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Sleep Play Love: How to love and play your way to better sleep â?? for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and parents

by Sophie Acott

A welcome alternative to the traditional one-size-fits-all methods of sleep training, this easy-to-read book will transform your parenting experience and restore the rest and harmony that your family deserves. With a down-to-earth and relatable approach, Sophie offers a gentle and flexible solution to the modern-day parenting, sleep, and behavioral challenges so that you may achieve sustainable sleep patterns for your newborn, toddler, and preschooler.

This book will provide you with:

  • An understanding of the inextricable relationship between children’s emotions and sleep
  • Simple tools to strengthen the parent-child connection and improve sleep and behavior
  • Evidence-based sleep routines for newborns to three-year-olds
  • Effective solutions to cope with separation anxiety, catnapping, early rising, reflux, colic, nightmares, bedtime resistance, night terrors, overnight waking, teething, and illness
  • Gentle, easy-to-follow methods for encouraging self-settling and overcoming sleep habits such as feeding, rocking and holding to sleep, and weaning from breastfeeding, the bottle, or pacifier
  • Help to tackle life transitions such as introducing a new sibling, starting childcare, ceasing cosleeping, moving from a crib to toddler bed, night weaning, travel, and potty training

“Sophie writes the way she coaches in real life. If you’re looking for a friend and mentor to guide you through parenting, this is the book for you.”

– Meg Tuohey, Relationship Expert

“This book was a game changer in the way I engage with my children. Although my daughter and son have always been good sleepers, the deeper understanding that this book provides fosters a more meaningful, more connected relationship with my little ones. Thank you.”

-Samantha, Parent

“Sophie has done something I desperately needed; she’s made easily understandable some incredibly effective practices and philosophies in a down-to-earth, practical way. Her recommendations are drawn from scientific research (which for me is a requirement for any good parenting resource) and a deep background in on-the-ground experience effectively supporting parents.Sleep Play Love resonated with my own research, as well as intuition, and I’m bolstered knowing I’ve got the concepts and practices in this book in my parenting toolkit.”

-Liberty, Early Childhood Educator

“This book is a game changer for babies and parents.”

– Gina, Parent

“Sophie’s book has been an absolute lifesaver. As a busy mother of four, her practical no-fuss solutions to sleep have been our secret weapon during growth spurts and developmental milestones.”

– Cindy, Holistic Health Practitioner

“I turned to this book amidst my son’s four-month sleep regression. What I loved most was how real, relatable (and digestible) all of the information is. It really helped me to understand normal baby development, and at the same time, providing simple, yet kind and effective strategies to use at four months and beyond. I will continue to refer to this book as my boy gets older and we face different challenges with sleep and behavior.”

-Allison, Parent

“The Sleep Play Love Book presents a countless number of invaluable parenting tools that I use to connect with my children on a daily basis; deepening our bond. Sophie’s loving approach to parenting resonates with my heart more than any other, and I appreciate the knowledge I have gained so much I almost considered having another child just so I could put it into practice at the newborn and infant stages!”

-Erika, Parent

Narcissist: A Complete Effective Guide To Understanding And Dealing With A Range Of Narcissistic Personalities

by Alex C. Wolf

The Most Comprehensive and Detailed Guide to Understanding And Dealing With Narcissists You’ll Ever Read.

Whether it’s family members with an overblown ego or a friend who’s extremely self-absorbed or a colleague at work that’s driving you insane with his sense of entitlement, we’ve all encountered a narcissist at some point in our lives, and the experience is never a pleasant one.

Narcissism is a personality disorder that is often difficult to deal with. Once associated with famous people and corporate mavericks, it has become more widespread with the proliferation of social media and other modern conveniences.

In this insightful guide, Alex C. Wolf pulls back the curtain and gives you the inside look on how the brain of a narcissist works, why they think the way they do and gives you techniques and strategies to deal with narcissists without losing your sanity.

Here’s a sample of some of the tools you’ll discover in this book:

  • Understanding the thought processes of narcissistic individuals
  • Personality disorders related to narcissism
  • Foolproof methods to identify a narcissist
  • Recognizing personality disorder traits and how to protect yourself against them
  • How to live with a roommate or family member who’s a narcissist
  • Identifying and dealing with narcissistic abuse
  • …and much more!

Deeply profound and highly applicable, Narcissism is an incredibly thorough guide that is founded in established psychology and real-world observation that will help you put an end to the vicious cycle of narcissistic abuse and take back control of your boundaries.

