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1922 (Carter Book 1)

by Neno Umbra

Daniel Carter, freshly graduated from Oxford in June of 1922, accompanies a colossally wealthy American heiress, Abigail Rice, to mid Wales. Title deeds in her possession appear to show that she owns an entire valley there.
It seems her title is good and yet there are puzzling mysteries. Why have the tenants continued paying their rents to the land agent for hundreds of years? Why is Daniel Carter the only one who can see a substantial manor house set in exactly the same place as one that burned down hundreds of years ago?
Why does Abigail Rice want to bury herself in a hidden library and contemplate dabbling with danger? What might she inadvertently unleash if Daniel’s caution is ignored? Hidden forces lurk. The world in 1922 is a dangerous and unsettled place, and yet things could be far, far worse than they are.
1922 is the first volume in the Carter Quartet, set in a turbulent time when the worst are full of passionate intensity. Is Abigail Rice amongst them?

About the Author
Neno Umbra acknowledges that the past may be thought of as a foreign country where they do things differently. Having travelled there and become familiar with the place, doesn’t it become fascinating to wonder what would have happened if they had done things differently from the way they actually did? After all, the past was once the future too, and we can definitely change that.

Grave Encounters (Lincoln County Medical Examiner Series Book 1)

by Emily Stone

Luke returned to his hometown after learning of his grandmother’s death. Not much has changed in the town of Chandler Oklahoma since his departure to college ten years ago. While home, he is asked to assist in a murder investigation where he will put his medical examiner training and some some new found skills to the test. The clock is ticking and the murderer must be found. He pieces together the circumstances of the murder with the help of an unlikely source, the victim.

Kill Her Goodnight: A Short Novel of Suspense

by Tracy Sharp

It’s a terrible feeling when your child wants you dead.

Laura takes her troubled fifteen-year-old daughter, Cindy, on a ski trip to the Adirondacks for some mother and daughter bonding time. Maybe she can get through to her.

Tyler isn’t just abusive. He’s a deranged sociopath whose ex-girlfriend has gone missing, and he has a cult-like hold on Cindy. Laura needs to keep Cindy away from him.

But Cindy and Tyler have other plans, and Tyler is already waiting for them. He’s about to show Laura how dangerous he really is.

Could Laura’s own daughter really want her dead, and how long can she survive being hunted in the frigid and snowy Adirondack mountains?

Teen Vampire: A Story of love, romance, and the thirst for blood

by Damien Sanders

Catalina Cross is a vibrant sixteen-year-old. She likes music, school, and really wants a certain boy to like her. However there is one thing that separates this spunky red-head from the other girls at school. Catalina is a blood sucking vampire. Follow her adventures as the blood flows at Lawrenceville High, a place where graduating “alive” may be harder than one thinks.

Kana Cold: Case of the Shinigami: A Paranormal Thriller Short Story

by KC Hunter

A young girl his haunted by a Death God. Her only hope is a rum-drinking, bar-fighting paranormal investigator with a bad attitude…

After dropping out of Harvard, Kana Cold started a business as a paranormal investigator. Most of her cases are hoaxes, much to Kana’s disappointment, until one case involving a little girl and her powerful demon-a Death God-opens the door to the real Paranormal Undergroundâ?¦ changing Kana’s life forever.

Kana Cold: Case of the Shinigami is the prequel novella to the urban fantasy series about a heroine who struggles with knowing she’s meant for great things and a paranormal underworld that fights against her every step of the way.

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A Word From The Author To Readers

Q: What makes the Kana Cold series so special?

A: I love weird stories, it’s why I have a Facebook group called The Wonderfully Weird. Urban Fantasy is full of so many great stories and characters, but I wanted to write something that went beyond wizards, zombies, and vampires or Greek and Roman mythology. There are thousands of strange myths, old and new, that haven’t been explored that can be made into great stories. The Reaping of the Black Grimoires is based on the very real grimoires written by former Popes and are rumored to be locked away in the Vatican Archives. There are African and Scandinavian mythologies I want to dig into as well. And of course, since Kana is of Japanese heritage, the treasure trove of Japanese legends and Eastern philosophy will be explored in a narrative form.

