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Odyssey of a Texas Sailor: The true story of a country boy’s dream to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

by Drew Paige

An adventurous soul

When Dean Meeks decided he wanted to learn to fly an airplane, he took some lessons and bought himself a small Cessna – which he sometimes landed on a two-lane asphalt country road near his house and parked in the front yard.When the idea of learning to sail a boat occurred to the lifelong central Texas dairy farmer, he bought a used 21-foot sloop from an ad in the newspaper and taught himself to cruise around a nearby lake. After his youngest daughter grew up and was stationed in England with the U.S. Air Force, Meeks began to dream a much bigger dream.

Daydream to reality

“Why couldn’t I – a self-taught, proven sailor of fresh water lakes – purchase a craft in England, sail it back to Houston, and make a handsome profit on its resale at that oil-rich port?” Meeks wrote in his journal.And that’s exactly what he did. With no experience aboard an ocean-going vessel of any kind, as either a crew member or a captain, this former Texas A&M Aggie set out aboard his newly-purchased 30-foot sloop to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

No place like home

Follow along as Meeks recounts this incredible journey in his highly entertaining daily journal writings, along with stories from his life on the farm that helped shape an unforgettable adventurous spirit.




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  • The publisher isn’t kidding when they say that you feel like you are Jay Jay’s bunk mate!

  • This was a true story, written from the heart. A good but “difficult” read.

  • Jay Jay is salt of the earth and I admire his candidness. Recommended.

The MY CRIME SERIES presents to the world books written on inmates by inmates.

Each book of the MY CRIME SERIES was written in 2018 by the presently incarcerated about the presently incarcerated.

Each book of the MY CRIME SERIES has been dictated, read, and reviewed by the subject.

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The books of the MY CRIME SERIES grant citizens insight into the lives of unknown felons in the California prison system.  YOU become the judge. YOU will read about each subject’s interactions with family. YOU will get a sense of the subject’s neighborhood and school.  YOU will come to know each subject’s motivations.  YOU will move from childhood, youth, and adulthood with each subject.  YOU will get a sense of the why’s and how’s of what makes a man choose crime.  

The MY CRIME SERIES books are being produced so we better know each other, including the felon.  The ultimate goal is to create a better system, a system that lives up to our own standards of justice.   

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From a cell in San Quentin, the San Francisco Bay area’s internationally known California State prison, comes to you the true biography of an incarcerated felon, Jay Jay.

Raised in the Silicon Valley during an era when farms outnumbered industry, Jay Jay found trouble young, very young. 

Serving time at age twelve is not the beginning of Jay Jay’s descent into criminality.

Take a crash course on the drug game with Jay Jay and you will find yourself reading scenarios you never imagined possible.

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Subject Content Includes:

Family Life – Neighborhood Life – Sibling Relations - Church/Religion/Spirituality – Early Life and Later Life Drug Use – School – Drug Selling – Varying Types of Violence – Youth/Adult Incarceration – Criminality – Romance – Philosophy – California Culture

My Fake Millions: Based on a true story

by Karolina Robinson

We all lie once in a whileâ?¦
Let’s just be honest here for a second. We lie about our past relationships, weight, age, partners, I mean sometimes we lie for no reason whatsoever. It’s just our way to “posh” things up, ‘cos let’s agree, nobody ever lied to make it worse for themselves. We always try to get something out of it.
Edward Lee made up a lie to save his relationship with his wife. A story which grabbed the attention of the whole of the United Kingdom back in the noughties.
Now, where are the boundaries of lying? And how can one measure the lie? ‘Cos when it came to Edward, his was a massive pile of bullshit that, surprisingly, saved his marriage.

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