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Dear Maude (The Dear Maude Trilogy Book 1)

by Denise Liebig

Emily thought her college scholarship was a step forward…
But it turned out to be a step backward… IN TIME

An Unforgettable Time Travel Adventure

2017 Readers’ Favorite Awards Bronze Medal Winner, Fiction-Tall Tale Category
2018 New Apple Summer eBook Awards, Official Selection

“Beautifully written, this story brings time travel to life!”

Upstate New York, 2012. Emily Stanton, a sociology major, graduates from college and is obligated to work for the mysterious company that funded her education. But a job with Evergreen Research Corporation is not what she expects.

From fancy balls and operas to corsets and kid gloves, Emily learns to be a specialist in 1910 society. In the process, she finds herself fully immersed in the lives of wealthy aristocrats and industry leaders, whose thirst for power leads them to manipulate everything, including time. Thrust into this strange and dangerous world, Emily becomes their most important asset.

Unable to trust her coworkers or her surroundings, however, Emily finds herself alone–with her very survival in the hands of a handsome stranger, Wendell Beringer. Unfortunately, Emily soon discovers that he has a few secrets of his own.

Can she trust this man or the feelings she develops for him?
Only time will tell.

Follow Emily’s unexpected journey, where journal entries to her deceased aunt and the powerful secrets they contain, become her only link to the life she once knew and the future she must choose to follow.

Get a copy and go on an adventure you will never forget!

Other Books by Denise Liebig:

Remembering Skye
For the Love of Maude
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Blue Skin – Book One: A Vampire Dystopian Thriller

by Steven Jenkins

What will you do when they come for your children?

The world has turned inward, away from the sun, in the wake of a mysterious disease that has altered the human race. No longer able to bear healthy human children, our mothers and daughters have brought vampire-like hybrids into the world, and with it a new order. Now that reproduction has been banned, those left with young children face a terrible and devastating decision – turn your babies over to the government or pay the price. For young Freya, keeping her brother hidden is the only real option.

Enemies of the state, Freya must stand between her family and the forces of a fearful world. Although her brother may not be human, there is little else separating her and those of the blue skin. 

Choices will be made. Lines will be drawn. The battle for humanity has only just begun.

BLUE SKIN is the first book in a 5 part vampire dystopian, thriller horror series.

Even the Wingless (Princes’ Game Book 1)

by M.C.A. Hogarth

M.C.A. Hogarth’s “Princes’ Game” series is peculiar and compelling (and peculiarly compelling) space opera. I really like it […] because of its determination to make the reader productively uncomfortable. –

The Alliance has sent twelve ambassadors to the Chatcaavan Empire; all twelve returned early, defeated. None of their number have been successful at taking that brutal empire to task for their violations of the treaty. None have survived the vicious court of a race of winged shapechangers, one maintained by cruelty, savagery and torture.

Lisinthir Nase Galare is the Alliance’s thirteenth emissary. A duelist, an esper and a prince of his people, he has been sent to bring an empire to heel. Will it destroy him, as it has his predecessors? Or can one man teach an empire to fear… and love?

Caution: This book is violent and contains mature/difficult situations. Readers who prefer spoilers before engaging with triggers may want to read the Reader’s Guide: Princes’ Guide Summaries first. 
Series (Complete)1. Even the Wingless2. Some Things Transcend3. Amulet Rampant4. Only the Open5. In Extremis6. From Ruins

Emergence (The Dark Tide Trilogy Book 1)

by Dayne Edmondson

The galaxy is a dangerous place

It’s about to become even more dangerous

For millennia, the Krai’kesh waited. They plotted. And now they are ready to strike. Now they emerge.

The thousand colonized worlds of the Milky Way galaxy enjoy a tenuous peace, unaware and ill-prepared for the threat building beyond the furthest reaches of humanity. The star federation of Tar Ebon stands as a shining light of justice and mercy in a harsh galaxy, and they will be the first to suffer the fury of the Krai’kesh.

Commanding a fleet at the far end of the galaxy, veteran navy captain Martin Rigsby has risen through the ranks by sheer grit and determination, defending Tar Ebon from brutal pirates, the Empire and more. 

And when the onslaught comes, Martin and his fleet may be Tar Ebon’s last hope for freedom.

Join the adventure on the far side of the galaxy today!

Joran: Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Susan Hayes

What do you do when your planet runs out of women? Send for takeout, of course.

Joran, Crown Prince of Pyros, needs to claim his mate in order to ascend to the throne one day. The problem? His destined mate isn’t on Pyros.

When a galaxy-wide search uncovers a backwater world full of potential mates for Joran and the other unmated males on his planet, plans are set in motion and Star-Crossed Dating is created. Now, the first wave of men are on their way to claim their unsuspecting brides. Joran’s mission: Go to Earth, claim his mate and bring her back to Pyros. How hard could it be?

This book contains a redheaded barista who doesn’t believe in aliens, and a prince who is used to getting anything he wants without having to work for itâ?¦until now.

The Emperor’s Edge Collection (Books 1, 2, and 3)

by Lindsay Buroker

An enforcer wanted dead for crimes she didn’t commit…
An assassin wanted dead for crimes he did commitâ?¦

Normally, they would be enemies, but they both seek the same thing: exoneration.

Unfortunately, a nefarious underground organization is attempting to kill the one man who could grant it to them, the emperor. If they want to win their freedom, they’ll have to battle powerful wizards, outscheme master schemers, and defeat bloodthirsty monsters, all while dodging friendly fire and evading the law. Exoneration isn’t easy.

This boxed set includes the first three novels in this high fantasy adventure series:

The Emperor’s Edge
Dark Currents
Deadly Games

Danger’s Halo: (Holly Danger Book 1)

by Amanda Carlson

153 years in the future, Earth doesn’t look much like it used to.

Holly Danger’s current assignment, gleaned from a set of foggy instructions and a handful of coin stuffed into a slot, is to pick up a street kid who’s about to terminate himself off a cliff. And, as a rule, she doesn’t turn down currency. Her job as a salvager keeps her fed and clothed above the norm, which isn’t saying much.

The norm in this city is a scrape-by existence in a post-apocalyptic world, where the rain never stops, food is always scarce, and the elite have deserted the ranks in search of something better. Picking up this urchin won’t take much time, even if he’s located outside city limits. Her craft is fast, her weapons deadly, and her tech has been optimized as well as it can be for a climate clogged with iron dust.

But things take a big turn when she decides to become the boy’s guardian instead of hand him over. Outskirts have descended on the city, and their plans don’t include playing nice. When her crew is backed against a graphene wall, it’s a good thing her Gem is primed and ready to go. It’s almost as deadly as she isâ?¦

Earthweeds (Sons of Neptune Book 1)

by Rod Little

It’s not the end of the world, it’s the start of something new.
Two students return from a mountain camping trip to find an empty city: Pittsburgh is desolate. Only a few living souls remain in the countryside.
And then the lizards appear. The size of Komodo dragons, they flood the city and attack the few remaining humans. When these mutated creatures are confronted by giant spiders, the two species fight each other for the dwindling food supply …with the humans caught in the middle.

A teenage boy with electric powers, a college student who can communicate with creatures, a scientist with a dark secret, and a band of psychopaths with their own agenda… all come together.

Defending each other from the evils of men and creatures alike, the last humans form separate camps and race to unravel the mystery of the deserted cities, the swarming creatures, and the threat to humankind. …with the possibility of involvement from other planets.

But mysteries still remain.
Sam and Bohai team up to find answers, making new alliances along the way. Another camp led by a mad scientist is racing to find the same answers, but for a very different reason.
A post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure…blending together elements of monsters, survivalists, special abilities and the mysteries of ancient alien artifacts.

Earthweeds is Volume 1 in the Sons of Neptune series.

“Compelling book! Science Fiction should always be this fun to read.” – Top2040 Sci-Fi

Claus (Legend of the Fat Man): A Science Fiction Holiday Adventure (Claus Series Book 1)

by Tony Bertauski

For a limited time, save 10% to 40% on the boxed sets, Claus Boxed (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2)â?¦

In the early 1800s, Nicholas Santa discovered an ancient race of elven.

Short, fat and hairy, they have lived peacefully on the North Pole since the Ice Age but Nicholas is quickly swept into the colony’s first and only fracture. The elven known as the Cold One has divided his people. His name is Jack. And Jack’s tired of hiding. Why should they live in a shrinking ice cap when humans occupy the rest of the world?

It’s just not fair.

There’s no stopping Jack from world domination until Nicholas Santa, the only human to enter the elven colony, joins helium-bladder reindeer, artificially-intelligent snowmen, and a merry band of big-footed elven to bring peace back to the North Pole.

And becomes a legend.


  • “Amazing rewrites that will astound you!” -Ruth Jackson, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Best Santa Story Ever!” – Bob, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Simply lovely.” -jl, Amazon Reviewer
  • “MY HEART GREW THREE SIZESâ?¦” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “Couldn’t Put It Down.” – Amazon Reviewer
  • “Fantasy at it’s [sic] finest.” -Carol, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Absolutely phenomenal!” -JayFly, Amazon Reviewer
  • “A++” -TKJ 131, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Absolutely Awesome.” -Dee greusel, Amazon Reviewer
  • “I absolutely love this seriesâ?¦” -Kara McCabe, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Tony is an excellent story teller!” jjjlake, Amazon Reviewer
  • “I want MORE!” -J. Bunch, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Awesomely engaging!” -Janice Everett, Amazon Reviewer

Dark Arsenal (Cyborg Sizzle Book 13)

by Cynthia Sax

A cyborg warrior and a Rebel female’s first mission together might be their last.

Arsenal considers himself to be a disposable cyborg. He drifts from assignment to assignment, forming no connections to anything or anyone. When the cyborg council requires a warrior for a high-risk mission, Arsenal volunteers. He believes no one will miss him if he dies.

He doesn’t realize he’s one female’s fantasy.

The moment Vicuska glimpses Arsenal’s image, she knows he’s the male she wants to spend her last moments in the universe caressing. The Rebel female craves the cyborg’s grim-lipped kisses, desires the touch of his hands, hears his deep voice in her dreams.

Their mission will end in explosions and death. That is certain if they fail or if they succeed. Whether or not they’ll find love during their dangerous assignment is the unknown.
* * *
Dark Arsenal is a short companion story in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is meant to be read after Taking Vengeance.
It is also a Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes violent universe.

All We Have (The Survivor Journals Book 3)

by Sean Little

Twist and Ren have settled on the shores of a beautiful lake in Texas, but survival takes work. There are crops to plant and harvest, and animals to feed. There is the daily grind of life after a viral apocalypse where things they used to take for granted, like food, water, and safety, are no longer a given, especially with predators prowling at the perimeter of the farm. It is two against the world, and all they have is each other.

ZK: Falling (Irregular Scout Team One Book 1)

by J.F. Holmes


When the world ends, where will you stand? Will you hold the center, or fall?

When his National Guard unit is overrun by the victims of the plague sweeping America, Sergeant First Class Nick Agostine struggles to keep his vow to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and keep those he loves safe. Along the way, he discovers just how far he will go to survive, and the price of redemption.

The prequel to the best selling Post Apocalyptic series, Irregular Scout Team One. This is how it all began, and how America fell.

NASA’s 1st Mission to Mars – For What?!!!

by Michael D’Agostino

Penniless, flat broke, sleeping in a cardboard box in a tent city on the South Side of Chicago, this formerly undistinguished man, Stanley Marczek, becomes the first man to walk on Mars. How is it possible? Why would NASA select a civilian, non-career astronaut for the mission? Obviously, living in a confined space for nineteen months for the journey to Mars, is one consideration. Another, his screening test results prove to be exceptional, better than all other candidates. And this is a man of grit and incredible courage. He accepts NASA’s offer, seeing it as an opportunity to remake his life, earn a cool three million bucks, and return to Earth a hero. But the story isn’t just about Stanley Marczek, (aka Joksey), and the mission to Mars. It is also about his relationships with his loyal friends: Gnidek, a Viet Nam veteran, his dog Chichi, his girlfriend Hannah, and all his friends at tent city. His journey is clouded with almost insurmountable personal and technical challenges, and it is his friends who provide invaluable moral support; they are all in it together. But what is the catch? There has to be a catch. The catch is that Joksey is a man of strong will who freely expresses his mind. So when the mission is complete, and Stanley Marczek returns to Earth, he publicly questions the wisdom of all manned missions to Mars, to the embarrassment of NASA. And he does not mince words. He tells it like it is, straight out! This novel features realistic science-fiction. Although it is a comedy at heart, it makes a very poignant argument about manned missions to Mars. As a contemporary work, it contains profanity.