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Women’s Health Care: 21 Ways To Relieve Stress

by Diane Campbell

Women’s Health Care: 21 Ways To Relieve Stress

Diane Campbell is a wife and mother of two who currently lives in England. A former Care Manager who has worked with older adults, and women who have experienced domestic abuse. Campbell has experience of trauma throughout her own life. She combines her professional and personal experiences to help women to bounce back.

Campbell focuses on helping women to release stress because she believes that stress is the number one underlying cause of many illnesses.

  • Find practical ways to relieve stress In your life.
  • Record, analyze and start to change your unwanted habits.
  • Explore your options.
  • Feel better about yourself.
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    The living word of God says: If my people, [including you] which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Prayer is a very powerful and “dangerous warfare weapon” in the hand of any faithful child of God. It carries such a great force and tremendous power which the enemy cannot withstand, most importantly when it is done in accordance with the word of God. This is a point you must never forget as you read on.
    Show me a righteous, faithful, prayerful, and dedicated child of God, and I will show you the true ambassador with full divine backing of the only true God here on earth.

    Many are praying very hard, and are not getting any good result because, they have not gotten a proper understanding of what is called prayer, the power it carries, and the tremendous victory it holds in stock for the true child of God.

    This might interest you: God does not have any store room in heaven where He stores up your prayer points. When you pray to God at any point in time, He either hear and answer your prayer request or never hear your prayer request. He hear your prayer and answer you only when you are standing right with Him.

    The word of God makes it clear to us that anytime a genuine child of God pray unto Him, all what He has occupied Himself doing is to give an instant answer to such prayer request, except if what such a person is asking for is contrary to His will. God has never delayed for once to answer the prayer request of His faithful children.

    This is what He says: Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

    Let this truth stick to your mind: God wants to give answers to your prayer requests anytime you call unto Him and not the other way round. Refuse therefore, any teaching that is contrary to what God has said and lay hold very firmly, upon His truth, and make your life a beauty henceforth. It is only the truth of God that has the power to set you free at any point in time.

    My aim of writing this particular book is to present to you in very clearer terms, Scriptural wisdom that will help you to know how to pray effectively and get instant result always from God.

    One thing I can assure you: if you sincerely digest the truth about prayer shared in this book prayerfully, you will surely encounter divine truth about prayer which will give you better result to show for your prayer from now.

    In conclusion, I want you to know that prayer is like having a contract. There is what you must do, and there is what God will do. You are to call unto Him for help according to His word; His own is to give answer to your call by telling you what you must do.

    Preparing to give birth for the first time: The different pregnancy book

    by Catherine Roy

    Book updated in May 2018
    Preparing to give birth for the first time is a novel way of preparing for birth and the postpartum. A wide range of topics are covered, from how to choose a hospital to understanding how your baby sleeps. A practical guide with a preparation calendar to help you make the transition to parenthood. The book is based on the UK healthcare system.

    Table of contents
    About the author

    PI Chapter 1 – Week 1 to 12
    You know or suspect you are pregnant
    Basic health advice
    Announcing you are pregnant
    Maternity and paternity rights and benefits
    Maternal request caesarean section
    PI Chapter 2 – Singleton Week 13 to week 27, twins and multiples Week 13 to week 20
    Birth preferences: location
    Time to shop
    Organise practical support for after birth
    Antenatal classes
    PI Chapter 3 – Singleton Week 28 to week 40, twins and multiples From week 20
    A safe environment for baby
    Birth partner
    Birth preferences: pain relief during labour
    Preparing to feed
    Labouring positions
    Finalise your birth preferences: writing a birth plan
    More shopping
    Food: prepare to be under HEAVY siege
    Birth announcement and thank you cards
    Preparing your perineum
    Pack your hospital bag(s!)
    Last few practicalities
    Pregnancy health red flags
    Premature labour and birth
    Neonatal death
    Maternal death

    PII Chapter 1 – Labour
    The basics
    When to call the maternity ward?
    PII Chapter 2 – Hospital birth: midwife-led unit and labour ward
    PII Chapter 3 – When labour is not spontaneous or is medically controlled: induction and active management of labour
    PII Chapter 4 – When complications arise during labour or in pregnancy and delivery is not spontaneous or when a planned caesarean is a maternal choice
    Instrumental deliveries (also called assisted or operative deliveries)
    Caesarean section
    PII Chapter 5 – Other possible complications
    PII Chapter 6 – Water birth
    PII Chapter 7 – Home birth
    PII Chapter 8 – Private care
    PII Chapter 9 – Meeting your baby
    What is it like on a maternity ward?

