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Peril in Paxton Park (A Paxton Park Mystery Book 1)

by J A Whiting

This is book 1 in the Paxton Park Cozy Mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, J. A. Whiting. After surviving a terrible car crash in Boston, twenty-eight-year old Shelly Taylor accepts a part-time job as a baker at a mountain resort in western Massachusetts. While on a hike one morning, she and a new friend make a terrible discovery that pulls them into peril and death. Will Shelly’s new ability help the police solve the crimes or will another murder be committed in Paxton Park?
This story has some mild paranormal elements.

Murder on the Night Shift

by Kathy Cohen

Television reporter Ellie Schimmel, alone on the night shift when the report of a dead body comes in over the police scanner, is the first journalist to the scene. Livid bruises on the victim’s neck suggest murder. This is just the sort of story she’s been waiting to cover. If she can convince her boss to let her stay on it and do a good job, maybe she’ll get promoted to the day shift. Ellie sets to work doing her own investigating and making contacts in the police department. But, working two shifts and keeping up with a secret side job isn’t easy. As the evidence mounts, there’s another murder.

Killer Minds: Near future science fiction

by Stephen Sackleigh

Simon Carlisle investigates a death in a world where killing is near impossible

The population has brain implants that prevent violent actions!

Simon Carlisle is a police Technical Support Officer who is called to the scene of a violent death in a world where this is an extreme rarity. The population has cranial implants from birth that prevent them from committing violent acts. He is hiding a secret of his own – He has mental control over his implant.

In this near future story, Simon is called on to attend the location of anyone who has died to carry out the initial examination. His ‘patch’ is Wimbledon in South London and one October night he is called out to examine the body of a young woman who has been stabbed to death and left on the street. It should be near impossible for this to have happened as everyone has a microcircuit embedded in their head that causes the secretion of calming hormones when they become stressed. Violent crime is virtually unknown.

Carlisle keeps secret from his family and work colleagues the knowledge that he can, if he concentrates, effectively turn off his implant. He has a remarkable mental ability that allows him to interface directly with electrical devices and this even extends to the nervous system of the human body.

Intrigued by the extraordinary murder, he checks the autopsy report when he returns to the office and finds that the case is even stranger than he first thought as this woman had no brain implant. He decides that he will make an investigation in his own time as he is not a detective and cannot do this officially. He uncovers a world that he did not know existed but, in so doing, he puts his life and the lives of his loved ones in danger.

The murder victim’s implant has been removed by a shadowy organisation that soon becomes aware that Carlisle is delving into their affairs. Government agents want the information to be kept confidential and soon he finds that his colleagues turn against him. He finds himself friendless and in grave danger.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Near Future Science Fiction Novel

This is the second science fiction novel written by Stephen Sackleigh and is based in the near future. It has more than 220 pages and 70K words.

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Still Waters (Butterscotch Jones Mysteries Book 8)

by Melanie Jackson

This is the mysterious missing Butterscotch Jones mysteries book 8, previously published as “Duet”. The book includes the Chloe Boston mystery “Make Over”.

In “Still Waters”, quiet McIntyre’s Gulch is troubled by a strange cat burglar who seems interested in nothing but photographs. Mountie Chuck Goodhead is off on some mysteries mission leaving Butterscotch to cope on her own which she was doing quite happiliy when Agent DeSoto of the FBI arrived claiming he was there on a fishing trip.

In “Make Over”, Chloe has chosen to spend her vacation restoring the old Stubbs Mansion. Put in charge of a work crew, her job is soon a cause for frustration which gets worse when rumors spread that the mansion is haunted.

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