Sleeping Gods (Verus Foundation Book 1)

by Matt Eaton

The first men to fly to the Moon see something strange. Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman doesn’t tell NASA â?? because he’s already been sworn to secrecy.

From Borman’s perspective in lunar orbit, the Earth looks lonely and fragile in the blackness of space. Lonely, but not alone â?? the far side, permanently hidden from Earth, is a perfect place to hide.

Sleeping Gods puts you inside the capsule on a mission so audacious the astronauts were only given a 50-50 chance of making it home alive.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying to the Moon, take a trip with the men who did it.

But could there really be a secret these astronauts have guarded for half a century?

Remarkable though their flight proves to be, Borman’s journey becomes even more bizarre after splashdown.

An alternate take on space history to send your imagination into orbit â?? and it’s just the beginningâ?¦


Go one step beyond Sleeping Gods with Frank Borman on a space journey kept secret from the world, in Apollo 8.1.

Transmission (The Invasion Chroniclesâ??Book One): A Science Fiction Thriller

by Morgan Rice

“TRANSMISSION is riveting, unexpected, and firmly rooted in strong psychological profiles backed with thriller and sci-fi elements: what more could readers wish for? (Just the quick publication of Book Two, Arrival.)”
–Midwest Book Review
The #1 Bestseller!

From #1 worldwide bestselling fantasy author Morgan Rice comes a long-anticipated science fiction series debut. When SETI finally receives a signal from an alien civilization, what will happen next?

A 13 year old boy, dying of a rare brain disease, is the only one able to hear and decode signals from outer space. SETI confirms it is a real signal.

What is the message? How will the world react?

And most of all: are the aliens coming?

“Action-packed â?¦. Rice’s writing is solid and the premise intriguing.”
-Publishers Weekly, re A Quest of Heroes

“A superior fantasyâ?¦ A recommended winner for any who enjoy epic fantasy writing fueled by powerful, believable young adult protagonists.”
-Midwest Book Review, re Rise of the Dragons

“An action packed fantasy sure to please fans of Morgan Rice’s previous novels, along with fans of works such as THE INHERITANCE CYCLE by Christopher Paoliniâ?¦. Fans of Young Adult Fiction will devour this latest work by Rice and beg for more.”
-The Wanderer, A Literary Journal (regarding Rise of the Dragons)

Book #2 in the seriesâ??ARRIVALâ??is also available!

Also available are Morgan Rice’s many series in the fantasy genre, including A QUEST OF HEROES (BOOK #1 IN THE SORCERER’S RING), a free download with over 1,300 five star reviews!

EMERGENCE: Infestation: Volume 2

by JT Sawyer

In the aftermath of the pandemic, humanity is on the cusp of extinction as the mutant undead sweep throughout the world. The deadly virus has created a new predator that is far more intelligent and ruthless than anything mankind has ever faced. And the threat from the alphas is increasing as they evolve. Epidemiologist Selene Munroe comes up with a daring solution for gaining a foothold against the deadly virus, but will it be enough to save the human race before it’s too late? On another front, CIA operative Will Reisner and his team need to join forces with an unlikely ally to prevent another cyber-attack that could thrust the entire country into the dark ages. Battling legions of parasite-ridden creatures to get to their objective, Reisner finds his resolve stretched to the limit. Loyalties are tested and he must come to grips with a shocking reality that could jeopardize his team’s already uncertain future.

Tempting Trade (Desolate Lands Book 1)

by Skye Jones

In a world gone to hell,
I was taken, threatened,

Or so I thought…

It was a tempting trade,
A deal made with danger.

They would protect me,
Keep me safe,
Be my sanctuary.

But I would give them my body,
Give up my inhibitions,
Give them everything.
Four men–and they all wanted me.

But everything has a catch,
And this was no exception.

It was a tempting trade, my body for their protection.

**A dystopian, paranormal, reverse harem romance, this book contains dark and adult themes, trigger warnings apply! Featuring a vampire, genetically altered warriors, and a dark and dangerous shifter, who doesn’t know what he is…yet**

Sacrament: A YA Dystopian (Covenant Series)

by Jim Miesner

Everything she’s ever known is a lie…

At ten years old, Samantha Lewinson has all but mastered the skills required to survive her primitive, jungle world. But when men in strange costumes come from the sky, Samantha’s world comes crashing down. Learning her biological parents died in a crash as she is torn from the only family she’s ever known, Samantha is brought to the Covenant-the world she was meant to grow up in.

Alone and confined to a bright white room, she’s given a choice: remain imprisoned forever or take The Sacrament and be granted her freedom. It’s a simple choice, but in her new world nothing is simple. Will The Sacrament be the salvation she needs to return to home?

Dark Thoughts (Refuge Book 1)

by Cynthia Sax

Can love redeem a monster?

The Refuge is home to some of the most violent beings in the universe. Kralj, its leader, reigns over the remote outpost with terrifying ease, ruthlessly squashing any rumors of rebellion, killing anyone who breaks his rules. Primitive, deadly, powerful, he’s a monster, scarred both on his face and his soul. He has never met a being he couldn’t control.

Until he meets her.

Dita has one missionâ??to kill the three targets claiming sanctuary within the Refuge. Or so she claims. For the first time in his long lifespan, Kralj isn’t certain of another being’s intentions. The tiny assassin is immune to his powers, her thoughts unreadable. He can’t predict her movements, can’t control her, can’t stop wanting her.

Dita is rare, as unique as he is, and, to keep the residents of the Refuge safe, Kralj will have to kill her. But first, he’ll touch her, taste her, show her how passionate the beast inside him can be.

Dark Thoughts is a STAND-ALONE SciFi Romance.
The hero might be tall, dark, and scarred but don’t be fooled by his appearance.
He’s truly a monster.
This story is not for readers with delicate sensibilities.

Miriya (Double Helix Case Files Book 1)

by Jade Kerrion

Her destiny collides with a man who can kill with a touchâ?¦

Thirty years into the First Genetic Revolution, society’s tolerance for human derivatives is wearing thin. Clones and in vitros are regarded with suspicion, and mutants with resentment. Yet in spite of the hostile environment, some alpha telepathsâ??like Miriya Templetonâ??have thrived.

Not for much longerâ?¦

Destiny has set her life on a collision course with Danyael Sabre, the alpha empath who can kill with a touch. Whether he becomes friend or foe, whether he and she live or die, will depend on the choices she makes. On her decisions hang the outcomes of the Second Genetic Revolution.

Miriya does not believe in destiny, nor want any part of the revolution, but she will risk everything to save a beloved friend, even if it means returning home to New Orleans. The decadent elegance of the Mardi Gras krewes conceal treachery and brewing death.

It’s too much for a novice like Miriya.

Natural talent and courage won’t save her.

Conviction might, but first, she has to decide what to believe inâ?¦and who to fight forâ?¦

Miriya is a standalone “prequel” novella to the Double Helix seriesâ??award-winning futuristic thrillers, perfect for X-Men, Heroes, and Alphas fans. Grab your copy and join the Genetic Revolution today!

The Zapper

by Mike Hughes

Schoolboy genius Sam Statham invents a revolutionary new device called the Zapper that can transport solid objects through a phone line. Sam’s geography teacher sees the Zapper as a means to rid the Earth of cars and save the planet. One of Sam’s friends sees the Zapper as a way to hit back at the system that has rejected him and made him redundant. Sam’s dad sees the Zapper as a way to carry on the family’s heritage as designers.

Although they don’t agree about its purpose, they all co-operate to develop the Zapper further, with catastrophic results.

Vanishing Point: A Warner & Lopez prequel novel

by Dean Crawford

UFOs are all in the imagination. Aren’t they?

In 2014, Ethan Warner finds himself on the hook for a homicide near Kankakee, Illinois. Although unarmed at the time, witnesses swear they saw him shoot and kill a bail runner on a dark night on a bridge just outside the town. Jailed and facing twenty to life, Ethan’s only hope is that his partner, Nicola Lopez, can solve the crime before he’s sent down.

Lopez traces clues to the tiny town of Cairo, Illinois, and a secretive cult rumored to be hiding in the backwoods. But before she can crack the case Ethan is bailed by a mysterious woman desperate for his help. Her conditions are simple; rescue her son from the Cairo cult, or she’ll rescind the bail and Ethan’s back inside.

His hand forced, Ethan skips bail and heads south. With the police and Sheriffs on his tail, it’s a race against time to figure out why Ethan was framed for homicide. But the forests of Cairo hide a secret that’s beyond human comprehension, and nothing Ethan and Nicola have seen yet can prepare them for it…


Praise for Dean Crawford:

“The fossilized remains of a 7,000-year-old creature dug from the sands of the Negev Desert in Israel become the bones of contention in Dean Crawford’s fast-paced debut thriller… The book neatly threads together a wild variety of plotlines.” – Wall Street Journal

“â?¦ cleverly introduced premiseâ?¦ assured pacing and plottingâ?¦”Publishers Weekly

“The action is frenetic, in the vein of Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow series. Crawford is an able storyteller who smoothly orchestrates the plot’s twists and turnsâ?¦ ” Kirkus Reviews

“â?¦ brilliant high-concept, high-octane thrillerâ?¦.”The Guardian

“A fast-paced and entertaining yarn.” Melbourne Age

“Partly mythical read, part thriller this pacy tale is a page turner guaranteed to keep you up late.” The Sun

“Get the cameras rollingâ??Indiana Jones meets Alien. What a combination of mystery, suspense, and unspeakable horror. I loved it!” R.L. Stine

“This is an amazingly good, intelligently told novel by an exciting new British author.” Eurocrime

“Earth-shattering intrigue, hyperdrive action and a desperate race to save humanity, cranked up to the max with scarily realistic science and apocalyptic religion thrown in for good measure . . . a major new talent has hit the mystery thriller scene!” Scott Mariani


Dean Crawford began writing after his dream of becoming a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force was curtailed when he failed their stringent sight tests. His Ethan Warner series of high-concept novels have regularly featured on the Sunday Times paperback bestseller list and have sold all over the world. A full-time author, he lives with his partner and daughter in Surrey.

Time Ship (Book One): A Time Travel Romantic Adventure

by Ian C.P. Irvine

A gripping time travel thriller! If you don’t believe time travel is possible , this book will make you change your mind… Gripping, Enthralling, Imaginative & Hard to Put Down!

If you’re looking for a page-turning thriller, and want to fall in love with a new author, read this!

The Story
Who are the terrorists that have taken over an exclusive five star holiday resort in the Caribbean and are holding everyone to ransom?

What is the dangerous secret that the terrorists carry, and why must their existence be denied and covered up at all costs to protect the future of mankind?

And when you discover that the story is based upon a real research project that the United States government conducted, you will want to learn more, and may even ask ‘could this really happen?’

Time Ship is a Gripping, Enthralling, Imaginative and a real anti-gravity book – it’s hard to put down!

Download, settle back in a comfortable chair, and enjoy!

What People are Saying about “Time Ship”
“A riveting read that kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing ’till the very end! This book has it all – mystery, romance, the past and the future. With brilliant characters and an attention to detail that paints wonderful pictures in the minds eye. It’s funny, exciting and extremely clever. I was not able to put this book down, I was constantly eager to see what was coming next. It’s a brilliantly written book that left me feeling like I’d been on an adventure.”

