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The Borgias (Prometheus Classics)

by Alexandre Dumas

This Work contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.

This novel comes from the famous crimes of Alexandre Dumas (1839-1840), one of the first collections of Dumas. Model of the Prince of Machiavelli (one of the readings of Dumas), Caesar Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI, extends his power over Rome. All means are good to ward off enemies and rivals. His crimes will have no limit, since he goes so far as to eliminate, by poison or weapons, the members of his own family: his elder brother Francesco, the husbands of his sister Lucretia and the mistresses who had the misfortune of to be attracted by his power and to share his bed. The poison he pours will eventually turn against him …
Writing this bloody story, Dumas returns to the voluptuous and cruel Renaissance, the setting of his first theatrical triumph, Henry III and his court (1829).

When I Die I’m Going to Heaven ‘Cause I’ve Spent My Time in Hell: A Memoir of My Year As an Army Nurse in Vietnam

by Barbara Kautz

When she was 18, she joined the Army to finance her nursing education.

With less than six months of nursing experience, she was assigned to the 24th Evacuation Hospital in South Vietnam.

True tales of the war that are by turns horrifying and humorous, told with an eye for detail, by a woman who was in the thick of it.

On A Wing and A Prayer: A female bush pilot in conflict

by Leah Banyan

Imagine yourself sitting down near a fire enjoying a warm cup of tea with Leah Banyan. A fearless pilot, travel adventurer and woman in recovery. This book shares the many stories of Leah’s life in a straight forward conversational style. Unlike other memoirs the stories are divided into parts. Travel with her as she struggles with an eating disorder then into alcoholism and drug addiction. See her hit her bottom and start a life of recovery. Travel with her as her flying career takes her to forest fires of Northern Canada, then on to flying for a humanitarian organization in Africa and then finally the exhilarating experience of flying in Afghanistan. Travel the world with her as she plays with baby tigers and rides elephants in Thailand, she bungee jumps and whitewater rafts in Uganda. Meet the incredible people and animals she connects with all over the planet. Feel her struggle as she tries to reintegrate to Western Society after so many years in the world’s conflict zones. See what she sees as a female training Captain in a male-dominated industry that includes only 5% women, even less flying in the niches that she does. Whether you are interested as an aviation fan, an interest in world travel and adventure, learning about the conflicts throughout Africa and Afghanistan. Or you are interested in her struggles with an eating disorder, alcoholism and drugs and a triumphant recovery. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Leah’s stories. Travel with this unique woman as she collects vast life experiences, slowly heals and finds her place walking in this world.

Women’s Facts: The Handbook to Know More About Women

by Prachi Mishra

As human beings, women are different from men. Women are amazing creatures. They are beautiful, incredible and powerful. They can achieve whatever they want. For centuries, having to deal with oppression and inequality, women must fight for and change the future for the equally amazing women of future generations.

â?? 70+ Fast facts about Women
â?? Unusual Facts
â?? Facts About Female Sexuality

We Really Need To Laugh

by Alec Gould

Told in a style similar to Samuel Clemens and Will Rogers, inside this “must-read” are enjoyable short stories; some with
a “twist”.
Stories such as “Life’s a Birch”, “Kindergarten King”, “Time Tunnel” and “Venison On the Go”.
These stories and others will make you laugh, cry, or wet your pants.
Sometimes all at once.
Alec truly does have a way with words and we are fortunate that this book is just the start of many more in this series.
By the time you finish reading, you shall see how versatile Alec is as there is a BONUS “poem”.
This one alone, you would swear Edgar Allan Poe himself had wrote.
As Alec would say, “Enjoy, my friends!”

Martin Luther King Jr Quick Study

by Melissa Noll

In this Quick Study, you will get a general overview of information about Martin Luther King, Jr. You will also create a booklet that you will assemble. Time for some hands-on fun in a Quick Study! This ebook format includes a downloadable PDF file. Print as many as you need for your household.

Use the coupon on the last page to download a free PDF version of the lapbook in order to print pages.

