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Love: Everything you want to know about love

by Andrew Blade

This book is written for those who have not yet found their love and wants to know the answers to the most popular questions about love. The theme of love is truly bottomless both in form and in content. Each first girl when meeting a guy sooner or later begins to ask him questions about “relationships”, “love”, “girl”. Probes, so to speak, the ground. The guys most often have questions in their head: “Why doesn’t she love me?”, “When can you confess to love?”, “How to fall out of love?”. People of both sexes are very worried about things “how to make somebody fall in love with you?” And “how to stop suffering if love is unrequited?”. In general, in this book I decided to give answers from a practical point of view to all these, as well as, many other questions. First of all, there will be recommendations for men, but women will also find a lot of useful information for finding their other halves.

Acupuncturists’ Sharing with New Mothers: DIY natural healing for insufficient breastmilk, postpartum depression, hair loss, forgetfulness and more

by Barefoot Taoists

“After delivery, many mothers experience the following: tingling in their legs, aversion to cold or wind, forgetfulness, hair loss, depression, insufficient breastmilk and so on. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these are the symptoms of blood deficiency (anemia). Sometimes anemia is not shown by quantitative measurements in a blood test. But quality of your blood is often reflected in your pulse and tongue which Acupuncturists always look at during the TCM diagnostic process before treatments.”

247 Busy ..NO More -365 Days of Mind Happiness: 247 Busy ..?? No More. 365 Days of Mind Happiness (live stress- free)

by Mahmoud Kady

a 40 tips for a stress-free life
247 inspiration , quotes, tips , joyful
365 days of mind happiness
teach and learn
free , freedom

Parenting: You doing it wrong: Parenting Guide

by Zylkia Swensen

A Parenting Guide: Base on Today issues.

Deutsch-Amerikanische Familienbande (German Edition)

by Horst Reiner Menzel

Deutsch-Amerikanische Familienbande, erzählt in Romanform die wechselhafte Geschichte einer Familie, eine Deutsche-Amerikanische Geschichte, eingebettet in die jeweiligen politischen Verhältnisse und Ereignisse der letzten 170 Jahre. Es erzählt von deutschen Auswanderern nach Amerika, von Siedler-Trecks, Goldgräbern und Farmern. Es gibt einen Einblick in die Not und Verzweiflung von Menschen, die auf Grund von Kriegsereignissen dazu gezwungen wurden ihre Heimat zu verlassen. Von Menschen, die versuchten sich eine neue Existenz aufzubauen aber am DDR Staat zerbrachen, die dem Licht und dem unbändigen Willen zum �berleben folgten, sich immer wieder aufrafften und nach jeder Niederlage wieder einen Neuanfang wagten.

The Bad Dragon: (Childrens books about Behavior, Emotions, Anger, Picture, Preschool, Ages 3 5, Baby, Kids, Kindergarten) (Emotions & Feelings)

by Michael Gordon

 This is a book about a bad dragon. A really baaaaaaaaaad dragon.?

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing picture book:

“I’m glad I finally picked this one up. It’s entertaining, and my kids enjoyed it a lot.” — Susan

“Sweet, silly, and touching story!” — Alice

“Such a cute book! I loved it!” — Caroline

The Dragon was very bad. He didn’t listen, and he lied. It wasn’t until he has met a new friend who acted exactly like him. Dragon hought his friend was so rude, and couldn’t believe that he was doing the same thing. He also learned that being “good” was a choice.

Warning: Cuteness Overload!
This childrens book contains illustrations of a cute dragon. Lots of them. Enjoy these little sweeties, perfect alongside beautiful rhymes.

You and your kids will love this book for ages 3 5…grab it now while it’s still available at this discounted price.

Toddlers: 2 Books in 1 (Potty Training & Sleep Training)

by K.K. Hampton

Book 1: Potty Training

Is your child ready to ditch those diapers and start using the potty? Are YOU?

If you shudder at the thought of accidents, don’t know where to begin, are confused about all the programs, methods, and potty time products on the market, you are NOT alone! So many people are caught up in a whirlwind of confusion or even a fear of failure.

Your child looks to you to be their expert on all things as they grow up. Potty training is one of the few areas where parents often feel confused about knowing how to guide their little one and overcome the challenges that come with it. This is not the case with things like using a fork, drinking from a cup, tying shoes, or even riding a bicycle. Just think of all the muscles and the balance it takes to ride a bike, and yet, parents will gladly take on the task with little to no reservation, but not with potty training. This can have many causes, from not wanting to talk about or demonstrate potty time behaviors to being unsure how to address potential problems.

Rest assured, though, potty training quickly and easily is absolutely possible with the right information and tools at your disposal.

With this book, you will be able to put aside any concerns and help your child transition out of diapers in no time. You will see that there are really no rigid timelines or schedules to follow. You can do what makes sense for your child and succeed without stress or headaches for either of you.

So have no fear of messy accidents, extra laundry, lost patience, and endless days of never leaving the house. This is just another step in childhood development that you are about to master!

Whether your child is just starting to explore the bathroom, ready to start training today, or is having trouble consistently using the potty, you have found the only resource you need to get your child ready to go, go, go!

Book 2: Sleep Training

As a good parent, you want what’s best for your baby, including healthy sleep patterns. In Sleep Training: Techniques to Get Your Baby to Sleep, you will learn:

  • Tips for Success: What can you do to help your baby learn the difference between day, night, and afternoon nap time? Is there anything you can do to speed this process along and help your child sleep all the way through the night? Find out in the chapters of this book.
  • What to do when Sleep Training is Difficult: Every baby is different, which means that experiencing challenges in sleep training is only natural. This book will go over what to do when your baby is having a hard time learning how to develop good sleep patterns.
  • Techniques for Various Ages: Babies change a lot in their early days of development. Chapters three through eight will review techniques that are best for babies from infancy on up to ages three and older.

You will learn everything you need to know about helping your baby with sleep training and potty training in this book. Check it out today!

The Diary of Mr. Mom Grad Student

by J.S. Salk

This is a true, candid, journal that begins with the start of grad school in New York and ends with a dream job at a worldwide, New York, advertising agency. The struggle of a difficult relationship is highlighted throughout journal. I have thought while keeping long-term journals in hard cover, what long-term use it would have for myself and others. One can look over ideas, plans, and thoughts from earlier days. Also, It would be nice to have the books available for people to see what an ordinary person, like themselves, did with his life. This may inspire others to keep journals. I have two decades of journal entries which have been written between 1987 to 2007. Just search the hyperlink of my pen name, J.S. Salk, in the “description” – like the description field you are reading, now. The “description” and free review of the first pages, will reveal the time each journal was written. One may ask why publish? First, I type the hand-written journals for preservation of the original work. Secondly, I plan to become a prolific writer, using my journals as material for stories which will add characters and dialogue. I have enjoyed exercising my memory while typing all my journals in chronological order from the time I was 20 to the age of 40. There will be more, later.

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