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DIY Cat Hacks

by Lorayne Miller

This book will show you some very cool kitty hacks that your kitty will be purring about! I will help you save a bit of money as most items used in this book are up-cycled odds and ends around your house that you can make into some very useful pet products that you will use everyday!

Present Enlightenment: The 8 secrets for fullfilled life

by Rain Tran

“I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first.” – one of the greatest theoretical physicists, Stephen Hawking once said. He lived for 50 years longer than doctors originally predicted, and did amazing things. Better than everyone else, he really knew the value of time.
He was a young man with extremely high intelligence, who had just received a first-class Bachelor Honors Degree in physics at Oxford University. A promising future would have been waiting for him if it had been not for his ALS. The disease soon made him unable to move. Doctors gave him just two years to live. Everything became meaningless. He lost the will to live and sank deeply into depression.
But at last, he decided not to give up. Despite the fact that he might be dead on the next day, he continued to try, to work, to make the most of every single minute. Miracle happened. 2 years became 50 years, and he achieved wonderful things in theoretical and cosmic physics. He had left unto the World his incredible work when he passed away at 76.

The Fat Burning Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Master Your Body In 10 Days Or Less

by Katherine Kavanagh

Improve your wellbeing by transitioning to a keto diet.

The keto diet has taken the world by storm. You’ve seen the weight loss pictures on Instagram. All of your friends are talking about it. The keto lifestyle is said to increase energy levels, improve cardiovascular health and lift mental fog.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information (and misinformation) online. Fortunately, this book has been created to help ease your transition into the keto lifestyle.

A 10-day meal plan to get you on the right track.

Creating a keto friendly meal plan that also tastes delicious can be very time consuming. This book has done the work for you, so you can spend those extra hours doing the things you love. No need to research recipes, it’s all there for you. My shopping tips are there to help you save money. Work smarter, not harder.

With a comprehensive list of keto friendly foods, you’ll know exactly what you should be eating. This book offers alternatives to some of your favourite non-keto foods. Done properly a ketogenic diet can help you reach your weight loss goals without going hungry.

Achieve your diet goals, and more.

We understand that changing to a controlled diet can be a huge leap for some people, which is why this book includes tips on making your transition as easy as possible. Adapting to a low-carb way of living can be difficult during the first 7 days. This book will help you make sure you see it through.

Not only that, there’s plenty of advice on creating a winning mind-set and focusing on your goals. This is such a huge part of maintaining a controlled diet that too many people skip out on. Stay healthy for longer, don’t give up. After reading this book, you will not only have a set plan for beginning your keto journey, you’ll have the tools to maintain this lifestyle for years to come.

40 scrumptious recipes.

You will be shocked by the mouth-watering, low-carb meals you can consume whilst maintaining the Keto diet. Some of the healthy recipes in this book include:

-Steak with Béarnaise Sauce
-Thai Chicken Satay
-Pasta Carbonara
-Duck Rillettes
-Easy Keto Meatloaf
-Keto Moussaka
-Three-Cheese Macaroni
-Bacon Pesto Pasta
-Shrimp Pad Thai
-Cheesecake Fat Bombs
-Keto Vanilla Ice Cream
-Avocado Tzatziki dip

Sounds amazing, right? Then what are you waiting for? Take your first steps into your new healthier, happier lifestyle. Buy the Simple Ketogenic Diet For Beginners today.

Liminal Travel – The Spaces In Between: How to travel and live with next to nothing…

by Vago Damitio

Liminal Travel is a guide to fulfilling your desires – with travel.Travel in itself is a freedom from the things that constrain us in life. At least it should be. Liminal Travel outlines some of the ways that those who do travel can get more out of it for less money.While not a budget travel guide, Liminal Travel is a guide to seeing travel in a different light. Chapters focus on earning money on the road, finding the right accommodation, rewarding things to do (for free), liminal spirituality, and alternative means of getting from here to there.

Health Haven: Prevention and recovery from ill health through the use of alternative solutions

by Manjit Kaur

Dr. Manjit Kaur is a Wholistic Practitioner of Alternative Medicines & Naturopathy. She is well renowned around the globe for her radio, national & satellite T.V for health and cook shows shown on the Sikh channel and Akaal channel on SKY and YouTube. Dr. Manjit is well qualified and equipped with decades of clinical experiences. She practices Alternative & Wholistic (also pronounced Holistic) Medicines, which includes Colon Hydrotherapy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicines, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Massage, Reflexology, NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System, Diet & Nutrition and she is also a Reiki master. She is certified in Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Panchkarma from D.A.V College, Jalandhar, India. She has held free Ayurveda and Acupuncture treatment camps in India and Italy and treated patients suffering from long term illnesses. “Your Health is Your Wealth”Dr. Manjit believes without a doubt there is a connection between health, the mind, the body and the spirit. Disease steps in when there is an emotional imbalance, then physical problems surface, syndromes such as fatigue, allergies, hormonal imbalances, toxic overload, organ and structural imbalance, vitamin and mineral deficiencies to mention a few. Feel clean inside and outside with colon hydrotherapy combined with other therapies.This book will take you on the journey of self-discovery and realisation on how to have a healthier and wealthier lifestyle through the Body Balance BlueprintTM which was created around her Unique Branded System.

Toenail Fungus Remedies: How to Treat and Reverse Toenail Fungus Naturally — WITHOUT Drugs or Surgery!

by Frank Cooper

Want to get rid of your toenail fungus?

