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Chess Openings for Beginners: A Comprehensive and Simplified Guide to Chess Openings

by Cory Klein

Centuries Worth of Opening Theory and Analysis

The topic of chess openings is very theoretical. For centuries, some of the brightest minds in the game have analyzed the game and provided the world with tips on how to establish domination from just the first few moves. However, opening theory is very broad and covers hundreds of possible variations. If you’re only beginning to learn and play the game, most books on chess openings will be too intricate and lack the amount of detail required for you to fully understand opening theory.

Learn to Win Games From the Opening

This book is the perfect guide for chess beginners wanting to learn about opening theory and improve the quality of their openings when playing the game. It covers 30 of the most popular chess openings in history and for each, it provides the following:

-  Move by move analysis of each opening

-  Chess diagrams to illustrate every single move and give you a visual representation of each position on the board

-  A list of advantages and disadvantages of each opening (for both players with white and black pieces)

-  MOST IMPORTANTLY: A move by move analysis of a grandmaster-level chess game where each opening was used

In other words, this book will very simply teach you best opening practices and go over the ones you are most likely to encounter when playing the game. It will also give you all the information you need in order to know which opening to play under which circumstances. Furthermore, it will help you develop your own playing style based on sound openings that have been analyzed and tested for centuries by the brightest minds to ever play the game.

Learn From Games Played by Chess Grandmasters

This book will also show you examples of opening theory put in practice by chess grandmasters throughout history which will help you understand the reasoning and analysis behind each move. As a result, you will learn to predict probable future moves based on what has been done in the past by the best to ever play the game.

So don’t hesitate. If you want to learn to win chess games from the opening, now is the time. Just scroll up and grab your copy now!

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A Fine Mess

by Lina Gimble

Prudence Chairheart has left her famous, beautiful mother’s jet-setting ways behind to become assistant librarian of the Pennisqual Public Library. Jack Baylor, library outlaw, borrowing privileges abuser and hermit owes $3437.65 in library fines. When her fine notices go unanswered, Pru vows to collect from the mysterious Mr. Baylor even if it means visiting his creepy house in person. Even if it means telling a teeny, tiny lie. Now Pru must never let him discover she is his librarian or he may want his money back. For Jack, the only thing bigger than his library fine is the secret of why he’s hiding out in a crumbling mansion. A secret Prudence is making it impossible to keep…

A handsome hermit with a huge fine. A librarian determined to collect. Their romance was overdue…

Another light, fun romance from the keyboard of Lina Gimble.
Approx. 225 pages

Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners â?? A Comprehensive and Simplified Introduction to the Game of Chess (openings, tactics, strategy)

by Cory Klein

The Truth About Chess

From the outside, chess seems like a complicated and esoteric game that only a few people with special abilities can play. This is not true. In fact, chess is accessible and can be played by anyone with a brain, a pair of eyes, and imagination.

The Ultimate Illustrated Guide for Beginners

If you have never played the game of chess or are still discovering it, this book is for you. It is a basic and comprehensive guide that will introduce you to the game and teach you everything you need to know, from the setup of a chess board to the delivery of checkmate. It is filled with advice for beginners, basic tactics, strategies, and diagrams to help you visualize every step of your progress.

The Start of a Lifelong King’s Hunt

The objective of this book is not to make you a chess master. That is an accomplishment that takes decades of research, regular practice, and an enormous amount of talent. The goal here is for you to become a decent chess player. After reading this book, you will be able to play games with anyone, practice regularly, and sharpen your chess muscles until you reach a decent level of play. The more you play, the better you will get. But it all starts with the basics which you will acquire in this book.

So don’t hesitate. If you’ve always wanted to learn to play chess, now is the time. Just scroll up and grab your copy now!

Chess Endgame for Beginners: The Complete Beginnerâ??s Guide to Delivering Checkmate

by Cory Klein

Be Decisive When it Counts Most

The endgame is arguably the most important phase of every chess game. It is the decisive point of the opposition between two fighting minds and consequently, one must be prepared before reaching it. The goal of every chess game is the same: to deliver checkmate. Doing so requires much more than playing well in the opening and middlegame. It requires understanding of endgame fundamentals, knowledge of common checkmate patterns, and more. For centuries, chess experts have studied chess endgames and developed sound and effective theory around the topic.

