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Foraging: Edible Plants and Berries You Can Find in The Wild in Autumn and Winter Seasons

by David Swan


Edible Plants and Berries You Can Find in The Wild in Autumn and Winter Seasons

Foraging has become a new hype. No, it is not something new. People have been practicing foraging as a hobby like collecting variety of wild mushrooms, weeds and berries. But now its meaning is completely different. People are now becoming hungry for change and hence, have starting turning to organic lifestyle. They are more interested in varieties of foods but not everything is available is super markets. While some people are just struggling to afford food. The solution – foraging food. For this, people started foraging in parks and local fields but most of these places are off limits and prohibited for foraging. What other places are left then for foraging. THE WILD!

Does it sound difficult and challenging?

Yes, but foraging in wild only sound challenging, it is actually completely opposite of this. It is a wonderful and fun activity to look for food in the wild. Not only you get abundant flavors and nutritious plants and/or fruits, but this activity also refreshes the mind. It is also a pleasant change from the virtual environment by building a connecting with nature and admiring it.

So if you are about to start your wild foraging experience or already engaged in this wonderful activity, this eBook can help you pave your path to become an expert wild foraging

This eBook include:

  • Detail information about foraging in wild during winter and autumn seasons
  • A useful guideline to do a responsible foraging
  • Botanical description with images of plants and fruits to be forage in autumn and winter
  • How to identify and pick the ripe and correct food in wild
  • The use of wild foods in daily life like in food and medicines.

Survival Guide: TOP 25 Camping Hacks + Essential Bushcraft Tips For Beginners: (Outdoor Survival Guide, Camping For Beginners, Bushcraft Guide) (Camping, Bushcraft)

by Herman Patterson

Survival Guide:

TOP 25 Camping Hacks + Essential Bushcraft Tips For Beginners

Book 1


25 Essential Camping Hacks: Backpacking, Food and Safety. Start Your Adventure

Cabin fever is a horrible thing, and after the severe winters some of us who live on the East Coast have been having, you really can’t blame us for being a little bit excited when the first signs of spring begin to arrive. But before you load up your tent and fishing pole there are a few useful hacks that you should know about. This book compiles all of those valuable tricks of the trade such as how to successfully navigate through the wilderness without getting lost, how to find food and water no matter where you are, and how to always have a roaring campfire.
These things are essentials but it is amazing at how many don’t have a good working knowledge of how they can accomplish these basic tasks. Well, don’t worry my friends, because the 25 essential hacks in this book covers these and much more. Whether you are a novice setting out on a hiking trip for the first time with your buddies or you are a hardened veteran, this book has something to offer.
In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Use instruments of navigation
  • Locate Food and Water
  • Effectively communicate in the wilderness
  • And more!

Book 2

Survival Bushcraft Guidebook:

Tips and Skills for Beginners

This book provides you with everything that you need to know about bushcraft survival. Utilize the guidebook presented here in order to inundate yourself with the many ways in which you can mold and shape your experience in the bush to your own benefit. This guide gives you the inside scoop when it comes to having the right kind of equipment, the right kind of knowledge, and even the right kind of attitude in order to survive in the wild.
Learn important skill sets such as how to hunt and forage, as well as proper fire building techniques, how to build your own shelter, and even how to establish effective communication in remote environments. If you can survive the bush you can survive anything, so come along with us as we go through everything you need to know in order to master the bush lands!
In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Build makeshift shelters
  • Start and Maintain Fire
  • Hunt and Forage
  • Navigate through the Bush
  • And much more!

Arnhem Land’s Children

by Graham Wilson

It was hot. A sudden stillness was in the late afternoon air. The waterhole’s surface shone with unnatural smoothness. Fresh pig tracks at it’s edge told of pigs just gone. Two bubbles popped up, their spreading ripples fracturing the tree and sky reflections; just decaying vegetation, said my mind. I should have known better, I should have smelt crocodile!!

What is it about the Northern Territory that fascinates?

I have only to mention it’s name in conversation and people stop and turn to listen.

Why, for 190 years, has it drawn people from all over to come, stay longer than they imagined and, often, never leave?

