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Found (The Conduit Chronicles Book 1)

by Ashley Hohenstein

An Epic War, cloaked in Prophecy and doomed by Betrayal. Ophelia Banner’s life changes in an instant, how can she reconcile what she thought the world was for what it truly is?

Ophelia Banner has a thriving psychology practice in San Francisco California. Life is normal or at least tolerable, most days. The problem is that Ophelia isn’t normal, she never has been. She’s been plagued with her curse, as she fondly refers to it, since she could remember. A cruel joke bestowed upon her since birth that enables her to absorb and compel people to share their inner most feelings and secrets. At least it made her a hell of a therapist.

In a fated moment everything about Ophelia’s life will change after an encounter with a golden-eyed stranger. She is thrust into a world where historical heroes, Gods and monsters alike are no longer just legends or the contents of nightmaresâ??but frightfully real.

Ophelia doesn’t have much time to conform to this new world and the cast of characters that inhabit it because a war is being waged, and has been fought in the shadows of humankind for over three thousand years. No less vexing is the war going on in Ophelia’s heart, torn between destiny and her desire to control her fateâ??consequently her heart.

As conflicts ensue one thing becomes abundantly clear. Ophelia’s curse will either be the weapon that turns the tide in this warâ??orâ?? may very well lead to the annihilation of our world as we know it.

Found is the first book in The Conduit Chronicles series that follows Ophelia along her journey and exploration of this new and provocative world.

If you love action packed urban fantasy novels with a hint of paranormal romance you will get magically lost in The Conduit Chronicles Series!

Interview with the Author

Q: What makes Found special?

A: I believe Found pulls all of the elements I love in an urban fantasy book and adds a little twist. Found has action, a little romance and cool beings with awesome powers who are hidden in plain sight.

I personally love historical fiction with origins in magical realism, so I created characters you may have heard of in the history books and brought them to life with new fantastic powers.

I also love a good mystery. I have woven little mysteries along with some major twists into the series. I hope that you find yourself enthralled in the story and chasing the clues.

Q: Why should I give Found a try?

A: If you have enjoyed the world building of Kevin Hearne in the Iron Druid Series, the character development in the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris and the magical twists in The Magicians Series by Lev Grossman with just a touch of the paranormal romance of Stephanie Meyer in the Twilight Series, give Found a shot!

Q: When can I expect the next book?

A: You’re in luck, book two- Forsaken is available in December 2018. The rest of the series will follow in 2019, including some short stories and novellas featuring spin off storylines from the characters you love. For more information and some awesome BONUS content check out my website at and sign up for my Readers Club.

The Conduit Chronicles e-Book Categories

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Magical Realism
  • Supernatural Thriller and Suspense
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Fantasy Action and Adventure

Rise of the Giants: The Guild of Deacons, Book 1

by James MacGhil

Semi-divine super soldiers, disgruntled fallen angels, giant dudes on high protein diets, beastly creatures of twisted divine genetics, a Heavenly grudge match played out on an Earthly stage – Just another arcane day at the office in the Guild of Deacons.

In life, Captain Dean Robinson was a soldier. A rather elite member of the US military. West Point grad, Army Ranger, professional tough guy with an unrelenting sarcastic charm – a genuine stand up dude. However, upon his untimely, and inexplicably predestined, death at the hand of a fallen angel with a serious superiority complex and snappy wardrobe, he became something else – a Deacon. But not the kind of deacon you’re thinking of. Unless, of course, you’re thinking about a semi-divine super soldier cloaked in darkness and wielding a hell-fire smothered sword and otherworldly shotgun. If that’s the case – you’re right on.

Not quite angel but no longer human, he became the last of forty-nine souls blessed and cursed with an equal share of God’s wrath. A physical manifestation of the left hand of God walking amongst men. Conceived of the Earth but no longer mortal, he was bestowed with a mantle of power created for one sole purpose â?? to maintain the Balance between mankind and the bastard offspring of Heaven â?? the nephilim. A harrowing collection of cursed beings resulting from the blasphemous breeding of fallen angels and human women. An ancient race of giants and other assorted beasties of an unnatural persuasion that nearly devoured the human race. Literally.

Finding himself at the prophetic pinnacle of a millennia old battle raging in the shadows of the Earth and the Heavens, Dean and his newfound gang of arcane sidekicks, from the Seventh Realm of Third Heaven, embark on an epic mission to thwart the rise of the new generation of unnatural beasties and save the world from certain apocalyptic demise.

