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The Barehanded Survival Guide: survival without any gear

by Micah Coulter

Tired of the “survivalists” who look like overloaded boy scouts going on a camping expedition? Feel like your survival skills are okay but wouldn’t know what to without a knife? It’s not your fault.

All this “survival situation” hype for the past decade has everybody strapping on knives and running out to their local woods to kill innocent trees all in the name of “survival”.In reality, a lot of these wannabe survivalists wouldn’t know where to start without a knife. If you feel like relying on too much gear has become a recent trend, you’d be right. Real survival is being caught off guard without that knife.

You could be hiking and gotten lost. Your plane could’ve went down in the wilderness. Your cruise ship could’ve sank and you ended up on an island. Whatever the situation, what are the chances you’ll have your flint striker and trusty blade? They’re slim. As slim as the chance of you having this survival guide in that situation. The only realistic way you’d have them is if you went into the situation to “get lost” to begin with.

I’ve written this guide, not as a replacement for your gear. By no means is a shard of rock a replacement for modern steel. Rather, it’s important to know the alternatives. To have the knowledge and apply it. This guide will do you no good if you haven’t practiced the knowledge beforehand. Our forefathers lived using stone tools for thousands of years before the bronze age. It’s no secret that modern man can learn to do the same.

You’ll feel a sense of freedom knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll know how to improvise and overcome not having any gear. Well, almost no gear. Using your cell phone battery to start a fire is technically gear.

You’ll learn how to:

-Start a friction fire
-Boil water using a hole in the ground and some rocks
-Craft hunting weapons
-Make stone tools
-Start a fire using a cell phone battery
-Learn how to build a shelter
-Learn medicinal uses for wild plants
-Craft a wind and rain resistant torch
-And a lot more!

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