This book is a memoir of a family’s life in a remote aboriginal community, in Australia’s Northern Territory, something the equivalent of remote Canada or Alaska, where few people go.

For half a century it was our home – this place called Oenpelli,(now Gunbalanya) at the very top of Australia, place of dark skinned people, crocodiles, buffalo and much more, a place where we built our lives.

It tells of changing world as a missionary family and an aboriginal community become part of modern Australia

This our family’s story, growing amongst the people, animals and places and colours of this this strange land, alongside an aboriginal community going through its own changes; citizenship, alcohol, uranium mining, land rights, outstation development, and community self management.

It is a memoir of living in one of the most isolated parts of Australia – a small aboriginal missionary community in the Northern Territory, something the equivalent of the remote Canada or Alaska. It is the landscape featured in the tourist brochures for Kakadu and the movie Crocodile Dundee.

It is a chronicle of change in the last half century with land rights and aboriginal self determination at the centre of which are my mother and father with Christian beliefs which motivated their contribution to this change.

It is a story of memories and love for this remote and beautiful place, in which I lived as a child then worked as an adult.

It also a story of many NT people who gave me my memories and of many other parts of the NT each with their distinctive character and their hardy, outlandish characters who stories live on in my mind and words.

It also tells of my own experience of surviving attack by a large crocodile in a remote swamp

This memoir provides the foundation for my novels in the Crocodile Spirit Dreaming Series. The places in these books are the places in which I lived and worked and many of the stories came little changed from people I knew. In particular my experience in surviving a crocodile attack of a large saltwater crocodile, which mauled my leg as told in this book forms part of the central role of the crocodile as a predator in this novel series.

The role of my father in opening road transport including building a crossing of the East Alligator River, developing outstations for aboriginal communities, learning to fly on missionary wages and establishing an aviation service along with assisting the aboriginal peoples of this land to gain royalties from mining is a story that deserves to be told as a major part of NT history. Along with his tireless work the contribution of many others is also an essential part of the story.

Arnhem’s Kaleidoscope Children

by Graham Wilson

It was hot with stillness in the late afternoon air. The water shone with unnatural smoothness. Tracks told of pigs just gone. Two bubbles popped to the surface of the pool; ‘decaying vegetation’ said my mind. I should have known it was a crocodile!

Landscape of Crocodile Dundee: myriad hues of billabongs, open grass plains, sunlit hills and purple storms, peopled by its many coloured children.

Arnhem’s Kaleidoscope Children is a remembered story of a family’s life in a distant world. The place, Oenpelli, in Australia’s Northern Territory, is like remote Canada or Alaska, where few others go. It is near world famous Kakadu National Park, home of huge crocodiles, buffalo and myriad waterbirds.

What is it about the Northern Territory that fascinates? If I mention its name in conversation people turn to listen? Why, for 180 years, has it drawn people to come, stay longer and, often, never leave?

This book is a memoir of a family’s life in a remote aboriginal community, a story of living amongst places, creatures and characters of this this strange land. It tells of a transition from isolation to becoming part of the modern world, with changes brought by citizenship, uranium mining, land rights, alcohol, outstation development, and self-management over half a century. Living within this were my parents, whose lives and beliefs were shaped by and played a part in the change.

The role of my father in opening road transport including a crossing of the East Alligator River, developing outstations for aboriginal communities, learning to fly on missionary wages along with assisting the aboriginal peoples of this land to gain royalties from mining is a story deserving telling, along with the parts played by many of others who made their own contributions.

The story moves to the wider canvass of the whole NT across which I later worked. It is a world extending from distant deserts to coastal seas and is peopled by a vast array of hardy, outlandish characters. Along the way it tells of my surviving attack by a large crocodile in a remote swamp.

It is also the backdrop of my Crocodile Dreaming novels, in which real settings and stories of place become parts of a fictional world peopled with many characters built from those I knew. At its centre sit its aboriginal peoples, dreamtime legends and the huge predatory saltwater crocodile.

99 Bodybuilder Tipps und Tricks: Bodybuilder Tipps für Mann und Frau I Bodybuilder Tipps für Anfänger (German Edition)

by Max Steirer

Du hast Interess an Bodybuilding oder hattest bis jetzt keine Motivation oder Erfolg?
Dann ist dieses Buch das Richtige für dich!
In 99 Tipps wird dir erklärt was es ausmacht ein Bodybuilder zu sein und zu werden.

