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SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops รข?? ISIS at the Gates

by Eric Meyer

Outside Aleppo, a battle rages in a dusty town named Azaz. The brutal ISIS campaign to crush the Syrian rebels and rampage across the Middle East is reaching its height. A win for ISIS will open the gates wide and enable them to conquer the entire region. The final step in their avowed mission to create the dreaded Islamic Caliphate.

Thousands of miles away across the Atlantic, another battle is raging. A military exercise whose outcome is set to change the course of the conflict outside Aleppo. US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Kyle Nolan is falsely accused of the murder of a senior officer. Facing imprisonment, he accepts an alternative, to embark on a tortuous operation into Syria. To the edge of Aleppo, and into the fury of a battle that will decide the future of the Middle East.

The action takes place against a backdrop of treachery, deceit and bloody slaughter. As the end to the bloodletting draws near, the outcome is anything but certain. Winning and losing will be determined by those left alive. And by those whose bodies lie scattered on the blood-soaked sands.

This is an incredible story of tough, violent men in a tough, violent land. SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops – ISIS at The Gates, is the latest title by the bestselling author of many Special Ops novels. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, the Raider series, Echo Six, Heroes of Afghanistan and a number of Devil’s Guard titles.

Young Lions Pride

by Andrew Mackay

Alan, Sam, Alice and Aurora operate behind enemy lines on L-Day: the Allied liberation of the Occupied South. The partisans suffer grievous losses linking up with friendly forces. Hitler mercilessly crushes an SS coup. The Brotherhood of the Purifying Flame takes advantage of the chaos to pursue its Holy Mission.

Young Lions Pride is the seventh book in the Young Lions series and is a fast-paced, gritty novel set in an alternative history of the Second World War.

The Young Lions series:

Young Lions

Young Lions Roar

(winner of the NGP Publishing Prize 2012)

Young Lions Hunt

Young Lions Attack

Young Lions Prey

Young Lions Feast

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