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Facebook News Feed Likes Trump Shutdown: Donald Trump Demonizes Migrants as Animals

by Dave Masko

Facebook News Feed Likes Trump Shutdown, by Dave Masko. Millions of furloughed federal works are suffering at “King Trump’s” partial government shutdown that reached an odious milestone Jan. 12, 2019 becoming the longest SHUTDOWN in the nation’s history; while Facebook and crazy man Donald Trump “like IT!” Meanwhile, Facebook admits to thousands and thousands of fake user accounts and fake news stories on its site, but “Fan Face Users” just don’t care that Russian operatives used Facebook to influence voters during the 2016 presidential campaign. “We know that 70 percent of Americans get their â??fake news’ feed on Facebook; while not realizing that Facebook will never clean up ITs act in terms of using this social networking platform as nothing more than a surveillance site that serves Russians and other Trump nut-jobs; while also deceiving Facebook users about this crazy federal government shutdown that’s all on Trump’s head,” explained Julie Gertz, a so-called “liberated IT,” or, according to Gertz, an information technology professional who doesn’t serve the Silicon Valley “Big Brother.” Gertz wants all Facebook users to quit Facebook’s daily news feed “because IT lies like Trump and you don’t need that along with zero user security, 24/7 personal data mining and surveillance that is right out of the 1984 playbook. Anyone is just nuts to stay on Facebook because IT doesn’t like you as a human being or user; while Facebook simply uses you and other fools thinking they are safe or getting the latest on the shutdown; and they would be so wrong,” added Gertz with a deep sense of chagrin. At the same time, this longest federal government shutdown has exposed more of the dirty underbelly of the horrible Trump family. For instance, Donald Trump Jr. compared his dad’s crazed border wall with Mexico to the walls surrounding a zoo where animals are kept. “You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo? this son of the worst president in history wrote in a January 2019 Instagram post, “because walls work,” added junior whose hard heart doesn’t fall far from the dead tree of his crazed father. Donald Trump confirmed back on May 16, 2018 that this fake president thinks migrants are “animals,” when asserting: “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. They aren’t people, these are animals!” At the same time, Don Jr. doesn’t seem to understand that he’s just as blind as his father when it comes to his hubris that he and his father will soon be serving behind federal prison walls for colluding with the Russians and committing acts of treason. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter like this insane, record-breaking federal government shutdown that hurts the very soul of good Americans,” said Rev. Pat Nasburg when evoking words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during an “Impeach Trump” rally in downtown Eugene, Oregon, on the day this crazed shutdown broke the record for being the worst and longest federal government shutdown in America’s long history. “How that SOB Trump can look in his gold mirror and not be so ashamed for breaking his oath of office as president to protect and care for all citizenry, and not just those alt-right racists white nationalists that Trump is part and parcel of in a very evil and horrible way,” added Pastor Nasburg during a “new journalism” interview before asking God to “please help millions of Americans hurting profoundly now in January as our shutdown government is as cold as the wind on our faces today here protesting no pay for serving our nation as proud federal government workers betrayed by this Donald Trump.”

Solidworks for Beginners: Getting Started with Solidworks Learn by Doing New Edition 2018

by Arsath Natheem

This book is intended to help beginners take in the essential ideas of SOLIDWORKS 2018 and great solid modeling technique in a simple to learn by doing, This book not only focuses on the utilizations of the devices/commands of SOLIDWORKS yet in addition on the idea of design. Each page of this book contains instructional exercises which educate beginners how things should be possible in SOLIDWORKS step by step. In addition, each part ends with hands-on test drives which enable user to feel themselves the convenience and intense capacities of SOLIDWORKS. Toward the end of this book, you will have a genuinely great comprehension of the SOLIDWORKS interface and the most ordinarily utilized commands for part modeling, assembly and enumerating in the wake of finishing a progression of segments and their 2D illustrations finish with useful links and Bill of Materials.