“I kept wondering how anyone could possibly have thought of this and then woven the story to such an extent that you actually believed that lots of this was fact and not a story at all! The ending was phenomenal and showed a more than fertile imagination. I laughed out loud! The books were read first by my husband who muttered every so often ‘This guy is amazing. His writing is so clear, and his imagination is(literally) out of this world.’ “

A brilliant concept – science put across in an easily understandable way and a thrilling read. Packed with thrills, spills (literally!), adventure, history, romance, thought provoking scientific possibilities of time travel and epidemiology. This book crosses so many genres yet contains plenty of fun and humour. A must buy.

NOTE: Book One of Two Parts:
Please note that Book One continues seamlessly into and is concluded in Book Two. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to this new and exciting author!- If you enjoy Book One, to continue the story you may then choose to download Book Two. Alternatively, readers are always recommended to purchase the full omnibus edition containing both Book One and Book Two.

Athena’s Chosen: Codex 2.1 (OGOS)

by Jackie Fox

A misfit group of warriors and mages are pulled from the many worlds to save a planet called Tartarus from itself by the Goddess Athena. She promises them that this is only the beginning of their journey as they face off against the faces and structures of power and injustice over a diverse and sprawling world full of magic, history, and cultural divisions.

Meet a diverse cast of heroes and villians and everything in between in journeys covering battles both personal and massive in scale. Manna is the grandaughter of one of the Tartarian Gods, still learning to harness her natural talents for magic. Lupine is a beastfolk warchief who has lost their body and now offers healing and strategy to the group. Yeet is a creature called a shadow; a small, feral and almost formless being made of light and darkness.

Together they will meet allies and enemies and over the course of three books which how between world in a vast mutliverse.
Their lives and bonds will be tested, leaving only one of them remaining in the end.

One question remains: what is this quest that Athena is preparing them for?

IMPROBABLES: a satire about very large numbers (The History Department Book 4)

by Steve M

This is not the first version of the universe. Our technology brings us to an extinction event and we self-destruct, again and again.
Can we finally break the cycle? Or are we stuck in a simulation?

Elaine McGee is a teacher in a slump. Dark clouds follow her everywhere. So she’s making changes. She’s broken up with her lying, cheating boyfriend and quit smoking for a start. She’s in a tent out in the woods making a plan to turn her life around. A weekend of fresh air and fresh starts. Then the spaceship arrived.

Welcome to the Final War, Earthling.

They are the Goodness Empire and they control 80% of the universe. Don’t let the name fool you. It is an empire built on conquest and slavery. Five former enemies now navigate a bumpy new era of cooperation. Chiro is First Minister and head of the largest faction. He is a ruthless leader and 80% is not enough for him.

Scientists are about to give him the weapon he needs to finally destroy the rebels in the outer spiral arms.

Mathematics professor Lawrence Chu is in love with professor Kassman. One night he made a drunken claim that the central tendency of the universe indicated they should kiss again. The seemingly nonsensical argument that followed resulted in a breakthrough mathematical model and a weapon.

This is a history of that weapon.

RESET. Behind the matter/anti-matter barrier it is just another quantum physics experiment. Remove the barrier and it will destroy the universe.

Can the most improbable team to ever face an extinction event save us?

What should you do?

Use all your vacation and call your mother.


Christmas on the Anvil

by Michael Penmore

It’s the night before Christmas, when all through the ship

Not an engine is stirring, not even a peepâ?¦

It’s Christmas Eve on the Anvil and everyone’s getting ready for the celebration. Everyone but the spaceship’s grumpy XO/navigator. When mysterious Christmas-themed things start happening, can the jaded second-in-command debunk the myth, or will she start to believe in the magic of Santa and the sleigh?

Warning: Filled to bursting with humour and Christmas songs you know and love to hate.

Get into the spirit of Christmas with the Anvil’s crew in this light-hearted seasonal romp from the author of the Jane Poole Genesis.

Star Frontier: An interstellar science fiction adventure

by Hamish Spiers

The race is on to prevent an all-out war!

The Federation is on the brink of war with everyone.

Corinthe, the minister of security, has launched a campaign to strengthen the Federation by annexing the nations of the Frontier in response to an external threat.

The only problem is there is no threat. The members of the Frontier resistance movement know it, the commander of the Federation’s navy knows it and so do the crew of the Lady Hawk, who have no idea what they’re about to be swept up in.

Meanwhile, the worlds along the Frontier are being swallowed up under Corinthe’s policy of aggressive expansion and things are about to reach a boiling point.

Fast-paced, smart and fun, Star Frontier is an exhilarating interstellar science fiction adventure you’ll want to read again and again!

The Portal: Science Fiction Meets Fantasy Head On in This Action Adventure Novel (The Birdmen of Beta Earth Series Book 1)

by Malachi Mata

“â?¦intriguingâ?¦” “â?¦well writtenâ?¦” “â?¦moves at a good paceâ?¦”

Deelo Con, a disgraced war commander in the Daylon Empire, is the first to discover the Portal at the Battle of Wieese, but when he is sucked up into it, he emerges ten years later with his identity forgotten, odd and extraordinary magical powers, and no sense of loyalty. As his memories slowly come back, Deelo is pressed for the location of the Portal, because whoever encounters it gains the abilities to hurl stones from staffs, raise lava from the ground, and see beyond one’s own eyes.

With the balance of Power in the Daylon Empire hanging precariously in the hands of Deelo’s brother, the self-crowned emperor of the New Daylon Empire, Deelo must decide to whom he should lead to the Portal and grant these destructive powers, and whom he should leave to die.

But Deelo must act quickly and decisively, because the Portal goes both ways. The real invaders are coming, and they’re not just coming for the Daylon’s territories: they’re coming for their souls.

“The Portal is an intriguing action adventure with fully flushed out social and political systems, and a main character that struggles with moral decisions while forced into precarious positions. All the while, there are people being tortured and battles a plenty in search of The Portal, but is this religious icon a saving grace… or the “E”-day for everyone, an end to humanity as they know it.”

“For the sake of a good author’s future please do download the book and email the author a few edits.”

-Heaven’s Fiction Review


by Dr Andrew Stewart

The Nazi era…a novel technology is developed by Dr Hans Berger to study brain waves. The death of Dr Berger stalls the project. The potential of the technology in unlocking information stored within the brain, is discovered accidentally decades later by a young Spanish researcher Dr Maria Gonzales. The technology is used to benefit mankind and science. Along comes a Tyrant and the technology is misused for destructive purposes. A new class of weapon system is unleashed. Indian Prime Minister Jatinder Singh and Chinese Premier Lin Lu are in a race against time to save the planet and its inhabitants.

Futures & Fantasies

by John Joseph Adams

FUTURES & FANTASIES is an anthology of science fiction and fantasy culled from the pages of the digital short fiction magazine, LIGHTSPEED. In its pages, you will find science fiction: from near-future, sociological soft SF, to far-future, star-spanning hard SFâ??and fantasy: from epic fantasy, sword-and-sorcery, and contemporary urban tales, to magical realism, science-fantasy, and folktales.

Launched in 2010, LIGHTSPEED is a two-time winner of the Hugo Award, and stories from the magazine have been nominated for major genre awards dozens of times, including the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the Theodore Sturgeon Award. LIGHTSPEED has published short fiction from a wide variety of authorsâ??from the bestsellers and award-winners you already know to the best new voices you haven’t heard of yet.

The stories in FUTURES & FANTASIES run the gamut from mythic, lyrical epic fantasy (“A Love Story Written on Water” by Ashok K. Banker) to far-future space opera (“A Bond as Deep as Starlit Seas” by Sarah Grey)… from  rough-and-tumble cyberpunk dystopia (“And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead” by Brooke Bolander) to historical, tragic fantasy (“The Litigation Master and the Monkey King” by Ken Liu)… from post-modern portal fantasy (“Not by Wardrobe, Tornado, or Looking Glass by Jeremiah Tolbert) to counterfactual hard science fiction (“The Old Equations” by Jake Kerr).

Dive in and discover the wonders within!

Clockwise & Gone: A Time Travel Adventure (In Times Like These)

by Nathan Van Coops

Would You Murder Your Past To Save Your Future?

Emily Davis is living a night to celebrate, but before the champagne can be finished, she finds herself facing strange and unsettling realities. When her new fiancé returns from a crisis at the power plant and begins acting strangely, Emily is dragged into a whirlwind of events that make her question everything she knows about the future, and even the nature of time itself.

With a glimpse of a reality yet to be, Emily must fight to survive the new threats to her existence and confront the darkness inside the people she thought she knew best.

Fun, fast-paced, and thought-provokingâ??fans of twisting time travel, The Twilight Zone, and Black Mirror will enjoy this stand-alone, novella-length adventure in the world of In Times Like These. Frequently enjoyed by readers of Douglas E Richards, Jodi Taylor, and Robert Heinlein.

Shake up your reality today!

The Captain (The Captain’s Inferno Book 1)

by Jordan T. Higa

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The only starships that come are the ones to take people awayâ?¦

Except for one.

Cut off from the nets, hunted, and betrayed, quantum hacker Denis Richards is only too happy to accept the strange job offer that promises him a way off Earth, and a place on the crew of a small starship operating on the edge of the third horizon. The fact that the ship is based on Rocquamport, a desert colony that doesn’t even have a Charter from the United Planets Congress, suits him even better.

However, when he arrives, the rough, drunken Captain who greets him is very different from the suave, polished, young woman who interviewed him, and his place on the crew is much more dangerous than he was led to believe. Because the Captain has enemies, and her ship is much more than a simple trader. But none of that will matter if Den can’t even survive his first week with the Captainâ?¦

The Captain is the first episode in Jordan T. Higa’s Series The Captain’s Inferno, a swashbuckling, sci-fi, space opera adventure. If you like Star Wars, The Expanse, or the Marvel Universe then you’ll love this cyberpunk series which captures all their best traits in a fast-paced, captivating, intergalactic adventure.

Download the first episode to meet the Captain today!

The Underground City: A Science Fiction Short Story

by Scott Reeves

In this short science fiction story, a young man living in a totalitarian farming community seeks a better life in a fabled city beneath the ground.

The Last City (The Last City Series Book 1)

by Logan Keys

Imprisoned on an island, no one expected her to survive. 
Sixteen-year-old musical prodigy, Liza, has dreamed of freedom most her life, but home is now doomed by inequality and disparity. After an undead plague, the remaining citizens are ruled by an evil regime called Authority. It takes a girl whose miraculously returned to spark the first flames of revolution. 
Between a mysterious doctor who alters Liza’s fate, and a stranger who’s secretly leading a rebellion, Liza’s caught in a deadly tide that’s rising. Jeremy Writer is trying to stop the Authority with his pamphlets and thieving. When Liza’s given the choice to save the young man with purple eyes or let him die, she holds the key to the last city’s final chance to rise up.
…But will it be too late?

From #1 Bestselling horror author Logan Keys and co-author of the #1 bestselling series The Long Fall comes a young adult dystopian  riddled with darkness, emotion, and edge of your seat action.
*For readers who like their dystopian fiction closer to the original darker tales. Readers who enjoy Justin Cronin and Stephen King as well as the Divergent series and Hunger games will enjoy The Last City. 

Outlaw (Rebel Stars Book 1)

by Edward W. Robertson

From a USA TODAY bestselling author, Outlaw is the first in a series of piracy, conspiracy, and space’s most dangerous janitor.

IN THE YEAR 2010, an alien virus nearly wiped out the human race. A thousand years later, mankind has recovered and ventured into space. There has been no sign of the aliens since. Humanity remains confined to the Solar System.

All that is about to change.

Mazzy Webber is a lowly janitor on a third-rate cargo ship. Deeply in debt, when his captain decides to turn pirate, he leaps at the chance.

A modern Robin Hoodâ??minus the part where he gives back to the poorâ??Webber lays down a few ground rules. No attacking manned ships, and no stealing from anyone who can’t afford it. Within months, he and the crew are out of debt. Their next target will make them rich.

But the attack goes all wrong. The target’s cargo could be the death of themâ??or it could be the key to reaching the stars.

Within the Darkness (Wisteria Book 2): A Dark Fantasy Dystopian With Demons and Monsters – Mature Content

by Shelby Lamb

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.”

