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Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of Our Divine Humanity

by Jane Ashley

Say YES to Body Liberation.

Your body is your templeâ??the Sacred home that carries you through your life journey… the only one you have this time around, right?

Yet, we often spend life fighting the body, abusing it, and hating ourselves for being seen inside a skin that isn’t perfectâ??sculpted of muscles and fat in just the right proportion, gender correct, smelling nice, no wrinkles, no rolls, no frizz…and on and on.

You may know this torture chamber of negative self-talk. And if so, only YOU can stop the war with your body!

Flower of Life Press proudly presents “Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of Our Divine Humanity”â??a powerful collection of the voices of change, featuring authors Rochelle Schieck, Zahava Griss, Lettie Sullivan, and Rima Bonario, plus contributions from 16 new paradigm leaders.

By making peace with your body and treating it with unconditional love and respect, you will discover the heart of your own Sacred Body Wisdom.

Say YES to Body Liberation. Say YES to love.

Walking in the Footsteps of David Wilkerson: The Journey and Reflections of a Spiritual Son

by Charles Simpson

Step up to your Kingdom destiny!
At this present hour, Christianity is at a crossroads. The people of God desperately need prophetic voices that awaken and encourage passionate Kingdom advancement. David Wilkerson had such a voice and it resounds with urgency to this day.
Wilkerson was a true general of the faith, recognized for his world-impacting ministries Teen Challenge, World Challenge, and Times Square Church, as well as his bestselling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. He was known worldwide for his fiery passion for evangelism. During his 80 years on earth, Wilkerson brought the love of God to gangs and drug dealers, helping countless individuals defeat the giants of addiction, violence, and torment.
David Wilkerson impacted many lives for eternity but some were close enough to him to walk in his footsteps. Charles Simpson was one of these. In Walking in the Footsteps of David Wilkerson, Simpson shares his experiences, as well as the deep revelations he received under Wilkerson’s leadership.
Today, David Wilkerson’s example is your invitation to be used by God in supernatural ways. Awaken to the call of your destiny!
While reading this book, discoverâ?¦

  • Your Kingdom assignment is found in the place of prayer.
  • The golden treasure of mentorship and the importance of spiritual sonship.
  • Strategies to overcome your giants and fulfill your purpose.

Learn from this general in God’s army through the journey and reflections of one of his spiritual sons. Rise up and conquer the giants in your life and in your generation!

MADE THIS WAY : How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues

by Leila Miller

A generation ago, Christian parents didn’t have to worry about how to explain transgenderism to their nine-year-old, or help their teenager deal with mockery at school for believing in traditional marriage.
But today, as our culture’s moral center continues to fly apart and with every form of deviance publicly aired and celebrated, we have no choice but to equip our kids to understand and to own the truth about such issues.
In Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues, Leila Miller and Trent Horn give parents (guardians and teachers, too!) crucial tools and techniques to form children with the understanding they needâ??appropriate to their age and maturity levelâ??to meet the world’s challenges.
Their secret lies in an approach that begins not with the Bible or Church teaching but with the natural law. In kid-friendly ways, Miller (Primal Loss) and Horn (Persuasive Pro-Life) help you communicate how the right way to live is rooted in the way we’re made. God’s design for human nature is a blueprint or owner’s manual for moral living that any child can grasp through reason and apply to modern controversies over sex, marriage, lifeâ?¦ and the quest for human fulfillment.
Topics covered include:
-Sex Outside of Marriage
-Same-Sex Marriage
-Reproductive Technologies
Silence can no longer be an option. If we’re not teaching our children how to understand tough moral issues, then the world will.

To Kill A Labrador: A Marcia Banks and Buddy Mystery (The Marcia Banks and Buddy Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

by Kassandra Lamb

Marcia (pronounced Mar-see-a, not Marsha) likes to think of herself as a normal person, even though she has a rather abnormal vocation. She trains service dogs for combat veterans with PTSD. Then the former Marine owner of her first trainee is accused of murdering his wife, and Marcia gets sucked into an even more abnormal avocation-amateur sleuth.

