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On The Origin of Sex & Aging By Means of Predator Selection: Or The Preservation of Sex And Aging Via Species Selection in the Struggle for Existence.

by Jeff T. Bowles

Many decades after Darwin’s death, finally enough facts about biology and evolution have been uncovered with which one can relatively easily complete the second and missing half of the theory of evolution that Darwin could not possibly have seen in his time. The evidence has been mounting for years that the “selfish gene” paradigm is not adequate to explain all of what is observed in the world around us-in particular, sex and aging. This book attempts to complete the theory of evolution by using a simple new concept of predator selection, a form of species selection, to solve the most enduring and intractable conundrums and paradoxes that have been plaguing evolutionary theory since its beginning- such as the existence and purpose of sex and aging, male and female sex types, and even homosexuality.
Written in an entertaining and easy to understand style for scientists and laymen alike, this expanded view of evolution leads to many solutions to evolution’s remaining paradoxes. One chapter includes a detailed examination of how various human hormones change with aging, and how the “good” hormones decline with age, and how the “bad” hormones intentionally designed by evolution to stop one from reproducing, skyrocket after age 50. (These anti-reproduction (pro-menopause) hormone changes have the unfortunate side effect of aging and death).
Sex and aging have never had any satisfactory explanation within the Selfish Gene paradigm begun by Darwin and his successors and popularized by Dawkins in his famous book-“The Selfish Gene”.
Aging and Sex are shown to be evolution’s evolved defenses to evolving predation, and in the absence of predation, they are proposed to be eventually selected against -leading to a world where most sexual species eventually should evolve into asexual ones.
As odd as this might sound, examples of many types of animals where asexual reproduction already occurs are provided. Including animals as advanced as turkeys, sharks, and lizards.
Exclusively female species that reproduce solely in a clonal manner such as walking sticks, blind cave crickets, whiptail lizards, and Brahminy blind snakes are also explored.
Homosexuality, while a widespread phenomenon in both humans and many species of animals, remains largely unexplored by current evolutionary theory. Homosexuality is examined within this new framework and hypothesized to be a defense against evolving predation that acts as birth control for what evolution perceives as less fit (predator-stressed) mothers.
Even human religion seems to reveal itself as an evolved trait within this new paradigm and appears to have evolved as a group defense to famine and drought. Religion is explored and explained with a special emphasis on the high rate of religious suicide associated with various religions and cults.
Sex and aging appear to be species-selected defenses to evolving predation that are being selected for at the local ecosystem level virtually everywhere and all the time. When sex and aging are viewed from this perspective, it becomes quite simple to understand how sex and aging evolved and continue to be selected for in almost all areas of the world.

Nudge for the Planet: A guide towards a new worldview

by Ginette Riopelle

The summer of 2018, with its series of heat waves and forest fires, made us aware of climate change and its possible consequences. Given the magnitude of the problem, we may feel overwhelmed or increasingly concerned. We may not know what to do, or we may act, but with the unpleasant feeling that the impact of our actions is futile.
Many of us would like to see our society change course towards a way of life that is sustainable for the planet. What if only two ingredients were missing to make a real change in the planet’s trajectory possible? This book invites you to discover these two ingredients: they are an improved environmental awareness and a renewed worldview adapted to this new awareness.
This book guides us in this change by presenting:
The essential bases (current state of the planet, greenhouse gases, carbon sinks, etc.) to better understand the issues, and a structured method to guide our choices.
Principles derived from indigenous traditional knowledge and promoting a life in harmony with nature.
Circular economy and nature’s rights, as well as many initiatives demonstrating that a change of course is well underway.
Dozens of direct links to references on the web, for further reading, and to the web sites of many organizations that contribute to this change.

Walking to Creativity

by Cristhian Lozano

In 2014 Stanford University conducted a study that showed how the walking activity increases creativity. If we look back through history, we see that the relationship of these variables was noticed by various scientific, artistic and philosophical celebrities, many years before it was proven by science. In this book I mean to each of them and explain how they used it to enrich their lives, providing a detailed description of the aforementioned study. I also offer an assessment of the significance of creativity and expose a series of data that suggest the connection between creativity and human evolution.