â?? Aldous Huxley

Aubrey has done it. She has teleported herself to “the hidden domain” and have managed to bring along her dream boy, Nathan, and nemesis/ex-besty Adelaide. But how could this be? They were all just at a party. No one knew getting into the backyard shed and saying the “magic words” would work. And the three are absolutely stunned. But the world Aubrey thought would be a wonderful paradise is actually a nightmare. As beautiful and enchanting as it is, Wisteria is like jumping down the rabbit hole with the Devil waiting on the sidelines.

The people are different in this world. They are monsters, and not just physically. The Moss Wall is supposed to serve as a protection, separating the demons from the non-demons, but that doesn’t mean Aubrey and her friends are safe. Non-demon Aristocrats are nasty and cruel, indulging in their favorite daily past-time: the torture of the red maidens.

And as for the handsome demon boy who wants Aubrey’s soul? “You’ll never escape,” warned fairies swooping down on her.

But Aubrey, Nathan, and Adelaide won’t go down without a fight. They simply must make it to the safe house and find their way out of the realm. Thankfully The Underground Annual is on its way. It is the biggest party, an explosive rave that happens once a year. And now it is their only window of opportunity. But will their plan succeed?

Author note: “Honestly I am sorry if any reviewers think Aubrey is too whiney and immature and the book is too dark. But I got to stay true. If you really look into the book you will see that Aubrey is suffering from borderline personality disorder. This is a severe mental illness and Aubrey wasn’t created to glamorize mental illness. BPD is a very painful disorder. To be honest Aubrey in a lot of ways is me. And I wrote her for anyone else out there who is just as tortured mentally. Sure it adds another layer to the horror and psychological darkness of this book. But in the end you will see how she gets through and I hope it will help anyone who is suffering the same. Honestly having borderline personality disorder is so hard. In the end, I wasn’t writing for everyone. I wrote the book for other girls and boys like me. I tried to find books out there with other girls just like me but to me they all felt cookie cutter and like I couldn’t relate. If you get offended by “dramatic” or “sensitive” girls seen as “weak” and not people actually suffering from an emotional disorder and STRONG to still be alive, then I’m sorry this book series (Wisteria) or maybe none of my books is for you.”

Love, Shelby

The Phoenix and the Flames (Prometheus Book 1)

by Brendan Landry

Wanted by the same government he helped to end the resource war, Robert Phoenix lives a solitary life in the post-war woodlands reclaimed by nature. But when he is tracked down and given an ultimatum, he finds he has little choice except to return to the HIVE city of New Amsterdam to clear his name. Little does he know, a chance encounter with a would-be thief would put them both on a path filled with discovery, death, and destruction. Will Robert rise from the ashes, or burn with the flames?The Phoenix and the Flames is the first installment in the Prometheus series. It is an action-packed adventure that takes places in an alternate, yet strangely familiar dystopian world. The tale follows Robert as he battles mysteries, deception, and unknown enemies on his quest to freedom. With thrills around every corner, The Phoenix and the Flames is sure to keep you on your toes!

Breakers of the Dawn (Dawn Saga Book 1)

by Zachariah Wahrer

Humanity has fallen from its once majestic place amongst the stars. Desperate for resources to prop up an aging galactic dynasty, humans seize every planet they find, exterminating their alien inhabitants.

Across the empire, a group of dissidents come together through happenstance. As they learn more, however, they sense a strange force directing their lives. Can they discover the truth before the empire destroys them?

Dispatched to subdue an uprising, a government operative unearths an ancient relic. It somehow knows everything about him, even his darkest secrets. The strange device promises extraordinary power, but can he trust it?

The first book in a four part saga, Breakers of the Dawn is epic science fiction, featuring a diverse cast of characters. It’s easy to read, but hard to put down.

The Dawn Saga:

    Book 1 – Breakers of the Dawn
    Book 2 – Harbingers of the Dawn
    Book 3 – Destroyers of the Dawn
    Book 4 – Coming Early 2019

Dawn Saga Short Stories:

    Jaydon – Available by subscribing to Zachariah’s newsletter

The Signal

by Stephen Matthews

Humanity had been searching for the signs of other intelligent life for centuries. When Lex, the captain of a deep survey vessel, detects what could be an â??alien’ message and reports it, he starts a train of actions that has him hiding from his own military, then traveling into the centre of a war zone, and further away from Earth than anyone had ever imagined.

High Strangeness

by Eric Bickernicks

Something strange has arrived on Cape Cod, and it’s not just the UFOs.

Ken Wakeman, a skeptical UFOlogist who seeks the truth about paranormal phenomenon, struggles to discredit the myriad of crackpot theories out there. Melissa “Mel” Howard, a reporter for a small Cape Cod newspaper, copes with the seasonal tourist invasion and its accompanying anxieties. When the Cape becomes the national focus over a rash of UFO sights, they join forces to get to the bottom it.

Despite denials from town officials and the military that UFOs have landed, mass hysteria overcomes the seaside community. In addition to the frantic humans, Astro, Ken’s Golden Retriever has also been acting strangely.

Joining the invasion is Klick, the promiscuous leader of a spandex-clad UFO cult whose members want to “amalgamate” with the Fornacisians when their spaceship lands. Mel learns that when dealing with wing nuts, the truth isn’t necessarily “out there”. Tom Frasier, an infamous proponent of crashed saucers and frozen alien bodies, claims the local military base houses some intriguing secrets. After a visit from the FBI gives legitimacy to Tom’s story, Ken will ultimately decide how far he’s willing to go to witness humanity’s greatest close encounter.

Danny and the Revenge of the Dinosaurs: Written & illustrated by David T. Lee at age 10, 20,000 words (The Adventures of Danny Hoopenbiller Book 4)

by David T. Lee

Summary of the story: One year after the terrifying invasion of the dinosaurs, Danny settles down. He believes the dinosaurs are long gone. HE IS WRONG. As a result of his trip to the past, the dinosaurs have evolved into a frightening new species. MARTIANS. A prophecy from Thomas Edison deepens the mystery of the oppressors’ threat to destroy humankind. The President of the United States (POTUS) unveils a new invention to battle the aliens. Unknowingly, Danny and Jack (his son) rescue Albert Einstein’s long-lost child from a hidden alien prison. Both the POTUS and the Vice President are kidnapped during a White House invasion. Once again, Danny must save the day using his powerful new allies.

Author’s website:

Unshaken: a Sanctuary Novel

by Pauline Creeden

Biblical apocalypse or alien invasion? Either way, John is about to have a bad day.

John Stark is often described as surly. He’s quiet by nature and prefers training dogs for Search and Rescue to an office job. So, when an earthquake collapses a building in Virginia Beach, he answers the call, even though one of the alien ships hovers only a few miles away.

Though the aliens have been inactive for weeks, his wife wants to move farther from them. But when the aliens attack, it is nothing like anyone expected. Now John needs to find his way back to his wife, but the apocalypse stands in the way.

Killer Minds: Near future science fiction

by Stephen Sackleigh

Simon Carlisle investigates a death in a world where killing is near impossible

The population has brain implants that prevent violent actions!

Simon Carlisle is a police Technical Support Officer who is called to the scene of a violent death in a world where this is an extreme rarity. The population has cranial implants from birth that prevent them from committing violent acts. He is hiding a secret of his own – He has mental control over his implant.

In this near future story, Simon is called on to attend the location of anyone who has died to carry out the initial examination. His ‘patch’ is Wimbledon in South London and one October night he is called out to examine the body of a young woman who has been stabbed to death and left on the street. It should be near impossible for this to have happened as everyone has a microcircuit embedded in their head that causes the secretion of calming hormones when they become stressed. Violent crime is virtually unknown.

Carlisle keeps secret from his family and work colleagues the knowledge that he can, if he concentrates, effectively turn off his implant. He has a remarkable mental ability that allows him to interface directly with electrical devices and this even extends to the nervous system of the human body.

Intrigued by the extraordinary murder, he checks the autopsy report when he returns to the office and finds that the case is even stranger than he first thought as this woman had no brain implant. He decides that he will make an investigation in his own time as he is not a detective and cannot do this officially. He uncovers a world that he did not know existed but, in so doing, he puts his life and the lives of his loved ones in danger.

The murder victim’s implant has been removed by a shadowy organisation that soon becomes aware that Carlisle is delving into their affairs. Government agents want the information to be kept confidential and soon he finds that his colleagues turn against him. He finds himself friendless and in grave danger.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Near Future Science Fiction Novel

This is the second science fiction novel written by Stephen Sackleigh and is based in the near future. It has more than 220 pages and 70K words.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Modified: Volume 1

by Kat Stiles

Sometimes super powers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be…

Kate has enough problems – a boss that’s a little too friendly, a sex life that’s non-existent, and a cat with zero tolerance for late meals. The last thing she needs is to be kidnapped, even if it is by a hot Brit.

Afterwards, she’s mysteriously returned and has no memory of what happened. She learns, with the help of an eccentric sexy woman, that she’s been modified – given a power unique to her talents. Sounds cool, right? It would be if she knew how to use it without killing everyone around her…

Modified is a funny, sexy, geeky romp about the trouble of acquiring an unexpected and inherently evil super power. Full of offbeat characters, profanity, and just enough deliciously wicked thoughts, you’ll love this fun series.

Please note – Modified is a serialized story. Think of each volume more like an episode of a TV show than a fully contained novel. For this reason, it’s only going to make sense when read in order.

Fans of Jamie Hawke’s Myth Protector and Jan Stryvant’s Valens Legacy series will devour this super-powered, serialized story. Pick up your copy today and get Modified!

Reader Discretion is Advised: If you are offended by strong language, sexual situations, or short, serialized books then for the love of God don’t read this.

Salah, The Companion Android

by Khadim Zaman

“General Humeer Agzanay,” Interpol officer Cyrilla said in a formal tone, standing up and assuming a straight posture, “as the European Cyber Wars treaty of 2187 states, all weapons of mass destruction residing within territories of the European Federation must be decommissioned. You, as such, have been classified by both European and International law as a WMD weapon, and therefore must be removed from service.”

Jules Verne: The Collection (20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Interior of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, The Mysterious Island…)

by Jules Verne

Here you will find the largest collection of Verne’s “Extraordinary Voyages” available in English (47 novels).
The novels are in the chronological order of their original publication.

– Five Weeks in a Balloon
– The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
– Journey to the Center of the Earth
– From the Earth to the Moon
– In Search of the Castaways
– Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
– Around The Moon
– A Floating City
– The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa
– The Fur Country
– Around the World in Eighty Days
– The Mysterious Island
– The Survivors of the Chancellor
– Michael Strogoff
– Hector Servadac
– The Underground City
– Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen
– The Five Hundred Millions of the Begum
– Tribulations of a Chinaman in China
– The Steam House
– Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
– Godfrey Morgan
– The Green Ray
РK̩raban the Inflexible
– The Star of the South
– The Archipelago on Fire
– Mathias Sandorf
– The Lottery Ticket
– Robur the Conqueror
– North Against South
– The Flight to France
– Two Years’ Vacation
– Family Without a Name
– The Purchase of the North Pole
– Caesar Cascabel
– Mistress Branican
– The Castle of the Carpathians
– Claudius Bombarnac
– Foundling Mick
– Captain Antifer
– Floating Island
– Facing the Flag
– Clovis Dardentor
– An Antarctic Mystery
– The Will of an Eccentric
– The Master of the World
– The Chase of the Golden Meteor

The World After

by Sonador Snow

In 2025, free will can no longer be taken for granted. New economic powers have risen from the ashes of old civilization and 90% of the population have brain implants. The new world order excludes any disobedience against the authorities.

The few who don’t have brain implants soon find themselves dealing with the Agency for Tracking the Untraceables. Among these fugitives without home or country exists a small group known as the Yuyuan.

Planning to launch a bold effort against the tyrannical ruling powers and change the future of humankind, they face the Agency and their ruthless director, Shimi Levy, who will do everything in his power to stop them.

Also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

The Back Door Man

by Dave Buschi

All credit cards have stopped working. Today. This morning.

What cash you have in your wallet is it. ATMs and bank systems are down. You can’t get gas, groceriesâ?¦ Commerce has essentially come to a halt. Such is the backdrop of THE BACK DOOR MAN.