Called in to dog-sit the Labrador service dog, Buddy, she’s outraged that his veteran owner is being presumed guilty until proven innocent. With Buddy’s help, she tries to uncover the real killer. Even after the hunky local sheriff politely tells her to butt out, Marcia keeps poking around. Until the killer finally pokes back.

Ketogenic Diet: The Complete How-To Guide For Beginners: Ketogenic Diet For Beginners: Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss: Ketogenic Cookbook: Keto Diet: The Step by Step Guide For Beginners

by Anthony Brun

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If you want to start a Ketogenic Diet and you are Beginner,  then keep reading�

Ketogenic Diеt: Thе CоmÑ?lеtе Hоw-Tо Guidе Fоr BеginnеrÑ? is a book that covers all sort of Ketogenic Diet, what dоеÑ? thе ketogenic diеt givеÑ? you, thе hеаlthÑ? wаÑ? to burn fаt аnd kееÑ? it off real. This book has all that you needed to make it happen or get started/going, we have discussed all in here. You will find this book interesting and easy to understand, all your answers are in here, so go get it for yourself and start enjoying your life. 

HеаlthÑ? Living IÑ? A Соmbinаtiоn Ð?f MаnÑ? ThingÑ?, Get The Best Out Of Ketogenic Diet And Improve You Healthy Life

-    InсrеаÑ?еd energy tо gо аbоut Ñ?оur daily rоutinе 

-    ImÑ?rоvеd сhоlеÑ?tеrоl rеаdingÑ? 

-    Rеduсtiоn in blood Ñ?ugаr and blооd pressure 

-    Eat savory fооdÑ? thаt Ñ?оu crave whilе lоÑ?ing wеight аnd muсh 

-    The easy Ñ?tеÑ? by Ñ?tеÑ? оn how to gо ketogenic 

-    Kеtоgеniс friendly grocery Ñ?hоÑ?Ñ?ing list 

This Book, Ketogenic Diet Covers Recipes For You To Look Healthy 

-    Mеаl rесiÑ?еÑ? that brеаkdоwn саlоriеÑ? саrbÑ? Ñ?rоtеin аnd fаt соntеntÑ? 

-    Starting a quick meal Ñ?lаn fоr Ñ?оu to сhugging along 

-    The dеtаilеd knоw-hоw оn whÑ? you want to gо ketogenic 

-    Knоwlеdgе оn whаt tо expect аlоng thе ketogenic jоurnеÑ? 

There Аrе MаnÑ? Things You Can Dо Tо ImÑ?rоvе Yоur Quality Ð?f Life With Ketogenic Diet 

-    Wеight lоÑ?Ñ? Ñ?rinсiÑ?lеÑ? аnd the imÑ?асt of the kеtоgеniс diеt 

-    Thе bаÑ?iсÑ? of the ketogenic diеt: which diet mеnu plаn iÑ? best fоr   yоu

-    A special list оf fооdÑ? that dеmаnd Ñ?оur attention fоr ketogenic Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ? 

     and muсh more.

When wе еаt hеаlthÑ?, wе physically fееl gооd. Wе mеntаllÑ? hаvе mоrе energy tо do thе things thаt matters. Our dесiÑ?iоn tо practice healthy еаting hаbitÑ? has so mаnÑ? соnÑ?еÔ?uеnсеÑ? in Ñ?о many wаÑ?Ñ?. 

Eаting healthy, after all, is nоt about lоÑ?ing Ñ?оur аbilitÑ? tо еnjоÑ? indulgеnсеÑ?. It iÑ? a mаttеr оf gаining so many thingÑ? thаt will affect Ñ?оu for the rest оf Ñ?оur lifе: a lоngеr life, thе аbilitÑ? tо еnjоÑ? nаturаl fооdÑ?, a wholesome sense оf Ñ?еlf-еÑ?tееm and the jоÑ? оf rеÑ?Ñ?есting Ñ?оur bоdÑ? fоr all thаt it dоеÑ? for Ñ?оu. 

Get a copy of Ketogenic Diet today, enjoy delicious food, lose weight fast, Cookbook, heal your body and live a healthier lifestyle!

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World War 1: A Captivating Guide to the First World War, Including Battle Stories from the Eastern and Western Front and How the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 Impacted the Rise of Nazi Germany

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating History of World War 1

Free History BONUS Inside!