Prepare Yourself for Every Battle

This book contains the theoretical content you will need to develop a basic understanding of chess endgame fundamentals. It will enable you to deliver checkmate more often and more efficiently by providing the following:

-  Basic endgame strategies

-  Rules to keep in mind and apply during chess endgames

-  Tips for establishing positional advantages in the endgame

-  Examples of fundamental endgame positions

-  Diagrams and illustrations to help you visualize the chess board while learning about the endgame

-  Common checkmate patterns illustrated and analyzed for your understanding

-  A real-life example of an endgame battle between two chess grandmasters

Become a Checkmate Machine

After reading this book, you will have a better understanding of what the endgame is, when it starts, and what to do once it does. You will know exactly what moves to look for at each turn, and what moves to avoid to improve your position and give yourself a decisive advantage. Lastly, you will familiarize yourself with some of the most common checkmate patterns and thus learn to quickly deliver checkmate in various endgame scenarios. As a result, your game will improve and you will begin to win more games.

So don’t hesitate. If you want to learn to deliver checkmate, now is the time. Just scroll up and grab your copy now!

The Games in the Postmodernity (1)

by Guilherme A. SS .

We are in the Age of Games – more than ever – than in all
times of humanity …. ! .

– today’s games and games
consoles, Smartphones, PCs and the online network] – are of a “mundi ludens” dimension. … – that is – we live in the world of games. …. – we cohabitate reality with them. …. –

– Our book – analyzes the culture of games in our day. …. – to his insanity, violence, his most incredible message. …. – analyzing even the greatest classics of the day. …. – such as World of Warcraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, God of War. …. – zombies and several others. ….

– understand what goes on inside the head of the creators of the games.

– Understand the final message of each favorite game of the day. [!]

– Do not miss it! .

Chess Middlegame for Beginners: The Complete Tactics and Strategy Guide for Beginners

by Cory Klein

From Opening to Endgame

The middlegame is a pivotal stage of every chess game. Playing successful openings is crucial, and understanding the endgame is decisive. However, the middlegame is arguably the most important part of every chess game. It gives the game direction and allows players to establish winning positions. It is also the phase of the game during which most material is exchanged to make way for the endgame. Typically, it lasts longer than either other stage, and requires a deeper level of analysis.

Learn and Execute Winning Tactics and Strategy

Because chess is an old game that has been played by many great minds, there are many middlegame concepts you can learn to improve as a chess player. There are two main principles that you should learn and apply in the middlegame: tactics and strategy. Understanding them will improve the quality of your planning and thus allow you to play better moves. In this book, you will learn the following:

-The definition of chess tactics and strategy

-The most common and useful chess tactics for you to use in your games

-Strategic concepts for you to remember and achieve in your games

-How to smoothly transition from the opening to the middlegame

-How to set up advantageous positions for the endgame

-General middle game “dos and don’ts” to prevent blunders and encourage smart moves

-Chess diagrams to illustrate every single move and give you a visual representation of each position on the board

-A real-life example of a middlegame battle between two chess grandmasters

Establish Winning Positions

The lessons you will learn from this book will instantly give you a better understanding of fundamental chess concepts. You will learn to apply proper tactics and strategy to set up advantageous positions and make significant material gains in the middlegame. As a result, you will increase your chances of reaching the endgame with a better position than your opponent and thus increase your chances of victory in every game you play.

So don’t hesitate. If you want to learn about chess tactics and strategy, now is the time. Just scroll up and grab your copy now!

Chess Games of Legends: 20 Legendary Grandmaster Games Narrated, Illustrated, and Analyzed

by Cory Klein

A Trip Through Chess History

In addition to being a great test of logic and patience, chess is an art that has been practiced for centuries by some of the world’s brightest minds. Indeed, the history of chess was written by artists who, through hard-fought and relentless battles, shared their incredible genius with the world and made it possible for us to learn from them.

