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The Martyr’s Breath: A Rooster Byrd Novel (Rooster Byrd Series Book 1)

by Logan James

An elite team of American soldiers embark on a mission to stop a terrorist group from destroying the American way of life. Rooster and his team are sent to stop the group from killing innocent people and protect the American way of life. Their journey takes them through struggles and pitfalls as they push forward toward stopping the radical terrorists. The question is can they stop them in time? If they do not succeed, America and the world will pay for their misques. Will they stop them in time or will WWIII be next?

Echo Six: Black Ops – ISIS Killing Fields

by Eric Meyer

ISIS strategy is unchanged, to expand their bloody Caliphate by means of conquest and slaughter. Yet the tide has begun to turn against the brutal regime. The Russians have arrived in force, along with their legions of aircraft and armor. In spite of this, the Mullahs ignore mounting losses and continue to send jihadi fighters to probe the Syria/Iraq border. Their intentions are clear and unequivocal. Conquer and kill.

Echo Six, the elite NATO Special Forces unit, is on a routine sweep along the Syrian border, when they discover a terrible secret. A new weapon of mass destruction is concealed beneath the sands, and the ISIS scheme to deploy their murderous invention is imminent. The plan is to make Iraq the epicenter for a new campaign of planned genocide. A land they mean to make their new killing fields.

The operation to defeat the Islamists becomes a merciless battle against vicious enemies and untrustworthy Iraqi allies. Stakes are high, higher than any they have faced before. The planned annihilation will turn Iraq and Syria into a wasteland. A mass grave, where only the Caliphate will survive to rule over a mountain of corpses.

This is another thrilling and bloody story of NATO Special Forces, operating behind enemy lines. Men who will go to any lengths to complete their mission, and to die for it if necessary. Echo Six Black Ops: The China Raid is by the bestselling author of many other Spec Ops stories. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, the Raider series, as well as the Devil’s Guard series and other Echo Six titles.

The Soldierâ??s Gene: One family eight battles 850 years

by Mike Inkster

The Soldier’s Gene cleverly fills a gap between factual history books and the general historical novel.
Tracing the passage of genes for nearly 850 years through the descendants of one man, is an interesting departure from the norm and adds an intriguing slant to what remains a novel.
The mixture of facts of the various battles fought by the British Army during those years, and the fictional descriptions of the experiences of the soldiers, in battle and otherwise, has been skilfully written and little imagination is needed to make the reader feel as if they are there with the soldiers.

The characters experience the vagaries of war on a very personal level and recount their different tales at first hand although not all are willing soldiers. They fight for different reasons and differing causes both in their homelands and foreign fields.
They are not always on the winning side and some don’t come through unscathed. Some don’t come through at all.

Maximov’s return

by Evgeniy Erastov

It is a story about a general Maximov, who was injured after an explosion in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. He has a chance of a deep self-analyzing during a recovery. This is a tale about an honor, boldness and a responsibility

The Distinct Sense of Evil

by W.R. Heustis

He was an anomoly. There was no getting around it. Here he was a typical young German citizen who ended up a prisoner in one of the worst WWII Nazi death camps. He wasn’t Jewish but experienced that same fate as a result of having been identified as a student associated with one of the men who plotted to assassinate Adolph Hitler, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In the process of internment, a growing relationship begins between this man, Hans von Hustenberg, and his fellow inmate, Weiss, who is an unidentified Rabbi. Together they attend to the horrific daily task of dealing with the dead as they emerge from the gas chambers. This harrowing personal account reveals the darkest struggles one must face when confronted by such a glaring existential outrage. Hustenberg, after all, is a divinity student. But he’s also got a background in engineering; something that the Nazis eventually realize would be of use in support of the war effortâ??a role that Hustenberg is loath to ultimately fulfill. But in that transition from prisoner to slave labor comes an opportunity where life offers an opening, a chance meeting that reveals a reason to continue living despite the intolerable.

28th January 1918

by Jeanne Marie Williams French

Using first-hand biographical accounts, historic events and a little bit of fiction, this Great War novel is woven together to follow the fate of a close brother and sister relationship, whose lives, like so many others at that time were tragically torn apart by the conflict.

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