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The New World: Crimson Winter

by Andy Skrzynski

“The New World” book series, by Andy Skrzynski, is a creative, science-fiction adventure depicting the life-and-death struggles on Earth after an apocalyptic period between 2019 and 2025. If you enjoy a thrilling tale full of suspense, action, a touch of romance, and a crazy twist here and there, “The New World: A Step Backward,” “The New World: Blue Moon Generation,” and “The New World: Crimson Winter” will help you escape your current world worries. The action’s so real and descriptive you’ll feel as if you’re alongside Thoruk, his loyal friends, and the younger generation as they fight warriors and a myriad of vicious creatures stalking the villagers of Ukkiville in the nearby forests, lakes, and mountains near the turn of the next century.

Read more to get a taste of what’s to come in this third book, “The New World: Crimson Winter.”

On the verge of winter in 2105, a vicious attack soaks a pasture with blood and crushes Ukkiville’s serenity. Ominous premonitions haunt Hoot while similar dangers surge across Old North America. Tormented by nightmares, the courageous young warrior recruits her friends to join her and hunt the demon of her dreams. Before long, they encounter a beast far more ferocious than any discovered before.

Suspicions fall squarely on the village’s nemesis, as Hoot and the leaders of Ukkiville fear Zo and his Skalags have advanced their DNA process to create monsters nobody can control. With little choice but to ready themselves to thwart increasing slaughters, Hoot, her brother, Skeeter, and a precocious android named Andralec hone their skills and special powers. Until the inhabitants of Ukkiville and the surrounding territory halt this growing threat, survival remains all but uncertain.

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Murder Over Cocktails: The 2nd Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

by Nancy Skopin

“A heroic PI, a certifiable serial killer, and a captivating cat burglar …”

Private Investigator Nicoli, “Nikki,” Hunter has recovered from a near-fatal encounter with a multiple murderer and is happy to get back to her routine bar and restaurant surveillance jobs. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans. One evening, as she’s acting as a decoy/victim to attract a bartender accused of sexual assault, Jack, “The Cat,” McGuire settles on an adjacent bar stool and tells her a story that will change the course of her life.

Murder Over Cocktails is the second mystery featuring PI Nikki Hunter, a thirty-six-year-old, gun-toting, brainy beauty who excels at getting into other people’s business. Hunter’s office is in a marina complex in Redwood City, California, where she also lives aboard a forty-six foot Cheoy Lee sailboat.

Blood Drops and Desperate Measures: A Stacey McKinnon Mystery (The Portman Creamery Mysteries Book 6)

by CS Patra

Meet the ladies of Portman’s Creamery. Run by Irene and Chrissie Garcia-Galvan, they run their ice cream shop by day and solve the toughest cases at night. Join Pippa, Becca, Mary Beth, Stacey, and Winky as they take on their latest case involving a missing person.

When a bike club president’s sister goes missing during a meeting, he goes straight to Portman’s Creamery for help when he hears their name. The girls take on the case without telling anyone else. They dig deep into the case and realize that it may be a bit more complicated than expected. What appears to be a kidnapping may be about a runaway. It may also be about star-crossed lovers.

The case leaves them with very little clues to work with. It also doesn’t help Stacey is starting to fall for her own client.

Good Morning, Darkness

by Ruth Francisco

Everyone is in love with Laura: the Mexican fisherman who admires her through her kitchen window as he walks in the predawn darkness to the ocean; her boyfriend, Scott, a successful real estate agent who asks her to marry him and won’t take no for an answer; the detective who instructs her in martial arts; and her lascivious boss.

Then one day Laura disappears. There is no evidence of foul playâ??she had quit her job and claimed to be visiting her sick mother on the East Coast. But while wandering the beach one night, the fisherman finds a woman’s severed arm. When another one turns up shortly afterward, he believes they must be Laura’s. LAPD Detective Sergeant Reggie Brooks is also wondering if Laura is alive or dead. Yet without a missing person’s report or any evidence to suggest that the arms belonged to Laura, he cannot officially investigate.