Kana’s heritage is also important. We’ve heard so much about how underrepresented Asians are in Western pop culture, even when the stories are based on popular Asian properties (Death Note, Ghost in the Shell to name a few). I decided to flip it: Kana’s in a world where her contemporaries look and act like the typical heroes of the stories – buxom blondes and suave, muscular leading men – and she struggles with measuring herself against these people despite how good she is. That’s a theme throughout the series.

Q: What Are The Main Influences For This Series?

A: There are quite a few:

The Dresden Files is certainly an influence

The globe-trotting and treasure hunting of Indiana Jones

The attitude and spunk of Jessica Jones

Clive Barker’s scary-yet-beautiful way of creating worlds and monsters

Creepypastas and lesser-known urban legends that are beyond bizarre

Shayne Silvers and his Nate Temple Series

Joseph Conrad: The Complete Novels

by Joseph Conrad

Here you will find the complete novels and novellas of Joseph Conrad in the chronological order of their original publication.

– Almayer’s Folly
– An Outcast of the Islands
– The Nigger of the Narcissus
– Heart of Darkness
– Lord Jim
– The Inheritors (with Ford Madox Ford)
– Typhoon
– The End of the Tether
– Romance (with Ford Madox Ford)
– Nostromo
– Gaspar Ruiz
– The Secret Agent
– The Duel
– The Nature of a Crime (with Ford Madox Ford)
– Under Western Eyes
– Chance
– Victory: An Island Tale
– The Shadow Line
– The Arrow of Gold
– The Rescue

Specter Files (A Novella)

by Jaydeep Shah

While attacking a monster furiously in a dark evil night, super-commandos reach the Arizona jungles where they find a Specter Files box which contains fifteen files of horror cases. After studying all files, super-commandos continue to visit many different incredible, terrifying, and life-threatening strange worlds to destroy those worlds and the hair-raising creatures, specters, demons… to protect the earth.

While super-commandos are busy in destroying the mysterious horror worlds, some evils enter the earth to kill innocent people and to become a ruler of the world. Many vampires that died thousands of years ago awake through the energy of the dark evil night who fight with other evils to take control of the earth. During this destructive and horrifying period, many innocent people die, and countries collapse.

The most horrifying concern for our planet isâ?¦
Will super-commandos succeed in destroying terrorizing worlds and their terrifying evils? Or, will they die outside the earth somewhere in horror strange world?

Specter Files is a horror, dark fantasy novella about five super-commandos who risk their lives to protect humanity by solving fifteen horror cases.â??


by Talisha Walton

A lot can happen in a year. When school starts in the fall for Avaya Wray, she’ll find this out the hard way. It hasn’t ever been easy, socially, for the seventeen-year-old senior either as her peers believe that she is a little too peculiar to fit in with the in-crowd. No one’s bothered by this more than her bougie younger sister who’s a social butterfly.

God has purposed Avaya to a higher calling, fully equipping her with the spiritual gifts of mercy and prophecy. Obtained through the gift of mercy is an ability that’s emotionally tangible. This empathic gifting enables the prophetess to affectively pray for others, rather than just effectively intercede on their behalf. It immensely heightens this sensitive teen’s existing sympathetic nature and hence for her “too peculiar” soul. The price you pay for attaining such a high calling is constant angst and afflictions, and Avaya consistently retains this dilemma, but still remains unabated.

However, when an unimaginable tragedy occurs shortly after school starts, it pushes Avaya to her breaking point, but the prophetess is determined to push through it, Then suddenly she suffers anonâ??a more drastic tragedy, the possibility of giving up becomes probable because her blessing will begin to no longer feel like a blessing at all, but a curse. Being called higher will become unbearable for Avaya, despite having an ad hoc understanding through prophetic insight, that those who are called, are also equipped.

Perchance, she does cave in under the infinite pressures of “The Kingdom” life, she may no longer choose to remain “UNABATED” trying to endure the heaviest burden of them allâ??her very own.

