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Fae of Fortune: A Savannah Sage Supernatural Thriller Book 1 (Seattle Paranormal Police Department)

by John P. Logsdon


Half fae. Half mage. All trouble.

Savannah Sage always wanted to be a cop in the Paranormal Police Department. As a half fae, she has plenty to prove. Being placed in charge of the department’s rejects wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

With a neurotic werewolf, a vampire who thinks he’s James Bond, and a murderous pink teddy bear, she has her work cut out for her.

When Sage discovers the fae are stealing magic gems to build a super weapon, her chief doesn’t believe her. To stop the fae, Sage has to turn her team of misfits into the department’s best. If she fails, it’s the end of her career.

Or worse…

If you like Jim Butcher, Domino Finn, Michael Anderle, Rick Gualtieri, Orlando A. Sanchez, K.F. Breene, Shayne Silvers, Ilona Andrews, Brad Magnarella, Patricia Briggs, or Kim Harrison…you’ll have a blast with the first book in the Seattle Paranormal Police Department.

Questions for John P. Logsdon
Q: What do you enjoy most about writing the Paranormal Police Department with other authors?
A: It’s flippin’ fun as hell. We work out characters, plots, locations, and so on as a team. Then, the words hit the page and we roll along at breakneck speed because it’s just a blast working together in this world!

Q: Why should readers want to jump into the world of the Paranormal Police Department?
A: A few reasons, actually. It’s high-action, often hilarious, and just plain fun. On top of that, there are multiple precincts in the PPD for readers to enjoy. So, while this series of books covers Savannah Sage and the Seattle PPD, there are different lead characters running the PPD precincts in the Badlands, Las Vegas, the Netherworld, New York, Shadow, and Southeast Asia.

That means that readers who crave action and adventure are going to have tons of action-packed, laugh-out-loud stories to consume with a vengeance. We’re already over twenty books in and there’s a new book releasing every 2-3 weeks in 2018-2019.

Q: Anything else you’d like to leave readers with?
A: If you’re into naughty humor and high-octane adventures, you need to give the Paranormal Police Department a shot. That’s what all the authors in the PPD love to read, which means it’s also what we love to write.

Paranormal Police Department categories

  • Dark Comedy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Urban Fantasy Thriller
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Paranormal and Urban Romance
  • Vampires & Werewolves
  • Supernatural Shifter


7 best short stories: FREE BOOK

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Seven of the greatest authors of all time present their great works in the short story genre. In this book you can travel through the minds of geniuses like Bram Stoker, Herman Melville and Oscar Wilde.

The selection of August Nemo contains the following works for your appreciation:

Dracula’s Guest
By Bram Stoker

Bartleby, the Scrivener
By Herman Melville

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
by Washington Irving

The Happy Prince
by Oscar Wilde

A Scandal In Bohemia
By Arthur Conan Doyle

The Sandman
By E.T.A. Hoffman

The Man Who Would Be King
by Rudyard Kipling

Winter of Blood: A Short Story

by Claudia Black

There were strange happenings in the valley that winter. One death, then another transpired. The people of the small community lived in fear of their lives. They started using survivalist mentality in more ways than one; staying together, moving in groups, changing their ways as if someone was watching their every move. Will the sheriff help the valley make it through this brutal winter?

The Glass Planet: The Series #5-9 (The Glass Planet Book 10)