TrumpMania: Vince McMahon, WWE and the making of America’s 45th President

by Lavie Margolin

Do you wonder how Donald Trump rose from TV celebrity to US president? Step inside the ring for a closer look at how the WWE helped him come to power. 
Are you curious about the events leading up to one of the most shocking presidential upsets in history? Would you like to know how professional wrestling shaped Trump’s political bravado? Bestselling author Lavie Margolin is here to lend his expertise in examining the road to Trump’s White House. 
TrumpMania: Vince McMahon, WWE, and the Making of America’s 45th President is a non-partisan up close and personal look at the role of professional wrestling in Trump’selection and political strategies. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes peek into the powerful relationship between the real estate mogul and legendary wrestling CEO Vince McMahon. Tracing the rise in popularity of the WWE, you’ll learn how the two heavy hitters’ business acumen and marketing tactics left a lasting impact on the sport. Through Margolin’s ringside analysis, you’ll catch a revealing new look into the character of the president and the current landscape of American politics.  
In TrumpMania,you’ll discover: 
– An unbiased, fact-based analysis that reaches across the political aisle
– A detailed history of Donald Trump’s role in the popularization of the WWE
– How the relationship between Donald Trump and Vince McMahon shaped both men’s careers
– The crossover between professional wrestling tactics and Trump’s political rhetoric and debate
– An examination of the intersection between the worlds of modern politics and professional wrestling and much, much more!
TrumpMania is a fascinating deep dive into the wrestler mentality fueling the 45th president’s political showmanship. If you like the guts and glamour of professional wrestling, unbiased reporting, and a refreshing, lighthearted take on modern politics, then you’ll love bestselling author Lavie Margolin’s body-slamming biography. 
Buy TrumpMania to step into the ring for a revealing look into the commander-in-chief today!

Life After HIV: Removing The Mask

by Nikki J.

This is the true life story of a woman living with HIV and how she navigated through life afterwards. Her story starts back from her childhood growing up with her mother and siblings through present day. She shares how she dealt with her diagnosis, disclosure, acceptance and dating.

cosplay composition

by Kimberli Sonja

cosplay composition

Accidental Author: How I stumbled into the world of writing

by Brad Duncan

This short ebook highlights my path to becoming an author of multiple books and devotionals. It wasn’t my intention to produce a book when I began to write down a story that had been bouncing around in my head for decades. Once written down, encouragement from others helped lead me down a path that eventually led to me becoming an actual author.
Writing has been a fun adventure and I’m excited to see where this journey leads me in the future. If you would like to see how my story has unfolded so far check out this short eBook today. I hope you enjoy it! And good luck on your journey wherever it may lead you!


by Richard Javier Oliveros Alvarez

Ricardo un experto y astuto rufián, utilizando artimañas e ingeniería social, logra sacar provecho y lucrarse de todas las situaciones que lo rodean, al parecer Ricardo no da paso en falso y todas sus acciones están fríamente calculadas.

A través de la historia Ricardo le mostrará a los lectores, las diferentes modalidades de robos virtuales y en la vida real. Como forastero en una ciudad cualquiera, Ricardo logra sobrevivir sin ningún peso en sus bolsillos, sólo con su encantadora sonrisa y mente brillante, página tras página introducirá al lector en el fascinante mundo de los misterios, de los planes elaborados y los robos más inesperados.

Los sentimientos no son ajenos a Ricardo, el sexo y el amor lo llevaran a revivir cada escena con los detalles bien narrados de la situación, nada queda en manos del destino en la vida de Ricardo, al parecer Ricardo siempre tiene el control de las situaciones, o eso es lo que parece.

El libro servirá como marco de referencia para el estudio de ingeniería social, ya que todos los casos son tomados de situaciones reales. El lector tendrá un panorama más completo de las modalidades de robo y así estará preparado para afrontar cualquier situación sospechosa.

Marfleet Murder Mystery

by Mike Covell

August and September 1891 in Hull and surrounding environs was, by all accounts, hot. Industry was thriving, the port was trading well, and all seemed to be fine, until a young girl went missing from her home and was later found brutally murdered.

Now, over 120 years after the murder, the full story is revealed. Featuring a cast of characters, a psychic, and a dog arrested and imprisoned for murder. This is a tragic tale like no other.

The Marfleet Murder Mystery reveals what really happened to Mary Jane Langley in a lonely field between Hull, Marfleet, and Preston in 1891.

