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Casa Dos Cisnes – A Colonial Mexican Home Reimagined For Modern Living

by Scott Arnell

CASA DOS CISNES – A Colonial Mexican Home Reimagined For Modern Living

Casa Dos Cisnes – A Colonial Mexican Home Reimagined For Modern Living features stunning color photos of this beautiful luxury villa, combined with an overview of its architectural creation including detailed artistic depictions of its original vision, exterior, interior, furnishings, and more.

The book reveals through text and beautiful photography:

  • The story behind the villa’s conception.
  • The history of Colonial Mexican architecture and integration with modern design.
  • The use of natural and artificial lighting to enhance the home’s features.
  • Details of the artwork and natural resources to exude the modernized Colonial charm.


Carved into a mountainside, a ten-minute drive south of Puerto Vallarta, Casa Dos Cisnes is a dazzling expression of the owner’s artistic vision and dream of creating a refuge at land’s end on the Pacific coastal state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Unfurling over four stories, exquisite living spaces marry traditional colonial features with modern decorative details to form a holistic integration of architecture, interiors and terrain in a family retreat that provides comfortable year-round living. Boasting state-of-the-art amenities, the villa provides unbridled comfort and convenience without intruding on the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Casa Dos Cisnes – A Colonial Mexican Home Reimagined For Modern Living captures an everyday life that is punctuated with heavenly ritualistic pleasures that embody the soul and the sensuality of timeless Mexico.

A perfect gift for any occasion, this book is for all who appreciate beautiful photography, unique architecture, and a glimpse of life-style design in an unspoiled paradise.

Wonderful trip Fukushima edition of the Shelley!


The photographs album which I took in Fukushima.

No more angry teachers!: Easy way to learn how to play Piano. Part 1.

by Elena Tchaikovsky

Professor of the Moscow conservatory Elena Tchaikovsky created this book to help her students complete the first stage of learning piano fast and easy, even without instructor. A pre-school child can do it in a week, a teenager – in 3 days, an adult – in a couple of hours. No struggling at all – just fun! The secret is a smart system and beautiful melodies easy to memorize. The book was published and re-published many times in Russian and German, helping hundreds of students all over the world, and now is available in English for the first time.

Strange for traditional dress 1

by Eisenhauer Erik

Strange for traditional dress 1

Photos collection of Vietnamese traditional dress. Vol6

by Robert E. Jefferson

Photos collection of Vietnamese traditional dress. ã??ã??ã??ã? ã®ä¼çµ±ç??な衣è£?のå??ç??é??. Vietnamese beautiful people wearing traditional dress. ã??ã??ã??ã? ã®ç¾?ã?ã?人ã??の伝統ç??な衣è£?ã??ç?て.

Dainty food book of travel of SHELLEY ICHIKAWA â? 


I collected photographs of 2 Shelley Ichikawa recommended Italian restaurant stores.
If a thing to want to eat is found … Give me a message to Shelley!

Japanese wonderful wedding of Shelley!


It is Shelley Ichikawa.
My introduction that works!
A photographs introduces a Japanese wonderful wedding!

Beauty of buildings in Italy

by Freddie Francis

Beauty of buildings in Italy

Nice wearing of gym trainer 3

by Maryanna Morley

Nice wearing of gym trainer 3

Japanese wonderful wedding of Shelley!â?¡


My introduction that works!
A photographs introduces a Japanese wonderful wedding!

Hello Beijing- Vol 1

by Ashley Leary

Hello Beijing- Vol 1

Photographing Detector Finds: Ian Robert Cartwright (ISBN 978-09554988-0-0 Learn2photo)

by Ian Robert Cartwright

This book explains just how you can produce impressive digital images of your finds. In a clear and straightforward way, Ian R.Cartwright sets out the basics of finds photography, providing advice on every aspect including backgrounds,lighting, camera choice and more. In his own words “in a world dominated by ‘point and shoot’ digital photography, it is easy to forget that successful finds photography still requires knowledge of method and technique. With this manual you can learn how to apply this knowledge, to produce images that will stand the test of time”

The Music Room

by Jim Ellis

“A poignant tale of love and salvation… I was completely transported by this book.” – Amazon Review

In 1950’s Westburn, Scotland, Tim Ronsard only has a few months remaining until he leaves St. Mary’s School.

Bored and listless, he’s anxious to get away. His life changes when a new music teacher is appointed: Isobel Clieshman, a Protestant working in a Catholic school. Soon, Tim’s feelings go well beyond a school boy crush, but at 23 years old the teacher is out of his reach.