Unofficially, however, Reggie Brooks can’t stop thinking about what happened to the vanished, beautiful woman who took his martial arts classes and now haunts his dreams. Soon he is driving up and down the windswept, lonely coastal highway in search of answers. He risks his job and his marriage as his obsession deepens. And his passion will lead him to a dark, terrifying place of unthinkable acts, irrational behavior, and premeditated murder…

Death on Delivery: A John Bent Mystery

by Daniel Ferry

A few weeks after disgraced Montgomery County, Maryland police detective John Bent gets out of prison, he lands a new job as a software developer on an important NASA contract. Hired to replace a programmer killed in a suspicious ski accident, Bent finds his new career more dangerous than his previous one. On his first day at work he discovers another team member, a reserved computer guru, dead of an apparent suicide. Four days later, someone murders the database administratorâ??hours after her date with John Bent. Are the three deaths related to the project? Is someone trying to frame Bent for the murders? Can Bent find and stop the killer before everyone on the project is murdered?

Doggone n’ Dunit? (Tara Trott Book 2)

by Vanessa Fletcher

Murder’s no walk in the park…
In the village of Nithercott, poison pen letters start popping through letterboxes and the nosy Nancy Parker is the chief suspect. Then, the local dog trainer, Annie Abbott, is found dead, Tara doggedly refuses to accept it was a suicide and like a dog with a bone, decides to crack the case.
Who is the unidentified bridegroom who dug his own grave before he was murdered, and what does he have to do with the blackmailing?

It can be murder to keep secrets…

Political Justice (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 7)

by Dennis Carstens

THE MACBETHS TAKE WASHINGTONâ??and leave a pile of bodies in their wake.

In searing political commentary laced with a gripping murder mystery that hits disturbingly close to home, Dennis Carstens tackles financial misconduct, scandalous cover-up, treason, and murder in the 7th installment of the Marc Kadella legal thriller seriesâ??a scathing imagining of an American White House nobody’s ever seen before, and yet one that is all too familiarâ?¦

A shot in the dark, right in the gut, that’s what Carstens is good at â?¦ Carstens aims to be realistic about the law and its enforcers, and he hits it right … The plot is as full of surprises as a Minneapolis Jucy Lucy and ultimately just as satisfying.” -Tony Dunbar, Anthony- and Edgar-nominated author of the Tubby Dubonnet legal thriller series.

It’s four days after the latest presidential election, and Marc Kadella has the post-election blues. Sure, his guy didn’t win, but there’s more to it than that: the defeated incumbent was a decent man. Too bad you can’t say the same for his Machiavellian opponentâ??or his photogenic partner-in-crime.

Thomas Jefferson Carver is charming and energetic, with a former beauty queen for a wifeâ??and a name for the job to boot. Together they’re the package deal: young, modern, forward-thinking, and successful. That Mr. Carver was often accused of womanizing and that the couple used political clout to line their own pockets didn’t seem to matter to the American electorate.

But Marc Kadella’s got a more specific axe to grind. Back when Carver was governor, a fundraising stop in Minneapolis resulted in the accidental overdoseâ??and deathâ??of a 19-year-old girl. A Carver campaign aide’s in prison on a plea deal for manslaughterâ??against his lawyer Marc Kadella’s express recommendation. But when the campaign worker turns up hanged in his Colorado cell just days after the election, Kadella senses his mistrust of the Carvers is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tyranny, cover-up, and all-out Shakespearian bloodbath haunt these pages, making House of Cards look like a Barbara Walters special. Author Dennis Carstens hits political corruption and smarmy-politician caricature right on the head, in a compelling sociological hypothetical melded with a captivating murder mystery that explores just how far American politicians will go for moneyâ??and power.