by N. Reed

The Glass Planet: Series #5-9. The entire story of the Jacobs family, from the beginning of Professor Antony Jacobs career change. ArchaeoAntropology grips the family and takes them on a journey around the globe. From the forested ancient ruins of Costa Rica to the desert sands of Egypt. The discovery of ancient texts in the desert bring about shocking conflicts and social upheaval and sends this family around the globe. When Gwydion is born, the professor and his autistic grandson become close and the professor shares these ancient stories with him, Gwydion. The next discovery of biblical texts in an ancient jar buried on the banks of the Nile river, sets loose a demon that plagues Gwydion as he is growing up. Or is this an angel sent to take care of and protect the young boy? The secrets are not revealed until the very end, when a being from unknown origins visits and divulges some of these secrets to
Gwydion and his strange little sister. Which threatens the entire globe and all of its inhabitants.`
Using fictional characters, the author takes the reader through a journey of discovery, uncovering the secret Extra-terrestrial origins of the bible and other god centered religions around the world. By combing through the new translations of the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Se Scrolls, N. M. Reed through her characters, an autistic boy of dubious breeding, his strange angelic sister, and his grounded rancher wife, and a host of others, find passages and old stories that seem to be the log of experiences of encounters of a third kind: actual contact and instruction from alien visitors. Stories that were the inspiration for the final draft of the bible, but were taken out and literally buried in the sands of time, only to be discovered haplessly by travelers thousands of years later. The progenitors of our civilization were describing aliens encounters, but didn’t know how to say that. They just viewed these powerful “star-people” as gods. All of the great religions seemed to have been formed this way. Why else would humanity be so enthralled and have such a devotion and reverence to anything, if it weren’t something absolutely amazing and out of this world. So instead of god being an unknowable, unfathomable force to human kind, lurking in the unknown void of heaven or hell, our gods are the blood spirit and intellectual ancestors and genetic makeup of our own selves. And interestingly, this brings us full circle back to the true-believers who are sure that the bible is a literal translation of the word of god. And looking at it as the experiences with the alien progenitors of our modern human race, providing the missing link in our evolution, it just might be so.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Complete Tales and Poems

by Edgar Allan Poe

This book contains the complete Edgar Allan Poe’s tales and poems â??over 135 worksâ?? in the chronological order of their original publication.

Some of the most notable are:

– “The Fall of the House of Usher”
– “The Masque of the Red Death”
– “The Pit and the Pendulum”
– “The Premature Burial”
– “The Purloined Letter”
– “The Tell-Tale Heart”

– “Annabel Lee”
– “The Bells”
– “The City in the Sea”
– “A Dream Within a Dream”
– “To Helen”
– “Lenore”
– “The Raven”
– “Ulalume”

Other Works:
– The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucketâ??Poe’s only complete novel

Monster of Monsters: The Vampire, Green Serpent- Realms Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction #12 (Realms Of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Flash Fiction)

by Kristie Lynn Higgins

This ebook has the following flash fiction story:
Monster of Monsters: The Vampire, Green Serpent
Type: Flash Fiction and the word count is about 250 words
This short-short story in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction shows a very short scene with Controller talking with one of the coaches, Green Serpent, who is a vampire.

Monster of Monsters: Realms Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction is a story highlighting a tiny scene from the Monster of Monsters series inspired by some of Universal Classic Monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Invisible Man, the Mummy, and the Wolf Man and other classic movies like the Spider Woman, Earth vs The Spider, Eight Legged Freaks, the Spider, Tarantula, Arachnid, and Arachnophobia. The Monster of Monsters series center around a demented game that has been going on for centuries. The series also has an escape room feel to it. No one has ever won the game but that’s about to change as someone new enters the game and not by accident. Check out more about the series by going to Monster of Monsters #1 Part One: Mortem’s Opening and read the first story for free.

New to Flash Fiction? Flash Fiction are very very short books to tickle your fancy. They are a great way to see a writer’s style and be introduced to the worlds they create and envision.

My novels, novellas, short stories, and flash fiction range from science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, horror with elements of mystery, thriller, suspense, dark fantasy, gothic, a mix of fairy tales, legends, and epic fantasy. Explore my worlds of magic, tech, werewolf, sword and sorcery, killer robots, UFO, witches, dragon baby, undead, demented games, vampires, villains, flying saucers, post-apocalyptic, dungeons and dragons, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, assassins, monsters, androids, leviathan, dystopian adventure, aliens, curse of the mummy, mutants, warlocks, dragon riders, sorcerer, superheroes, dystopia society, zombies, mutant creatures, warriors, sorceress, apocalyptic adventures, pharaoh king, mad scientist, etc.

A Demons Death

by Billy Sheeley

The reality of nightmares. Three entities of evil discover just how powerful dreams become, when their past comes back to haunt them for the final time. The judgement of hell, for their deeds of life. Divine justice served, to be tortured by their sins. Join me on the adventure of discovering how HELL operates, as we follow the journey of three demons, into their life after death. To discover just how, the souls of evil, provide their due penance.

Some People Dream

by Richard Mikolitch

A book of short fictional stories based on actual nightmares

End of All Flesh (The Order of Melchizedek Book 1)

by Clifton Voshen

Pre-Flood Days when Giants walked the earth, heroes of renown. When the ‘sons of God’ saw that the daughters of men were beautiful. When Alien invaders from another realm sought access to mankind to rape, kill, and destroy.
Was there redemption for Adam and Eve who had allowed the pillaging to occur? Could this savagery and lawlessness be stopped? By whom?
With Enoch functioning as the point of the spear on a spiritual level, Onça, the giant killer began to wreak havoc on the physical level.
Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when…..