Five years later, they meet randomly and soon, Tim thinks he has never been happier. But amid family issues, war and prejudice, can they find the road to happiness together?

Birding with Mom: And Other Adventures (Kennedy Chronicles Book 2)

by Tom Kennedy

For years, Mom has joined me in birding the North Florida Coasts. Along the way, I’ve take some of my favorite photos, and we have had many great adventures. Part two of the Kennedy Chronicles, this book brings to life the adventures and changes of the Kennedy Family focusing on Mom.

How to Draw Anime Characters in 13 Steps or Less!

by Stephanie Lane

+Bonus! All the information inside

Beginning in 1917 with the release of Dekobo Shingacho-Meian no Shippai, anime has continued to grow as a popular stylized art form with some films in this genre grossing over 200 million dollars! Successful shows in this genre have achieved even higher earnings, reaching grosses into the billions.
Like any other art form, learning to draw anime takes time and practice, but thankfully there are distinct characteristics seen in anime drawings that are easy to master and will be explained in this book. So, by following the guided steps provided, you should be well on your way to mastering the art of anime!
About this book:
– Front faces
– ¾ Faces
– Sitting Guys
– Static Poses
– Moving Poses
– Dynamic Poses

Animal Face Line Drawing: 120 STEP-BY-STEP Pig, Lion, Dog, Cat…: Draw the hand with the simplest stroke

by Janie Pham

Drawing is one of the skills that help children practice hands and think effectively, which will help other skills of the baby later. So, every day, take some time to teach children how to draw funny animals, close to children like birds, fish, chicken, elephant … extremely simple below!

In the Hands of the Dragon Masters

by Jandra Gordyavic

This is a true life Story, but which sounds and feels like an imaginational one.
And we´ll LET it sound and feel like that. This is a poetical description about Bad Gods´ and Masters´ apocalyptic attacks towards humanity and this world.

This theatre scripture tells you how certain Bad Gods and Masters sacrificed tragically some human beings, ones of Their victims being Charos, the girl of this story (the main character) and her dear mate, Jon, and her precious deceased brother, Risto.
Those certain Bad Gods and Masters attacked Charos and her closest mate fatally and dangerously for Eternal 12,5 years. There are touching, lachrymose parts in this story, for Charos´ lost, deceased brother and her dear mate, Charos´ heartbreaking cry for her two dear soul-mates.
This is also a Story of Apocalyptic LIES, wrong-sentencing and desperate tries, efforts to reach and get away from Those Gods´ and Masters´ Hands, somewhere else where there wouldn´t be ANY chasing or haunting anymore. There are a lot of metaphorical, rhyming expressions, this is a story of true human destinies!
This is a story, which kind of goes on and on�and hasn´t ended yet, not in these days.  This story is Those Bad Gods´ and Masters´ lesson to be learnt, to remind Them what will happen, if They´re Not going to stop Their Lies, behave and be Good and start to rescue this world and the people of it. We´ll pray this prolific planet will be redeemed to us, to the caring, responsible creatures!

Island of Shadows

by Stuart Collins

Island of Shadows was first penned as a screenplay, with the opening scenes in Hollywood, California and Pinewood Studios in England, with a story line following the antics of an ambitious writer seeking to get his first major movie off the ground, soliciting the support of a well known director, albeit now somewhat past his prime.
In his view the plot needs a first class leading lady and his first choice would be a particular star, once a major box office success in Hollywood but now a recluse living on a lonely Mediterranean island.
The young writer accepts the challenge to try and persuade her to come out of retirement and star in the film and sets off on his travels.
But all is not what it seems to be as the director and his onetime star have a hidden agenda that drags the writer in to a world of drug running and finally, into a lonely prison cell.
But that’s all for now, other than to say that it is a world of complete fiction. Some of the geographical settings are a matter of fact but the characters and the incidents in which they become involved are purely the product of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously, bearing no resemblance to any actual persons living or dead.

УÑ?ок сÑ?дÑ?бÑ? (Russian Edition)

by Bryson Sean

Ð?сÑ?оÑ?ия пÑ?о двÑ?Ñ? сесÑ?еÑ?, сÑ?дÑ?ба коÑ?оÑ?Ñ?Ñ? обÑ?езала всÑ? иÑ? лиÑ?нÑ?Ñ? жизнÑ?, вклÑ?Ñ?ая оÑ?ноÑ?ения междÑ? ними. СÑ?дÑ?бÑ? одной из ниÑ? пÑ?одолжиÑ? Ñ?ебенок.