Our society is computercentric. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We’re plugged in. Managing our finances online. Downloading apps for our iPhone. Reading the WSJ on our Kindle.

There are things out there on the cutting edge we don’t even know we need to fear. THE BACK DOOR MAN takes us there.

We see it through the eyes of James Kolinsky, a simple family man who works in information security. His day goes from bad to worse when he discovers that his greatest fear is his fault and what’s happened to him has happened to millions of others.

He’s been set up. His familyâ??make that the worldâ??has been taken hostage. The next twenty-four hours we find out what James Kolinsky is really made of.

(THE BACK DOOR MAN is available in French as Hackeur et contre tous and in German as Der Mann an der Hintertür.)

The 28th Gate: Volume 1

by Christopher C. Dimond

With a stolen experimental starship and a pair of advanced synthetic limbs, Hunter isn’t an average bounty hunter.

“A gunslinger adventure with good, clean fun!”

When he accepted the job on a backwater planet, Hunter thought it would be easy. He and his partner just had to track down a missing researcher. But when they find her, she’s fled a quarter of the way around the massive ring of twenty-seven gates and Hunter realizes all is not as he was told.

That simple realization, and Hunter’s drive for retribution, kick off a series of adventures leading to the most important discovery since the fall of the Gate Ageâ??and put him in direct confrontation with the corp he’s been running from for the past 10 revolutions.

Set in a far distant future, The 28th Gate is a series of tales that will appeal of fans who like space marines, space fleets, and military hard science fiction. The series consists of eight volumes spread across four seasons telling the story of Hunter’s struggles against the AAA corporation that created him. Each volume contains six episodic novelettes each with the action, character, and plotting of a complete story all crammed into an espresso-like package, while each season chronicles a different arc in the overall epic.

Join the adventure now in Volume 1!

Frank Got Abducted

by Andrew Heaton

Why do aliens travel thousands of light years just to vandalize cornfields? Would it hurt your feelings if UFO’s abducted your friends but not you? What, exactly, are extraterrestrials doing with cows? In this paranormal comedy about alien abductions a motley cast discovers just how and why Earth fits into the greater galaxy.

Frank doesn’t believe in aliens, and is scrambling to come up with logical reasons he keeps waking up in different states with his pants on backwards. His sister Hillary spots what appears to be a friend from college, but the man insists they have never met before. So do the next two doppelgangers she encounters. When one of these strange doubles tries to kidnap Frank, they must piece together how a serial killer, an extraterrestrial romance, and Frank’s intergalactic colonoscopies connect to a larger alien plot. And by doing so discover that aliens are just as bumbling as the human beings they suck up in spaceships.

Mind Machines (Human++ Book 1)

by Dima Zales

From New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Dima Zales, an intense new techno-thriller that pushes the limits of what it means to be human.

With billions in the bank and my own venture capital firm, I’m living the American dream. My only problem? A car accident that leaves my mother with memory problems.

Brainocytes, a new technology that can transform our brains, could be the answer to all of my problemsâ??but I’m not the only one who sees its potential.

Plunged into a criminal underworld darker than anything I could’ve imagined, my life-saving technology might be the death of me.

My name is Mike Cohen, and this is how I became more than human.

Please note: This book was formerly titled Human++.

The Fairy Paintbox : Why Canâ??t We See Fairies Anymore?

by Jon Jacks

In a dark room, Missy’s master Isaac has captured a section of the rainbow.
He claims it contains every colour there is.
Missy is busy mixing paints, hoping to capture every tint.
But now she’s seen a boy that no one else seems to see.
And paints have begun magically appearing in her paintbox.
Paints that are impossible to describe.
Because the colours shouldn’t exist.

Expedition (Galactic Neighborhood Book 1)

by Alexander Elliott

The humans of Earth planned for a long intergalactic journey. What they didn’t plan on was running into the neighbors.

In 2096 Captain Christopher Perry led the starship Expedition on a centuries-long search for a suitable world to colonize. Assisted by Mosis, a sentient AI, the unsuspecting crew is awakened by an alien transmission, leading them to the remains of the Vingah race, preserved in stasis.

With a rescue mission in full swing, the allies are challenged by an aggressive species, bent on acquiring the Vingah’s secrets. The confrontation’s outcome will change the destinies of three disparate races, and allow the victors to spread their influence throughout the galaxy.

The Thought Readers (Mind Dimensions Book 1)

by Dima Zales

A new series about mind readers from a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Everyone thinks I’m a genius.

Everyone is wrong.

Sure, I finished Harvard at eighteen and now make crazy money at a hedge fund. But that’s not because I’m unusually smart or hard-working.

It’s because I cheat.

You see, I have a unique ability. I can go outside time into my own personal version of realityâ??the place I call “the Quiet”â??where I can explore my surroundings while the rest of the world stands still.

I thought I was the only one who could do thisâ??until I met her.

My name is Darren, and this is how I became entangled with all the Russians and learned that I’m a Reader.

Contamination (Feast of Weeds Book One): A Dystopian Survival Series

by Jamie Thornton

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jamie Thornton comes a stunning survival series that has readers raving about its dark and gritty thrills. Powerful enemies, twisted memories, a government willing to do anything for control….

A single drop of blood is all it takes to begin changing you. Sometimes the blood fills you with rage, but sometimes it does…something else.

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“Thrilling…keeps you reading and wanting more.” â?? â?? â?? â?? â??

“I couldn’t put this down.” â?? â?? â?? â?? â??

“This left me hungry for the next book.” â?? â?? â?? â?? â??

When a new virus unleashes violence that devastates eighteen-year-old Corrina’s neighborhood, all Corrina can think about is surviving. But when the boy she loves is kidnapped by a group of government soldiers, she must team up with a strange group of street kids to save him.

Interview with the Author

Q – What makes the Feast of Weeds series special?â?¨

An epidemic ravaging the human population. A world spiraling into chaos. People doing whatever it takes to survive. I wanted to write something I would love to read. I’ve always been drawn to the post-apocalyptic genre and thought about end-of-the-world books I’ve loved–Stephen King’s The Stand, Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. But also recent stories like The Girl With All the Gifts, The Passage, and even Stranger Things. I’ve always found stories with big epidemics/events that reinvent the world so thrilling. I also love getting into some of the science, like the genetic engineering, that would make the situations plausible.

Feast of Weeds gives you some of that classic Walking Dead zombie fare, but…without giving too much away…I guarantee you’ve never read a zombie series like Feast of Weeds before.â?¨

Even though my cast of characters are teenagers I’ve definitely had plenty of adults write me about how much they’ve enjoyed the series. I think Feast of Weeds hits the sweet spot of older Young Adult that will appeal to plenty of adults too.â?¨

No matter what your age, the Feast of Weeds series is designed to keep you furiously turning those pages.â?¨

Q – What order should I read the books in?â?¨

I think the complete series would be most enjoyable in the following sequence:
–Germination (prequel short novel)â?¨

Q – Why should readers give these books a try?â?¨

The prequel hit #5 on the New York Times and #8 on the USA Today bestseller lists. I’ve gotten tons of emails from readers letting me know how much they loved Feast of Weeds (stay-up-all-night-even-with-work-the-next-day love). But more than that, as a reader myself, I am always looking for the next Stranger Things, The Passage, The Girl With All The Gifts. THAT’S the kind of story I hope you’ll find in Feast of Weeds. Smart. Dangerous. Gritty. With rip-your-heart-out intensity (literally and figuratively in some cases).â?¨

Feast of Weeds is a fast, dark apocalyptic ride. Just remember…nothing is what it seems.â?¨

Check out my author page here at Amazon for more details, and a full list of my available titles.

Echoes of Angels (Sins of Angels Book 1)

by M.A. Larkin

After millennia of oppressive dogma, one rebellious woman seeks to change it all and spark a galactic enlightenment.

When Rachel Jordan dares to question the ancient beliefs governing her world, she finds herself alone. For refusing to conform, the inquisitors have branded her a heretic. Redeemers have hunted her to a remote corner of the universe, intent on forcing her back into obedience.

But she isn’t hiding.

Armed with proof that the angels who saved mankind weren’t angels at all, she will break this cycle and bring freedom to humanity!

Echoes of Angels is the first book of Sins of Angels, an epic space opera series set 3000 years after the fall of Earth. With the scope of Dune and the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones, Sins of Angels delivers a conflict that spans galaxies and rests on the spirit of a single brave researcher. Follow the complete saga, and watch as the fate of our species hangs in the balance.

Bonded in Space (Xeno Relations Book 3)

by Trisha McNary

Strange things happen when a crazy alien can’t get you out of his mind. Antaska wants to forget about Marroo the slave hunter, but she can’t stop thinking about him. Marroo wants to forget about Antaska too. So he plans to kidnap another Earth female, experience her love, and move on. But it’s not working out like he expected. Just out of space school, Earth girl Pweet can’t wait to take off from Earth. But she runs into some problems. And Potat the psychic cat is miffed when another semi-humanoid cat follows Antaska home. The first chapters of Alien Pets and hypnoSnatch are included in this version.
Alien Pets – Life gets weird when you’re adopted by an alien. One million years in the future, Antaska, a young human, and her psychic cat are adopted as pets by a gigantic alien. Traveling in outer space, she becomes telepathic in a world where that’s dangerous. Then she gets into a love triangle that’s even more dangerous. Her cat tries to tell Antaska what she’s doing wrong, but will she listen?
hypnoSnatch – Is it love, or is it alien abduction? Antaska is trying to deal with life as the pet of a gigantic alien. But things keep getting weirder as she travels in outer space with the alien and her psychic cat. Mischievous but evil part-reptile humanoids team up with Antaska’s nemesis, a genetically enhanced fitness instructor, to take revenge on her to the ends of the universe. Her unexpected alien abduction spoils their plans.


by Jorge Sanchez

It’s been three long years since Deadbreak. That’s what everyone’s calling it – the day the dead rose. Every day since then Jeremiah Reid has had one goal: to make his way to his daughter. It’s a new world out there and no one is safe. People are meaner, cities are in ruin, supplies are scarce. If he’s going to have a chance he’ll need his wits, a little bit of luck, and lots of ammo.

Battle of Mesquite: US Reunification War

by David Pope

A war for the soul of America is underway as the breakaway Republic of American States fights for survival. Set 30 years in the future, the ROAS is outgunned and outmanned as mechanized combat rages across the open plains of the Nevada desert. Can futuristic weapons and artificial intelligence overcome the odds and save the Republic or will the conflagration spell the end of liberal democracy?  

As the armies collide in Mesquite, Nevada, infantry squad leader Staff Sergeant Lisa McMichael and other front-line troops struggle for survival and supremacy on the battlefield. Unbeknownst to them, behind the scenes, advanced artificial intelligence controlled by the ROAS is the ultimate prize and might hold the key to victory.

Political and military leaders, common soldiers and citizens, all must make life-and-death decisions that extend beyond their moral boundaries. Tensions will rise as emergent technologies threaten to change the landscape of war itself.

In this clash of powers, who will win, and what will the future hold?

Monsters: Purity (Rise of the Kymiera, Volume 1)

by Steve Turnbull


The story of a teenage girl who’s turning into a monster – literally.

Chloe Dark is an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world. But when her closest friend is kidnapped and the police seem powerless to help, she sets out to find her alone. But things are not what they seem and in this dystopian world anyone can be a target.

And anyone can become a monster. Even you.

Note: KYMIERA is divided into six episodes, which comprise a single story. Each episode is the length of a short novel.

A gritty, unputdownable, epic Science Fiction thriller from a USA Today bestselling author. KYMIERA will hold you until the final page: A teenage girl turning into a monster. A world-weary policeman on the trail of genetic freaks. A schoolteacher with a dark secret. A rogue scientist playing god. Corporations vying for power. The hidden cyber-world of the wireheads. A tyrannical ruling class called the Purity.

Skin clubs. Freak fights. Murder and modified humans. And a society on the edge of collapse.

