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Forty Hours

by James McDonald

Fifty years of happenings in factories crammed into forty hours.
Some of these stories are funny,
Some of them are sad.
Some of them are tragic.
Most of them are just plain stupid.
All of them are true

Blitz: A LitRPG Novel (Tower of Gates Book 6)

by Paul Bellow

Searching for the Quest Giver on a Penalty Level

When Sarah is sent to a penalty level separate from the main game, she finds herself in some sort of city building strategy game. Trapped as an NPC with no other players around turns out to be daunting, even with getting a new and unique character class in the game. Can she survive twenty years in the game on her own and will she be reunited with Eric and Josh? One-click now to find out! This is the sixth book of the Tower of Gates LitRPG Series.

Watch Bird Box Full Movie HD All Cast Netflix Full Season #18

by Cuvekig Xobisuj

Watch Bird Box Full Movie HD All Cast Netflix Full Season #18. Watch this one of the best movie online for free via streaming.

A Confident Start in Stand-Up Comedy: Learn how to fearlessly craft material, book your first gig and thrive onstage.

by James Crawley

Learn how to fearlessly craft material, book your first gig and thrive onstage.

Does anything really beat the feeling of making someone laugh? Friend. Colleague. Wife. Cashier. It doesn’t really matter who the target it is. When a joke lands and a smile cracks, there’s real satisfaction in it. The more people you can make laugh at once, the better. It’s what makes stand-up comedy so appealing! Making a room full of people roar with laughter is a win like nothing else. But, how do you take your first step on the comedy scene and put yourself in running for the prize? Even if you’ve never set foot on stage before? And how do you do it with minimum fear and maximum chance of succeeding? James Crawley’s â??A Confident Start in Stand-Up Comedy’ is the beginner’s guide written to answer all the common questions of an aspiring comic.

After reading this book, you’ll know how to:

  • Uncover your comedic style so being funny and having fun on stage comes naturally
  • Craft your own material with ease even if you think you’d never know how to write stand-up comedy
  • Perform stand-up comedy with confidence from the start even if you’ve never set foot on stage before
  • Book your first gigs without having hours of stage time behind you
  • Improve as a comedian so you can fasttrack your way to better opportunities
  • Build a support network to help make the hard times in comedy much easier
  • Memorise your material with no problem so you can relax, be a confident performer, and have more fun in front of a crowd
  • Conduct yourself as a reputable comedian to ensure people are saying great things about you and recommending you across the circuit

“A great primer to guide the way through the initial steps of stand-up. You can take it, apply it and be gigging in no time” Rhys Howell, Comedian and founder of Dog N Bone Improv

The best bit: you can learn all this in a day!

Scratch that, an afternoon. A morning. A suspiciously long bathroom visit… James admits he is not good at reading books. Which is why, when to his surprise, he found himself wanting to write one, he knew it would need to be full of golden nuggets of knowledge that could be taken in and used right away. A Confident Start in Stand-Up Comedy was written to make sure you really can go away better prepared and ready to succeed, without overwhelm.

No, this isn’t written by a TV comedian… But it’s written by a comedian who’s been there and done that recently.

A comedian who’s still an active part of the South West comedy scene and excited about the prospect of encouraging others to join in. A comedian and promoter who knows what it’s like to be eager to make a success of your comedy career even from those early gigs, and to want to cut back on wasted time and maximise on time making people laugh! Because “it’s a privilege”.

Grab a copy, honour the inner buzz and encouraging mate that whispers “you’ve got what it takes” and find out how to be a confident comic who proves them right!

Barney Prudon- Brand New Teacher….. Born Loser!


Poor Barney Prudon’s emergence from Teacher Training College was met with universal rejection from every Primary School he happened to fill in an application form for. When he did, finally, get a chance to wield his Teaching Certificate the temporary post on offer was to teach some Science in a tough Comprehensive in the heart of Bootle. Follow his first year of struggle, armed only with a piece of chalk,………… if you dare!

A Smidge of Crazy: More Quirky Essays for Quirky People

by Barbara Venkataraman

A collection of humorous insights into important topics ranging from being targeted by annoying ads (“Nowhere to Hide”), to resorting to symbols when you’ve forgotten your words (“At a Loss for Words”), to figuring out what door that extra key opens (“My Extra Key”). Other essays examine how sitting is the new smoking (whatever that means), and why it is just so hard to focus when you have the attention span of a gnat.

Fortnite Tips for NOOBS: The perfect Book to learn how to play Fortnite!

by Peter Knight

You still have no win in Fortnite and your friends are telling you , you are a noob at playing it?
Or your friend is one of the biggest noobs in Fortnite?
Then this Book is perfect for you or a perfect present for your friend!
Learn all the secret Tips and Tricks to get your first win!

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