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SERIAL KILLER MONSTERS: Serial Killers: Shocking True Crime Stories. Files of the Worldâ??s Worst Murderers and Most Evil Psychopaths.

by R. M. Harker


The answer to this question and many others lie within…SERIAL KILLER MONSTERS.

There is nothing more frightening than the individuals who chase, stalk and grab their victims from under the shroud of night. These monsters are not looking for creatures to hunt, but rather for the touch, taste, and enablement of human bodies and death.

Serial Killer Monsters and they stroll among us, often undetected and on a daily basis.

These killers are not fictional creatures with horns, vampire teeth and run around on all fours howling at the moonlit sky.

No…there are individuals living among us in plain sight. Within society, approaching their everyday duties until the sun goes down. They are your neighbours, friends or the dads, spouses and church going individuals from the town or village.

These people are representing the darkest side of humanity, the most disturbing and depraved of all criminalsâ?¦Serial Killer Monsters.

Why is it that we are so fascinated by the torture and cruelty that these people display? A place where there are no boundaries to a person’s suffering and pain? Serial Killers can be very charming, deadly, seductive and seem able to gain the publics admiration.

Notorious killers from Jeffrey Dahmer and B.T.K to Aileen Wuornos and Peter Sutcliffe. Serial Murderers that will amaze us with their sick ability to commit the worst savagery and butchery on another human being possible.

Modern science and improvements in police detective practices have made ways into FBI profiling of the offenders and catching them. Through this they have classified the worst and most dangerous category of criminal. Serial Killers.

At the beginning of this publication we investigate whether serial killers are a product of nature or nurture? Some history into the most famous serial killers and an in-depth analysis into the minds of psychopathic serial killers.

In this publication we will unveil the horrifying investigations of:

– House of Horrors – Fred and Rose West.

– B.T.K – Dennis Radar.

– The Lady Killer – Ted Bundy.

– The Yorkshire Ripper – Peter Sutcliffe.

– The Florida Highway Killer – Aileen Wuornos.

– The Butcher or Rostov – Andrei Chikatilo.

– The Kindly Killer – Dennis Nilsen.

– The Killer Clown – John Wayne Gacy.

– The Milwaukee Cannibal – Jeffrey Dahmer.

– Son of Sam – David Berkowitz.

Plus many interesting insights and information on what makes someone snap and become a Serial Killer Monster?



Let me be

by Filipe Branco

At the age of twenty I burst through the closet doors coming out as gay to my family. After being rejected by my father, unable to handle the pain, I saw suicide as my only escape. I decided to die. But not even death wanted me at her side and I survived to rewrite my story. My will to be fully accepted made me stronger and after many fights for my right to be… me, after bullying and silenced suffering, with the help of my friends and family I finally reached what first seemed impossible: the day my father met and welcomed my boyfriend.

“Let me be” is the book which tells the years of my life that defined me forever. From prejudice to suicide, from violence to affection, from hatred to acceptance. This is the tale of how homophobia can kill you, the story of how in a long and dark night love has defeated all fears.

Deception: The Rise and Final Fall

by Brad Judy

Deception is an American story of suffering, temporary redemption, and devastating betrayal. This mystery describes the meteoric rise and equally devastating fall of the author’s father, Dr. Ken Judy, who struggled to overcome a horrific event in his childhood. Dr. Judy became a decorated Vietnam veteran and highly successful cardio-vascular surgeon. A pillar in his community, Dr. Judy kept the secrets that haunted him and chased the nightmare away with his insatiable appetite for women. This addiction would ultimately destroy everything he loved.The biography/memoir and mystery will show how the deceiver may have become the deceived. As his estate, and his gold and even his own fate were possibly compromised by the one who claimed to love him most. Deception sets the record straight and reveals the collateral damage that is done to a family when one man is inflicted with, so many inner demons. It will also let the reader make their own decision as to what happened that fateful day in the wheat fields outside of Pullman, Washington.