The Smell – A Post Apocalyptic Thriller (ROT SERIES Book 1)

by Damon Hunter

A disease called the rot has spread to the United States, leading to a quarantine being imposed on most of California. Victims react in different ways. Most become like zombies, wandering about aimlessly unless they come across someone to bite and spread the disease. Others become aggressive and animal like. Rarer are those who seem to immune.

Eric Vance of the newly formed Tactical Medical Response Team is one of the immune. He is trapped in San Francisco awaiting rescue after a doomed mission into the Quarantined California left him and two others stranded. He learns his ex wife, Donna and teenage daughter, Katelin are trapped in a newly quarantine part of Southern California. Knowing they are trouble he makes plans to leave his post and go help them.

Donna and Katelin are not waiting around for help. They fall in with a motley bunch of survivors and try to fight their way out, but the rot is much more pervasive and deadly than they could have anticipated.

To complicate matters roaming the wasteland collecting the immune and processing them into samples to study is mad TMRT scientist Dr. Talbot. Even if Vance and his family can survive the rot Talbot has other sinister plans for them.

Without Hesitation (Beyond Earth Book 1)

by Talia Jager

Without Hesitation is set a thousand years in the future. Earth has become a wasteland. Humans traveled into space to colonize other suitable planets. Labels and stereotypes are a thing of the past and gender and sexual identity are as fluid as love as humans strive to survive. Here we meet Everleigh, the commander of her ship named Nirvana. She is under the control of an evil madman, Caspar, who keeps her family captive. He sends her to Valinor to abduct the Empress Akacia. When she arrives, she is taken back by Akacia’s beauty and when the Empress fights back, Everleigh realizes she has met her match.

**This book is an LGBTQ story with a female/female relationship.**

A man’s graveyard.

by Krisina Kaka

Historical fiction set in the late 17th century west Africa, at a time when the trans Atlantic slave trade was at its peak. A group of women must survive in a society that abhors their values. A story of passion, struggle and inevitable end of men who are controlled by their passions.
At a time when all that matters to them was survival, they must choose loyalty over family, a creed that had kept them. As a man’s passion for vain desires, ignites a flame for lust that eventually destroys a nation and a fraternity.
Rich in the display of African traditional religious practices interfacing with a contemporary form of power play

Cast in Sand (Atlas Cycle)

by Dustin Porta

On a failed expedition to the heart of an ancient space station, Edwina wakes in a land of fierce warriors and drifting sands, in a mechanical body that is not her own.

With no memory of why, or how many bodies have come before this, one thing is clear: she’s trapped and time is running out.

An ancient citadel looms over the barren land and a cruel sultan rules the scattered people. Edwina finds a new body, one real enough to feel human, and strong enough to challenge the sultan. But the android body comes with human weaknesses, and like the others it has a mind of its own.

When her allies begin to quarrel, Edwina must find a way to make empathy and hatred work together. To do that, she may just have to listen to what the android is telling her.

This is Station Atlas, where the fall of humanity is long forgotten, where history becomes fantasy, science becomes magic, and basic survival is high adventure in a strange, fragile world.

La ciudad vertical (Spanish Edition)

by Javier Torras de Ugarte

Ilustración y diseño de portada: José Antonio Álvarez Pacios

La Ciudad Vertical nos transporta a un futuro distópico y aterrador en el que la historia y la capacidad crítica de los ciudadanos han sido anuladas. Sin embargo, un grupo de disidentes se esfuerza por mantener la dignidad humana y luchar contra el totalitarismo urbano de las Grandes Familias que basan su privilegio social en la supuesta pureza de sangre.

La nueva civilización habita en interminables rascacielos construidos para huir de los desastres naturales que asolan la tierra firme. Los hombres y mujeres conviven en una sociedad alienada que no cuestiona el pasado, el presente o el futuro; el elemnto cohesionador y que les permite seguir adelante es el miedo… miedo a lo desconocido, a lo diferente. Miedo a los mestizos.

Todos los habitantes de la Ciudad Vertical tienen sangre ‘pura’, mientras que los mestizos han sido abandonados en el subsuelo, bajo las millones de toneladas que cimentan el nuevo orden social. La historia reflexiona sobre el interés de unos por subir y la necesidad de otros por bajar, una intriga constante llena de juegos de poder, venganza y odio. Se trata de una aventura constante por alumbrar lo desconocido, redescubrir el pasado para poder hacer frente al futuro.

Con una trama trepidante y cargada de sorpresas, esta novela conjuga elementos de la ciencia ficción con la novela de aventuras para llevarnos a un inesperado final en el que nadie es quien parece ser.

Dark Nights

by Christopher A. Gray

“Innovative and well-paced… part scientific exploration, part action, part
political intrigue, the combined result is a page-turner.”

– Publishers Weekly

The thinking quantum computer believed it knew best how to save humanity… even if doing so meant destroying half the population.

Astrophysicist Doug Lockwood has made the discovery of a lifetime: another planet has appeared in our solar system, in orbit opposite that of Earth. Its sudden appearance is unexplained, but the danger presented by the alternate Earth is real, kicking off a chain of events that will carry Lockwood into the grasp of a formidable artificial intelligence bent on accomplishing its goal at any cost. With the survival of our Earth at stake and time running out, Lockwood and his team must find a way to counter this unprecedented threat before the powerful new enemy completes its plan. Two civilizations are pitted against each other in a desperate struggle for survival that may lead to Armageddon for both worlds.

Dead Dayz

by Shaun Whittington

What would you do if it were just you and your son during the zombie apocalypse?

This is exactly the situation David Johnson has to endure. It is four weeks into the apocalypse, and with his wife and daughter still missing, David is doing his best to keep it together and look after his seven-year-old son Harry. But as the days go by, this task is proving to be getting more difficult.

With many obstacles getting in David’s way to protect his son, like avoiding thugs and trying to keep hydrated and fed, he has decisions to make in order for he and his son to survive long term.


A message from the author

Please read before downloading

In October 2014, I decided to write a little book inbetween the Snatchers series (a little tradition of mine) and began writing a story about a father and son that were trying to survive in the Zombie apocalypse. I called it Dead Dayz

In December 2014, I decided to ditch the first draft and concentrate on a new Snatchers book, Snatchers 5: The Dead Don’t Yield. I didn’t like the finished Dead Dayz, but some individuals who had read the book liked the father and son story, so I decided to incorporate it into the fifth Snatchers book.

The story was about David Johnson and his son, Harry, (Paul and Kyle Dickson), and I saved the best bits from the Dead Dayz book and put it into the Snatchers book.

The following you are about to read is the original Dead Dayz book. If you have read the Snatchers series, then this book still has many parts/chapters that you haven’t read before, but the story will certainly be familiar. And if you haven’t read the Snatchers series before, then everything I have talked about doesn’t matter.

Dead Dayz was initially a standalone novel, before it was dissected for the Snatchers 5 book that was eventually released in February 2015, and it seemed a shame to leave it sitting on my hard drive in its original form.

The Forgotten Engineer (Athena Lee Chronicles Book 1)

by T S Paul

Newly Re-Edited and Re-Formatted

Ensign Athena Lee was one month into her new assignment as the most Junior engineer on board ship. Her assignment was to help build a secret spy station in a small out of the way galaxy. How was she to know it would become her last official assignment? An enemy fleet dropped out of jump right into their midst. In the aftermath of the battle she was left behind forgotten. What does an engineer do when faced with insurmountable odds and all hope of rescue? She changes the equation!

Read the first book in the star spanning Epic Space Opera series.

A Knight’s Oath: A science fantasy story (The Order of the Black Rose Book 1)

by Penny BroJacquie

A cloak-and-dagger society. A deadly challenge. An oath to secrecy. A call of fate.

He wished he could live a life full of adventure. “Be careful what you wish for,” they say.
Young Eric lives a boring life on an isolated island in the North Sea, which no one seems to know. Studying ancient runes and Norse mythology doesn’t offer him any pleasure anymore. He wants to travel the world, live the adventure, experience the excitement.
And then he meets Egon, a mysterious traveler, and finds himself trapped in a dim dungeon with no way out. His life is in danger, so are the lives of his loved ones.
It is the moment when Eric will have to choose his own life path. Will he choose to have control of his own life and preserve the right to make his own decisions? Or will he take the oath that will strip him of the prerogative of making his own life decisions?

What will he choose? Freedom or destiny?

Find out in this adrenaline rushing thrill ride, chock full of runes and ancient secrets!

If you love conspiracies, fun-filled adventure science fantasy, and history, then you’ll love the second standalone installment in Penny BroJacquie’s NA SpecFic series.

Buy NOW “A Knight’s Oath” to join the Order of the Black Rose today.


#1 The Undead Must Die
#2 A Knight’s Oath
#3 The Withered Rose

(end with a cliffhanger)
#4 The Knight’s Portal
#5 A Knight’s Deceit
#6 The White Knights
#7 The Knight’s Rose
#8 The Knight’s Paradox
#9 title TBA (late January 2019)
#10 title TBA (February 2019)
#11 title TBA (early March 2019)
#12 title TBA (late March 2019)
#13 title TBA (April 2019)

The Keystone Islands: Portals of the Grave

by Lander Allen

What if someone buried a secret inside you?

Scott, Miranda, and Dixon have no idea where they came from. At the age of seven, they fell through a portal onto the planet Cova. Their bodies were marked with mysterious surgical scars. Doctors and scientists watched them grow, always looking for answers. Were they aliens? Bio-engineered? Children from the future?

On the eve of their adulthood, answers finally arrive. A scattered and tattered people from the other side of the world seem to know the truth about the portal. However, these new people hold subtle, unexplained powers. Can they be trusted? Whatever their intentions, they are a threat to Cova.

Scott, Miranda, and Dixon are now in a race to find out who they really are. As they battle to save Cova from the threat of this new civilization, they must answer the most important question: are they the very weapons that could destroy humanity?

Abducted By The Fire King (Viking Mate Book 1)

by J. S. Wilder

Two dying alien races and one human female. What’s the result? A dating agency. 
Stevan, the leader of the Fire Planet, wants to save his people, once he shifts and lands on Earth. He abducts Catherina in the hope of preventing the races from facing extinction. The women are no longer able to mate and the first birth in centuries has resulted in a stillbirth.
They discover that they need a way to connect the aliens together. Catherina uses her skills of working for a dating agency to connect them.
Catherina has a dead end job back on Earth, with the rise of technology – dating agencies have become a thing of the past. She enjoys bringing the two races together. Her focus shifts from connecting the races to a hot passionate night with the seven-foot leader.
Sereni has other ideas as she wants to claim Stevan and she doesn’t want a small, pale-blooded human to take her place as Stevan’s rightful mate. 
Sereni is out to get Catherina before Stevan begs Catherina to stay. 
Can Catherina win against Sereni for the heart of the leader?

Author’s Note:
This was previously called The Fire Planet Vikings. Now, it has a new title and cover. The content of the book is the same as was previously published. It is a stand-alone novel and the first book in the Viking Mate series. I hope you enjoy the action-packed adventure with plenty of steam in this alien love triangle romance.

Gather The Children (Chronicles of the Maca Book 2)

by Mari Collier

Two aliens are living their lives in 1860’s Texas.

One is filled with rage against the world; the other drawn to return to his homeworld and reclaim his land. Before they learn to navigate a spaceship between the stars, they need to find trust in each other and stay alive in a hostile, dangerous land torn by civil war.

But after two strong-minded Earth women alter their plans, they must make hard choices about their future.

Is revenge more important than love?

Praise from readers:

â??â??â??â??â?? – “The author has done a masterful job of combining history and fantasy in this saga.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “This story puts you right into Texas in the 1850s. As a fan, and student, of science fiction for 40 years, I can honestly say this is one of the best. Thank you, Mari.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “This story of the juxtaposition of western and space aliens is interesting. The clash of cultures is not quite what might be expected, but it leads to an interesting read.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “I enjoyed the purely western start, and the aliens and otherworldly part fit seamlessly. An odd combination to be sure, but the author makes it work.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “I highly recommend this to everyone that is searching for a sci-fi story that they can actually relate to. Cannot wait for the next novel.”