    PIII Chapter 1 – Return home or when the midwives leave
    Midwives and Health Visitors
    Baby health red flags
    PIII Chapter 2 – Newborns
    Bonding and attachment
    Child developmental psychology
    PIII Chapter 3 – New mum health
    After either vaginal birth or caesarean section
    Recovery after a vaginal birth
    Recovery after a caesarean section
    Resuming sex
    Postpartum health red flags


    47 Fatos Que Toda Mulher Deveria Saber Sobre os Homens: Entenda os Homens de uma Vez por Todas! (Portuguese Edition)

    by Editora Sete 47

    Neste E-book está reunido as mais recentes pesquisas e estudos sobre os homens. São 47 fatos surpreendentes sobre os homens que lhe mostrar como a mente de um homem funciona.

    Muitas das vezes as diferenças entre os gêneros podem atrapalhar um relacionamento. Por isso entender como funciona os homens pode ser uma grande vantagem, esse e-book reúne 47 Surpreendentes Fatos Sobre os Homens que Todas as mulheres deveriam saber.

    Estudos, estatísticas e fatos mais recentes estão reunidos nesse livro que irá lhe mostrar as diferenças entre os homens e mulheres.

    Você sabia que os homens expressam seus sentimentos melhor através de atitudes e, não de palavras?

    Quem trai mais? Homens ou Mulheres? Veja aqui os resultados das pesquisas mais recentes sobre traição entre homens e mulheres.
    Você sabia que os homens falam 3 vezes menos que as mulheres?

    Baixe agora mesmo nosso e-book e ganhe um brinde!

    Simplicity Parenting the Strong-Willed Child: How to Raise a Kid as a Person as He Was Born

    by Mary Ann Lang

    Some children come to the world with an incredible gift of strong will and indomitable spirit. Such children often experience a profound misunderstanding of themselves from other people. There are a whole series of books lining the shelves of bookstores, with instructions on how to break their will, subdue the spirit, and make them obey. What an incredible loss of leadership, enthusiasm, and insights this world brings when parents follow such punitive methods of parenting! We must raise such children gently, carefully and respectfully, because the gifts we receive in return are invaluable.

    Any parent who has such a child knows the challenges that come along with it. Sometimes, the parent needs to be right and a headstrong child refuses to understand or accept that. It can feel like you’re up against an immeasurable force, which can be discouraging and even infuriating. When every day is a fight, it is time to reevaluate your relationship with your child and find a new way of doing things. Clearly what you are doing so far is not working, so a better way is necessary. 

    That’s where this ebook comes into play. Once you read it you will learn how to bond with and love your strong-willed child by embracing his strengths and coping with his obstinacy. You will learn how to let go of frustration and prevent fighting, arguing, and resistance. The end result will be a peaceful and constructive relationship with a well-behaved child who feels appreciated and loved. 

    In this ebook you will discover: 

    • the main character traits of a strong-willed child 
    • features of raising a child with a strong will
    • rules of the no-drama discipline
    • tips for parents of children with strong character
    • how to develop a strong-willed child
    • and more!

    All of the tips in this book are carefully crafted through experience to enable you to have a stellar relationship with your child. Say goodbye to the fighting, the negative emotions, and the temper tantrums. Welcome a relationship where you actually get to know your child and cooperate with him on a lifelong relationship.

    Invest your time, read this ebook and become a better parent!

    Most people view strong-willed children as problematic. You can see this in the rather harsh adjectives used to describe such children, including but not limited to:

    • Picky 
    • Demanding 
    • Stubborn 
    • Wayward 
    • Domineering 
    • Difficult 
    • Obstinate 
    • Disobedient 
    • Unruly 
    • Naughty 
    • Rebellious 
    • Capricious 

    The thing most people miss about these “problematic” traits in children is that they are the same traits celebrated in adults. A rebel who defies the rules makes a great CEO or civil rights activist. An unruly young man with anger problems makes a great athlete when he learns to channel his aggression into a sport. A capricious woman challenges the status quo and brings about change within an organization. All of the celebrities, entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, and world leaders you admire have these same traits, which is how they achieved what they have today.