The First World War was one of the most devastating conflicts in our history. The death toll was like nothing experienced before, and it is estimated that over 11 million soldiers were killed, wounded, or went missing, and many of those bodies have never been found.

Regardless of how people remember the First World War, and whether or not they romanticize the life of a soldier on the front lines, it is important that the world never forgets this brutal and bloody conflict.

The tumult and chaos that remained in the wake of the First World War had far-reaching and devastating consequences, not just for Europe and the survivors of the war, but for the entire world. The ruins of Europe provided a fertile breeding ground for fierce nationalism, which led to the rise of the Third Reich and allowed the evil of Adolf Hitler to go unchecked for far too long.

In World War 1: A Captivating Guide to the First World War, Including Battle Stories from the Eastern and Western Front and How the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 Impacted the Rise of Nazi Germany, you will discover topics such as

  • The Fatal Shots That Set the Stage for War
  • The Western Front and the First Battle of Marne
  • War in the Trenches
  • The Eastern Front and the Battle of Tannenberg
  • The Battle of Ypres and the Christmas Truce
  • Second Battle of Ypres and the Introduction of Chemical Warfare
  • Chemical Warfare on the Western Front
  • My Boy Jack, the Very Human Cost of the First World War
  • The Gallipoli Campaign
  • The Battle of Jutland
  • The Decline of the Russian Empire
  • The Battle of Verdun
  • The Battle of the Somme
  • America Joins the War
  • The Final Days of the War and the Treaty of Versailles
  • World Leaders Who Played a Pivotal Role in the First World War
  • And much, much more!

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Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew

by Robert McFarland

In Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, you’ll discover what is going in the mind of your boss. By reading this book and applying what you learn, you will become invaluable to your boss, you will become happier at work, and your colleagues will appreciate you more.

Through researching today’s workforce across industries and regions of the country, international bestselling author Robert McFarland discovered the four biggest concerns that bosses have about their employees. Reading Dear Employee will help you transform your relationship with your boss and create a highly satisfying work experience for yourself.

As you try to reconcile your faith with your work, Dear Employee will help you take control of your career by providing comprehensive biblical solutions to the problems you face at work every day. If you want your work to provide you with meaning, purpose, and fulfillmentâ??no matter what you do at your jobâ??then this is the book for you.

Keto Diet: This Book Includes: Keto Diet Plan + Keto Reset Diet – Keto Diet Made Easy Complete guide for Beginners

by Ramos Emmerich Vogel

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Discover the Best Diet EVER!

This set includes two most powerful collection of books that will help you to boost your life:

  1. Keto Diet Plan

  2. Keto Reset Diet

Do you, like many other people, hope to gain weight? 

Or, perhaps you are underweight and need to gain weight. Are you worried about your future and the possibility of developing high cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or even cancer? 

Do you simply want to live your best life and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle that promotes your goals? 

If you’re looking for a detailed introduction to the Keto diet, this is the book for you! 

Then the ketogenic diet may be for you. 

This scientifically backed diet has been around for a century, and for a good reason. 

In The Keto Reset Diet, you will gain all the information you need on the science and history behind the diet, the macro ratio and micronutrients, how to slowly transition onto the keto diet within a month, the best keto foods to enjoy to promote health, and more.

It’s understandable to be nervous about starting a new diet, especially when there are so many crash and fad diets out there that only cause harm. 

These diets claim to induce weight loss, but instead, they cause long-term weight gain, frustration, fatigue, and more. 

But, the ketogenic diet is not like those others. 

In fact, the ketogenic diet is more of a lifestyle. Unlike fad diets, it is not one that you go on for a few weeks before quitting. Keto is maintainable and healthy. Not only that, but the keto diet is not only promoted by doctors, it was created by many doctors and researchers in order to treat and manage diseases. 

You can gain the weight loss and health you dream of without the frustration.

In The Keto Rest Diet, you will find everything you need to make these dreams a reality. You will receive the tools you need to attain success. There is no reason to allow fad diets or fears to hold you back any longer. Take a step forward to better health and a better life.

