Lyric

Enjoy delicious drinks and say goodbye to discomfort caused by acid reflux !

Just because you have been diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux doesn’t mean that you should stop taking pleasure in the beverages and food you consume. If you think that there will only be bland tea and tasteless greens on your table from now on, I’ve got good news for you!

Offering you delicious drink recipes that not only your doctor would approve of, but that are also alkalizing enough to soothe and eventually prevent your heartburn, this book is something your recipe folder craves.

  • 100 Delicious drink Recipes
  • Energizing Morning Smoothies
  • Before-Meal Juices
  • Cold Afternoon Refreshments
  • Special-Event Drinks
  • Warming & Relieving Teas

Want to see how a satisfied tummy and balanced gut can go hand-in-hand even if heartburn is a common guest? This book has all the answers. Join me on this nourishing ride for a replenished gut and happy taste buds!

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