There is an evil in the world of man. It’s been here since the beginning. Hidden neatly within the fabric of our very existence, festering through generation upon generation â?? Manipulating â?? Corrupting â?? Evolving. Closer than you could ever imagine. Conversely, there are those that maintain the Balance.

Reclaiming the One (The Mount Roxby Series Book 3)

by Aimie Jennison

At nineteen, Cain Wilson met his true mate, Selena.â?©
But their short-lived romance was doomed from the start for one simple reasonâ??she belonged to someone else.â?©
At twenty, he killed his father and handed control of the pack to his more capable, older brother, Theo.
â?©At twenty-five, unable to watch his mate with another, he left the pack and became a lone wolf.
â?©Now at twenty-seven, family troubles have brought him back to Mount Roxby, and unbeknown to him, his true mate. Will he be able to put the past behind him and reclaim the one? Or has time built an impenetrable wall around both their hearts?

Spells & Death (Paranormal MI5 Book 1)

by Rachel Medhurst

Getting shot and killed wasn’t how I expected to start my Saturday night.

Now I’m a dead witch. Sort of. As a pure Essex witch, I’m permanently attached to Mother Earth’s ley lines. Pure magic equals life force. Which is the only thing that’s stopping my body from dying and my soul from moving on.

A Paranormal MI5 agent, my life work is to protect the ley lines. The magic contained within them is sacred, pure. And mainly mine. When a serial killer starts leaving clues for me, I quickly realise that not only does he know my secret, he’s trying to steal the magic out from under me.

As each new body is found, I feel the lessening of magic that keeps me alive. I have no choice but to tell the one person I trust. Dave, the cute admin guy. Although he sits behind a desk, his geeky mind could solve anything. Together, we have to find the serial killer, before he drains the Earth of magic, and kills every living thing on it.

My Name is Simon: I, Dragon Book 1

by Nathan Roden

A tyrant. A curse. The realm’s true kingâ?¦ isn’t human.

Six-year-old Simon is heir to the Morgenwraithe throne. Or at least he was, until his deranged mother murdered his father and placed an unbelievable curse on the young boy. Trapped inside the body of a dragon, Simon must flee the castle and try to survive in a kingdom where the scaly beasts have been hunted to near extinction.

When the boy-turned-dragon learns he can take human form once a month, he begins making allies. As the years go by and a vicious lord takes control of the kingdom, Simon has one chance to break the curse and save the realmâ?¦ but at what cost?

My Name Is Simon is the first book in the I, Dragon series, a set of captivating fantasy novels. If you like fast-moving plots, suspenseful sword and sorcery tales, and dragons galore, then you’ll love Nathan Roden’s fantasy with finesse.

Buy My Name Is Simon to experience the grown-up fairy tale today!

Contains a sneak peek of

I, Dragon Book 2

The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby: (Billionaire Shifters Club #4)

by Diana Seere

A masquerade ball in Malibu led to a single night of passion under the starsâ?¦ and set the wheels of fate in motion.

Three years ago, waitress Kara Jablonski gave in to her wilder side with a fellow weretiger, the rock star billionaire Lars Jensen, a sun-kissed blond drummer with a viking’s build. Six weeks later, the pregnancy test came back positive.

Knowing Lars’ powerful, overbearing mother would be able to take the baby away, Kara did what she had to do.

She hid him.

Now chance has brought Lars back into her life, his touch making her pulse beat like the old legends. So strong, so loud, so bold.

So right.

But can she trust him to want more than another night under the stars? Can she trust him to claim his son as his heir… and Kara as his mate?

Fate responds with a roar…

The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby is a novella that stars Lars Jensen, a member of a shifter family with viking blood featured in earlier books in the series, and is part of the Howls Romance series as well:

Redemption: (A Urban Paranormal Romance Book-1)

by Edwina Fort

You’ve Never Read Beauty And The Beast Like This!

