Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 13 Jan 19

The Path of Judgment (Drifter Series Book 1)

by Kent Roberts

A bomb explodes inside a Coeur d’Alene women’s health care clinic, and a young woman stands before a vengeful crowd, accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Yet guilt and innocence play no part when a community’s lust for vengeance is at stake and only one man stands between her and the wrath of an unforgiving crowd.
A flash of green on a roadside sign, a brilliant white arrow pointing into the distance–an exit sign, no different than any of the others they’d passed in the last ten hours. Yet taking this off-ramp forces Nick Lassiter to confront the questions and doubts that he thought he’d locked away years ago.
Can life be a spark for protest?
Can violence be a catalyst of redemption?
Moral conflicts, a clash of beliefs, and a spiritual war as old as time itself, all come to a thrilling climax in “The Path of Judgment”, the first book in the electrifying spiritual suspense, Drifter Series!

Knight of the Golden Arrow

by Rob Brannon

A wise and powerful King in a far away kingdom is growing old, but alas, he has no worthy heir to the throne! Calling for his royal servants, the King entrusts each one of them with a very mysterious and mystical arrow endowed with one unbelievable power! Join author Rob Brannon, in “Knight of the Golden Arrow”, on an epic and treacherous medieval journey! Who will be the “last man standing” when the King chooses his heir to the throne?

“The Knight of the Golden Arrow finds author Rob Brannon masterfully weaving biblical precepts into a captivating story that is simultaneously simple and profound.” – Tim LaHaye, Co-author of the “Left Behind” series of novels

“This is a modern-day “C.S.Lewis kind of book” which will keep your kids asking, “What happens next?” as each chapter unfolds.” – Mary Rice Hopkins, Singer/Songwriter

The Fairy Paintbox : Why Canâ??t We See Fairies Anymore?

by Jon Jacks

In a dark room, Missy’s master Isaac has captured a section of the rainbow.
He claims it contains every colour there is.
Missy is busy mixing paints, hoping to capture every tint.
But now she’s seen a boy that no one else seems to see.
And paints have begun magically appearing in her paintbox.
Paints that are impossible to describe.
Because the colours shouldn’t exist.

The Pirate of Janaconda Island

by Warren Firschein

Twelve-year-old twins Lucy and Paddy Hendricks think they’re in for the worst summer of their lives when they arrive on Janaconda Island in June of 1949. There’s nothing to do and the rotted old mansion that will serve as their family’s home is filthy and littered with junk. But when they discover the house’s former owner was a notorious pirate who left behind cryptic clues to the location of stolen gold, they are swept into a dangerous adventure of discovery that tests the limits of their wits and courage.

Maynerd And Friends: Maynerd and Barxley go fishing

by Ben Boardwine

This is the second book in the series Maynerd and Friends. Maynerd and Barxley go fishing and learn the value of spending quality time together.

Free Candies: A book for kids by 5 year old

by Kanav Sapra

This story was narrated by Kanav Sapra. A 5-year-old boy from India. He saw his parents reading a book and got an idea to create one of his own.

The story is about a cool cat and magic of friendship. A light-hearted and vibrant short story that will appeal kids of age 0-7. The words are simple and the story is easy to follow with a moral at the end.

We hope that his like-aged friends find it interesting and share their views.

Coleta la Coati (Coleta the Coati) (Los Coatis nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Erica Danielle

This is the first bilingual book in a series that will include character development and biblical principles for your children. Your child will be introduced to the coati family from Central America in this story and can expect to get to know many more animals from the rain forests and beaches. Extension activities for your family will also be offered as they are made available.

Maze Race: Freeze Edition: A Fun Book Game to for 2 Players to play on their Kindle!: Best activity book for 4 years and above (MazeRace 2)

by Elisa Anderson

Play with Mazes like never before with MazeRace! Have fun with your kids with MazeRace

This is simply a game that can be played by two using their fingers!
A coin is tossed to select who will play as player 1 or player 2.
The game has 10 rounds with a maze for each player to “race”.
Each player has 5 seconds to figure out the solution of the maze for each round.
After 5 seconds the player on the maze to FREEZE!
The player that makes it to the end of the maze before freezing gets one point.
At the end the rounds, the player with the most points wins!

Fun game to play while on a long journey

Get this fun game for your kids to play any time, any where. A great way to pass the time!

Thai Food & Recipe: This book is designed to teach Thai cooking. With a total of 20 dishes Can be explained in detail, can be used to practice

by sorawich sawangsuk

This book is designed to teach Thai cooking. With a total of 20 dishes Can be explained in detail, can be used to practice.

Joseph’s Stories (Bible Stories For Children)

by Chaya Shraga Ben Ayun

Three fascinating stories – all in one book – describe the events experienced by Joseph, Jacob’s youngest son and his favorite. Joseph starts out as a spoiled, dreaming child with a beautiful striped coat, is sold into slavery by his brothers and taken down to Egypt, is then thrown into prison, interprets Pharaoh’s dreams, and is finally transformed into the second-in-command of the mighty king of Egypt. This is an educational story that is full of suspense and surprises.

The Mergirl’s Calling

by Tessie Schoff

When thirteen year old mergril, Donna, finds herself at Demeter’s Siren School, she isn’t certain where she belongs. Her roommate, Mel, and her godmother, Tash, try to help her to succeed in becoming one of them, but Donna can’t help feeling she wasn’t meant for the Siren life. Just when Donna feels like she has nowhere else to turn, she’ll need some advice from her mother, but it will come in an unexpected way.
Will Donna find out who she really is?
Will she fight for what she really wants?
Will she end up where she belongs?
Find out in this Mergirl’s Tale about finding one’s self.

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