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Kinetic Star: Book One of the Provenance Trilogy

by Jason Andrews

“No spandex and no capes. Ever.”

Imagine you woke up one day to find you had superpowers. What would you do? Samantha McAllister thought her biggest problem was paying the rent on time. When she discovered that she can move objects with a thought and soar through the skies, she quickly learned that her problems were just beginning.

No one can hide in the modern age of technology. The government doesn’t see her as a threat. They see her as a weapon.

Kinetic Star is the tale of a young woman with incredible gifts who finds herself plunged into a world of wonder, betrayal, and conspiracy. With government agents hot on her trail, can Samantha learn to control her powers before it’s too late?

Never Far Away (The Never Series Book 2)

by Anie Michaels

The Never Series continues with this steamy, emotional thriller.

Ella wakes up to a world turned upside down, recovering both physically and emotionally from attacks she can’t remember. Her only memory from the past weeks is a nameless voice that echoes in her mind, causing her heart to ache and her soul to seek “Him”.

Living a life without Ella is no life at all and Porter decides to do whatever it takes to remind her of their love. Recognizing Porter without remembering him, Ella reacquaints herself with this gorgeous man, their explosive chemistry, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

As Ella’s memories resurface so do demons of the couple’s past, testing their strength and love. Porter is determined to fight for their future together but will Ella? As everything and everyone that Ella loves gets threatened, she must find a way to fight the darkness of yesterday so that she can live in the light of tomorrow.

This is book two in a three-book series. The story continues in book three, Never Giving Up, available now.
For mature readers only. Strong sexual content.

The Never Series
#1 – Never Close Enough – Ella and Porter
#2 – Never Far Away – Ella and Porter
#3 – Never Giving Up – Ella and Porter
#4 – Never Standing Still – Kalli and Riot
#5 – Never Tied Down – Kalli and Riot

Books 1,2, and 3 need to be read in order, but 4 can be read without reading the previous books.

The Pink Collectio from Eva Long Erotica: 24 Sexy Cuckolding and Feminization Stories drawn from The Cuckold Journals 1 & 2.0 and The Sissy Collection

by Eva Long

Don’t miss this opportunity to read 24 sexy stories involving cuckolding and feminization erotica from Eva Long Erotica

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