    Once a strong-willed child becomes an adult, those negative traits that he was shamed for in childhood now become more positive ones: 

    • Determined 
    • Perseverant 
    • Dedicated 
    • Strong 
    • Confident 
    • Firm 
    • Decisive 

    Therefore, is your strong-willed child really a problem? Or has he been born with a gift?

    Sentimientos Entre Tinta & Papel (Spanish Edition)

    by Breiner Dialf

    Las palabras dentro de estas páginas narran la vida solitaria de un joven soñador y cómo su poético mundo explota al encontrar su otra mitad.
    Todos tuvimos un primer amor el cual nos robó el alma. Leer esta historia te traerá a la memoria tus años maravillosos, instantes que lograron robarte una sonrisa y un beso que perdura en tus labios hasta el día de hoy.
    « Los paraguas se detuvieron en medio de lápidas adornadas con crucifijos, fechas y nombres, algunas tenían más de cien años de existencia, otras sólo meses y quienes descansaban en ellas habían llegado a vivir un siglo. Otros muy desafortunados sólo habían vivido un par de años. Por las fechas y las notas dejadas en algunas lapidas, se podía afirmar que quienes descansaban en ellas no nacieron�tic�tac�tic�tac� Las agujas del reloj giraron y giraron. Las cosas cambiaron, algunas se olvidaron, pero hay algo en mí que ni el paso del tiempo logrará cambiar o borrar. Algo que se ha convertido en parte de mí. Un demonio que me acecha a donde quiera que voy. A veces lo veo sonriendo bajo la lluvia, mirándome desde las estrellas e inclusive sentado a mi lado. El pasado. Ese demonio que no me deja mirar al futuro, ni vivir mi presente. A pesar que el cielo esté zarco. �l lo tiñe de grisáceas matices. Desde que ella abandonó mi vida nunca más he sido el mismo. Aún después de tanto tiempo sigo teniendo sueños con ella.
    Fácilmente podría decir que la olvidé, pero sé que miento. Pensé que el tiempo se convertiría en mi aliado en medio de esta guerra contra la melancolía, pero no fue así. Desde que ella se marchó he sido el prisionero de la añoranza.»

    Esta historia es una pequeña obra que reconstruye memorias de toda una vida.
    El lugar en que es narrada es reconstruido con el propósito de captar la atención del lector, pero así mismo se dejan intactos los rasgos históricos del lugar.
    En el transcurso de la historia se pueden apreciar temas de interés social que sobresaltan en la cultura adolescente de estos días.
    Esta historia capta de una forma tierna los rasgos del primer amor. Todos tuvimos alguna vez un primer corazón que logró conquistar el nuestro. Muchos se sentirán identificados con esta historia.
    La historia es basada en hechos reales.

    El autor de la historia atravesó por muchas situaciones para lograr escribir esta obra: a finales del año 2014 inició a darle vida a la que sería su primera obra literaria publicada. Esta tomó tantos rumbos antes de su publicación, pero sólo hasta 2018 logró ser publicada.

    La historia detrás de la obra «Sentimientos entre tinta & papel» es un tanto descabellada. A principios de 2018 el autor abandonó temporalmente sus estudios secundarios para dedicarle todo el tiempo que fuese posible a su obra literaria. Seis meses después de haber abandonado temporalmente sus estudios y encerrarse en una habitación en la que pasó de seis a doce horas diarias delante de una pantalla, finalmente le mostró al mundo la que sería su primera obra literaria publicada.
    Sentimientos entre tinta & papel más que sólo una obra literaria, es el primer intento del joven escritor por alcanzar un sueño.

    Me dijeron que en la vida hay que esperar para hacer lo que de verdad nos gusta. Aquellas palabras me hicieron entender que en la vida sólo basta soñar para sentirnos vivos. Y aquí estoy, viviendo un sueño.
    -Breiner Dialf

    STEPS: learn, sex, do & die

    by Sandeep Srivastava

    The problem is that we are very fickle-minded. It is difficult to handle our desire. God has gifted a mind with lots of desires so that we would always be engaged.. The illiterate do not suffer because of their mind, rather they suffer because of some genuine problem like poverty and illness. Those who are literate and affluent too do not suffer because of poverty; rather they suffer because of mental agony. Everyone is entangled in one or other problem. You cannot avoid it. In today’s life, throughout the life we crave for love and sex. But

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