Castle Diamara

by Robert Kriel

Dimjion, after a short interlude the year before, finally gets to meet her dark lord. What she lets herself into was far more than what she initially thought. Her past lives prove to be more interesting than what she ever could imagine. Diamara, the god of shadows, brings her into his world. A world she soon learns to love though this world comes with a price to pay. The Order of the Silver Knight, a military wing of the Church, has plans for both her and her dark lord. In the middle of a far bigger saga Dimjion has to cope with tremendous change in her life and has to fight not to lose that what she has searched for her entire life. Sad truths of her past and her lord’s tragic becoming dawns on her in the most peculiar fashions, which leads her into a world where their meeting was no coincidence. Becoming one in soul Dimjion and Diamara together face their enemies. Near fatal events almost destroy their hopes and dreams but love and self-sacrifice sees them through in the end.
An archived letter from the head of The Order of the Silver Knights have been found and released:

I fear for the well-being of mankind, darkness threatens our existence once more, this time openly and upfront.
In the times of our ancestors this supreme evil has been contained, covered up leaving the world oblivious to its incredible lust for destruction, death followed its path and colored the soil of the earth in red ravaging the innocent in ways too brutal to imagine.
They could not destroy it, only keep it from becoming, keep him from her, but in that the problem persisted and in that came to be the Order of the Silver Knight.
Countless lives have been sacrificed to seize his reign of terror from the earliest times till now. Resources too intricate to explain used to conceal the truth for the sake of humanity.
Through time he has mocked us as if it be amusement for him but now it rings differently.
This time it was different, now it would no longer be just contained or silenced to the ears of the world. It needed to be destroyed but in order to achieve this we risked loosing the world to its darkness.

I have been authorized to release this information to the world so they stand prepared of what might befall us in the coming of the end.
No longer will its existence be denied or its evil deeds be turned into myth nor its actions made to be those of others.
What follows here is their story as documented by the souls that have crossed its path and met its wrath. Souls whom pleaded for asylum and anonymity and so we have granted it.
Through this here evil obtained a face, through what is scribed here evil has form, through this evil has a name, a name we shall never forget. The name I shall here scribe for the last time, for to write it once more would be my death, its name be Lord Diamara.

Praised be to God.

Archbishop Hancock
Order of the Silver Knight

Nightmare Waiting: & other dark stories

by Glenn McGoldrick

Who is making a Dark Progression?
What happened to Poor Mr Tibbles?
And who is Not Coming Back?

Introducing Nightmare Waiting, a collection of short stories with a twist by Glenn McGoldrick.

These dark stories include a kayaking tragedy that won’t go away, a young woman with only one thing on her mind, a couple who decide they’ve had enough and an old man who goes home one last time.

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9Tales Told in the Dark #15 (9Tales Dark)

by Joel Stewart

Do you like trains? Enough to dream about them? Enough that that dreams becomes a reality? Or perhaps you have been marked for a beast’s next meal and just need to get out of town? A joyride of terror awaits you in this collection of 9 short stories from todays most promising horror authors.

NIGHT TRAIN by Joel Stewart
THE FOOD CHAIN by Edward Ahern
SACRIFICES by Robert Khan Rosenberger
FRIES WITH THAT? by David J. Gibbs
TRAWLING by Sara Green

Death Gems: Soul Stealers

by Jack O’Donnell

On the verge of capturing a Soul Stealer, Junto Kral and his team of Extractors make a fatal mistake that results in the tragic death of a loved one. The consequences threaten to tear their team apart, but they vow to continue their mission to rid the world of those who would use the dark powers of the death gems to steal the souls of innocent victims and use their life-forces to escape death. As their hunts for the Soul Stealers continue, Junto and his team of Extractors realize this evil is far more powerful and widespread than they had first thought and they must use every resource available to them to survive, despite what it may do to their friendships.

Soul Stealers choose to use the ominous powers of dark creatures called death beetles to steal the souls of innocent victims and use their life-forces to escape death. Once a soul is stolen, its life force is trapped inside a death beetle and the Soul Stealer attaches the death beetle to their body, whereupon the death beetle transforms and its shell solidifies, giving the creature the semblance of a hardened gem. The only way to save a stolen soul from permanent annihilation is to extract it from the death gem that resides on the body of a Soul Stealer host before the Soul Stealer uses it, and thus free the soul so it may escape into the Everlasting. Junto Kral and his group of Extractors are determined to rid their world of the deadly Soul Stealer menace, but as they learn more about the underbelly of these forces they realize just how overwhelming their job truly is…

Book One in the exciting new Death Gems series!

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