Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 12 Jan 19

Time with The Timeless One

by Lisa Buffaloe

God is The Timeless One, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and End, existing forever. Through every moment, God longs to be part of your life. God calls you to come into His presence, to be still, and know that He is a loving God.

Each devotion in this book is written to encourage, uplift, and bring refreshment, inviting the reader to spend time with God and His timeless truths found throughout the Bible. Come and spend time with The Timeless One.

“My heart has heard you say, â??Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, â??Lord, I am coming’ (Psalm 27:8, NLT).

Helping Your Church Live Stream: How to spread the message of God with live streaming – Your guide to church video production, digital donations, and streaming video on social media

by Paul Richards

Finally, a complete guide to live streaming is ready for your church media team with an included online learning course on! Inside this book, you will find insights for ministry leaders who are considering the use of live streaming as an outreach tool for their church. This book will help church leaders understand how they can leverage the power of live streaming as a visual bridge connecting your church to the world. This book will provide perspective on best practices for live streaming church services and helpful reflections on real-life case studies from churches and pastors who are happily filling their pews with new members each week. Learn how to set up a digital donations strategy and enable your social media accounts to accept donations directly through YouTube and Facebook. This book will include actionable checklists for ministry leaders considering live streaming at their organization. It should become clear to you how your church can use live streaming and social media to reach new members and extend your reach to shut-ins. This book is accompanied by an online training course for technology directors and volunteers alike who may become the next “champions” of your live streaming program. Our online training course also includes a PowerPoint presentation template you can use to present the benefits of live streaming to your church leadership. At the end of this book, you will find a glossary of terms that will help you and your team familiarize yourselves with the type of technological vocabulary frequently used in live streaming. For many pastors, learning this type of information is like learning a new language. If you are interested in learning about church media and live streaming this book will be a walk an in the park. Feel free to download the audio version of this book and literally take a walk in the park as you listen.

Finally, this book was written to inspire readers to use modern tools to tell their organizations unique story about their faith. At the end of the day, live streaming is a storytelling tool helping organizations reach those who may need guidance, education, or simply a nudge in the right direction. Social media has become a medium for empowering individuals to like and share the things they believe in. We live in a world that is more connected than ever before. Understanding that everyone on earth is connected in some way, within six degrees of separation, will be an important stepping stone in our thinking about social media. Your church now has the power to reach people in large connected networks which include groups of family members and friends. These are the people that are most important and most influential in lives of your church’s current members and their extended online network.One of the main reasons why western religion has succeeded so greatly to this day is because it has always taken advantage of emerging technologiesâ?¦ The medium isn’t the message; it’s the medium that you use to communicate the message. In the 1500s, we saw the printing press emerge, and bibles were being printed for the first time in history. We saw an explosion of what was being made available in written form, with new translations that were suddenly available all over the worldâ?¦ Over the past one hundred years, we have churches moving on to the radio with the early evangelical churches that have now moved into TV and televangelismâ?¦ and now today we are moving into a new form of communication, where you can distribute your message on digital platforms using social media. The churches that are the most successful and most resonate with people are the ones delivering their message in the places that people are listening. Those who are producing content in a form that is consumable and makes sense in the day and age that we live in, we be to prosper from the fruits of new communication pathways.

Turkey Soup for People who are Chicken about End-Times: How 9-11 Points US to Judgment in 2019 (White Horse Series)