The Subtle Art of Game Testing: An introduction to the world of game testing

by Dnyanesh Mhasawade

THE SUBTLE ART OF GAME TESTING – A short book which speaks about the roles and responsibilities of a game tester. Ever heard the following quote:
“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad” – Shigeru Miyamoto.
Read the book to find out why.
In this days and age a when AAA studios are publishing unpolished and broken titles the role of a Game Tester has gained significant importance. The backlash major studios have faced this year could have been easily nullified with a proper testing team in place. Along with establishing a proper QC structure their thoughts and inputs should be valued. Many titles today were rushed without taking inputs from testing teams who had spend years working on a single game. They have the best overview of what potential their current title has. If Game Testers were given importance similar to other departments then many titles which faced severe backlash due to quality would have been bestsellers. Its one of the most undervalued and underpaid field while the risks and responsibilities are tremendously high. However, it also has many perks on its own.
Take a dive into the amazing world of a Game Tester. Voted as one of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world! This book will help people who wish to become a game tester. This book also talks about the experience of a Game Tester in AAA organizations. The role of a Game Tester is to ensure that smoothest gaming experience is delivered to the end user. How are games tested ? What testing standards are followed? How is the life of a game tester? How cool is it to test new AAA games years before the end user can play them?
For all these answers just read the book.


by Joachim Simon

Selbständig im Online Marketing
Anleitungen und Ausführungen, wie es möglich ist, sich als Nebenjob, in Heimarbeit oder auch in Vollzeit eine Existenz im Online Marketing aufzubauen.

Ziel des Buches:
In diesem Buch erhält man einen Leitfaden um sich im undurchsichtigen World Wide Web und den zahllosen Angeboten zurecht zu finden. Speziell, wie man im Internet Geld verdienen und sich Selbständig machen kann.
Auch wird auf die Anfangsschwierigkeiten und die Kosten einer Existenzgründung mit einem Online Business eingegangen. Dieser Ratgeber ist als Starthilfe für diejenigen gedacht, die nach Unabhängigkeit streben.

Neben den konkreten Schritt für Schritt Anleitungen für sein Business wird die DSGVO erklärt und was man tun muss, um kein Fall für Abmahnanwälte zu werden.
Auch ist ein Marketing Archiv mit allen Begriffen und die dazugehörenden Erklärungen ein Teil des Inhaltes. Sehr wichtig ist die richtige Organisation, an der kann ein Unternehmen schon zu Beginn zum Scheitern verurteilt sein.
Im Bonus werden neben weiteren nützlichen Inhalten für das eigene Online Business, die “richtigen Plugins” vorgestellt.
Wie eine Marketing Recherche durchgeführt durchgeführt wird und welche Tools dafür zu verwenden sind ist auch ein Bestandteil des Bonus.
Ebenso Traffic-Strategien, denn ohne Besucher – kein Geschäft.

Java For Kids (and grown-ups): Learn to code and create your own projects with Java 8

by Nadia Ameziane Garcia

This book is a different way of introducing kids into Java programming.
An alternative for kids and grown-ups that want to learn programming in a playful way. This is self-paced learning with JavaTM as vehicle and with no need of boring theory.You will learn:

  • How to express your ideas through algorithms 
  • The compilation process 
  • Structured programming 
  • Data types 
  • Methods and classes 
  • Decision-making structures 
  • Loops 
  • Basic exception handling
  • File managing
  • Best practices 

Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming: 19th International Conference, XP 2018, Porto, Portugal, May 21â??25, 2018, Proceedings … Business Information Processing Book 314)

by Juan Garbajosa

This open access book constitutes the proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Agile Software Development, XP 2018, held in Porto, Portugal, in May 2018.

XP is the premier agile software development conference combining research and practice, and XP 2018 provided a playful and informal environment to learn and trigger discussions around its main theme – make, inspect, adapt.

The 21 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 62 submissions. They were organized in topical sections named: agile requirements; agile testing; agile transformation; scaling agile; human-centric agile; and continuous experimentation.

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