Free philosophy Kindle books for 12 Jan 19

What Do Reincarnation and Karma Mean to Contemporary Life? (Basic Anthroposophy Book 3)

by Rudolf Steiner

The first lecture in the important cycle contains many practical karma exercises, and the second is a subtle comparison of the results of such exercises with ordinary memory. Unlike normal “representational” memory, which is lost to the life after death, the intuited higher self “remembered” as a result of karma exercises in more of a feeling nature, and it is something much closer to what can be experienced in the life after death. The third lecture is the broadest, arguing the absolute centrality of reincarnation and karma to anthroposophy. Indeed, some of Steiner’s assertion are quite surprising in this regard.

WISDOM: Book One: In this Age of Truth and Light

by Oleg Drobotun

AS WE BEGIN to write this book based upon Universal Law and Principle in June 1998, we are surrounded on one side by great beauty and accomplishment and on the other by pits of human depravity.

A Glimpse Of God

by Anna Anita

I see a glimpse of God

The Creator of the universe: Revealing The Secret of all secrets

by Cosmas Inyang

Revealing The Secret of all secrets. Revealing the untold and the hidden secret of all ages.
Revealing The Creator of the universe, The Ultimate Source of all things, from which all abundance flows.
After reading this book, you shall be awakened to the highest consciousness and all things shall become possible unto you

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