In This Book You Will Find:

  • A four-week transitional schedule to help you slowly adjust to the ketogenic diet.
  • The science-backed proof behind the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet.
  • A list of the best foods to enjoy on the ketogenic diet, including avocados, grass-fed butter, nuts, olives, chia seeds, and more.
  • Tips on which supplements may help you on your journey and the science behind how they help.
  • A selection of fifteen recipes that will tempt your taste buds, including Bacon Cauliflower Gratin, Cheeseburger Pie, Egg-Stuffed Roasted Avocados, and Peanut Butter Fudge Fat Bombs.
  • An explanation of the macro ratio and how to find your own ratio.
  • The importance of remembering your micronutrients.
  • A guide to finding the right workout while on keto.
  • More than 20 health benefits
  • 21-day meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to motivate you to cook Keto-friendly meals
  • Foods you should avoid while undergoing, Keto including things like sugar-free candy, whole grains, high sugar fruits, and root vegetables high in starch
  • What supplements you might need to take when going on Keto in case your electrolytes aren’t balanced
  • How it reduces anxiety, depression and the risk of Type 2 diabetes and lowers your blood suga
  • And more…

Now, if all of this sounds like your ideal book, then hop on over…


NINJA FOODI COOKBOOK 2019: Your Kitchen Companion To Delicious Ninja Foodi Recipes

by Steven James Bell

The Ninja Foodi multi-cooker is the ultimate cooking tool these days. Millions of people all over the world rely on this special kitchen tool that has successfully replaced so many complex products.

The Ninja Foodi allows you to air fry, pressure cook, dehydrate, bake and roast at the same time.

It helps you make so many amazing, rich and textured dishes in a matter of minutes.

You don’t need to be an expert in the kitchen and you don’t need any special skills to make delightful meals using the Ninja Foodi. All you need is the right ingredients and this wonderful cooking journal that will help you understand how the Ninja Foodi really works.
Discover amazingly simple ninja foodi recipes such as:

  • Breakfasts
  • Soups and Stews
  • Salads
  • Sides and Snacks
  • Poultry and Meat recipe
  • Vegetarian recipes
  • Seafood and Fish
  • Desserts

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this copy and get a Ninja Foodi cooker and start cooking some pretty awesome feasts.
You will love your Ninja Foodi and you will definitely appreciate the flavored meals you can make with this machine.

Instagram Marketing: Tips and Tricks to Start Advertising, Avoid Mistakes and Win the Social Media Warfare

by Mark Gray

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Win the Instagram Warfare with Tips & Tricks

Social media marketing is the future. Each year social media platforms gain more followers, continuing to grow and expand. Instagram is one of them. More than a million businesses and advertisers are already getting things done using Instagram, and it is evident because their campaigns are hard to miss. Advertising on Instagram has become such an indispensable marketing tool because it is among the simplest and most effective ways of reaching your target audience.

With millions of users online daily, Instagram has become among the leading social media networks around. Instagram’s popularity and potential have become so hard to ignore that if you’re not on the platform, you’re losing out as a business. But how do you effectively create some of the best advertising campaigns around without falling prey to pitfalls and mistakes along the way?

What This Manual Includes

Save Your Business
Instagram has proven itself to be a platform is the ideal place for businesses to engage with the audiences and customers, to reach out and bring in new customers and to build that lasting connection which is so vital to the survival of the business.

A New Era
Since its inception, Instagram has grown into a community that has become difficult for advertisers to ignore.

Practical Tips
With the strategies, insights, tactics, and tips that you’re about to unlock within this guidebook, you are going to learn how to unleash your business’s true advertising potential and dramatically position your advertising campaigns for success

Key Topics

  • What you can do to get the most out of your Instagram advertising
  • The best tips and tricks for your most effective advertising on the social media platform yet
  • How to create unstoppable Instagram campaigns
  • How to create more effective videos
  • Common advertising mistakes you need to avoid

Learn Instagram the Smart Way, Get Your Copy Today!

Keto Bread: Low-Carb Bakers recipes for Ketogenic, Paleo, & Gluten-Free Diets. Perfect Keto Buns, Muffins, Cookies and Loaves for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

by Adele Baker

Finding it hard to give up carbohydrates? This keto bread cookbook makes the switch much easier, easily being able to still have sandwiches and toast.

