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The Devil’s Bastard

by Charlsie Russell

Natchez on the river, 1794. The Spanish Fleet controls the Mississippi, and the Dons rule their rowdy British and American subjects with a patient hand. The location is strategic, the land fertile, and within two decades, cotton will be king. Into this web of international intrigue, the rich and powerful Elizabeth Boswell welcomes her orphaned grandniece Angelique Veilleux and introduces the impoverished beauty to a world of privilege. But power has its enemies and wealth demands a price. Rumor has it Elizabeth’s success stems from dalliance with a lustful demon that still prowls her family farm of De Leau outside Natchez.
At the center of this ominous legend is Elizabeth’s grandson, the handsome and dangerous Mathias Douglas who saves Angelique from degradation and death near the end of her journey to Natchez. Mathias is the son of the doomed Julianna, Elizabeth’s only daughter. Mathias’ father, locals whisper, is Elizabeth’s demon.
Despite the dark rumors, Angelique cannot quell her feelings for Mathias, for whom she would make any sacrifice. An outcast, Mathias is cruelly tested by the temptation of Angelique’s affection. Determined not to dishonor her, he callously puts her aside. But Elizabeth has other plans and offers him the family farm at De Leau to marry the girl. Soon Angelique finds herself desperately in love with the man who has conquered her body and possessed her soul.
But something in the swamps surrounding De Leau stalks her, and nightmares invade her dreams. What she perceives as Mathias’ indifference to the threat leaves Angelique isolated and afraid. She begins to doubt her grandaunt’s motives for sending her to De Leau, as well as Mathias’ role in Elizabeth’s plan. Resolving her doubts means uncovering the secret of Mathias’ sire.
From Mathias and Angelique’s first meeting to Elizabeth Boswell’s revelation at story’s end, “The Devil’s Bastard” is a splendid read. First and foremost a sensual romance, it is also a well-researched historical with a haunting mystery.     

Threads of The War, Volume II: Personal Truth Inspired Flash-Fiction of The 20th Century’s War

by Jeremy Strozer

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I very much liked how you put a human touch on each of the incidents that inspired each story.” -Donald

Raw personal emotions. Human trial, triumph and tragedy. Can we experience War through the eyes of the soldiers and civilians who lived it?

See the sites, hear the sounds, and read the stories of war from a unique perspective: behind the eyes and in the mind of its participants. From the celebratory streets of Paris in the summer of 1914, under the coast of North Carolina in 1918, across the ocean to the evacuated beaches of northern France in 1940, and finally within the minds of both the liberated and the confined at camps in 1945.

Threads of The War, Volume II is the second collection of flash-fiction in the Threads of The War series. If you like history, personal narrative, and have a short attention span, you’ll love Jeremy Strozer’s touching prose.

Grab a seat and a copy of Threads of The War, Volume II to see war through the eyes of the men, women and children who lived and died in it.

Here’s a snippet from: In Touch

My puttee-covered shins slip ever deeper into the muck as I fall back from the fireboard into the slime-strewn base of the trench.

Bloody Hell, I gotta get out of this!

Whistles blow, but instead of rising over the parapet, I’m sliding ever deeper down a quagmire from which I cannot extricate myself.

“What in hell are you doing?” Jennings yells to me over the din of our field artillery mixed with an explosion of a German trench mortar nearby.

What’s it look like I’m doing, becoming one with the bloody trench?

“Help me outta here!” I yell back, shifting my weight so that I can use the butt of my rifle as a crutch to hold me up against the moldy trench baseboards.

Jennings bends down, his kit falling forward on his back so that he almost topples on top of me.


“Damn it, Hirsch, take my hand,” he orders, reaching his right arm out to me.

“Kneel down, or we’ll both be stuck here.”

He bends his left knee, firmly planting his right foot on the baseboard next to my rifle. Then, with his right hand, he pulls me up, using his legs for the dead lift.

Yes, I’m free!

“Thanks, Jennings!” I call out as my body ascends from the muck.

“Right-o mate, now let’s get some Jerry’s!” he blurts out as he continues lifting me so that my head pops up over the parapet.

I scramble up the muddy side of the trench, ending up on my belly as I make my way out to-ward our wire. Jennings is right behind me, having climbed out of the trench himself. We search for the white-taped opening our boys made in our wire for what seems like hours, with bullets whizzing by, explosions on top and around us, and blood-curdling screams from dying men. But in reality, it must have been no more than a few impregnated minutes.

Finally, we find the tape and the opening in our wire. Pieces of dead men lie strewn about, as if tossed by some giant carelessly discarding partially chomped pieces of human flesh as he sits atop the army he’s vanquished.

These chaps didn’t even make it past our wire.

“Best get a move on then,” Jennings calls out as he leads us through the hole in the wire. “We’ve gotta catch up!”

I start running behind him but can’t stop myself from looking to my left toward one poor sap lying there with an open stomach wound. His hands are scrambling at his mid-section as he tries to put pieces of intestine and other organs back inside his torn body.

“Stretcher bearer! Stretcher bearer!” I scream out, “This man needs attention!”

He looks up at me with a pale face.

I can’t!

Without looking him in the eyes, I turn so I can see where Jennings has run off.

I just have to keep going forward. No turning!

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