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30 Day Whole Food Instant Pot Cookbook: The Beginnerâ??s Guide for a 30-Day Whole Food Diet to Clear Your Body, Prevent Disease and Have a Healthy Lifestyle

by Amy C. Jones

Are you looking for a healthy diet to upgrade your whole living?

Do you have an Instant Pot or wanna have one?

If you are worried that you don’t have enough time to cook healthy homemade dishes, then this book will help you. It provides extensive guidelines on the Whole 30 diet, which is the healthiest diet program that you should follow.

Unlike other diet fads, the Whole 30 program promises emotional and health benefits through strict rules on what you can and cannot eat instead of counting calories or portion sizes. The rules offer no exemptions, cheat days or any other special considerations such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays.

This book will set you up for Whole30 success, equipping you with the resources and recipes you need to get through each day. It answers common questions and concerns surrounding this elimination-style plan.

Meantime, it discusses essentials you need to know about Instant Pot cooking to whip up compatible dishes. And it is a reliable companion during food shopping and meal planning, allowing you to mindfully eat your way to a healthier future.

Inside this book, you will find many easy-to-make whole food recipes supporting your 30-day whole food diet! You can cook recipes as follows:

Tasty Breakfast Recipes

Easy Chicken & Poultry Recipes

Delicious Fish & Seafood Recipes

Flavorful Beef, Pork & Lamb Recipes

Healthy Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes

Graceful Soups & Broth Recipes

Amazing Appetizer Recipes

Nice Desserts & Side Dishes

Mouth-watering Weekend & Festival Recipes

More and more…

This versatile multicooker does the job of several cooking appliances, helping you create healthy and delicious meals for you and your family without requiring too much time or effort.

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The Year of You: A 10 Step Plan for Reinventing Your Life

by Kassandra Vaughn

Tired of settling for less? Struggling with stress and pressure to live a life you KNOW isn’t right for you? Stuck in a job, relationship or life situation that is not what you REALLY want?

Here’s the thing: your life is YOUR life… and we’ve all been in spots where we look around and ask ‘How did I wind up here?’ But if you try to solve the problems of your life with the same mind that created them, you’ll continue producing the same results.

What’s the solution?

Reinvent YOU… and it won’t be easy. A lot of people won’t like it. But you will fall in love with your life. Once you begin the reinvention process, nothing less than living your best life will do.

In ‘The Year of YOU’, you’ll learn:
**the true definition of reinvention
**what reinvention requires
**the 10 steps of reinvention
**how to create a strong enough WHY to fuel your reinvention journey
**the components of your reinvention plan
**how to follow through and stick to your plan, especially when others don’t support you changing
**how to believe in yourself when no one else does

DOWNLOAD: The Year of YOU: A 10 Step Plan for Reinventing Your Life

The Year of YOU is a powerful, practical, hands-on guide that will give you the step-by-step approach to reinventing your life.

Would you like to know more?

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Lloyd Onion Eats at Night (Jake Hancock Universe Thriller)

by Dan Taylor

Lloyd Onion Eats at Night is a fast-paced thriller set in the same universe as laugh-out-loud Private Investigator Jake Hancock. We hope you enjoy it!

Lloyd Onion is an ordinary man with an ordinary job, but he considers his life extraordinary. He loves his wife and his children, and he even loves the mundaneness of his nine-to-five.

One morning, his birthday, he begins to suspect his wife is cheating on him, based on the single premise that her yoga classes have gone from being an hour long to an hour and a half.

On the same morning, a homeless man is found murdered outside his workplace, which, unbeknownst to Lloyd, has set in motion a chain of events that will make his birthday one he’ll never forget.

Lloyd Onion’s life is about to become extraordinary for the first time in his nearly forty years, and when he hires Private Investigator Jake Hancock to investigate his wife’s personal life, he wishes he’d have never picked up the phone to dial his number.

Lloyd’s work has always been soul destroying, but now he’d give anything to go back to being just another rung on the ladder.

Looking for a crime thriller with suspense, laugh-out-loud comedy, non-stop action, and an ending that will leave you wanting to read more? Start reading Lloyd Onion Eats at Night with your Kindle Unlimited account free today!

The Heart Of The Electric Vehicle: Switching to an electric or hybrid car has never been easier and Evi Power is here to help you make the right choice!

by Evi Power

With rising gasoline prices, concerns and effects of global warming, and more and more people using cars to get from place to place, now has never been a better time to think about giving up the gas-guzzler and going electric.