The Dark

by Red Harvey

Retail workers have the least chance of being haunted, hurt, or killed. At least, that’s what three cashiers assume. When Temple, Marilyn, and Martine meet little Sienna, they find out how wrong they are about job security.

Sienna triggers the appearance of the Dark, an elusive Shadow that never leaves.

Follow the women down the paths of their surprisingly complicated lives, leading to a dark future forâ?¦

Temple, as the head of a crime syndicate
Marilyn, as the rich housewife
Martine, as the political prisoner

Everyone meets their end. What part does the Shadow play in shaping who they’ve become?

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MaldiZion2: Perdidos (Spanish Edition)

by Laura Quent

Segundo libro de la saga MaldiZion.
Alicia se ha visto separada del grupo y, sin saber cómo ni por qué, cae en las manos de un sádico que hará todo lo posible por quebrarla. Mientras, el fin del mundo continúa y el origen de los zombis empieza a vislumbrarse tras las palabras del capitán de un barco que ha visto, de primera mano, el origen del mal.

Animals to Slaughter

by Alda Teodorani

“Red pill or blue pill? Take the blue pill the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” (The Matrix – 1999)
Karl, the main character of this story, accompanies the reader like a new White Rabbit on a voyage of discovery of what fate awaits thousands of animals every second of every day. A fate that can only be understood by changing our viewing point, and by beginning to ask ourselves who did the piece of meat on our plates use to belong to. What did this animal go through when it was killed? How much pain did this pretty fur collar on my overcoat cost? In other words, how would we feel if the Animals to Slaughter were literally ourselves?
Karl’s loss of innocence starts during his childhood and follows him for the rest of his life on a ruthless path of atonement for a deranged humanity devoid of empathy for other living species.
A physically painful story like the main character’s past, and shocking as the most cruel revelations can be, the ones which reveal to us that to see reality for what it actually is, we simply have to open our eyes. (Rita Ciatti)

Scary Stories : Book 5; New Best Scary Stories that you have not read or listen beforeâ?¦.

by Muhammad Shoaib

This is the 5th book of Best Scary stories, when kids, adults & elders reading these stories they will not bore and wait for what will happen next and nextâ?¦
When I start reading these stories I feel that a cold hand on my foot at one point in the night.
Adults when they sit together with their friend at night party eat, drink and want to spend some time together, they can read these stories. One read and the other friends listen together, because they want to forget their boring day which passes very badly. And they can start their next new morning happily.
Once you start reading you will not close the book until read to the last page.
Every story is very interesting.
As I think that these stories will not be heard before our book, you can tell to your friends and neighbor families about these interesting stories to listen to your kids, Adults and everyone can read on any occasion or party in the night.
This book has full of best scary stories; every moment you will enjoy when hearing these stories and picks a cup of tea in your hands.
Every horror story is full of Suspense and makes your every night dreamful, interesting and you will not sleep before reading this book.
In this book you will find all the stories which you have not listen before this, because all the stories are very famous and unforgettable.
So read this book once in life must and must share with your friend, neighbors and familiesâ?¦.
Read once in your life must these books, because these books are full of Scare, horror, ghost & suspense also makes your evening full of happiness.
Our Other Books like, Creepy Stories, Quick & Easy Recipes, Anti-Aging Diet, Bedtime Stories for kids, Scariest Stories Ever, Scary Short Suspense Stories, Best Horror Stories, Top 100 Horror Stories, Scary Stories, And many moreâ?¦.

Message from the author:

Thank you for reading this book of Best Scary stories.
I hope you enjoyed reading this book, as much I enjoyed when I was writing this book.
The next book will available soonâ?¦.

Please leave a Review or feedback after reading this book, that what type of stories you want and it will help me in writing another book with full of taste of my dear reviewer.
Let me know what you think of the book so far.
Thank you,
See you in the upcoming books full of Scare.

This is the 5th Book of Best Collection of Top Scary Stories & the 6th Book of Best Collection of Top Scary Stories will soon be available.
So let’s startâ?¦â?¦â?¦ HORROR BEGINS

EMAIL: [email protected]

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