by Richard Ruhling

We like Chicken Soup to ease our symptoms. Here’s Turkey Soup to solve some problems for those who are looking for meaning behind MSM (lame stream media).
9-11 is a clue for when the Bible shows that End-Time will begin. Christ’s closing parables ALL link to it, “as the days of Noah” and “like a man traveling to a far country.” Matt 25:13,14 is linked to 9-11–that’s Numbers 9:10,11. It show if you are in a long journey and can’t get back for Passover, you keep it a month later, in the 2nd spring month which is also when the Flood came, which also fits Christ’s saying, “As the days of Noah.” And the next parable begins “Then…shall one be taken, the other left.” THEN means at the same time as the Flood–which fits the 9-11 clue of Passover (time of Judgment) but in the 2nd month.
This book offers a heads up and why we should expect End-Times to begin this spring.
Papal visits intersected the Jubilee Timeline to signal the end of 50 jubilees and the 1000 years that the Bible says not to ignore in 2Peter 3:8.
2015 had half a dozen “when-then” signs to signal end-times. The Rome General Cesuius came to Jerusalem 3 1/2 years before Titus’ siege in 70 AD. The Christians saw the sign and fled the city, suggesting that those in cities now may need an exit plan for when martial law could come suddenly as warned in Mark 13:14.
So who are the key players in what’s about to happen? Read as much as Amazon will let you and then get the book for less than you would pay for a meal–it’s a meal for your mind that begs something beyond what you already know! If you find it reasonable, please share with your friends and give it five!

Why Are We Losing the Kids?

by Sandra M. Platt

As Christian women, there is probably nothing more heartbreaking than seeing our children turn from God. We spend thousands of dollars, and sacrifice countless hours to VBS, Bible clubs, Youth outings, Church camp, and children’s parties every year. We build elaborate stage sets, plan fantastic carnivals, and youth extravaganzas and bus in all the children and teens we can find in the hopes of leading them to Christ; and yet we are still losing them!

We see the grown-up children, the “fruits” of our outreaches, living as practical Atheists. They walk and talk and act like the world, even loving the world, and though they claim to be saved, evidence of life in Christ is conspicuously absent. The majority of children that we “lead to the Lord” turn away from God, and go out into the world embracing every sin imaginable never to darken the doors of a Church again; and we tell ourselves that at least they got saved when they were three or five, or whatever age, so that we can sleep at night.

Even our own children are abandoning the faith. They have asked Jesus into their hearts and yet we see them turn from God at staggering rates. Statistics show that no less than half have turned from God by High School age and closer to two thirds by the time they finish college. What we’re doing is just not working!

In Why Are We Losing the Kids? You’ll see where we have gone wrong and where to go from here.

– We can turn the tide on our failing ministry efforts!
– We can share the gospel without creating false converts or backsliders!
– We can keep the kids if we’ll follow God’s plan!

The Bible has the answers if we’re willing to hear them!

Enriching Abandon: Clean Amish and Billionaire Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

A packet of letters filled with secrets and lies, lead Billionaire Levi Hendricks to an Amish Community in Pennsylvania. Where he not only finds family, but also love. For a minute he seems ready to put aside the tragedies of the past. But crimes of the past cast long shadows, and the secrets Levi carries threatens to eclipse the happiness he has found.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Strong Within: The Christian Womanâ??s Guidebook for Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Power

by Bozena Zawisz

Are you looking to realize greater self-love and personal power?

·        Explore your perception of a Christian woman’s identity

·        Learn empowering coping strategies

·        Redefine your relationship with your body

·        Apply Christian examples of mindfulness to your everyday life

·        Transform personal/social/historic restrictions that impact your self-esteem

Strong Within: The Christian Woman’s Guidebook for Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Power will take you on a journey of personal growth. It will help you to address the most commonly encountered personal, social, and historic challenges that women face on daily basis, against the background of an empowering exploration of the Genesis account of Adam and Eve.

Each chapter will give you a fresh perspective on themes that are relevant to women’s everyday lives and Christian identity, such as how you experience your self-worth, relationships, or life’s purpose. Each chapter’s exercises and reflections will guide you in transforming your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, to stay STRONG WITHIN!

Start your personal transformation today!

DECREES FOR SELF DELIVERANCE: Effective Prayer of Freedom from any Kind of Trouble (Kingdom Decrees Book 7)


In our quest for victory and deliverance, self deliverance is the easiest and most important form of deliverance. As believers, our mouths are tools of victory and it must be efficiently engaged in establishing dominion over sin and Satan.
Nowadays, there are so many natural disasters threatening people around the world, but you can decree and declare yourself out of their reach and power.
This book will help you in decreeing and declaring words of faith to your circumstance, and as you do so, your testimony shall be instant and you shall experience divine intervention in every facet of your life.
I’m persuaded that as you open your mouth to declare God’s word as contained in this book, your situation and condition will change for the best, in Jesus’ precious name.