An informative and practical guide to understanding, owning, or getting an electric car, The Heart of the Electric Car not only looks at the history of electric cars but also provides answers to questions that you might not have thought to ask. Electric cars are cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable than ever, and author Evi Power explores the pros and cons of having an electric vehicle, environmental concerns, safety, and more. Having an electric or hybrid car isn’t the right choice for everyone, but if enough people seriously consider making the change from gasoline to electric the potential benefits for the environment and everyone else around us could be phenomenal.

If you are just interested in learning more about electric cars or even considering buying one The Heart of the Electric Car is a perfect companion!

Improve Your Social Skills: How To Increase and Positively Influence Your Conversation Skills in 30 Days With Parents & Friends To Win Fear and Dominate People

by Charles Covey

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Do you have trouble communicating and enforcing your opinions in public despite you believe in yourself?

You can imagine that it’s not enoughâ?¦

We, humans, are strange and complicated creatures. We even complicated the basics of conversation. Luckily for us, we have many forms of communication tools that help us get our message across.

But what if we wanted to increase our social skills? What if we wanted to influence people, especially the people we work with- to sell ideas, to get their buy-in or to present your solution? How do we communicate with people we know very little about, how do we communicate with people of different ages?

Even though socializing seems to come naturally to some people, these skills are learned over time. It is never too late to make friends, learn how to communicate better and improve our ability to meet people.

In this book you will learn:

  • 5 Different Aspects of Communication
  • Main Strategies to Become a Good Listener
  • How to Improve Our Language Skills and Get Away From Fear of Judgment
  • Understand the Various Languages of the Body
  • Most Important Things to Avoid to Block Communication Learning
  • Peculiarities and Defects of the Different Generations and What to Learn From Each One

Even if you are a shy and introverted person, you will have all the practical lessons available at your fingertips to improve day by day.

Do you want to deepen this and change your way of relating with concrete attitudes?

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Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook 250 Vegan Recipes to Boost Your Energy and Improve Your Health

by Vincent Brian

Vegan recipes are full of colors and textures and we are sure that you will end up loving this diet!

Under the cover we gathered 250 Best Vegan Instant Pot recipes.

Veganism will have no more secrets once you discover this cooking journal.

Have a look at some of the recipes you are about to discover:

  • Tapioca Pudding
  • Millet and Veggie Mix
  • Banana Oatmeal
  • Mustard Glazed Carrots
  • Veggie Stew
  • Chickpeas Curry
  • Roasted Tomato Soup
  • Rice And Maple Syrup Pudding
  • Pineapple And Coconut Pudding

It will surprise you for sure and it will show you that veganism and cooking in an instant pot can be so much fun!

Now, let’s get to work and start cooking some vegan dishes in an instant pot

Coding for Kids in Scratch 3: The Complete Guide to Creating Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Games for Beginners

by Raj Sidhu

Become a coding super-genius and create incredible projects with Scratch 3 – the newest version of the most powerful coding language for kids!

This beautifully illustrated, hilariously written, and delightfully engaging step-by-step guide is designed for kids (ages 8+) to learn the fundamentals of coding and apply them to amazingly innovative projects. Readers will learn to use the incredible new features of Scratch 3 to build projects that not only teach them to code, but also inspire them to pursue today’s most exciting frontiers of technology:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Video Game Bots
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Multiplayer Computer Games

The tried-and-true teaching methods featured in this book were developed by author Raj Sidhu and have been used to teach hundreds of thousands of children around the world how to code.


by Lacie Lovepole

When the voluptuous and innocent Kat heads out for a tinder date, she is quickly disappointed by the jerk-off she meets. After ending the date abruptly, Kat heads off to think of something better to do – that’s when she finds herself accosted by a drunkâ?¦ and just when things start looking even more dangerous for her, three hot police officers show up to her rescue.

And once she sees their muscular bodies and handsome faces, there’s only one way the beautiful Kat can think of to repay themâ?¦ and get exactly what she’s always wanted!

A filthy and explicit story that is sure to satisfyâ?¦

Raw Honey

by T.D. Grey

I loved a broken man and with every piece of him, he cut me. He was trying to break me too. I would have let him if that meant I was healing him.
He loved me with his fist and suffocated me with his words and I allowed it. I’ve never been more disappointed in myself, he was too, I guess that’s why he kept hurting me. He kept hitting me and hitting, He had me shedding more than tears. He wouldn’t stop until I was bleeding, like he thought my blood wasn’t supposed to be in my body anymore.
I had to ring the alarm. I became a victim, a snitch, a deceiver, but most importantly I became safe. Then I found Israel and all I was, was loved. I looked at him like there was no one before him and impossible to be anyone after him.
Falling for him while I was falling apart was a disaster from the start. But, every time he was inside me or beside me, I thought that he was enough. I didn’t need any more of anyone else and if we ended in fire, it would be worth it. He would be worth it.

