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Broken Pottery

by Joan K. Smith

This fictional book is great for discussions of politics, religion, and life. You know – those things you aren’t supposed to talk to anybody about to keep the peace?

Do we all exist in Heaven before becoming human? Is our life on Earth a test to see if we then get to spend Eternity with God? Does evil exist? Do evil spirits exist? What does it mean to be Christian in the year 2012 and beyond? Is God even in control? These questions and many more are answered in the pages of Broken Pottery.

Janice Thresher is the typical middle class suburban teen of the 1980’s. Living near Pittsburgh, PA, she follows her high school sweetheart off to Penn State where he proceeds to dump her. She copes with her loss by partying heavily until God brings a new love into her life. In a cruel twist of fate, this love was not meant to last either.

On the other side of the country in Southern California, Sophie Ulsrey, a girl several years younger than Janice, spends her time trying to hide ugly scars sustained after a terrible auto accident in which she lost her father. The accident, and her mother’s reaction to it, drives Sophie to achieve wealth and fame as she becomes an adult.

As adults, the lives of Janice and Sophie divinely intersect in time to warn fellow Americans of a government cover-up to hide important factual information with apocalyptic national security implications. Just as it was in 1938 when an American radio audience believed Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast to be truth instead of fiction, many readers of Broken Pottery will be tempted to check their cell phones and digital libraries just to make sure they, too, are reading only a book of fiction.

Broken Pottery takes you on a suspenseful adventure through the years 1965-2020, taking on the real difficulties we all have in life, dramatizes them, and provides a considered, thoughtful view of how we tackle them. 21 Study questions for self-reflection or group study are included. Below is an example of three of them:

2. Does God want us to question our beliefs?

9. Do you believe there are both heavenly and demonic forces at work in your life and in the lives of all of us?

17. Do you believe that the “ends justify the means?” Who gets to decide which “ends” are important enough that the “means” are justified? Why?


by Domonique Grant

How God Used What Was Supposed To Kill My Destiny

Have you ever had anything that holds you back from completing your goals. Have you ever had any fearful thoughts that you are SURE will get in the way of what your supposed to be doing. Have you ever been stuck in a rut or a depressive episode for whatever reason? What about the nay Sayers and people who purposely work against you? Do you ever wonder when the Universe or God will give you break. What if I told you that the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals and creating the vision you have for your life is a change of thought? What if I told you the everything that was supposed to derail the train of your life was strategically placed there for you to reach the next level your called to.What if I told you and reassured you that everything works together for your Good.

Well That’s what Kyrptonite is about, showing you that no matter what you need to push forward, that no matter what you need to rally around a tribe that is healthy, positive yet challenging. Reminding you that your Kryptonite is just fuel.
Take a look into my life and story of over coming in a world of fakes and facades.

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