SEX POSITIONS â?? SEX NOT LOVE: Collection of two books: – 1° Sex Positions. – 2° SEX NOT LOVE. SEDUCTION BOOK.

by Deborah Chiappa

Collection of two books:

1° Sex Positions. Sex Not Love. Discover the 21 Tricks of this sex guides for couples.

Do you feel like your sex life is dwindling?

Has your relationship become boring?

Do you have a hard time initiating sex?

Do you always do the same thing in bed?

Do you ever feel like you have a terrible sex life?

Do you feel like you’re bad at sex?

Do you often have fantasies, but never transformed them into reality?

Do you have terrible sex for the last few months?

Do you feel like your sex life is quickly flatlining?

If you answered yes to these questions, it means that you have a bad sex life.

Sex is pretty much part of who we are as a human being.

Sex is a banquet of tastes, sounds, textures, movements, and scents. It is a multi-sensual, and sometimes out of this world experience.

It breathes life to our existence. It makes you feel alive. It fuels your creativity and it gives you a surge of wild energy. It makes you younger and more confident. It can even do wonders to your health.
But, unfortunately, daily stress and towering responsibilities are slowly killing our sex life. If you’re one of the millions of people who are having bad sex every night, this book is for you.

This book will help you transform your deepest and wildest fantasies into reality.

– 2° SEX NOT LOVE. SEDUCTION BOOK. The 12 Tricks to seduce your future partner.

Voltaire, the French philosopher, once said, “It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce.” The art of seduction has been studied for centuries by philosophers, writers, artists, and scholars alike.

Most people think seduction is sex, but it is not. Seduction is the waiting period between the time you start trying to achieve what you actually want until you achieve the outcome.

It doesn’t have to be related to romance.

You can seduce a job to hire you, enjoy the seduction of religious experience, or even be seductive when trying to woo a nanny to come to take care of your family.
It can be applied to every walk of life.

For the purposes of this book, we will focus on seduction in the romantic sense, especially the dating world.

In the dating world, where there are no set rules, seduction helps to level the playing field. It is difficult to take the body of someone else by force, but if you seduce them properly, they will happily give in to you, whether they be man or woman.

Voltaire had it right.
The art of seduction is not about conquering someone else; it is about letting the other person feel like they are giving you a gift when they give in to you.

Seduction is not even about sex.
Often, at the end of a dating tango, sex is the result, but the seduction is the waiting part until the sex.

If you can make the waiting part interesting and fun, it only intensifies the bond of sex.
To get to the point of seduction, you have to take a few steps.
This book is all about helping you get to the end goal of what you want in a romantic relationship.

12 Days of Christmas Devotions

by Debra Haagen

Christmas is celebrated across the globe in various ways, with timeless traditions and cliche customs, yet its story holds some surprising responses. You may love celebrating the Christmas holiday, or you may be saying “humbug” to the all-too-happy people around you. Whatever your feelings about the celebration, come delve into the Biblical story of Christmas with us for 12 days. Discover what God wants during this holiday.

Beware The Woodpecker

by Leldon Williams

This tale of intrigue, romance, mystery, and comedy is woven and crafted in a way only Williams can accomplish. The characters are actual historical figures who lived 2000 years ago. This enticing saga, however, takes place in our modern time utilizing cell ones and automobiles. This re-imagined setting brings these discreet people to life as only a master craftsman can. You will laugh, ponder, and scheme to rescue our characters from greed, theft, and treachery of a crooked government and its gangster-minded puppets. Shock and surprise will unfold as you visit the world of an honest family of businessmen who are slated for destruction by their government. Beware The Woodpecker is a story so interwoven and and filled with twists that you will continually wonder what will happen next. This must-read is an exciting adventure worth taking.