Experience Chess at the Highest Level

This book is a collection of 20 legendary chess games, played by some of the greatest geniuses of all time. It provides the following:

-  A move-by-move analysis of each game to help you study and understand

-  Chess diagrams to illustrate every single move and give you a visual representation of the board at each turn

-  Background information on each game, so you can understand the context in which they were played

-  Player bios to help you familiarize yourself with some of the greatest chess players in history

-  Lessons to learn from each game

In other words, this book is a trip through chess history that will give you a look at some of the best games ever played. It will also provide the narration and insight necessary for you to understand each game, analyze each grandmaster’s plan, and follow as beautiful masterpieces are unveiled before you.

Learn From the Best

With this book, you will improve your knowledge of chess culture and get acquainted with some of the most famous and entertaining artists to ever play the game. You will also develop an understanding of some rare chess tactics. Finally, you will discover numerous historical playing styles and can study the ones that fit you best to improve your game.

So don’t hesitate. If you’re a chess fan and want to take an entertaing trip through chess history, now is the time. Just scroll up and grab your copy now!

A Loucura e a Insanidade dos Games – na pós modernidade . (1) (Portuguese Edition)

by Guilherme A . SS .

– Estamos na Era dos Games – mais do que nunca – do que em todos os
tempos da humanidade… . ! .

– hoje os jogos e os games [ dos
consoles , dos Smartphones, dos PCs e da rede online] – são de uma dimensão “mundi ludens” . … – ou seja – vivemos no mundo dos jogos . … . – coabitamos a realidade com eles . … . –

– O nosso livro – analisa a cultura dos games nos nossos dias . … . – à sua insanidade , violência, à sua mensagem mais inacreditável . … . – analisando ainda os maiores clássicos da atualidade . … . – tais como World of Warcraft , Fortnite , League of Legends , God of War . … . – zumbis e vários outros . … .

Рentenda o que se passa dentro da cabe̤a dos criadores dos games .

– entenda a mensagem final de cada jogo preferido da atualidade . [!]

Рna̵ perca ! .

Monster Hunter: World Really Useful Guide (Really Useful Guides)

by Anton Loire

The main idea of â??â??the game is to kill monsters and create powerful equipment to kill even more dangerous creatures.

If you are just starting to get acquainted with the series, then you will surely run into difficulties – too many details and nuances here. The game has a tutorial, but it reveals far from everything, so a full-fledged guide is useful. We will go through the main aspects of the game to make it easier for beginners to get comfortable in the world of talking cats and giant monsters.

DAS M�RCHEN VOM WAMPF: Für kleine und gro�e Kinder (German Edition)

by Romy van Mader

Der blaue Riesenulmpf Nimko und seine gelbe Gefährtin Schnatta Krawatta

 erhalten einen Hilferuf und machen sich auf den Weg ins MUTZLERLAND.  Dort erwarten sie DREI GANZ BESONDERE, aber auch sehr traurige B�UME, die an einem mittlerweile bitter riechenden ORANGENTEICH stehen. Durch das Stöhnen der Bäume fühlen sich die MUTZLER (die gerne bunte Mutzeln tragen) in ihrer Ruhe gestört. Mit Hilfe der S��EN USCHI, einer kleinen, dicken Fee, können NIMKO und SCHNATTA KRAWATTA die Bitterkeit und den GRIMMIGEN GRIMMEL verjagen. Nach diesem Abenteuer beschlie�en sie Baumaufpassernachwuchs zu zeugen.

Heraus kommt ein wundersamer und nach Vanille duftender WAMPF,

 der für sein Leben gerne eine lilafarbene Perücke aus Zuckerwatte trägt, immer wieder den ein und denselben Witz erzählt, einen Regenbogen aus seinen Händen entspringen lassen und noch viele andere tolle Sachen machen kann.

Ein fantastischer und gewitzter Kinderkrimi mit ganz viel Liebe und kleinen Botschaften.

 (Industriezucker vs. Rohrzucker, Baumwachstum vgl. Bambuswachstum … )


“Super Wort! ZuckerSonnenWeihnacht! …
Kann man nur empfehlen. Die Stinkesocken sorgen auch für Freude â?¦ Nettes Märchen, mit witzigen Wörtern und witzigen Zeichnungen. Es stimmt, was die Autorin schreibt: ‘Nach dem Märchen muÃ? man erst die Zunge entknoten’.”


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