I was messing with fire. He reeked of danger. He was so far out of my league, yet it was me he watched, so why not give him a show. I was safe in this cage. He could not get to me. My eyes closed as pleasure shot down my spine. I can’t explain what it was like teasing a hungry beast, especially knowing that he couldn’t touch me.
It was like being watched by a lion behind the glass at the zoo. His consuming, hungry gaze washed over my body, leaving a flaming path in its wake. I moaned as a shiver went through my core.
Needingâ?¦ I didn’t know what I needed.
But I needed it so bad it hurt. He leaned over and said something to the man that sat next to him that was dressed in a white linen suit. The man’s gaze fell on me, before he nodded and stood coming my way.

Tajael (Fallen Angels 1) – Paranormal Romance

by Alisa Woods

I am an angeling of the light, Protector class, assigned to Guardian Dutyâ?¦ and I am Tempted.

A war brews in the immortal realms, between the Angels of Lightâ??created to love and protect humanityâ??and their ancient enemy, the Fae. The Fae have created a demon plague to stop the humans and their technology from invading the immortal realms. I’m tasked with protecting a beautiful scientist who may do exactly thatâ?¦ but this duty is fraught with danger. Not due to the demons who hunt her but because a Fall from Lust will plunge me into shadow. I’ve already been marked by the darkness of that realmâ??and I’ve vowed never to return.

I’m a scientist, a physicist, a woman of reasonâ?¦ and I don’t believe in angels.

My Ex broke me in ways I didn’t even know I could break. But I’ve moved on and put the nightmares behind me. Now I have work to do, a theory to test, and a billionaire lined up to fund my experiments. If I’m successful, it will change the world. Everything’s finally coming togetherâ??then my co-worker attacks me, my hot neighbor saves me, and suddenly, I’m wondering if there’s more to my theories about an extra-dimensional world than I ever suspectedâ?¦

FALLEN ANGELS is a follow-on series from the bestselling FALLEN IMMORTALS series. It contains sexy hot angels of lightâ??and shadow.

Black Cross: Part One: A Horror Serial

by V. Shaw

“I know monsters, Ebb. And you’re not one of them.”

Jennifer Darling’s life is unravelling. A teenage runaway with a drug-fuelled past, she’s trapped in a mundane existence with Tony, her boyfriend and former dealer. Desperate to escape. Desperate to live. She dreams of something greater than she’s been given.

Ebb has moved in across the street. Cold. Feral. And prone to murderous outbursts. She houses a terrifying secret, but desires to be something more.

When these two lost souls meet, an unusual friendship begins.

But with the news of Morris, Tony’s sadistic best friend and heroin-dealing partner, being released from prison, Jennifer knows it’s only a matter of time before his path of vengeance leads to her and Ebb, too.

Part dark fantasy. Part psychological horror. Black Cross is a five-part serial from a would-be writer.

Just remember:

This one isn’t for everybodyâ?¦

Dare Me Baby: Breanna’s Magical Awakening (Book Book 2)

by Jeanetta King

The last time Breanna saw or heard from her father was almost a decade ago, so when he called her out of the blue and told her to drop everything and come right away. She travelled to Washington in her refurbished Volkswagen on a wing and a prayer. Little did Breanna know that once she walked through the doors, her life would never be the same. When life toss you apples, throw them back and run.

Bad Blood Alpha (Bad Blood Shifters Book 5)

by Anastasia Wilde

Flynn, lion alpha of the Bad Blood Crew, has had enough of fated mates. Every time one of his crew falls in love, a crap-ton of trouble rains down behind them. Besides, he’sâ?¦Flynn. Dominant. Uncompromising. Grumpy. Tactless. Hell, he likes things his way. The last thing he needs is a female who expects him to trip over his paws trying to make her happy. Flynn protects his people and keeps them aliveâ??period. “Happy” is not in his vocabulary.

Kira has been officially dead for twenty yearsâ??raised in secret after the Dragon House of Al-Maddeiri was wiped out in a clan war when she was only a child. But now her life is unraveling: her guardian is dead, and the magical binding that hides her true nature is breaking down. If the out-of-control magic doesn’t kill her, her enemies will. Her only hope is to hunt down the last surviving member of the Lion Guardâ??the one man who might have the power to save her.

A lifetime ago, Flynn swore an oath to the House of Al-Maddeiri, to protect their princess with his life. Now she’s back from the dead, bristling with weapons and attitudeâ??and wanting him to honor his promise. She might be the one woman who can take on the alpha of the Bad Blood Crew and change his mind about happily ever afterâ??if she doesn’t get him killed firstâ?¦

Fall in love with the Bad Blood Shifters<>! Smokin’ hot shifter men with hearts of gold; the strong, passionate women who love them; secrets, lies and dangerâ??and happily ever afters.