Spiritual Warfare for Complete Victory

by Pastor Nnaemeka Durueke

This is a prayer book that reveals how to engage in spiritual warfare that guarantees victory. It carries successful hidden strategies on how to defeat Satan and the enemies. God did not make us captives of Satan and his demons, this spiritual warfare book will enlighten you about your power and give the readers deliverance from all spiritual and physical oppositions and oppressions. This book empowers for supernatural dominion and liberty in Christ is sure from the book.

365 Days With God: A Daily Devotional

by Christopher Roberts

This devotional will encourage you on your journey with God – it contains small daily studies that will not take up too much of your time to read each day of the year.

This devotional is intended for people who do not have a lot of time available to read lots of pages, before getting to the point of the chapter. There’s nothing worse than reading ten pages of text, waiting to get to the point, only to discover that you have learnt little.

You do not need to start reading this devotional from January, and finish at the end of December of any given year. For example, you can start reading it from June of one year, and finish it in May of the next – the choice is up to you.

Please be aware that this devotional contains an extra day for February 29 – for whenever there is a leap year. If you enjoy reading this book, there are many other titles by Christopher Roberts available to you at Amazon (Paperback And Kindle Editions Are Available For Most Titles).

Because this is a daily devotional, it does not come with a contents page.

Lover of Captive: A Collection of Amish and Clean Romance Short Stories

by Lucy Stanford

Collection of 3 Amish romance short stories and 3 Clean romance short stories or over 60k words of reading!

First Light – A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story
Aspen Ice Queen – Clean Contemporary Romance
Miles Apart – A Clean Amish and Military Romance Story
City Meets Country – Clean Cowboy and Billionaire Romance
THE UNBETRAYAL- Clean Amish and Carpenter Romance
A Mismatch Made in Muscle -Clean Western Culture Romance

This collection contains standalone romance short stories ending HEA

Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!: Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Manifest Your Ideal Relationship

by Jaclyn Johnston

Are You Tired of Feeling Stuck In Your Love-Life?

I will teach you how to manifest your ideal relationship!

Are you…

  • Full of hopelessness and doubt around love?

  • Lacking joy in your life because you want to meet your best friend and ideal lover?

  • Wanting things to be different in love, but unsure what to do and where to even start?

  • Feeling like ideal love relationships keep happening for others, but not for you?

  • What if there was a way to not only succeed in manifesting your ideal relationship, but to manifest it more quickly?

When you settle in love full of pain, stress, boredom, or doubt, these fear-based emotions block you from receiving your TRUE love. It’s like trying to communicate and connect with an artificial intelligence who doesn’t understand your soul. How far do you think you’ll get? This makes it difficult for the Universe to help you manifest your authentic love relationship.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been at the point where you are now and have taken a lot of detours to get where I am today (to be specific, it took me 9 years to finally have my light-bulb moment in love). However, those past detours now allow me to give YOU the shortcuts in manifesting your ideal relationship NOW!

“Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!” is a journal workbook designed to help you:

  • Release Even the Most Stubborn Mental Blocks: Learn how to release your limiting mental blocks in love that no longer serve you through identifying and examining the roots of your past love beliefs and WHY you still hold on to them.

  • Transform Your Love Beliefs to Empower: Develop your own newly empowering and positive belief system through soul-exploring mindset journaling.

  • Anchor Your New Love Beliefs: Secure your empowering belief system into your soul’s core through proven Law of Attraction and cognitive training exercises.

  • Take Action That Speeds Up Your Ideal Love-Life: Learn how to take inspired, soul-based actions in love to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire in order to manifest your ideal relationship faster!

ASTONISHING RESULTS from book readers such as:

Manifesting unexpected lovers they didn’t think they would EVER meet!

Realizing EXACTLY what they want in a soulmate and then being able to manifest them more easily because of their realization!

Total mental and emotional love transformations. Going from being in pain and feeling numb in love to now knowing they have met their person!

Heard of the Law of Attraction before, but don’t buy it? 

