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I love East Coast Australia: East Coast Australia Work and Travel Guide

by S. L. Giger

In this East Coast Australia travel guide, you will find travel tips for typical tourist destinations as well as insider tips for destinations off the beaten path. See the best side of the Australian East Coast, the most beautiful outback streets and experience a wonderful time in Down Under. Visit highlights like Melbourne or Sydney and take adventurous trips to beautiful white beaches or breathtaking waterfalls. Observe cute koalas and jumping kangaroos in the wild.
Apart from the many highlights which Australia has to offer, I love Australia will prepare you well for your work and travel gap year. You learn how to get the visa, how to open up a bank account in Australia and how to receive the tax file number. You receive tips about how to buy a car and how to find travel buddies. In addition, you receive a check list, in order not to forget anything which you have to prepare before you leave home, so that you can have a great start in Australia.
Regardless of whether you are a tourist or on a gap-year, a work and traveler or a digital nomad, this travel guide for individual travelers contains all the information you need to plan your dream Australia trip.

Why should I choose this West Australia travel guide instead of another?

â?? It is cheaper than other travel guides
â?? I’ve tried all the sights and activities myself and I describe in detail how I did it, so you can drive to the sights and save money on expensive tours or transportation. The opening hours and entrance fees are checked and updated again and again
â?? It includes all the necessary information which you need for your work and travel year
â?? It is very light because you can easily carry it on your mobile phone or e-reader (who has enough space for luggage?)
â?? It will inspire you and inform you about secret dream locations that you do not want to miss
â?? It contains maps that show you free campsites and inform you about the destinations with symbols
â?? It is the best DIY travel guide for East Coast Australia

“I love Australia – East Coast” focuses on the essentials. We show you the must-sees after our tour along the whole west coast, the south and the east coast and many places in the outback. From my experiences in Australia, a great travel guide with many highlights and personal experiences has emerged. I loved every minute I could spend in this eclectic country, even though it was not always a straight-lane highway. Breathtaking views of red gorges, bustling cities with great food or cafes, secluded and gorgeous beaches and unexpected sights to marvel at. Not to mention the cute koalas, dolphins, whales, and kangaroos. You will be able to see all this with your own eyes in the great outdoors.
I carefully planned all my trips with ideas from all the good travel guides I could find, so you do not have to spend that money anymore. I also used TripAdvisor and many helpful blogs and recommendations from locals. So, if you want a more personal experience than the usual tourist and have good explanations on how to get the best possible experience in one place, this guide is definitely right for you.

More information about other countries can be found on my blog:

As a thank you, if you buy “I love Australia East Coast” you will receive a free packing list and the highlights of my “I love Thailand” tour guide.

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And now GRAB “I LOVE EAST COAST AUSTRALIA” and the adventure begins!

Beginner’s French Lesson Part 3: Be Understood by ALL French Speakers!

by The French Guru

Welcome to my third French class! What?! You mean I’ve missed Parts 1 and 2?! No worries- you can find links to them at the end of this lesson or just search for lessons by “the French Guru”. This class is meant for those who already have a grip on the language and preferably those who have completed Lessons 1 and 2 and would like to know more verbs ( such as “aller and dire”), how to tell the time, describing people and other important parts of the French language. Bonne chance! (Good luck!)

Excuse me, I have something to say …: Thoughts and realities of a life lived in a complicated country

by Illaria Musk

At the bottom end of the world’s second largest continent lies a country cloaked in natural beauty. Sullied by a shameful past and mired in what may well be a troubled present. South Africa has given the citizens of the world much to talk about, both past and present. The author decided it was time to share some anecdotal realities of how life in South Africa is laid out for those lucky enough to wake up in a country whose wild places are the stuff of fairytales and whose urban landscapes glitter with promise. Somewhere between here and there lies the truth and the author brushes away the media rhetoric and ex-pat vitriol to give the reader an idea of what really goes on in the rainbow nation tucked away between the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Herein lies one persons reality which echoes that of many countrymen and a look into a place as diverse as it is big. Once the shining gem on the dark continent it now finds itself torn between the agendas of political parties and a desire to be a united nation. The author takes this opportunity to share an insiders view of an extraordinary South Africa whose daily antics range from the sublime to the ridiculous and how it all comes together to present a country uniquely complicated and unfailing in its determination to stand strong. Life for ordinary South Africans is a roller coaster ride of optimism and despair but the unflinching spirit of the people of South Africa lends credence to their eternal optimism of a future free of skepticism and distrust and a shining example of tolerance and unity. This is a tiny part of their story.

Learn German with Stories: 12 Inspiring Short Stories with Secret Life Lessons (for Intermediates)

by Patrick Haul

â??â?? For a limited time! Buy the paperback version of this book and get the Kindle eBook version for FREE! â??&#9733

Learn German with Stories

Learning a new language can be extremely difficult. Especially one that seems so challenging. With its complex grammar rules and strange sounds, it can discourage anyone willing to give the German language a try. On top of that, today’s society has made tight schedules a part of everyone’s lives. Taking a German class might just not be possible for some of us.

Still, there’s no need to worry! In my opinion, the best way to learn any language is by reading or listening to stories. This book offers you exactly that. A modern, structured and fun approach where you can take your German speaking skills to a higher level.

The German language has become extremely valued in the modern era. Being able to have a conversation in German can earn you a lot of praise and really set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Inside this book you can find:

  • 12 unique German short stories each linked to one another
  • Relatable characters and fun adventures
  • Common words you can actually use in your day-to-day life
  • A German-English vocabulary after each story
  • Short questions for an improved text-comprehension
  • An entire chapter dedicated to phrases and expression you can use in various everyday situations
  • A secret lesson after each story witch you can use to improve your life

Every skill takes time to master, learning German is no exception. However, you can reduce the learning curve by taking the right approach. By immersing yourself in these stories you not only get more familiarised with common German expressions, but you also get priceless value from the inspiring life lessons hidden in each story.

Order now! Don’t waste any more time. Give this method a try and improve your German in only a few minutes a day!

Pennsylvania’s Treacherous Trails & Haunted Townships

by Sherri Granato

The Blacklick creek valley is not only located in one of the most beautiful parts of Pennsylvania it is also home to one of the most haunted. Spanning a total area of 36 miles, the Blacklick valley natural area rail trail runs along disused railroad tracks, and rests along abandoned blast furnaces, and several ghost towns. Other ghost towns found along the scenic trail include Armerford, Bracken, Beulah, Claghorn, Dilltown, Eliza Furnace, Lackawanna No. 3, Nanty Glo, Scott Glenn, Twin Rocks and Webster. Mile signs are posted along the trail to inform visitors of how far they will have to go to the next hidden treasure.

How’s it going?: A boy just only 17 years old,comes to the U.S. to cross country by bicycle

by Satoshi Y

A boy from Japan crossed the U.S. by bicycle!
He can’t speak English very much.
But many people helped and cheered him up anytime.
He was not good boy,but changed when he would be at the end…

Turkish Delight: The Un-travelogue

by Anurag Bakhshi

In November 2018, a motley crew of friends from Mumbai and London, decided to travel to Istanbul and Cappadocia together for a vacation. What happened next…is something you would obviously not be interested in. After all, who cares about what some strangers did for a week in a strange land? Hence, I decided to write what I call a ‘Un-travelogue’, in which, like in many travelogues, each day has a story dedicated to it. However, in this case, though the stories are inspired by real incidents during the trip, the content of the stories is entirely a figment of my imagination. Or is it?

These stories will tease you, excite you, and hopefully, involve you, but above all, they will entertain you, only, and only if, you let the child in you come to the surface, and let your imagination run wild!

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