Wisdom in Black Seas and Eternal Lands: Book 2 of the Carolina Daemonic Short Stories

by Jeff O’Brien

There is wisdom in black seas and eternal lands, beyond the visions of the mundane world, where all dreams and nightmares intersect to become one.

There is blood, and spirit, which fuel the hearts and minds of expert magicians, allowing them to break through the fabric of illusions and penetrate the core of existence.

In this occult, dark fantasy of pirates, witches, and mages, we see reality in its uncompromising, inmistakable form.

We see, and we die.

Wisdom in Black Seas and Eternal Lands is a Carolina Daemonic short story,
written by Brian Barr.

Unicorn Keep

by Angelia Almos

Jiline of Ainsley is dismayed when her best friend is selected by the mages to become a unicorn keeper at the Keep, an isolated mountain fortress. Especially since Madelen is in love and engaged to the richest boy in the village. Jiline on the other hand has no prospects of marriage or a trade in their small village. So, she comes up with a plan to take Madelen’s place at the Keep and hopefully flunk out of unicorn keeper training before the mages can discover the deception. Unfortunately, the unicorns have their own plans for her.

Mage Herrick, son of the Keep Mage, returns home to the Keep as the trainee keepers arrive. A chance encounter with Jiline, who he believes is Madelen, on the trail sparks a magical connection between the two. Knowing he can’t feel a magical draw to someone who has no magic, he tries to prove Madelen (Jiline) has magic within her. His attention brings unforeseen complications for both of them.

Aliens Underworld: Spencer’s Quest To Find Her Pandora’s Box (Book Book 4)

by Jeanetta King

As a new author, I strive to create the most engaging entertaining, novels that’s written in the voice of my characters. I present them as they presented themselves to me whether in a dream or on paper. This book and the ones to follow is truly Spencer Touchettu’s quest to find her Pandora’box before it gets in the wrong hands. The dark court, the Unseelie King wants it, and would do all within his power to get it, but that’s only if the Hidden Ones of the Light Court, the Seelie Queen doesn’t get it first. Life doesn’t get any better for Spencer after forced to return to the Big Red House without her father. Her Nana’s House, the very same red house that she and her dad ran away from five years ago and swore never to return. Spencer discovers her hidden strength and magical powers in a world where danger lurks around ever corner. If the aliens didn’t kill her first, her loving family would.

Momo & Matsu

by Bradley Freeman

Friendship knows no bounds.
On an overcast day in Tokyo, Japan, a high school girl named Momo ends her life by leaping in front of a train. That night, train conductor Matsumoto returns home to find the same girl sitting on the edge of his bed, unharmed and needing his help.
Now, a girl with a secret and an old man hiding from his own guilt must learn to work together, face an enemy beyond imagination itself, and maybe, just maybe become friends.

Because for both Momo and Matsu, not only are their lives on the line…but their very souls.

Momo and Matsu, the début novel from Bradley Freeman that will keep you turning the pages, and stay in your heart forever.

His Enigma Her Eternity: Salvation Ghosts MC, The Complete Series

by Daniela Jackson

They were once archangels.
Now, they are bad bad Bad Boys.
I never loved.
Until I saw her.
She is my sweet red-haired enigma.
Seven murders.
One innocent little thing.
I don’t care.
I’m a killer too.
A Paranormal Fantasy MC Romance Saga. Standalone. HEA. Explicit, tab*o, and dark content which some readers might find offensive. Strong language. Violence. Previously published as a two book series: Gabriel: Salvation Ghosts MC and Coyote: Salvation Ghosts MC.

Rose, Awake: A Foxwept Array Short Story (Standalone)

by A.W. Cross

Every rose has its thorns.

After years in hiding, Princess Rose is finally going home. Her entire life she’s waited to return to her parents, her subjects, to the life that was taken from her. But when she arrives at the castle she was exiled from as a child, she discovers that nothing is as she believedâ??including her own existence.

Has Rose been living a fairy tale? Or a curse?

Rose, Awake is a standalone science fiction romance retelling of Sleeping Beauty and also a short story introduction to the Foxwept Array seriesâ??where the future is a fairy tale.

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