Well, that’s because there’s more to attracting your ideal relationship rather than just sitting and feeling good. You need decisive descriptions of what you want followed by SHOWING the Universe what you desire!

The programs in this workbook will destroy your fears and doubts that are holding you hostage in love, the things that are keeping you from being able to be in an authentic and respectful relationship.

These journaling techniques are proven to shatter your limiting belief patterns in order to ALLOW your ideal relationship to manifest!

I believe in Divine timing. You were guided here today for a reason and there is no better time to start changing your life than right NOW.

It’s time to empower yourself and manifest YOUR ideal relationship. You are so worthy and deserving of receiving your soulmate. Scroll up and grab your copy now! I’ll see you within the pages of this transforming workbook!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!
– Journal Girl Jaclyn 

THE UNBETRAYAL: Clean Amish and Carpenter Romance

by Elizabeth Carter

Young maiden from a decent, humble background, a staunch believer, as beautiful as the morning rose, one that could surpass a beautiful pageant, well cultured, modest and with great charisma. Never expected to mingle with men of less worthy virtue, not connecting with characters that are considered alien to contemporary society ethics, yet caught in the web of passion, she is required to keep to her chastity, to leave the life of a believer, with so much pressure from pair group and with the encounter with a man who becomes her hero, gave her the protection always and she comes to the point of sacrificing her treasured gift on the altar of love, but there is a price to be paid. Debora, the beautiful lady, must give up her pride to embrace her hero.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Gemstones for Love, Health & Money: The most powerful Gems & Crystals and how to use them

by Gail Thackray

Gemstone jewelry is beautiful but it can also be healing, clearing and psychically empowering. Gail reveals the most powerful gems and their uses as well as shows you how to specifically test your energy to see if they are right for you. Some crystals and gems can be so powerful they can be life changing just wearing them as a pendant, but how do you know which to choose? Learn the most powerful crystal or stone to Dissolve health issues, Manifest Abundance, Protect yourself Psychically, Enhance your intuition, Improve communication, Heal relationship issues, Give you more energy, Draw your twin flame, Lose weight And more!!! Gail shows you how to feel the vibration of the gem and use them for clearing and opening chakras. You’ll learn which cuts are the best for your purpose and how to pair gems. Learn how to work with blessed crystals. Plus techniques to clear and charge your gems.

All You Need For All Your Needs: Scripture Promises for your Daily Victory

by Olubunmi Idowu

All You Need For All Your Needs is a collection of desired scriptures thoughtfully put together in a way that makes your study, meditation, prayer and confession of the Word of God easy and interesting.

Have you tried to meditate on scriptures but struggle to because you can’t find that next scripture on healing or prosperity or….?
This book will make your study meditation and prayer time more effective, interesting and less all over the place.
In it we have compiled scriptures relevant to some themes like healing, prosperity, warfare, comfort while grieving etc.; Making it easy to access your loved scriptures.

-This book solves your problem of endless searching for desired scriptures while studying or praying for your needs to be met.
-It also makes scripture memorization easy.
-This book is for everyone who desires to have the Word of God handy and as a ready weapon against the devil’s schemes.

-If you want to have your needs met, this book will guide you as you sink yourself deep in the Word of God.

Nightmare Abbey: Supernatural Suspense with Scary & Horrifying Monsters (Nightmare Series Book 1)

by David Longhorn

An evil force pulses deep within Malpas Abbey, overflowing with maniacal gleeâ?¦

Overlooking a dark hill, the gloomy Malpas Abbey has been avoided by locals for centuries. Its infamous history is marred with blood and terror. Only the foolish would dare enter such a place, where devilish hauntings have left a string of dead bodies in its wake.

Just as the building is about to be permanently closed, things take an unexpected turn. An American television crew shows up, hoping to investigate the source of the structure’s paranormal activity. Led by producer Matt McKay and paranormal expert Ted Gould, the hapless bunch enter the confines of the hellish residence only to discover that they are in way over their heads.

As the group tries to make sense of the strange occurrences, they soon realize that the cellar might be the key to unlocking the mystery. Inside lies a stone altar that emanates with the evil strength of the Devil himself, feeding upon the crew members’ worst nightmares.

