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Wreckers Island

by L K Harcourt

Four high-flying students – John, Dan, Louise and Emma – are on a budget holiday in a disused lighthouse off the Cornish coast. Nothing untoward could possibly happen, or could it?

As passion starts to smoulder between the four Oxford undergraduates, they make an astonishing discovery, one with the potential to end their student poverty at a stroke. But their find triggers a chain of events which threatens to blight their lives forever more. The line between bliss and the abyss wears desperately thin on Wreckers’ Island, where so many ships have foundered over the centuries. Will four bright futures, not to mention flourishing romances, also be smashed to smithereens? Find out in this steamy, unusual novel.


About the Author:
Lawrence Harcourt works from home as a full-time freelance writer. He has also written a black comedy novella, A Salesman called Colin, and recently published part one of his dystopian novel, Twenty Ninety-Four. Harcourt is married with two children.

Hail Storme: A Wyatt Storme Thriller

by W.L. Ripley

Vietnam vet and former pro football player Wyatt Storme is bow-hunting in Missouri when he stumbles upon a hidden field of marijuanaâ?¦and is attacked by a vicious dog and shot at by a sniper. He reports violent incident confidentially to the local Sheriffâ?¦who is murdered the next day. Storme believes there’s a connection and starts asking questions, unraveling a deadly conspiracy of corruption, drug-trafficking and organized crimeâ?¦ and making himself someone that just about everybody wants dead.

The first novel in W.L. Ripley’s acclaimed Wyatt Storme series.


“Cadenced prose, an Ozarks setting, a football-star drop-out hero” and a small-town, drug-related plot add up to a most interesting debut. Tough guy Wyatt Storme, with few sleuthlike qualifications other than athletic principle, divides his time between Colorado and Paradise, Missouri. Having reported the existence of a marijuana field to the local sheriff, Wyatt further involves himself in local affairs when someone then murders the sheriff. A dry-witted bounty hunter, a pea-brained sheriff’s deputy, Paradise thugs, and various federal agents make for lively, if not unexpected, adventure. An undeniable treat” Library Journal

“Here’s one for the boys who like to kick butt. As much joyful bashing as it is ‘Red Harvest’ on uppers, though completely innocent of Hammett’s dark vision. Fighting the good fight has seldom been so much atavistic fun!” Kirkus Reviews

“Storme is one of my all-time favorite series characters, up there with Spenser and Dave Robicheaux,” Ace Atkins, NY Times bestselling author of “Robert B. Parker’s Kickback.”

Originally published under the title “Dreamsicle”

The Bun Also Rises: A Cozy Mystery Novel (Angie Prouty Nantucket Cozy Mysteries Book 3)

by Miranda Sweet

Lights, camera… murder.

Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie Prouty (a.k.a. Angie) should be thrilled when a Hollywood crew shows up to film in her charming island town. With celebrities waltzing in and out of her bookstore, Angie’s bookstore cafe is booming. Everything is nearly perfect until a cupcake-wielding murderer turns the island upside down. When her two best friends get wrapped up in the midst of it all, it’s Angie’s job to rescue them, solve the crime, and return Nantucket back to the peaceful little town she calls home.

The Bun Also Rises is book 3 in the Angie Prouty Nantucket Mysteries Series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but we recommend reading them all for full enjoyment. Centered around a literary-loving amateur sleuth with a knack for putting the pieces together and saving the day, this series is sure to grab you until the very last page! Be sure to check out Crime and Nourishment and Prize and Prejudice today.

Find out what readers are saying about the Angie Prouty Nantucket Mysteries Series!

“A great mixture of family, friends, food and intrigue” – Victor

“An interesting mystery with lots of details about the characters lives” – Jo Ann

“A great story with wonderful twists in the plot to keep the reader turning page after page” – Donna

In Peril

by Calista Ocean

When Frank Aaron wakes up on a moonlit hillside, the only thing he remembers is kissing Rhea, a client’s wife whose husband believes she was being unfaithful and whose suspected lover has been found decapitated. Things become even more confusing when he finds his way to a tiny town named Peril. His encounters with the locals convince him that he’s either having a bad dream or an afterlife experience.

Frank is stranded in the small town whose bizarre inhabitants include a cyborg, a ninja chef, a terrifying hotel clerk, and a mysterious bookstore owner who may be his only hope of understanding where Peril is and why he is there.

Will he find a way back to his home in southern California? Or will Frank’s attempt to get out of Peril pull him deeper into a mystery where the lines between real and unreal dissolve?

The Quintessential American Family

by Ella Watson

A unique psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the last page.

Mark Wilson hasn’t been himself since the terrible car accident that occurred a year ago. He has a severe case of amnesia. He doesn’t remember certain aspects of his past. But there are specific things that Mark is definitely certain of. His wife Nicole is having an affair right under his nose. His sister, Jackson, is back in his life and they’re both delighted to be reunited but his wife completely disapproves of Jackson’s presence. Everyone is terrified of his wife. His entire family is lying to him and keeping secrets. He can’t trust the main people he should always be able to rely onâ??his family. Mark doesn’t know the man he once was and the odd life he lived. Things will change even if he has to become the villain.

The people in his life have created the quintessential loving family but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Mark is starting to see past the illusion. He can’t shake the sense of impending danger and the feeling of doom constantly nipping at the back of his ankles. He has to accept the fact that nothing is what it seems.

THE PALTOQUET MURDER-MYSTERY SERIES: Books 1 – 3: E-book boxset of the first 3 of 10 novels in the Reverend Bernard Paltoquet series

by Pat Herbert

The three e-books in this boxset of Rev. Bernard Paltoquet murder-mystery novels include:


The other 7 novels in the Paltoquet series include:

Book 4: The Witches of Wandsworth
Book 5: So Long at the Fair
Book 6: The Man Who Was Death
Book 7: The Dark Side of the Mirror
Book 8: Sleeping with the Dead
Book 9: The Corpse Wore Red
Book 10: Seeing Double


by Dr Andrew Stewart

The Nazi era…a novel technology is developed by Dr Hans Berger to study brain waves. The death of Dr Berger stalls the project. The potential of the technology in unlocking information stored within the brain, is discovered accidentally decades later by a young Spanish researcher Dr Maria Gonzales. The technology is used to benefit mankind and science. Along comes a Tyrant and the technology is misused for destructive purposes. A new class of weapon system is unleashed. Indian Prime Minister Jatinder Singh and Chinese Premier Lin Lu are in a race against time to save the planet and its inhabitants.

THE PALTOQUET MURDER-MYSTERY SERIES: Books 7 – 10: E-book boxset of 4 novels in the Reverend Bernard Paltoquet series

by Pat Herbert

The four e-books in this boxset of Rev. Bernard Paltoquet murder-mystery novels include:


The other 6 novels in the Paltoquet series include:

Book 1: The Bockhampton Road Murders
Book 2: Haunted Christmas
Book 3: The Possession of November Jones
Book 4: The Witches of Wandsworth
Book 5: So Long at the Fair
Book 6: The Man Who Was Death

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