Then read this practical guide and discover the proven natural ways to reverse your toenail fungus for good.

Inside you’ll learn…

* The safest and most natural ways to treat toenail fungus.

* How to stop toenail fungus without drugs or surgery.

* How to get your health back and start living your life again.

* How to banish your toenail fungus quickly and easily with simple home remedies.

* The most effective toenail fungus treatments that doctors don’t want you to know.


So download this book and start to live your toenail fungus-free life once and for all!


The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery

by Hannah Braime

Are you ready to go on a journey?

The Year of You is an invitation to discover more about yourself, become more conscious about what you want, and create a rich and fulfilling life through one journaling prompt a day. With this book, you can take the guess work out of journaling and use one writing prompt each day of the year to explore and unpack the most important aspects of your life and your being.

Each month, you’ll focus on one important area of your life:

  • January: Identity
  • February: The Past
  • March: Environment
  • April: Fun
  • May: Career
  • June: Relationships
  • July: Growth
  • August: Money
  • September: Travel and Adventure
  • October: Health
  • November: Spirituality
  • December: The Future

You can start in January, June or November; simply turn to today’s date and start writing! Whether you’re new to journaling or have enjoyed a reflective writing practice for some time, The Year of You offers a wealth of inspiration that will deepen your understanding and awareness of what makes you who you are.



This book on the law of Attraction will bring you to realize your dearest desires. The new elements that it brings about our childhood and our conditioning, complement among other things a new vision a little more advanced in the reasoning useful to the law of Attraction. It leads to the freeing of the family shackles inculcated in our childhood and that affect our inner child. Step by step, the author brings us to a more holistic view on this subject as well as a different view on the Quantum universe.

Mindfulness Stress Reduction: How to Practice Mindfulness for Peaceful, Stress-Free, Happy Living (Mindfulness Techniques & Exercises for Beginners)

by Julia Degarmo

If you want to learn how to incorporate Mindfulness into your life in order to reduce stress and live with greater peace and happiness, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Whether at home, at work, or in your love life, if the stress level you’re experiencing is entirely overwhelming and feels like it’s “ruining your life” and that you just can’t take it any longer: I have some really good news for you. There’s one simple, effective, inexpensive, and natural way to combat stress. It’s called “mindfulness,” and it’s an easy and worthwhile trait to adapt into your lifestyle, because it brings about peace of mind and a wide gamut of health benefits. The sooner you learn to practice it, the sooner you can reap the benefits. The information presented in this book will teach you how to practice mindfulness effectively, the various elements of mindfulness, and how mindfulness can – and will – change and improve your life. As a regular practice, mindfulness is relatively easy to do. There are no long sessions and elaborate rituals. You’ll be surprised at actually how convenient it is. So, if you’re ready to know more about how mindfulness can work for you, relieving stress and allowing you to live a happy life, let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Elements of Mindfulness
  • Types of Mindfulness Exercises
  • Advantages of Practicing Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Exercises to Reduce Stress
  • Using Mindfulness to Live Happily
  • Other Important Uses of Mindfulness
  • Important Tips for Practicing Mindfulness
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Anxiety: A Natural Way To End Anxiety

by Jeremy Messer

Are you struggling with anxiety? Are you suffering from panic attacks? Does the doctor have you on more prescriptions than you can to count for? Is the medication causing you to be fatigued or scattered brained? If so, you need to discover how to deal with your anxiety disorder from natural remedies. Imagine a life with clarity free from worry and distraught. If you are looking for that, then look no further. We dive into countless natural ways to help end anxiety.

Journey Through The Guilt Trip: Creating A Positive Relationship with Guilt and A Life You Love

by Lee Lam

Guilt is not a simple emotion to live with. No-one wants to talk about it, no-one wants to admit having it and everyone avoids dealing with it.But holding onto guilt can lead to:- Anxiety- Depression- Low self confidence- Low self-worth- Grief- Abuse and trauma (including self-harm and substance abuse)All can have their origins in feelings of guilt and shame, the slow drip-feed of self-doubt and self-accusation that makes you feel less than. The Journey Through The Guilt Trip is your way to take back control and gain the freedom to live the life you were meant to lead.In this book, Lee Lam takes you through what guilt really is, how to create a positive and meaningful relationship with it, and how to design your life and the choices you make so that it brings you joy, happiness and a sense of fulfillment that you cannot get by living to someone else’s expectations.

MINDFULNESS GUIDE LESS STRESS & MORE PEACE: Practical tips, worksheets, and mindfulness affirmations

by Life Success Books

MINDFULNESS GUIDE LESS STRESS & MORE PEACE is now updated with Practical tips, worksheets, and mindfulness affirmations. (previously published as Living in the moment. Happiness. Let go of the past.)

Would you like to radically change your live for the better? The current moment is the only moment we truly have – to be joyful, to be awake to our surroundings, and to be mindful.

Learn how to be there for yourself and be fully present in your life.

Living in the moment, mindfulness, let go of the past, living in the present

Couple Goals: For Deeper Intimacy Passion & Romance

by Reasons Why ILove

Couple Goals is a short guide to assist couples with goal setting.

Get inspiration for your couple goals and bucket lists.

Use reliable criteria for goal setting to achieve the couple goals that you’ve been dreaming about.

Create a deeper connection with the one you love.

Purchase your copy today!

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