Micro-ensayo acerca del discurso dualista de lo femenino en el arte contemporaneo: La figura de la mujer (Spanish Edition)

by Israel Baptista Vera

El surgimiento de la temática, para este, mi primer libro en la Plataforma Amazon Kindle, es referencia obligada a mi nombre, después de presentar esta temática en variados congresos y seminarios de investigación, esta a ganado la aceptación y prestigio a nivel nacional e internacional (Ganador de la VII Jornada de investigación de la Universidad Católica “Cecilio Acosta” 2017, Premio de ganador del II Congreso Internacional de Investigación Estudiantil Universitaria, VII Congreso Venezolano y VIII Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación Estudiantil “Dra. Hazel Anderson”, “Una década de liderazgo de Investigación estudiantil en red. Referente del conocimiento Académico en Latinoamérica” 2018 organizado por La Universidad del Zulia (LUZ) y La Red de Investigación Estudiantil de La Universidad del Zulia (REDIELUZ), participó en el VII Seminario Internacional de La Red Universitaria para el Estudio de la Fraternidad 2017 bajo la temática de “Fraternidad Reconciliación y Dialogo de Fronteras”, entre otras participaciones).
Este ” Micro- ensayo acerca del discurso dualista de la mujer en el arte contemporáneo” es ante todo un pequeño discurso que resume ante todo una temática esencial y pertinente para las artes gráficas actuales y los movimientos Neosurrealistas y feministas de latinoamericana, es el surgimiento de un nuevo modelo contemporáneo de estética en las artes visuales en general, que posee resonancia y centro en la figura de la mujer.
Esta micro-obra es la primera parte de la trilogía que lleva por titulo “La figura de la mujer” cuyas próximas entregas se publicaran por esta misma plataforma Kindle.
Israel Baptista Vera (Maracaibo Diciembre de 2018)

Israel Baptista Vera (1996, Maracaibo – Venezuela) es Artista Visual, Diseñador Gráfico, Escritor y Poeta Venezolano. Figura pública y participante habitual en numerosos Congresos y Seminarios a nivel Nacional e Internacional. Su área de estudio son las artes gráficas, los movimientos surrealistas de vanguardia y la figura de la mujer en el arte surrealista.

A girl with sexy curves (Japanese Edition)

by Paulin Fujiati

Young girl with sexy curves
She is Indonesian student in Korea

Middlebrow Modernism: Brittenâ??s Operas and the Great Divide (California Studies in 20th-Century Music Book 24)

by Christopher Chowrimootoo

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more.

Situated at the intersections of twentieth-century music history, historiography, and aesthetics, Middlebrow Modernism uses Benjamin Britten’s operas to illustrate the ways in which composers, critics, and audiences mediated the “great divide” between modernism and mass culture. Reviving mid-century discussions of the middlebrow, Christopher Chowrimootoo demonstrates how Britten’s works allowed audiences to have their modernist cake and eat it: to revel in the pleasures of consonance, lyricism, and theatrical spectacle even while enjoying the prestige that came from rejecting them. By focusing on moments when reigning aesthetic oppositions and hierarchies threatened to collapse, this study offers a powerful model for recovering shades of grey in the traditionally black-and-white historiographies of twentieth-century music.

Another Kind Of Poverty: Another Kind Of Poverty Pupils Drama Book

by Richard Zhuanginyu

Another Kind of poverty is a pupils interesting, humorous book that will Educate pupils to learn to be conservative and learn problem solving skills.

Jargo: Chapter 1-47

by Jean Harvey


I’m here
I know you miss me,
I always miss you,
if you sleep without me,
I often wait in your dream.

(You need me)

Did you know,
that you really die,
when you die in a dream?
I could let you die
at any time.
If I want that.

The Planning Polity: Planning, Government and the Policy Process (RTPI Library Series)

by Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Planning is not a technical and value free activity. Planning is an overt political system that creates both winners and losers. The Planning Polity is a book that considers the politics of development and decision-making, and political conflicts between agencies and institutions within British town and country planning. The focus of assessment is how British planning has been formulated since the early 1990s, and provides an in-depth and revealing assessment of both the Major and Blair governments’ terms of office. The book will prove to be an invaluable guide to the British planning system today and the political demands on it. Students and activists within urban and regional studies, planning, political science and government, environmental studies, urban and rural geography, development, surveying and planning, will all find the book to be an essential companion to their work.

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