The Awakening (Metal and Stone Book 1)

by Kevin Potter

They exist, but have been in a state of hibernation for millennia. Will mankind survive their violent awakening?

Dauria was young and idealistic when she helped create the pact to force all dragons to withdraw from the world of Man in Earth’s distant past.

When she awakens unexpectedly after a millennia-long slumber, she finds those carefully laid plans unraveling. Someone is plotting a new war against humanity, and this time words may not be enough to stop it.

In her desperation to reunite with old allies, she finds herself separated from her draconic nature. If she can’t get it back, the nightmarish horrors of the past could return worse than ever…

If you love thrilling stories all about dragons as complex as any human, Metal and Stone is the series for you. Download your FREE copy of The Awakening today!

Descendants (The Arete Series Book 1)

by Rae Else

There are lots of stories about the children of gods. But what about those cursed by the gods, and their descendants…El, a seventeen-year-old has inherited an ancient and deadly power. She loses control of it, causing a horrific accident, and becomes the prey of a secret organization known as the Order.

Forced from her family and home, she hides in plain sight amidst the crowds of London,and is thrust into a world she never knew existed, one full of arete, beings with extraordinary powers like hers.

At the heart of their world is the kerykeion, the symbol that protects them from the humans and the humans from them. El is trapped between two factions, one that has built an empire around the kerykeion and another that is determined to bring it down.

As she is drawn deeper into the conflict, the only way to find the truth is to take matters into her own hands, and the line between friend and foe becomes dangerously blurred.

Descendants is the first book in The Arete Series, a captivating YA urban fantasy tale. If you enjoy new twists on Greek myths, infused with dark family secrets and ancient magic, then you’ll love this series.

The Connection and Web of Lies, two companion e-shorts are included with the book.  What are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the button now to unlock the secrets of the ancients!

Antidote: Love and War, Book 1

by R. A. Steffan

Her survival depends on a dangerous alien fugitive.

Skye Chantrell has just escaped a war zone.
She’s carrying the stolen antidote to a deadly bioweapon.

When her damaged shuttle crashes on a remote lunar outpost, she’s captured by the leader of a rogue group of barbaric aliens. Now her people’s fateâ??not to mention her ownâ??rests in the hands of the Seven Systems’ most feared and hated criminal.

A man with the face of a brutal thug, and the eyes of an angel.

* * *

Hunter Tarthasian has every reason to hate the Regime.

He and his comrades have gone rogue, vowing to use every means at their disposal to bring down the evil Premiere. Now, they’re wanted and on the run, holed up in an abandoned outpost while they plan their next move. The last thing Hunter needs is a female human civvy with a terrible secret crash-landing on his doorstep. Especially when she starts to awaken feelings in him that have no place in his life as a rebel leader.

Feelings that could very easily get all of them killed.

* * *

From USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan comes a sizzling new sci-fi romance series, perfect for fans of J. R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Strap in tight, because all’s fair in LOVE AND WAR.

A note for readers: Antidote: Love and War, Book 1 originally appeared as part of the Other Worlds boxset.

Uncommon Purpose (The Hope Island Chronicles Book 1)

by PJ Strebor

Following the bloody war between the Athenian Republic and the Pruessen Empire, an uneasy peace has settled over the region of space known as The Tunguska Fault.

The Telford family’s independent trading vessel, the Belinda is captured by Pruessen slavers and the crew forced into a life of brutal servitude. Their desperate bid for freedom succeeds but a tragic price is paid.

Years pass and Nathan Telford, fighting the nightmares of his past and yearning for revenge, joins the Athenian Navy. His first posting is aboard the warship Truculent, patrolling the northern quarantine zone beyond which lurks the Empire.

Answering a distress call from a beleaguered freighter, the routine mission becomes a desperate fight for survival. The Pruessans are once again testing the defenses of the Republic and this time they have technology far in advance of the last war.

It is left to Nathan, three untried middies and a disgruntled petty officer to try and avert a looming disaster.

With their high tech weapons rendered useless and facing overwhelming odds, Nathan risks everything on a brave, hastily conceived gamble.


Fevered Hills (The Fever Trilogy, Book 1)

by Keith Deininger

In a world savaged by insanity and unrelenting horror, an epic struggle between light and dark is about to begin…from an award-winning and #1 Amazon bestselling author…

Martin is disturbed. After a nightmare trek through a war-torn landscape plagued by a spreading psychosis known as The Fever, the sixteen-year-old soldier returns home to discover that not even there is he safe from The War. Soon he meets Elizabeth, who might be a witch, and Richter, a hulking, former philosophy professor with a pension for violence. Together they will learn of the true horror they now face: dark, insane and deadly…

Thus begins The Fever Trilogy, literary zombie fiction, extreme, disturbing and masterful.


by Scott McElhaney

Everyone on the ship is dead! The long journey to the Tau Ceti System that he funded has finally ended – mission complete! Yet his is the only cryogenic chamber that actually opened.

Cuttar awoke twelve light years away from Earth only to discover that something went seriously wrong. Every cryogenic revival is failing one-by-one. He manages to intercept two who are still alive and then ultimately, he only saves one – a terraformer. Terraformers are a thing of the past. They are the most educated and adaptable people in the universe, yet they know nothing about flying interstellar ships. Something needs to happen soon, or the two of them are quite literally going to die.

Brought to you by the international bestselling author of the Mystic Saga, Dominion, Beyond the Event Horizon, Kepler Moon Alpha, and Ghosts of Ophidian. With over 250,000 books downloaded worldwide, Scott McElhaney continues to prove that reasonable Kindle prices do not have to mean poor quality. Also check out Saving Brooksie, Hope Rising, One Crazy Summer, and Vestige by McElhaney.


“McElhaney’s story telling is deft, well-paced, and with an ear for conversation” ~ Akron Beacon Journal Book Review

“The author does a good job of sucking you into the moment and feeling as if you are the main character. The technology and scenarios are realistic enough for this sci fi fan and if you like a good storyteller, Mr. McElhaney knows how to do it.” ~Top 50 Amazon Reviewer, Hall of Fame Reviewer, and Vine Voice Michael Gallagher

Given 5.0 out of 5 stars over 100 times on Amazon from various readers of the Mystic Saga!

Zero (The Fringe Collection Book 1)

by Jacob Whaler

A Trump-like character ends democracy, casts out the poor and builds a wall 1,000 meters high. 150 years later, his descendants have infinite wealth and control the Sanctuary, a high-tech paradise for the rich where money equals rank. A young woman from the slum vows to tear down the Wall and end the madness. When she hops on her chopper to kick off the revolution, she’s an instant celebrity, and everything changes.

It all started with the first President Quinn, a master of propaganda and manipulation. After winning the Presidency, he sparked a civil war and took over the USA as a virtual dictator. Six generations later, the wealthy live in the Sanctuary, insulated from the outside world by the Wall.

On the other side of the Wall is the Fringe, a vast slum of bombed-out buildings and ruins left over from the civil war. There, the poor toil in toxic waste plants and massive brain labs where their minds are hijacked to generate computing power for the Sanctuary elite. In the midst of its grinding poverty, the Fringe has evolved a dangerous new idea that may trump all the Quinn family has achieved: a society that functions without money.

Armed with this idea, a young woman sets out from the Fringe to unite the people on both sides of the Wall. Her goal is simple: capture the attention, and the heart, of the Sanctuary and open its eyes to the truth before it destroys the Fringe.

The Fringe Collection is a series of science fiction/thriller novels set in a dystopian/post-apocalyptic near-future. Each book is a fast-paced read with a strong female protagonist. You’ll be thinking about deep issues in the midst of non-stop action and suspense. The books contain elements of speculative fiction, mystery and cyberpunk in a techno-thriller setting and are recommended for ages 13 through adult.

Each novel in The Fringe Collection is a standalone story; they can be enjoyed in any order.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Quantum Incident (Quantum Series Book 0)

by Douglas Phillips

Prologue to the Quantum Series

(1 Quantum Space, 2 Quantum Void and 3 Quantum Time)

â??The long sought Higgs boson has been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Scientists rejoice in the confirmation of quantum theory, but a reporter attending the press conference believes they may be hiding something.â??

â??â??Nala Pasquier is a particle physicist at Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois. Building on the 2012 discovery, she has produced a working prototype with capabilities that are nothing less than astonishing.

Daniel Rice is a government science investigator with a knack for uncovering the details that others miss. But when he’s assigned to investigate a UFO over Nevada, he’ll need more than scientific skills, he’ll need every bit of patience he can muster.

If you liked the authenticity of The Martian, the page-turning pace of Da Vinci Code, and the inspirational world view of Arthur C. Clarke, you’ll love the Quantum Series.

True Blue (A Short Story)

by Eliot Peper

The #1 bestselling parable of persecution and self-discovery.

Everybody knows that people with blue eyes are lazy, violent, and stupid. Blues are absent from the halls of power, the few celebrated exceptions proving the rule. Crime dramas feature blue homicidal maniacs. Parents protect their children from the corrupting influence of blue peers. Blue travelers take secondary screening at every airport for granted. In a world where the color of your eyes might just get you killed, Kamran Tir has survived by living a lie. But his secret is about to come out.

The Chase (Huntress of the Star Empire: Part One): Part One: Huntress of the Star Empire

by Athena Grayson

Treska Sivekka is the Huntress–the Union’s most skilled bounty hunter. Her targets? The psypaths whose mental talents summoned aliens attacks on the capital planet that left her body shattered and her mind a blank slate.

Now the last free psypath is in her crosshairs…if only he weren’t her one chance at restoring her lost memories.

The alien attacks came out of nowhere and left the entire system reeling, but the aftermath caused twice as much destruction to the old social orders as psypaths like Micah Ariesis and near-humans like the Hathori became scapegoats for an inexplicable devastation…and then rebels against the repressive, reactionary government that rose from the ashes.

The last psypath has one chance at victory for the rebellion…but it’s the Huntress who holds the key.

Fans of Star Wars and Firefly, meet your new binge-read!

Nukular Wars in Space

by Brendan Lyons

The universe is in danger. Probably. That part is a little unclear, but what is clear is that the crew of the SESS Cranston is boldly facing whatever space has to throw at them – be it Space Soviets, teleporting alien tricksters, hyper vigilant space marines, or the inescapable and ever present threat of space accidents. Under the capable leadership of Space Captain Al Sterns, they are well prepared to venture into the great unknown. Carefully.

Off Center In The Attic

by Mary Deal

Humor and nonsense, flights of fantasy into other realms, fright, disgust and disappointment, silliness and wonderment, and the sadness of reality and heartache.

It’s all here, and more, in stories that may leave you a little Off Center in the Attic.

Acting in a Coffin – A director plays a prank that backfires on a movie set.
The Wallflower – A woman compares herself to one who is the life of the party.
Pupule – A neighborhood gets a lesson in humility from a crazy old Hawaiian man.
To Soar – What a bird drops.
Out of Body – A man is shot and his brain goes through a metamorphosis.
Looking for Life – Never the right one.
Most Wanted – The killer of young boys remains at large.
Grandpappy’s Cows – Antics of backward backwoods relatives.
Boy at the Crossroad – The making of a monster.
Cafeteria Science – How to lose your lunch.
Indoctrination – A daring woman wants to experience something different and gets her wish.
Explosive Day – No escape.
The Smell of Death – A clue to the dying.
Legacy – A woman in mourning changes her life to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
An Urgent Message – A plea to a writer.
Rituals – Neurosis as a way of life.
Watched – Being watched can kill.
The Swimmer – A man losing his sanity.
Thanatos – The urge to die.
Alien Footprints – An invisible perpetrator.
Vibratory Rates – Visitations from heaven and hell.
The Voodoo Kit – A Jamaican hex follows a woman home.
Pekoe – A newborn kitten abandoned in a portable toilet.
Great Lady of Wisdom – A holy goat.
The Last Thing I Do – The end of making memories.
Future Winner – A little-known artist gets a break.
Innocence – A high school girl on the verge of betrayal by her innocence.
Sister Fly – Karma
Homeless, Not Heartless – A man and his dog.
Roots – What you may find when tracing your family tree.