What Happened To Baby?: Treacherous Baby kept the other escorts in line. When Prince is locked up, how will Baby survive? ($7 My Journey Series Book 6)

by Toni Crowe

Have you ever wondered: “How does a Lady of the Night survive when her pimp is locked up?”

Baby has been the bottom bitch for Prince for years. Beautiful, smart, intelligent and treacherous, Baby kept all the other escorts in line as second in command.

Baby taught the other women that she was a force of nature; a cold-hearted beautiful woman with a goal to be the last one standing with Prince at the end. She did whatever it took to insure the survival of the fittest.

But when Prince is locked up and another woman runs off with all the money, how will Baby survive? “What Happened to Baby” reminds us that the best laid plans of mice and women sometimes go astray. Survival is a matter of working with what you have to get what you need.

For the True Love of the Game: A Glimpse of My Life Story (The Emotionally Intelligent Way© Series)

by Anne Beaulieu

If the game of hopscotch was a metaphor for your life, what sort of squares are you now drawing in the sand? What sort of squares do you want to be drawing? Are your two answers the same?

If not, what is preventing you from experiencing what you really want in your life? For the true love of the game …

My name is Anne Beaulieu. I am an Emotional Intelligence coach, speaker, and author who is here to assist you and the people you serve. To book a free consultation where we explore the possibility of working together, go to

O Amor Nos Tempos Do Tinder (Portuguese Edition)

by Leandro Marques

Aos 30 anos um homem percebe que parou no tempo e que havia uma imensidão de emoções e sentimentos que nunca sentiu. Parecia um virgem aprendendo o que é amar e o que é ser rejeitado pela primeira vez.
As reviravoltas que os amores modernos e rápidos dão nos dias atuais em tempos de aplicativos.

Chef-d’oeuvre erroné: A collection of Short Stories and Memoirs

by Pen Jungio

Life is full of inside jokes and petty monologues; personal musings that are unique only to you. Maybe you share some of them with your friends, your family, your lover, but its never the same for everyone. No single experience of two people converge at a point and evoke the same feelings or the same dread. Its unique that’s what I think, or used to actually. Chef d’oeuvre erroné, Mistaken Masterpiece, was written with a simple theme of proving myself wrong, to prove that thought wrong. It was written with the realization that we don’t live inside a shell, that were are not turtles but infact human beings.

Chef d’oeuvre erroné, a book slapped together just for the purpose of a first step. Best read at leisure. Hope you enjoy.


by Zachary Shafron

Zachary Shafron was a typical young man in college near Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 20, he began a battle with a horrific and gruesome disease that would change his life completely. Through using the inspiration of his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor herself, he tells his story of overcoming the adversity and challenges that come with such difficult symptoms. We also learn about how his grandmother survived a Nazi invasion and grew up as an orphan with many challenges of her own. This book will change the perspective on things in life we all take for granted and how they can be taken away without any warning at all. However, there is always a silver lining in every story including this one.

Out of the Fire and into the Ashes

by Dr Alison Hayman

A detailed memoir of the adventurous and at times tumultuous life of Tara (Alison). Characters in the book have pseudonyms to protect the author. The story tells the tale of Tara’s quest for success, Tara is intelligent and articulated yet ultimately faces many challenges including corruption and injustice. After returning from living interstate due to work and University commitments to her home region of central Victoria, Tara finally finds the peace and serenity that she ultimately seeks in the central Victorian triangle region of the towns of Buxton, Marysville and Narbethong. She finds passion in cross country skiing, nature photography and running and is the fittest she has ever been in her life. Running in the conquestathon running race up Mt Bogong Victoria’s highest mountain, she wins the female section. However, due to the Black Saturday fires which decimated the region Tara is forced to relocate. Faced with many challenges as a consequence, Tara suffers from ill-health consequences and ultimately post traumatic stress syndrome, only to have her claim rejected. The book explores the events surrounding this and raises serious questions surrounding this outcome and other events which led to this. The book is topical and explores many issues that are prevalent in society today and will resonate with many people.

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