House of Cards meets the Land of Trump” -Amazon 5-star reviewer

Fans of Nelson Demille, John Grisham, Richard North Patterson, and of course the most beloved lawyer sleuth of all time, Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason, will gobble up this one up. As will devotees of political thrillers like novels by Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, David Baldacciâ??and HOUSE OF CARDS fans in particular.

The Whispering Woman (Robert Budd Book 11)

by Gerald Verner

Paula Rivers, a beautiful, haughty young cinema cashier, is selling tickets when her sister Eileen delivers a portentous note to her: ‘BE CAREFUL. PEOPLE WHO PLAY WITH FIRE GET BADLY BURNED. SOMETIMES THEY DIE.’

Not long afterward, Paula is found murdered in her booth, shot from behind. Who was the haggard old woman dressed in black who had accosted Eileen and told her to give Paula the note? Called to investigate, Superintendent Budd is faced with one of the most curious mysteries of his career.

Gerald Verner (1897-1980) was the pseudonym of British writer John Robert Stuart Pringle. Born in London, Verner wrote more than 120 novels that have been translated in over 35 languages, and many of his books have been adapted into films, radio serials and stage plays. Verner also wrote forty-four Sexton Blake tales.

Home to Roost (Keith Calder Book 16)

by Gerald Hammond

Gerald Hammond’s Keith Calder mysteries continue to delight a devoted following, each new tale of gunsport and sleuthing in the Scottish Highlands told with a new take on the Calder clan.

In Home to Roost, daughter Deborahâ??heroine of Hammond’s Let Us Preyâ??takes on rogue-hunting and romance in one fell swoop.

When Detective Sergeant Fellowes learns that poachers are operating in his area, he’s of two minds about whether to take the matter seriouslyâ??after all, his superiors can’t even agree whether it’s worth the trouble to investigate the problem. But when he goes on his first pigeon shoot with Deborah, and a missing-sportsman case comes his way, Fellowes feels bound to follow up; and with the gun-sporting expertise of Deborah Calder at the ready, the Calder/Fellowes team finds itself on the trail of not only a murderer but a burgeoning mutual attraction as well.

Praise for Gerald Hammond:

“Gerald Hammond’s series about gunsmith Keith Calder is rewarding indeed.” – Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Born in 1926, Gerald Hammond lived in Scotland, where he retired from his profession as an architect in 1982 to pursue his love of shooting and fishing and to write full time. After his first novel, Fred in Situ, was published in 1965, Gerald became a prolific author with over 70 published novels. Most of his novels were published under his own name, but he also wrote under the pseudonyms Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden.

In Too Deep (A Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Book 2)

by JT Sawyer

After narrowly escaping from the undead hordes in Tucson with the president’s daughter and her small band of survivors, Secret Service Agent Carlie Simmons is finally headed to safety in New Mexico. As new information emerges on the global pandemic, she and her team of operators have to leave their secure military facility to track down the origins of the virus before more people die. Crossing the country and international waters while plagued by the growing menace of flesh-eating zombies, Carlie finds herself in a race against time on a mission that exposes a secret experiment borne from the Cold War. But the greatest danger may not come from the emerging legions of putrescent creatures as tension within her group threatens to undermine her leadership.

In Too Deep is the nailbiting sequel to Until Morning Comes and picks up immediately after the first novel. Approximately 50K words.

About the Author: JT Sawyer is the pen name for the author who makes his living teaching survival courses for the military special operations community, Department of Homeland Security, US Marshals, FAA, and other federal agencies throughout the US. He has over 25 years of experience testing long-term survival skills in the desert, mountains, and forest. JT also served as a consultant for the film Into the Wild. For more information, visit

The Side Nicca Next Door

by N’Dia Rae

Usually it’s men that get caught up with their side pieces. They’re the ones who often risk it all and drag their families through the mud, all for a woman that’s never worth it. But what happens when it’s a woman who risks her family for her side man?

