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Awaken Your Spiritual Destiny: A Journey actually of many lifetimes

by Srilakshmi Oppecini (Sri Radha Govinda Dasi)

The journey of a lifetime. Actually the journey of many lifetimes.
Discover the mystical place that is in this world, but that is not of this world.

Awaken your true love; power your freewill and awaken your spiritual destiny!

Goal: Gay Hockey Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

Get this book collection of hot Gay Hockey Romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Hot Off The Ice: Sports Second Chance Gay Romance
Wild Night: Gay First Time Sports Romance
Blades Of Steel: Gay Sports New Adult Romance
On Thin Ice: Gay Sports First Time Romance
Opposites Attract: Gay Bad Boy Hockey Romance

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot Gay Hockey romance reads.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

Franz Kafka: The Complete Novels (The Trial, The Castle, Amerika)

by Franz Kafka

This book contains the complete novels of Franz Kafka in the chronological order of their original publication.

– The Trial
– The Castle
– Amerika

Relato de un Caminante (Spanish Edition)

by Nahuel Cima

Breve relato que nos lleva dentro de la mente joven de un chico buscando la verdad.

The Battle For Consciousness: Thinkers Island

by Roberto Torres Rivera

After months of being obsessed with finding clues to his father’s murder. John is convinced to take a relaxing trip on his boat unknowing that he was about to set on a journey that would change his life forever.
Lured by a strange anomaly, which leads him to an uncharted island., he finds himself in the presence of highly enlightened people called The Thinkers. They explain that he was allowed on the island because of his unique abilities and that he was chosen to join them in their fight to save children from being hunted and killed by their enemy.
Although very uneasy with this idea, in the beginning, he later learns that the people they call their enemy were also responsible for his father’s death. With a vengeance now in the mix, John is willing to stay and help the Islanders fight these evil people known as The Controllers.
John discovers that the Thinkers are hundreds of years advanced from the rest of the known world and kept secret by a force field surrounding the island. They show him unbelievable technologies as he learns about the plant and animal kingdom and the powers that they have. A Dolphin who takes him on a journey underwater and teaches him about the island’s history also helps him discover Josh, a being from another dimension. He manages to fall in love with one of the governors and with her seductive powers, she helps John see into other worlds and the alternate realities that exist there.
Ashar the seven-year-old girl that used her skills to lure him to the island explained about a virus designed by their enemy the Controllers and how it was affecting his world. Her mission was to teach people to retune with the source clock allowing the average person to think for themselves and regain control over their minds instead of being corralled and led by these evil people the Controllers.
With John’s understanding of his world challenged, in the short amount of time on this island, he was forced to see beyond the limitations of his mind. He gained confidence in his personal powers, and along with this new knowledge imparted on him, he would be prepared to return to his world and do his share in fulfilling Ashars strategic plan to bring down the Controllers.
This evil group knew that a particular child capable of ending their reign had been born somewhere on the east coast within the last ten years and thus had been searching and killing specially gifted children in an attempt to eliminate this threat.
Book one introduces an enlightened being born as Ashar on Thinkers Island a place isolated and hundreds of years ahead of the rest of the world. She along with the help of its inhabitants the Thinkers have a mission to rescue the human mind from slavery. John Christopher’s transformation into John Cress, a highly skilled agent capable of confronting the Controllers, prepares him for the incredible battle that takes place in book two, The Herod Mission. Soon to follow.

Trump and Impeachment: Could, or should, President Trump be removed office by impeachment? (Louis’ Public Policy and Current Events Series Book 2)

by Louis Desy Jr

Could, or should, President Trump be removed from office by impeachment?

Cosmos: Space-time and beauty

by ����

Person can be beautiful by obeying time and space, it is a prose expressing its explanation.
I am poor at English but I summarized it while looking it up in a dictionary.

“Space-time refers to time and space, and “four-dimensional space”. Four-dimensional space is a space that summarizes space and time. The word “four-dimensional space” is originally used in relativity theory. However, the four-dimensional space in this prose expresses the spirit from idea.

Time and space, the universe with its order within it, are all made of elements. The human body is also an element. But time and space are not elements. It is a rule for moving elements. Time works in the space to advance substances made of elements. Elements can not go against space-time. If I go over it … I decided to think about it. But it is absolutely impossible to think about it. Because we live on Earth in the universe and can not live without it. n other words, we can not survive unless we follow the rules of nature.”
Excerpt from the beginning

Children and the media vs kids and technology (Humanity)

by J Horsfield @ Hearts Minds Media

Children and the media – kids and Technology combo – The need for limits
by Hearts and Minds Media
Kids and Technology – Nature vs Nurture?
How to keep screen time in check for kids’ health and development
Bottom of Form
Edited by Hearts & Minds Media 2017
It seems these days that kids are operating electronic devices such as smartphones practically moments after being born. Just take a look around any local playgroup or playground: You’ll be likely to see kids as young as 2 or even younger clutching mom or dad’s phone to play games or view videos. When it comes to technology, kids are not only starting to use it at a younger age but are using it in more varied situations, both at home and at school.
Children and the Media
The media machine is changing daily utilising new technologies to stimulate, surprise and saturate not only older but the next generation on new methods of living and experiencing life. It is a force to be reckoned with, with the ability to influence actions and behaviour at least through modelling behaviour leading to desensitisation towards sex, violence with the verbal content of this new medium. The BBFC for example is the UK watchdog towards inappropriate content in film and TV which refrains from following its own standards of content rarely cutting or removing a film from the UK market (10 films only banned in the past 10 years; BBFC, 2017)
From the poem by Edmund Blake, Muggeridge quotes:
This Life’s dim windows of the soul
Distorts the Heavens from Pole to Pole,
And leads you to believe a lie,
When you see with, not through, the eye.1
Television is the special target of Muggeridge’s criticism. He contends that the tube induces us to “see with the eyes” to secular fantasy and dissuades us from “seeing through the eyes” to spiritual reality.
Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over–a weary, battered old brontosaurus–and became extinct.”
â?? Malcolm Muggeridge, Vintage Muggeridge: Religion and Society
“If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take his place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner.”
â?? Malcolm Muggeridge

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