With the ominous cloud hanging over them, they realize that there’s much more at stake than a disruption in filming. The only hope for survival rests on Ted, Matt and his crew’s ability to find their way out of the darkness, before the house devours them, capturing all the gory details on cameraâ?¦

How to Not Be a Broke Pastor: The definitive guide for understanding AND maximizing the benefits from your pastoral compensation (BrokePastor Library Book 1)

by S.L. Potts

Eight Questions Every Pastor Should Ask!

Most pastors “don’t know what they don’t know” about the unique and confusing world of pastoral compensation.

What do you know?

  • What is the difference between taxes, FICA, and SECA, and why does it matter so much for pastors?
  • Do you understand what can and cannot factor into the, potentially, life-changing decision to opt-out of Social Security?
  • What is the difference between a pastor’s salary and housing allowance, and why is the balance between these two things so critical to so many other aspects of a pastor’s finances?
  • How could a parsonage be one of the worst things a church could ever provide for its pastor?
  • From medical insurance to paid time off, does your benefits package really make sense for both you and your church?
  • Are you taking advantage of one of the best arrangements the IRS provides for tax free “compensation”?
  • How are you planning for retirement, and how is your church helping you with that plan?
  • Do you have a strategy for handling your own pastoral compensation that is truly maximizing every possible benefit that could be yours?
  • As a pastor, I get it. Not only can our compensation be confusing, but there are also so many different components that need to be balanced . . . it can be hard to put all the pieces together.

    How to Not Be a Broke Pastor is written for pastors/ministers and is designed to make the complexities of clergy pay simple and easy to understand, and also to give you ideas as to how you can use your income to the greatest extent possible.

    We may not have entered the ministry to get rich, but that doesn’t mean we should be broke. Let me help you understand and maximize the benefits of your compensation today.

    Bitchslap Journaling: 100 Prompts to Kick Your Spiritual Ass

    by Gwynne Michele

    You’re a prolific journaler. If you don’t have a pen and notebook handy, you start to get twitchy because writing is how you process everything.

    You’re also woo as fuck, you swear a lot, your Guides are assholes, and your Divine Expression is a paradox of conflicting beliefs.

    You’re not love and light kind of woo. You’re altar to Lilith and Tarot decks in your bag kind of woo. You’re the Bible and Quran have as much to teach us as Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Biology do kind of woo. You’re reading Seneca and the Buddha and medieval alchemy and game theory kind of woo.

    You’re everything is connected even if you can’t see the connections kind of woo.

    You’re also random, your mind jumping from place to place, and your attention quickly following.

    You’re big into growth, but because your attention span is short, you need that growth to be fast or you’ll get bored and move onto something else. Which means in the past, most of your growth has come from fuck ups. Lots and lots of fuck ups.

    You’re ready for more deliberate growth, but you’re so used to pain that if it’s soft and gentle like an angel’s wings, you’ll probably laugh it off, already bored because it doesn’t spark anything in your soul.

    You know you need to dive deep, and you’re ready to do just that.

    But you might need a Bitchslap to get going.

    Is There a Devil? Is Satan Real?

    by Kenneth Edward Barnes

    Many that say they believe in God do not believe Satan is real. It was God that said the devil is real and Satan has a grand agenda to destroy mankind from off the face of the earth. He will nearly succeed, but the Bibles says that Christ will come and stop him.

    Where did the devil come from? How does he influence people to do wrong? What is in his mind? How will God destroy him? The Bible has all these answers but there is still a mystery about how this great archangel fell from grace.

    This is a rather short book of about 11,000 words, but I use many Scriptures that tell the story of how Satan and his fallen angels are working to stop God’s plan of salvation and redemption from happening. It was Satan that took away eternal life from us and it will be Christ who gives it back. Only those that reject Satan’s ways, however, will receive eternal life. That is why it is so important to know and understand how Satan operates for he is the “father of lies” and the great deceiver.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.