Toni Greer, wife and mother, finds herself getting increasingly obsessed with her side lover. What started out as a “slip-up” in judgement has turned into a full out affair. She finds herself sneaking in cars, public bathrooms and hotel rooms just to get her fix from her lover. Meanwhile her husband remains unaware and blind whiled confined to a wheelchair.

Ace Greer is the loving husband to Toni. Once a professional boxer he is now a blind paraplegic. Before he became disabled he gave Toni the world but after his injury she has been forced to go back to work. And she has been bitter ever since. Her bitterness is now jeopardizing his health and their family. He still loves her but she is beginning to hate him.

Alexia Rainey is Toni’s best friend and arch enemy. Alexia has become a sloppy drunken trophy wife who can’t help but wonder why her secretive husband is often missing during work hours and in the middle of the night. The more she badgers her husband the more reclusive he becomes. When he turns cold, she fines comfort in another man. What starts off as a sexy affair quickly turns deadly.

Zeus Rainey is married to Alexia. He is also the best friend of Ace. Everyone thinks the he is an upstanding businessman that used to manage Ace before his injury. But Zeus is hiding a deep dark secret that threatens to rip apart the lives of everyone he touches.

This story is the twisted tale of two couples who’s lives are deeply intertwined, more than they want to be. If you loved Thot Next Door, you won’t be able to put down this book. Are you ready for the crazy rollercoaster ride?

Extreme Malice

by Ray Swirsky

She was found with a guitar string still wrapped tightly around her soft neck. Eighteen year old Josh Anderson, the college boy from next door, is charged with her murder. It was his guitar string around her neck. His footprints are found inside her house. Her earring found under his bed. Donna Gardner’s husband Jack was hundreds of miles away on business.
Was it the perfect murder?

Murder on a Silver Sea (Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery Book 3)

by Loulou Harrington

An aging heiress, the beloved dog who will inherit her fortune, and too many suspicious accidents. Or are they a prelude to murder?

Jesse Camden is a sucker for a mystery. So when Amanda Carmichael’s assistant Bethany asks the Myrtle Grove Garden Club to investigate what she thinks are attempts on her employer’s life, Jesse and Vivian Windsor agree. But before they can start, Bethany sends a frantic message that Amanda is leaving for her isolated estate in the Salish Sea, taking her dog Lady and a small staff, including Bethany, with her. As Jesse and Vivian go hurrying after them, disaster strikes again, and this time the “accident” is fatal.

Jesse and Vivian suddenly find themselves racing toward the unknown, determined to uncover the truth and protect the small dog who not only inherits Amanda’s fortune, but the danger that stalks this remote private island.


by David Turri

In 1937, Shigeru Yuasa is a low-level employee of the Japanese Embassy’s press attaché’s office in Washington. An overweight lush, a misfit estranged from his own culture and roots, Shig is a traitor ripe for the picking. And picked he is, by Lew Buscemi, with the Office of Naval Intelligence. This tale of espionage and betrayal follows their intertwined lives for the next twenty years – to the capital of the Imperial Empire, in which Shig heads an ONI spy ring through the turbulent events that lead Japan down the road to Pearl Harbor; to the desolation that was Tokyo at war’s end and into Sugamo Prison, where Shig is one of twelve hundred suspected war criminals await judgement; and to the world of the American Occupation, where he and Buscemi are drawn into a web of political intrigue, blackmail and murder.

Death and Repair: A Michael Hart Mystery


Michael Hart would do anything to bring her back.

Fate took her away from him, then, years later, fate pushes him to the town of Malway, a town with a secret. Michael, a retired policeman, believes he has stumbled across a crime, but soon discovers it is something far more incredible, something that could make his one wish come true. But it might come with a terrible price.

Death and Repair explores the power of love and the permanence of death. It is a re-imagination of the classic Djinn tales, part mystery, part science-fiction, part love story.