Living in the Past: Paranormal Romance Tattoo Shifter (The Chronicles of Kerrigan: Gabriel Book 1)

by W.J. May

The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.

From USA Today bestselling author, W.J. May brings you a spin off from the Chronicles of Kerrigan. This is a stand alone series, or can be read with the Chronicles of Kerrigan series

How can you build a future, when a part of you is trapped in the past?

Gabriel Alden’s problems were supposed to be over. The man who had enslaved him had been destroyed. The girl he was supposed to kill, had become his saving grace. And the people he had been sent to infiltrate, had ended up as family. So why,
when everyone else had found their happy-ever-after, was Gabriel still out in the cold?

Dark memories, hidden shadows, and secrets too terrible to imagine haunt his every breathâ??chasing after him as he races around the globe, searching for the truth.

Can he ever truly escape his past? Will he ever have a shot at a future? How far can you run before your ghosts finally catch up with you?

One thing is certain, Gabriel’s problems are just getting startedâ?¦

The Chronicles of Kerrigan: Gabriel
Living in the Past
Present for Today
Staring at the Future

Prequel Series:
Christmas Before the Magic
Question the Darkness
Into the Darkness
Fight the Darkness
Alone in the Darkness
Lost in Darkness

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Series
Rae of Hope
Dark Nebula
House of Cards
Royal Tea
Under Fire
End in Sight
Hidden Darkness
Twisted Together
Mark of Fate
Strength & Power
Last One Standing
Rae of Light

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Sequel
A Matter of Time
Time Piece
Second Chance
Glitch in Time
Our Time
Precious Time

5-Ingredient or less Instant Pot Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Complete Guide of Mediterranean Diet to Rapidly Lose Weight, Upgrade Your Body Health and Have a Happier Lifestyle

by Jane Stella

From low-carb to low-fat, various diets have emerged over the last few decades promising to offer the ultimate weight loss solution. Unfortunately, not all of them are effective in helping you achieve your desired results. Some do provide weight loss results but not for long term.

If you want a permanent solution to your weight problem, and to shift completely to a healthier lifestyle, one of the diets that you should consider is the Mediterranean diet program.

This book provides essential information about the Mediterranean diet, including a practical guide regarding what to eat, the foods to avoid, and tips for eating out.

By following a Mediterranean Diet, you will get benefits as follows:

  1. You will have better mood
  2. You will have Better heart health
  3. Improved cognitive health
  4. Cancer defense
  5. Agility
  6. Healthy weight loss
  7. Protection from diabetes
  8. Reduced stress
  9. Glowing skin
  10. Longevity

By following this book, you will not only get all the benefits of Mediterranean Diet, but also you will find many easy mouth-watering 5-ingredient or less Instant Pot recipes that you’re sure to love. All of these are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare, and the most important is they are all for Mediterranean Diet.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up to get this amazing guide book to change yourself quickly and permanently, enjoy tasty simple dishes and have a healthy happy lifestyle!

Fantasy Island

by Amanda Martinez

Jess worked hard at a popular travel agency and the holiday season was finally behind her. Since her birthday was close to the beginning of the year, Jess’ co-workers chipped in and got her the gift of travel.

She was given tickets to hotels and airfare to a tropical island that she hadn’t heard of before. Jessica was excited to get out of her cold New England neighborhood and go on an adventure. She planned to spend all of her time on the beach.
That was, until she saw what kind of things happened on Fantasy Island’s beaches. Nothing was off limits and she quickly learned that she was in way over her head.

Fantasy Island was filled with temptation and some of them, Jessica was unable to refuse.

Whole 30 Instant Pot Cookbook 2019: The Complete Guide of Whole 30 Diet for Anyone to Lose Weight and Live Longer, Enjoy Fast & Easy Whole Food Recipes to Have a Healthy Lifestyle

by Dan Jarboe

Intrigued about the buzz surrounding Whole30?

Not sure you’re cut out for such a restrictive diet?

Looking for resources to help you start strong and stay on track?

For sure, this book will be the perfect companion for you. With this book, you will learn not only the basics and benefits of the Whole30 diet, but also what you can expect during and after your 30-day clean-eating detox and what can do to make the most out of it.

There’s a chapter on choosing, cooking with and buying an Instant Pot, the perfect kitchen helper for Whole30 newbies. By reading this chapter, you will know why you should have an Instant Pot during your Whole 30 Diet.

