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Doeit End The Wars

by Pete Marchesi

Let us… end wars in this country.

Alabanza a los chicos tristes (Spanish Edition)

by Francisco Cardosa

Que el amor me crucifique, me haga pagar todos los daños que una vez le causé. Que me apaleen en mitad del pueblo, que me quemen vivo en la hoguera y que el mundo sea testigo de mi dolor. Luego pediré perdón.

In Too Deep: Poetry & Prose (D.C. Native Son Book 2)

by Ralph Watkins

A book of poetry, prose, thoughts and very short stories of love relationships involving make-up, break-up, and longing to have someone to love. Modern poetry and prose of family humorous situations, happiness and growing pains of parenting, and growing up and seeing what they have been trying to teach you.

A Conceptual Circus

by Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

TRANSFIGURATION I would expect nothing less. Carry your sword, my prophetess. Obstinate contumacy training. Find the objective that is more draining. More strenuous tasks will make you grow. Pain upon you I bestow. I’ll take it all and nothing less. I claim it back; I repossess. Tip the scale; Turn it over. Mark the unused; What’s leftover. The main part no longer exists; Despite the reduction, it persists. Continued movement; A quest for traction. An opposite and negative reaction. Hex induced metamorphosis; Reoccur once again for us. Physically and internally changing. The process of rearranging. The alteration was so fitting. Now they’re pausing; They’re intermitting. In reaffirming the causation; Keep kempt, and maintain your original explanation. Wear our serpent prophetess; Prior to you was profitless. The soil was sown with no reaping. Tear our hearts out for your keeping. Beyond the boundaries of what is permitted. Reward me for the sins I’ve committed. My acts were bold; Caress my flesh. I give it all and nothing less. The facsimile will shudder. Express what it is I utter. Amidst psychos and others. Among psychos and others. Live with vigor; Efficiently transfigure. Disfigure; Change his figure. Make it so; Mark the torso. Undergo; Nock the torso. Let it grow; Open the torso. Let him know; Carve the torso.

Finding My Colours

by Deeya Nayar-Nambiar

Finding My Colours is a simple scribble of 40 poems that lay bare the fact, there is colour in our daily life. But it is in each one of us to find for ourselves the mysterious reconnection to our imagination as well as self.
Defining Self is a relative term very dependent on the perception – one’s own and people’s opinion. The curious child-side of â??self’ is constantly pursuing the subtle emotions behind the relatedly unrelated objects, people and situations.
To add, colours have great significance in every culture. It is these elements that let one see into the fragments of colours – in its physical form, sometime imagery, and more carefully in meanings associated.
“Somewhere I have defied the standard rules and let the verse follow the path it lay to take its own voice.”

By The Same Author
-Me, My Friend (Poems) 2009; FOLIO, Kerala, India
-Feeling the Way (Poems) 2012; FOLIO, Kerala, India
-Aisa Kyon? (Poems in Hindi) 2012; Hindi Rashtriya Sahitya Sammelan, Kerala, India
-Me, My Friend (Audio CD of Poems) 2014; Drums Records, Victoria, Australia
-In Knowing (Poems) 2015; eBook , Partridge Publishing

Ð?илигÑ?им: Ð?Ñ?изÑ?аки пÑ?оÑ?лого (Russian Edition)

by Рэй Ð?аленÑ?ин

Ð? данном сбоÑ?нике сÑ?иÑ?ов собÑ?анÑ? сÑ?иÑ?оÑ?воÑ?ения за 2018 год, поÑ?Ñ?и каждое из сÑ?иÑ?оÑ?воÑ?ений посвяÑ?ено близкомÑ? Ñ?еловекÑ? для авÑ?оÑ?а. Ð?полне возможно, Ñ?Ñ?о им можеÑ?Ñ? оказаÑ?Ñ?ся именно Ñ?Ñ?!

Blues Brewery: melancholy at its best

by Shwetha H S

Emotions induce words and in turn, words provoke emotions. It is a vicious cycle. Trapped in this cycle, mind feels blue. A struggling mind tries to find the escape route by breaking the vicious cycle. Blues Brewery, a collection of prose and poems symbolises the vent of the unsaid words and unexpressed emotions of melancholy.

In Too Deep: Poetry & Prose (D.C. Native Son Book 2)

by Ralph Watkins

Poetry and Prose, Love and Romance, Family and Friends relationships. Modern urban culture expression of life and encouragement

Cinco Años: de poemas, canciones e historias. (Spanish Edition)

by Sibyl González

Un sábado de noviembre del año 2013 partió de Caracas para llegar un domingo de invierno en Madrid, con la determinación de dar un vuelco a su destino. Europa ya la había recibido en su seno unos años atrás y ahora, se disponía a conocerla de verdad, a cantar, pero sobre todo, a explorar su propia libertad. Sospechaba de todas las sorpresas que le depararían, pero jamás las habría podido adivinar..Sibyl González nace en Caracas en 1983, industrióloga y cantante de jazz y músicas modernas, reside en Madrid, España desde el 2013. Esta primera obra literaria recopila una secuencia de poemas, canciones e historias con un lenguaje sencillo y ameno, pero cargadas de emotividad y simbolismo, donde se pueden observar los períodos vivenciales la autora, y cómo de forma progresiva van cambiando los matices de la secuencia de escritos. El libro es un viaje íntimo en las experiencias de esta joven en el período entre sus 29 a 35 años de edad, los primeros cinco años de residencia en Madrid y donde la música, la autorreflexión, el amor, las desilusiones, aventuras y alegrías la llevan a un desenlace transformador.

Say It Everyday

by Shannon O’Connor

A collection of poetry focusing on the fall, being thankful, and remembering why you should say I love you everyday.

Sri Krishna Kavasam (Tamil Edition)

by Kannadhasan

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