The Key to Justice (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 1)

by Dennis Carstens

A shot in the dark, right in the gut, that’s what Carstens is good at. The Key to Justice is full of twists and turns as the Twin Cities live in terror of a violent stalker. Carstens aims to be realistic about the law and its enforcers, and he hits it right … The plot is as full of surprises as a Minneapolis Jucy Lucy and ultimately just as satisfying.” -Tony Dunbar, Anthony- and Edgar-nominated author of the Tubby Dubonnet legal thriller series.


Financially embarrassed, getting a divorce, living in a shabby apartment, and distinctly short of clients, Marc Kadella’s beginning to question why he ever went into the law when a friend brings him the case all Minneapolis is watchingâ??defending an accused serial killer. If he wins, it could turn his life aroundâ??if he blows it, he better go into sales.

Dennis Carstens weaves a gritty, street-wise narrative in this action-packed legal thriller, sure to please fans of courtroom drama and classic noir. You can almost see the guys in this one sporting fedoras, and the babes would stop traffic even without the cleavage Carstens makes their standard attire. But there’s a contemporary angle sure to please fans of both sexes–the toughest guy in the story is gorgeous investigator Maddy Rivers.

Carstens seems to relish getting her into increasingly brutal fights, some with laughsâ??like the time she roughs up a couple of rogue cops and takes away their guns. And when this author gets into an action scene, the prose flexes its muscles like a prison weightlifter.

Kadella and Rivers’ job is to find the evidence that will exonerate Kadella’s client Carl Fornich, a convicted sex offender recently out of prison. But the prosecution’s evidence is stacked a mile highâ??the murder weapon found at his house, an eyewitness, a semen sample, and blood from two victims. To top it off, the cops really want to nail this guyâ??one cop in particular.

Carstens realistic take on the law as a nuts-and-bolts, often rickety way to make a living blends nicely with his worldly-wise portrayal of backroom deals, crooked cops, and judges and politicians who connive and collude right on up to the governor’s mansion.

It’s a classic David-and Goliath setup, and the author’s got some pretty fancy twists in store as Kadella unravels a complicated plot to set his client up, and Maddy battles demons that just keep coming at her. Fans of John Grisham, Richard North Patterson, and of course the most beloved lawyer sleuth of all time, Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason, will gobble up this one and go back for the rest of the series.

Murder For Neptune’s Trident…A Citrus Beach Mystery (Citrus Beach Mysteries Book 1)

by Victoria LK Williams

Love to Curl up with a Good Mystery?

Who killed JJ Travels? What does it have to do with Neptune’s Trident?

A simple errand for a client leads Megan Cassidy into more trouble than she could have ever thought possible.
Before she knows what has happened, she’s a witness to a murder and a target for bullets and speeding trucks.
Who knew there could be so much going on in this little southern town, where your neighbors watched your back and “Mom & Pop” businesses populated Main Street?
When FBI Consultant, Aiden Tory, arrives to solve the murder, Megan pushes her way into the investigation. Together, they discover JJ hid secrets about their tropical paradise. Secrets that got him killed.
With her dog, Barney, helping to sniff out clues, they follow the leads, discovering the past can come back to haunt you.

RE-EDITED 01/2018

How to Bake a Murder (A Cookie and Cream Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by K.J. Emrick

“I can’t get a pulse. Cookie, call for an ambulance.”

Definitely not the words you want to hear when a man has just collapsed in the middle of your bakery.

A few minutes is all it took for Karen ‘Cookie’ Williams to be thrust into the center of a nightmare. A customer was dead and she was considered a suspect. Her beloved shop was a crime scene.

Things weren’t looking so great for her.

If you add in the strange figure that was lurking around at night, the prominent businessman who was harassing her to sell up and an unhappy granddaughter who was spending the summer with her you had a recipe for disaster.

Can Cookie work out who killed her customer and save her bakery from ruin before she becomes a victim herself?

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