Plus, you’ll find a collection of easy-to-follow Whole Food recipes that make for satisfying and delectable Whole30 meals. All of these recipes will support your 30 days whole food diet to be successful!

Your first 30 days on the program is bound to be challenging, so this guide is sure to come in handy for the days to come. No need too much marketing about this book, I think you will like it and cherish it after you get it in your hand! You wont regret!

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by Sarah Sethline

“Not a drop of c*m escaped her as she swallowed it all like a good girl.”

The brats in this bundle *know* their placeâ?¦ it’s on their KNEES! TEN taboo tales featuring brats sucking on what they like best — not a popsicle, not a lollipop, but a nice, hard C*CK!

And you know what makes them taste even BETTER? The fact they all belong to someone FORBIDDEN!

So go on, rub, lick, suck, massage or JERK your way over to buying or borrowing this **tightly-packed** collection of TEN hot stories featuring even HOTTER bl** jobs!

These c**ks won’t suck THEMSELVESâ?¦

MEGA BUNDLE includes:

* BUSTING the Brat to the BRIM

* SHARING the Hucow

* Comforting the BRAT

* Taking the Bratâ?¦ In Public!

* Bumping the BRATâ?¦ in the Back!


* Brat’s FERTILE Curves


* Baby Bumping Them BOTH

* Taking the Cheerleader’s Cherry

“Of course it was a temptation I couldn’t resist. I gladly opened my mouth and accepted his thrusting shaft into the needy depths of my hot wet throat.”

#michcooks Rustic Gluten Free

by michelle pendergrass

Easy, normal meals your whole family will love. Gluten free, additive and preservative free, most recipes can be easily converted to dairy free as well. These recipes require a sharp knife and some chopping. You’ll likely have leftovers to serve for lunches or to pack away as freezer meals. Very budget-friendly and wholesome.

Freestyle 2019 Low Point Instant Pot Cookbook: The Most Actionable and Easiest Weight Loss Program in The World With Over 120 Simple Tasty Instant Pot WW Freestyle Recipes

by James C. Stephens

Do you want to lose excess weight and still enjoy all your favorite foods? 

Do you want to have delicious foods without too much cooking time or cooking technique?

Do you want to be healthier, energetic and longevity?

If yes for any of above questions, please keep reading! This book is absolutely for you! No matter if you are single, couples, family or other groups; no matter what body shape you are; no matter if you are in low carb diet , keto diet, or any other diets; this book will be your first choice for your health! 

Weight Watchers Freestyle works by a point system which is geared to help you make healthier food decisions and encourage physical activity, so you can lose weight permanently. Weight Watchers technically isn’t a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle-change program. There are no specific restrictions on food intake, you just pay careful attention to portion sizes and keep track of SmartPoints. It follows three key principles: Keep track of what you eat using SmartPoints, make healthy habits, and join a support group.

This is the most comprehensive and effective weight loss cookbook in this world! You will know everything you need to know about weight watchers program. Here is a brief overview of what you will find inside this amazing Weight Loss book:

Key Principles of Successful Weight Watchers and How It Works

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers Zero Smartpoints Foods You Can Eat

Weight Watchers High Smartpoints Foods to Avoid

What are SmartPoints and How Does It Work?

Top Tips on Sticking with the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program

This book also features the amazing Instant Pot which is a genius kitchen gadget. The Instant Pot is a multi-use, 7-in-1 programmable cookers that combine the functions and capabilities of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, cake maker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer, saute pan, and sterilizer. The Instant Pot works by sealing the lid so that pressure builds up inside the pot. The food is exposed in a pressurized environment which cooks food quicker and retains more vitamins and minerals than other cooking methods. In this book, you will know everything about Instant Pot cooking.

This Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook will allow you to learn to make the most delicious meals on the planet and more. It includes all sorts of recipes and the cooking instructions for preparing those amazing dishes. The Smart Points value and recipe nutrition are also given for every recipe as well. We have done our very best to include a diverse set of recipes to please everyone. Here you will find meals ready to be served for breakfast, lunches, dinner, and for beans and grains, beef and pork, lamb, chicken, duck, fish and seafood, vegetables, and side dishes, soups and stews, poultry, and desserts. Just about everything you can think of. Finally, you will find a Weight Watchers meal plan, which will give you a great start for your Weight Watchers journey.

Use this book daily as it contains tons of healthy and incredibly tasty recipes that will satisfy your stomach and help you lose weight. For more information, please scroll up to click the Look Inside button, you will like this amazing cookbook! Best Wi

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