If you want to follow the keto bakers way, then this book is definitely for you. Here you will find delicious ketogenic recipes which allow you to once again enjoy eating bread without all the carbohydrates

For your satisfaction, Keto Bread book includes:

  • Over 55 sweet and savory recipes with colorful images, guidelines for portion control and nutritional information
  • Simple bread and buns ideas,  amazingly flavorful muffins, pizza, tortilla and even cookies recipes
  • Ideal food for Low-Calorie High Fat, Ketogenic, and Paleo diets, and are also a great alternative to sugary treats
  • Guide to low carb flours and sweeteners used in baking
  • easy to prepare recipes with commonly found ingredients

Please note! Two options of the Paperback are available:

  • Full-color edition – Simply press See all formats and versions above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button
  • Black and white version

As a GIFT, at the end of the book, I’ll give you a BONUS!

  • TOP recipes for any occasion from the best-seller author Adele Baker

Use these healthy and easy recipes and start cooking today!

Kindle MatchBook: The Kindle edition is FREE when you buy the paperback edition today!


by Sara Baunoch

This book will serve as your snack travel guide as we take you on 10 of our favorite snackations like Hawaii, Tanzania, Denmark, Spain and more! Through the snacks, we learn some history, geography, language, and culture. Hopefully, you will be inspired to learn even more about these cultures and take your own snackations. Download a FREE audiobook here:

The Anti-Cookbook: Easy, Thrifty Recipes for Food-Smart Living

by Shelley Onderdonk

The Anti-Cookbook inverts the idea that cooking is simply about following a recipe. A “cookbook” method of completing a task implies a mundane, thoughtless process. This book seeks to do the opposite â?? to inspire readers to think creatively about making meals and independently about the deeper issues surrounding food and nourishment. We want readers to see the sweetness of committing to themselves, to locally sourced ingredients and wholesome recipes, to sitting down to a homemade meal instead of dialing one up or paying someone else to cut the broccoli. If you have found yourself too often eating out of a bag or ordering up take-out, indulge yourself with our food-positive philosophy. Cook better, eat right, be well.

Instagram Marketing 2019: Secrets To Growth Your Brand, Be an Influencer of Millions and Advertising your Business with this Guide on Social Media Marketing

by Jack Gary

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Are you looking for a way to grow your business and make money online?

Have you taken a look at several different social media platforms, but you just can’t seem to find the one that fits with your needs? Then Instagram may be the solution that you are looking for.

While some of the other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have grown so large that it is hard for individuals and smaller businesses to beat the competition, Instagram may be one of the best options. It has a lot of potential for these smaller entities, with a lot of potential customers and great features that can help you get the results that you want.

This guidebook is going to take some time to look through all of the things that you need to know in order to get started with marketing your business on Instagram. Some of the different topics that we will discuss in this guidebook concerning Instagram include:

-Why is Instagram such an influential social media platform and why your business needs to use this platform to grow itself

-How to set up a business account and why this is better than a personal account

-The benefits of using Instagram stories

-The best tips that you need to make sure that you post the right content at the right time

-How to increase the number of followers to your page and keep them interested in what you have to offer

-How to turn your followers into customers

-Some of the different methods that you can use to make money on Instagram, even if you don’t have a product to sell

-Case studies to show just how successful you can be on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for small businesses and individuals

to get on in order to grow their reach and make money in no time. It is relatively new and many businesses haven’t even made their way over there yet. But with the right platform and the right content, you can make a difference in no time. Make sure to check out this guidebook to learn everything that you need to know about marketing on Instagram.

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HyperTurnaround!: Transforming a Tech Company on the Brink of Collapse into a World Class Global Leader

by Kevin Chin

This book provides a rare insight into how you can rapidly turnaround a tech company on the brink of oblivion and then turn defense into attack by changing its growth trajectory from a death spiral to exponential global growth culminating in a takeover by a tech giant.

This book’s lessons are particularly important and relevant for anyone with a tech company that is failing or struggling to scale globally. It will illustrate what is real and achievable at a grassroots level, for tech entrepreneurs in particular. Not everyone is a behemoth like Facebook or Google or aspires to be. For every one of those, there are 10,000 tech companies that die or fail to scale. This book illustrates how you can fix and scale up a tech company at pace and achieve great success in the process.