H. G. Wells: The Complete Novels (The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Island of Doctor Moreau, When The Sleeper Wakes, A Modern Utopia…)

by H. G. Wells

Here you will find all his novels in the chronological order of their original publication.

– The Time Machine
– The Wonderful Visit
– The Island of Doctor Moreau
– The Wheels of Chance
– The Invisible Man
– The War of the Worlds
– Love and Mr Lewisham
– The First Men in the Moon
– The Sea Lady
– The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth
– Kipps
– A Modern Utopia
– In the Days of the Comet
– The War in the Air
– Tono-Bungay
– Ann Veronica
– The History of Mr. Polly
– The Sleeper Awakes
– The New Machiavelli
– Marriage
– The Passionate Friends
– The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman
– The World Set Free
– Bealby: A Holiday
– Boon
– The Research Magnificent
– Mr. Britling Sees It Through
– The Soul of a Bishop
– Joan and Peter: The Story of an Education
– The Undying Fire
– The Secret Places of the Heart
– Men Like Gods
– The Dream
– Christina Alberta’s Father
– The World of William Clissold
– Meanwhile
– Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island
– The Autocracy of Mr. Parham
– The Bulpington of Blup
– The Shape of Things to Come
– The Croquet Player
– Brynhild
– Star Begotten
– The Camford Visitation
– Apropos of Dolores
– The Brothers
– The Holy Terror
– Babes in the Darkling Wood
– You Can’t Be Too Careful

Lockdown (AM13 Outbreak Series Book 1)

by Samie Sands

Leah Watton’s practical joke has spiralled way out of controlâ??all to impress a crushâ?¦

With a prank online video, Leah hopes to catch the attention of Jake Colton, a cute, blond-haired, blue-eyed co-worker she’s had a crush on for months. But instead of sending it to Jake, she manages to forward the clip to her bossâ??who buys every gory second.

When mass panic ensues, Leah learns the video is more than a staged actâ?¦

The government is calling the virus AM13. As the outbreak spreads, citizens are forced to stay indoors while they assess the gravity of the illness. Most people are quarantined in their homes, but Leah, Jake, and Leah’s best friend Michelle are some of the unlucky few who are stuck at work when the Lockdown occurs.

That’s where she first encounters one of the infectedâ?¦

Aside from a contaminated woman devouring one of her co-workers, Leah has another problem. Does she do as she’s ordered and stay at work? Or should she disobey government orders and break free to reunite with her family?

She can’t go it aloneâ??after all, Leah has none of the skills needed to surviveâ??but with Michelle and Jake by her side, not even a contagious virus and a sea of the dead can keep her fromâ?¦

Breaking out of the Lockdownâ?¦

Out of the Ashes: A Story of the New Glasgow War

by CN Stoesen

The rifle lay beside her as her back pushed tight against the shattered wall. She was breathing slowly to control her heart rate. The walker’s metal joints squealed and its feet pounded the broken pavement of the street below.
In a war torn world, one soldier rises out the ashes to take the fight to the enemy. New Glasgow lays in ruins. Sergeant Rachel Duncan leads her under armed platoon against the mechanized iron fist of the Federation union of Planets. Short on men and even less supplies, all they have to do is hold their ground until reinforcements arrive. Will Duncan rise to the occasion or will she crack under the intense pressure of a world under siege?
New Glasgow War Series

Other books in the New Glasgow War series include:
Book 1: Out of the Ashes (
Book 2: Counter Strike(
Book 3: Price of War(
Book 4: Phoenix Rising(
Book 5: The Phoenix Gambit (

The New Glasgow War Omnibus – containing books 1-3 (

Receive a complimentary copy of the prequel story Free Fall and updates on future books in this series by signing up to the mailing list:

Star Soldier Episode One

by Odette C. Bell

Her world is dying, and only she can help.

Ami is a soldier, nothing more than cannon fodder in a war that’s threatening to tear her world apart. When creatures from a cross-dimensional rift spill over her world, society as she knows it shatters.

All must fight to live. But when a creature with near limitless power choses her to save her world, Ami is swept into a fight for everything and everyone.
An action-packed sci fi, Star Soldier is sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s Axira.

The Lost Gunboat Captain (The Jolo Vargas Space Opera Series Book 1)

by J.D. Oppenheim

Lost in space.

Alone in the cold black with 36 hours of oxygen.

Jolo Vargas, Federation Gunboat Captain, is trapped in a runaway escape pod zooming towards Federation space.

But will he be dead before he gets there?

He’s in a tight spot. But he’s a war hero, just the type of man who could work his way out of this jam. But there’s just one little problem.

He doesn’t remember who he is.

Will he find out his identity and his place in the universe, or will he run out of air on the edge of Fed space?

If you like sci-fi and space opera novels with a Firefly, BSG vibe, you’ll love this. The Lost Gunboat Captain is the first book in the Jolo Vargas Space Opera, a sci-fi adventure that will hook you in with intense space action, rich, colorful characters, and an engaging story that will keep you coming back for more.

Get your copy today!

Paphos 1

by N.R. Burnette

When Austin brought his daughter to the unexplored planet Paphos, it was supposed to be a chance to reconnect with her. But when he and his crew of scientists discover an alien facility, all of that changes. Eager to become rich, the crew ventures in, surrounded by the remnants of an alien massacre. By the time they realize that something is there with them, it is already too late. Now Austin isn’t worried about reconnecting with his daughter, he’s worried about keeping her alive.

This series of survival fiction books starts with part 1, and it’s free.

New Enemies: A Discordant Earth Series Prequel

by Melony Paradise

Hell is made for those who find loveâ?¦

The year is 2020, and Earth is embroiled in a worldwide war. Drafted at the age of fourteen, Sebastian Roberts has a few reservations. As his detachment arrives on Seattle’s battlefield with little to no time to spare, he wonders just how much he will have to give up fighting a hopeless war.

But when aliens intervene, abruptly ending the war, their promises of rebuilding a prosperous new world with society living in harmony has Sebastian convinced nothing is what it appears to be. Struggling with the memories of battles fought and lives lost, Sebastian searches for the one thing he needs mostâ??a place to call home.

Can Sebastian find a way to survive the chaos of a world seemingly at peace? Or will his hidden scars lead him to his own grave?

Don’t miss New Enemies, a prequel in the new Discordant Earth Sci-Fi romance series by Melony Paradise.

Anti Life

by Allen Kuzara

The opposite of life isn’t death; it’s something far worse.

In an anarcho-capitalist future, space-based corporate settlements have replaced the State. Colonel John Alvarez, a fifteen-year veteran, is unwilling to waste more years leading missions into deep space. He wants to start over and make a new life with his wife and son.

But when a distress message from a distant research probe is received, Novos Corp reactivates Alvarez’s contract. He must carry out one last mission, a rescue attempt. Unknown to Alvarez, however, is the hidden threat that awaits him, one thatâ??if he cannot stop itâ??will doom humanity to a fate worse than death.

1776: The Washington Divergence (Infinity Engines: Missions Book 1)

by Andrew Hastie

What if George Washington was killed before taking office?

The year is 1776. New York is on fire. The British fleet are in the harbor, and Special Agent John Anderson still can’t believe he’s here…

It began when the FBI counter-terrorism system picked up suspicious activity at Mount Vernon. Anderson was assigned to find out why a crazy old man dressed as a British Redcoat was trying to break in and how the same guy could show up five minutes later at the Smithsonian.

The Colonel claims he is trying to change the past and prevent the assassination of General Washington. Anderson assumes he’s just off his meds – until the old man runs into a broom closet and disappears.

Infinity Engines: Missions takes you on a journey into an alternate history, one that might have been if it wasn’t for the work of the Oblivion Order and their mission to save the future, by changing the past.

Skeleton Crew (Colony B Book 0)

by Michael Campling

It takes a million moving parts to send a starship across the galaxy, but only one mistake to bring it crashing down.

Almost five years have passed since The Pharaon left Earth’s orbit, bound for a distant planet, and Technical Bridge Assistant Nathan Joffe yearns for some excitement. So when an unusual incident occurs, he rises to the challenge. But while he occupies himself, events are taking a sinister turn. The ship is in trouble, plagued by a string of system failures, and Captain Coverack is determined to discover the cause. But nothing can prepare him for the truth he’s about to uncover.
Skeleton Crew is science fiction with oil ingrained in its palms and grit under its fingernails. So get ready to step aboard The Pharaon, and strap yourselves inâ??it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
NB: Although Skeleton Crew is a prequel to the Colony B series, it can be read as a complete story in its own right.
Colony B Reading Order:
Skeleton Crew

Science Fiction Roman-Paket Mysterien des Alls (German Edition)

by Alfred Bekker

Science Fiction Roman-Paket Mysterien des Alls

von Alfred Bekker, Gerd Maximovic, Hendrik M. Bekker und Harvey Patton

Dieses Buch enthält folgende Science Fiction Abenteuer:

Hendrik M. Bekker. Insel der Wiedergeburt

Hendrik M. Bekker: Der Tod im Blut

Harvey Patton: Aron Lubor und der Fehlsprung

Alfred Bekker: Terrifors Geschichte

Gerd Maximovic: Ormagdor

Harvey Patton: Die Mysterien von Garal

Gerd Maximovic: Die Gedankenbombe

Alfred Bekker: Keduan – Planet der Drachen

Das Raumschiff ARLENE gerät auf dem Rückflug vom Gro�en Orionnebel zur Erde in einen Strahlensturm, der den Hyperantrieb au�er Betrieb setzt.

Weit entfernt von dem nächsten menschlichen Stützpunkt beschlieÃ?t die Führung des Raumers den Einflug in ein nahegelegenes System. Dort entdecken die Havaristen eine menschliche Siedlung – bereits vor langer Zeit waren hier Menschen gelandet, aber mittlerweile hatten diese einen GroÃ?teil ihrer Erinnerungen und technischen Fähigkeiten verloren. Aber nicht nur dies, auch ihre KörpergröÃ?e war im Laufe der Jahre geschrumpft.

Und während die Gestrandeten von den Nachkommen der alten Raumfahrer wegen ihrer Grö�e und Fähigkeiten als Götter betrachtet werden, vollzieht sich plötzlich eine dramatische Wandlung. Die Besatzungsmitglieder der ARLENE verlieren neben ihrer Körpergrö�e auch ihren gottgleichen Status.

Doch was ist die Ursache für diesen plötzlichen Schrumpfungsprozess?


by Robin Ive

There’s music, and there’s madnessâ?¦
They come from nowhere. Nobody knows why they’re doing it. Nobody knows who’s sending them – and nobody knows who’s going to be their next victimâ?¦
The orbs are attacking, and their deranged, supernatural music is unravelling minds, hurling people over the edge and down into insanity.
Folk singer Michaela Lockhart doesn’t understand her uneasy relationship with the orbs but it seems to be protecting her – until one day she finds out just how wrong she’s been about that.
She has no choice but to flee into the wild, dangerous and empty countryside beyond Brighton where she discovers just how deeply mired in the horror she really is. She’s forced to confront astonishing secrets about herself, and her music, that propel her headlong into a conflict with an ancient and unstoppably powerful entity.
Saving humanity is all well and good; but for Micky, it’s personalâ?¦

The Watchmaker’s New Order

by C. E. Rowland

An otherwise ordinary summer trip to the countryside is upended when sixteen-year-old Sarah first hears about the bombs. They’re detonating in every major city in the world, and as far as anyone knows, they don’t stop when power and communications suddenly go down. When her aunt and uncle don’t return from a supply run, Sarah sets out in search of help, but with no idea how she arrived there, she instead wakes up in Elysia, a seaside children’s prison, where the Guardians who watch the gates aren’t the only enemy.

While trying to outwit a gang of perilous teenage thugs who rule Elysia, Sarah and her new friend Atlas sift through propaganda explaining the establishment of the New Order that has put them here. Deeply buried, they discover the existence of a mysterious Failsafe, left by the engineer of the New Order, that promises to return life to normal. With no hope that rescue is coming, it’s up to Sarah and Atlas to find the Failsafe and bring an end to the Watchmaker’s New Order. But first they have to get out of Elysia alive…

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