The Sex Slave Murders of Sacramento

by Ana Benson

Sacramento, California has seen a fair share of gruesome crimes during the 1970s and 1980s. That city was the hunting ground of the Original Night Stalker who is still unidentified until this day. Richard Chase was also active in the area and he was nicknamed the Vampire of Sacramento due to the uncommon ritual which included drinking the blood of his victims.
So when Gerald Gallego and his partner in crime Charlene Gallego embarked on their rampage of kidnapping and killing young teenagers, they were just a couple of many depraved criminals who were on the search for the next target around the capital of California. What made Gallego so terrifying was the fact that he had an accomplice who lured in the teenagers he had selected and the way he committed the killings by having a complete control over them.
The Gallego case once again sparked the debate about what makes a serial killer and are some people more prone to violence than the others due to their genetics?

40, la vida de un cocinero (Spanish Edition)

by Marco Nicolás Bo Pastori

“De Musico , de Poeta y de Loco, todos tenemos un Poco”, es tan cierto lo que dice este viejo refrán. Y el libro que estás a punto de conocer, cuenta justamente eso, pero agrega una pasión más a la vida del ser humano: la del  Cocinero que va condimentado su propia vida. Con “40, la Vida de un Cocinero”, vas a encontrar las vivencias de una persona que a lo largo de sus primeros cuarenta años, ha sobrevivido a las diferentes circunstancias que suelen pasar algunos de los seres humanos. La infancia preciosa que tiene sabor a la lluvia nueva, a los atardeceres de un Abril Sudamericano. Luego, dentro de esa misma línea de tiempo, el derrumbe de su único “leitmotiv” de vida: la familia, a raíz del divorcio de los padres. Leyendo este libro recordarán esa etapa fantástica que nos hacen retroceder a los 16 años, quizás a los 17, y a las etapas del colegioâ?¦ revivirán el nacimiento de sus hijos, y a lo mejor, hasta aquel primer día del trabajo que tanto nos costó conseguir. Volverán a sentir esa “piel de gallina” al identificar al amor de sus vidas,  y llorarán con los fracasos que estoy seguro, les hizo ser esa persona hecha y derecha que hoy en día son. Y lastimosamente también sentirán en el medio de sus pechos, el terror de esas enfermedades que se instalan en la misma sala de la casaâ?¦ Detrás de cada capítulo, encontrarán una receta de comida que al autor de este libro, lo retrotrae hasta esos momentos, esos lugares, esos olores y esos sabores de familia. 

Bienvenidos a una gran parte de sus propias vidas, donde se conjugan el llanto y la risa, la desventura y el éxito, el odio y el amor, la salud y la enfermedad�

Bienvenidos a “40, la Vida de un Cocinero”

Introduction to psychological features of investigative work: Easy course for understanding psychological principles in the investigation (Criminal psychology)

by Sam T Perulman

The ebook tries to systematizes the theoretical knowledge about the psychological aspects in investigation.
Very practically important, complex and controversial issues are singled out, the answers to which are justified from the standpoint of psychology.
The ebook can be interesting read not only for psychologist but for everybody else too.

Criminal Curiosities: Twelve remarkable reprobates you’ve probably never heard of.

by Robert Walsh

All walks of life have their pioneers and those who stand out as being the first, last or only example in their field. So does crime, but its individuals, curiosities and stand-outs are seldom as well acknowledged as, say, the first man on the Moon or the first to suffer the guillotine.

So, who was the first prisoner shaved by the National Razor? Who was first to take a seat in the electric chair? Why were legendary figures Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse so entwined in his life story and he in theirs? You probably don’t know. In this book, you can find out.

Some people will have heard of the likes of Herbert Rowse Armstrong and William Kemmler, but many won’t. Even fewer are likely to have heard of Gee Jon, Eva Coo, Paul Jaworski or William Horry. Although a few might remember Gerald Chapman and Han van Meegeren, if only very vaguely.

They’re all singular in their own particular ways. All have a fascinating tale to tell, both of their own deeds and how they fitted into (and sometimes forever changed) the world around them. All of them are often overlooked, some are barely footnotes in history if that.

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