Secrets of A Million Dollar Practice: Proven Tactics to Grow Your Practice

by James Fedich DC

Are you frustrated and struggling in practice? Just getting by? Not enough month left at the end of the money? Is this really what you signed up for after years of school, struggles starting a practice? To Just make a living? Barely getting by? Wondering how you will pay the bills?

Well, Dr Fedich has been there, and broke through to the other side. He now consistently runs a million dollar a year plus practice, he takes more time off then he can use and enjoys an amazing lifestyle. While he was happy with how things turned out for him, he continued to see his colleagues struggle daily. You have an advanced degree, a license, and office, you have every reason to succeed. Yet, most don’t…

Why? Many reasons, but mostly because you don’t have a game plan! Why not? No one taught you one! Ever been to a a practice management seminar, the information is 25 years old, this isnt going to help you today! The internet should be your number 2 source of New Patients, it didn’t even exist 25 years ago!
Dr Fedich got tired of gurus who haven’t practiced in 25 years giving advice. And even though he is successful and busy, he thought it was time to pass his knowledge to others.

Inside this book
Practice Statistics: How to keep an track your performance
Establishing your practice core values
Patient Retention
New Patients 101
MONTHLY Promotion calendar
with examples!
Staff Management
Financial Management
Investing for Retirement
Setting and Attaining Goals
and more!
This is years of information, thousands of success and failures, boiled into one book! Mastered from someone in the field doing it today, doing it well, and doing it daily. Why Re-invent the wheel? Still the tactics that are working today!

Yoga: Yoga für Einsteiger und Anfänger, für Fitness, die Gesundheit und das Abnehmen (German Edition)

by Naomi Garcia

Nur heute KOSTENLOS statt 4,99�für 0,99 erhältlich!

YOGA für Einsteiger


    â??Du möchtest Wissen was Yoga ist?

    â?? Du willst Wissen was dir Yoga bringt?

    â?? Du willst mehr als 60 effektive Yoga Ã?bungen?

    â?? Du willst eine klare und strukturierte Beschreibung aller Ã?bungen?

    â?? Du möchtest die genauen Wirkungen für jede einzelne Ã?bung wissen?< br>
    â?? Du willst eine bessere Verbindung mit deinem Körper aufbauen?

    â?? Du willst Wissen wie man mit Yoga abnehmen kann?

    â?? Du möchtest gezielt Stress abbauen?

    â??Du willst gelassen durch deinen Alltag schreiten?

    â?? Du möchtest deinen Geist stärken?

    â?? Du möchtest beweglicher werden?

    â?? Du möchtest selbstbewusster durch den Tag schreiten?

    â?? …Und vieles mehr!

Dann ist das genau das richtige Buchfür Dich!

Yoga verbessert Deine Flexibilität und wirkt so harmonisierend auf all deine täglichen Bewegungsabläufe. Verspannte Muskeln werden gedehnt und geschwächte Partien gestärkt. So kannst Du Rückenproblemen vorbeugen. Fühl Dich befreit und genie�e jetzt ein neues Körpergefühl voller Kraft und Energie.

Nutze jetzt die Chance und starte noch heute deine erste Yoga Ã?bung!

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Aids na terceira década (Portuguese Edition)

by Francisco Inácio Bastos

Este pequeno volume apresenta uma espécie de cronologia e â??balanço’ da doença nas três últimas décadas, observando ainda os aspectos sociais e culturais de um fenômeno mundial. Ao apreciar a leitura percebemos que a história da Aids compreende, infelizmente, relatos degradantes de estigmatização e marginalização de pessoas sob risco de contrair/transmitir o HIV ou já vivendo com a infecção. Felizmente, também existem histórias de solidariedade e altruísmo, mobilização social e os avanços de uma ciência praticada com ética e qualidade.

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