Free science fiction Kindle books for 12 Jan 19

The Zapper

by Mike Hughes

Schoolboy genius Sam Statham invents a revolutionary new device called the Zapper that can transport solid objects through a phone line. Sam’s geography teacher sees the Zapper as a means to rid the Earth of cars and save the planet. One of Sam’s friends sees the Zapper as a way to hit back at the system that has rejected him and made him redundant. Sam’s dad sees the Zapper as a way to carry on the family’s heritage as designers.

Although they don’t agree about its purpose, they all co-operate to develop the Zapper further, with catastrophic results.

Salah, The Companion Android

by Khadim Zaman

“General Humeer Agzanay,” Interpol officer Cyrilla said in a formal tone, standing up and assuming a straight posture, “as the European Cyber Wars treaty of 2187 states, all weapons of mass destruction residing within territories of the European Federation must be decommissioned. You, as such, have been classified by both European and International law as a WMD weapon, and therefore must be removed from service.”

Voice of a Crimson Angel Part I: Persecution (Reverence Book 5)

by Joshua Landeros

Julissa Marconi’s life has never been quite the same since her husband slipped into a coma. Her relationship with her daughter is hanging by a thread, she’s lost all her friends, and she’s retreated to the bottle amidst her sorrows. Truth is, Julissa is struggling to find a reason to wake up in the morning. That all changes when the mysterious Dr. Neeson offers her a chance to discover the truth, and reclaim her life. With the help of the scheming Captain Halsey, Julissa finally has a reason to fight again. She’ll have to act fast, however. Her nation, the United Nation Republic, is hungry for aggressive expansion and the ravenous Chancellor Venloran will stop at nothing to achieve his own twisted goals.
Return to the world of the Reverence series with Voice of a Crimson Angel Part I: Persecution, the long-awaited story that sets the stage for the entire saga.

Battle of Mesquite: US Reunification War

by David Pope

A war for the soul of America is underway as the breakaway Republic of American States fights for survival. Set 30 years in the future, the ROAS is outgunned and outmanned as mechanized combat rages across the open plains of the Nevada desert. Can futuristic weapons and artificial intelligence overcome the odds and save the Republic or will the conflagration spell the end of liberal democracy?  

As the armies collide in Mesquite, Nevada, infantry squad leader Staff Sergeant Lisa McMichael and other front-line troops struggle for survival and supremacy on the battlefield. Unbeknownst to them, behind the scenes, advanced artificial intelligence controlled by the ROAS is the ultimate prize and might hold the key to victory.

Political and military leaders, common soldiers and citizens, all must make life-and-death decisions that extend beyond their moral boundaries. Tensions will rise as emergent technologies threaten to change the landscape of war itself.

In this clash of powers, who will win, and what will the future hold?


by Jorge Sanchez

It’s been three long years since Deadbreak. That’s what everyone’s calling it – the day the dead rose. Every day since then Jeremiah Reid has had one goal: to make his way to his daughter. It’s a new world out there and no one is safe. People are meaner, cities are in ruin, supplies are scarce. If he’s going to have a chance he’ll need his wits, a little bit of luck, and lots of ammo.

Ricket (Star Watch Book 2)

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

The need for Star Watch assistance is heating up within the galaxy. With their resources quickly thinning, Ricket and a small team are sent to Port City, on the planet Eriok. Here Ricket’s adventure begins, and he’ll have to use every bit of his technical cunning to survive, because what’s waiting for him will alter the courseâ??for both Star Watch and Ricket forever.

Many light-years away, there’s a new spatial land-grab in process by the Darion Cartelâ??their expanding fleet of warships, led by Captain Mar Oswaldo, the Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron) of space â?¦ a masterful starship captain who’s never been defeated in battle, and he’s ready to come up against the commander of Star Watch, Captain Jason Reynolds.

Join the Star Watch team as they encounter both new and old adversaries. Be prepared to say goodbye to a beloved crewmemberâ??one who has been with them since the very beginning.

Random Number Generator

by A. Maldon

Persistent attacks by an unknown enemy have rendered almost everything humanity has built a smoking ruin. The number of those murdered runs into the billions. Against near-incalcuable odds we continue to stand firm, extracting victory and hope from the most slender of sources. But just how far have we gone in delaying our extinction?

This is a short story that explores this question against a background of armageddon executed via exotic mathematics.

This publication also include the much shorter story ‘The Twins’ – an alarming extract from the diary of a long-dead xenoarchaeologist.

H. G. Wells: The Complete Novels – The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Island of Doctor Moreau, When The Sleeper Wakes, A Modern Utopia and much moreâ?¦

by H. G. Wells

Here you will find all his novels in the chronological order of their original publication.

– The Time Machine
– The Wonderful Visit
– The Island of Doctor Moreau
– The Wheels of Chance
– The Invisible Man
– The War of the Worlds
– Love and Mr Lewisham
– The First Men in the Moon
– The Sea Lady
– The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth
– Kipps
– A Modern Utopia
– In the Days of the Comet
– The War in the Air
– Tono-Bungay
– Ann Veronica
– The History of Mr. Polly
– The Sleeper Awakes
– The New Machiavelli
– Marriage
– The Passionate Friends
– The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman
– The World Set Free
– Bealby: A Holiday
– Boon
– The Research Magnificent
– Mr. Britling Sees It Through
– The Soul of a Bishop
– Joan and Peter: The Story of an Education
– The Undying Fire
– The Secret Places of the Heart
– Men Like Gods
– The Dream
– Christina Alberta’s Father
– The World of William Clissold
– Meanwhile
– Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island
– The Autocracy of Mr. Parham
– The Bulpington of Blup
– The Shape of Things to Come
– The Croquet Player
– Brynhild
– Star Begotten
– The Camford Visitation
– Apropos of Dolores
– The Brothers
– The Holy Terror
– Babes in the Darkling Wood
– You Can’t Be Too Careful

Nameless Love Story

by McKenzie P. Odom

Welcome to Solar System 6. A system including several habitable planets; but unfortunately ravaged by war, natural disaster, and murder. Amelia Jinx is thrilled to be leaving her radiation riddled home world to attend the lovely sunken college of Alpha. At first, everything is going great she’s making friends and meeting boys… but then Derrek happened. Derrek is the love of Amelia’s life, she’s sure of it, but the skeletons in his closet aren’t quite dead. Amelia must square off against Derrek’s ex-Don and his newly monstrous best friend. She’s not alone, of course. She has Al – Derrek’s best friend and Vampiric protector. Can love truly conquer all?

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