The 3 Sinister Truths Of Coaching Sports Today: And What You Can Do About Them (Hack Your Coaching Book 1)

by Mike Davenport

LEARN: How To Navigate The Coaching Truths They Don’t Tell You

Struggling with your coaching? Wondering what “the heck is going on?” No worries, most sport coaches have been in the same position, and those stressful feelings will fade away once you know the secrets you aren’t being told.

Welcome to the Wild World of Coaching Sports Today

We go into sports coaching to make a difference, to win the big one, possibly to give back, or because coaching looks fun. But coaches don’t realize the deck is stacked against them. That coaching, because of truths coaches have never been told, can be terribly difficult, and can take a heavy toll from the athletes, the program, and the coach. Knowing the truths, specific 3 sinister truths, will make all the difference.

In your coaching, are you tired of:
– being taken for granted?
– feeling under-supported?
– struggling to develop your skills?

Once you know the 3 sinister truths you can take smart actions to negate those feelings and improve your situation.

LEARN: 16 actions that will make an immediate difference in your coaching

In the book The 3 Sinister Truths of Coaching Sports Today: And What You Can Do About Them, you’ll learn how to build a support network that will be there for you when times are tough, answering your questions and giving you guidance; you’ll discover how to appreciate your position and those around you, and in turn be more appreciated for the job you do; and you’ll understand how to create your own system of professional development, so you won’t be left behind because you’ll know the core knowledge and how to get the latest and greatest information about your sport.

The 3 Sinister Truths contains specifics steps you can use in your coaching. You will discover:
-How the 3 Sinister Truths can sabotage your coaching
-The tricks to finding more smiles and less ulcers
-6 actions to help you prepare for coaching
-5 steps to get the support you deserve
-The cardinal rules of appreciation
-How to get more bang from the time/effort/energy you put into your coaching
-Where rituals can help your coaching
-How to develop a game plan to improve yourself
– And much more!

It’s time to get more from your coaching, and discover the real truths!

Scroll to the top of the page, click the buy button, and start dealing with the 3 sinister coaching truths now!

The Realism of Baseball.: Sport

by Jose Ruben Amador

Life can be in a perfect example like a baseball game.
You are the batter; life is the one who throws the balls.
The pitcher can make you five hundred negative shots, but you do not lose with the bad balls, unless the moderator decides to get against you.
But in this game, God is the moderator (Umpire) and his justice is imposed on everything and everyone.
Because the justice of God is imposed as the second main element of his personality, the first is love.
So you can last two years, three years waiting for your good ball and holding the bad.
In life there are no bases per ball.
You can spend years waiting for a positive release.
And life is about that, waiting for the right release.
Hold negative releases.
And when they put the good pitch, you have to disappear the ball.

¿CÃ?MO CONSTRUIR EL CAMINO DESDE EL FÃ?TBOL DE LA CALLE AL MUNDO PROFESIONAL?: Aproximación de la metodología de trabajo a un enfoque basado en competencias … base y el fútbol de élite. (Spanish Edition)

by Alberto Martín Barrero

¿Podemos entender el proceso de formación sin saber qué tipo de deportistas queremos y cómo formarlos?
¿Podemos construir el camino sin tener un plan que nos ayude a organizar, programar, planificar y evaluar dicho proceso?
¿Es importante diseñar una estructura de trabajo tanto en el fútbol base como en el fútbol profesional que organice el trabajo teniendo claro que los jugadores son los principales protagonistas?
Esta obra intenta ofrecer respuestas a las anteriores preguntas, buscando el contexto y las herramientas adecuadas para que el jugador adquiera las competencias que le permitan ser competitivo, es decir, que desarrolle las diferentes capacidades para poder, en el futuro, desenvolverse en los más altos niveles o quizás al máximo nivel al que el jugador pueda aspirar.
Este complejo proceso empieza en el fútbol de la calle, se fomenta en el fútbol formativo y se traslada al fútbol profesional, lugar donde el jugador no deja de aprender y seguir evolucionando.

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