The lessons from this book are applicable for any business that needs to be urgently turned around and /or has an ambition to scale up fast globally.

Facebook Advertising 2019: The Ultimate Guide on Facebook ads and Tips to Succed on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, Advertise your Brand, Grow your Social Media

by Jack Gary

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Thanks to the incredible strategies presented in this book, you

will learn the best and most powerful social media marketing techniques

to make money using social media marketing and create abundance in your life. You see, most people go through their day exchanging their time for money and having a miserable life which they are cannot change.

But you are different. The fact that you are looking for practical solutions to your financial problems means that you are on the right path to success and this book will make sure that you get real results very fast. Thousands of students have achieved their goals by mastering the must-see social media marketing strategies presented in the book, which go into the little details that can make or break your business while providing actionable steps.

Here is what you will learn:

-The right techniques to achieve and live the social media marketing lifestyle

-The 4 big social network that you need to use in every campaign

-Easy step-by-step Facebook advertising techniques that you can start applying today

-How to make money with Facebook ads

-The power of Facebook groups and Facebook pages

-How to create a profitable campaign from scratch

-How to leverage your passion to create an online business based on social media marketing

-And much more!

Every chapter goes into actionable strategies that will allow you to set up your first social media marketing campaign in just a day.

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait any longer!

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Camping With Kids: How 2 Parents Survived 41 Days in 1 Tent With 3 Children

by Mary Sheldon

Everyone told us we were crazy for camping with our three kids, ages 9, 2 and 9 months.
We thought they were crazy.
By March of 2018, we had had it. Work sucked, our neighborhood sucked, it all sucked.
We needed something different, needed fresh air, needed nature.
After searching in vain for an affordable camper, we decided on a huge tent. We packed our kids, ourselves and what gear we thought we would need for a 3 month trip from Rhode Island to the Gulf Coast of Texas and back.
I did daily blog posts for every day of that trip and here they are; compiled into an eBook that showcases our 41 days of exploring, eating good food and clinging to sanity while camping with our kids.

Swedish Death Cleaning Made Easy: The Complete and Practical Guide to Handling your Affairs and Downsizing your Way to a Happy Life

by Linda Strohl

Learn powerful, practical and result-driven ways to handle your affairs and get rid of clutter

Did you know that your environment around you greatly affects mental state? Are you often tired, stressed out and filled with a certain feeling of both mental and physical exhaustion?
Discover how to configure your home and life to bring you the relief and productivity you want!
In a culture that is so obsessed with acquisition of materials and possessions, clutter is becoming more and more of a problem every day. As a result of this, most people will pass-on without really addressing a huge chunk of their properties. This often provides an additional source of stress and pain to their loved ones who have to deal with the stress of sifting through belongings and getting rid of these items that hold no value.
Why put your loved ones through this when you can help them through it? In fact, Swedish death cleaning is the noblest thing you can do! It is neither sad or an expression of impending doom, but rather a way to reconnect with your family and reconcile your entire life to help you proceed into the next stage as a full filled and accomplished person.

In this book you will learn;

-The true meaning behind death cleaning
-Effective and efficient ways to handle your clutter problem
-How to get into the right mindset to facilitate a proper death cleaning process
-Understanding the emotion and concept behind death cleaning.
-The types of death cleaning and how to do them
-How to tie up loose ends, reconnect and the most effective ways to handle relationships
-Making a Will and making peace with your past
-Living the rest of your life in perfect bliss and so much more!

Grab a copy right away to learn the best ways to handle the entire decluttering process today. Scroll up and click the buy now button!

Air Fryer Cookbook: 250 Recipes for Everyday Cooking Designed for Two People

by Steven D. Shaw

Would you like to share healthy and delicious meals with your loved one every day at your place? It is possible with Air Fryer! You do not have to sacrifice your time and money to get a decent dinner anymore!

Inside this cookbook, we gathered 250 the best Air Fryer recipes adjusted for only 2 servings!

Check out some of the recipes you’re about to discover:

  • Stuffed Potato Halves
  • Bacon Omelet
  • Carrot Cookies
  • Juicy Lamb Ribs
  • Bake Potato with Cream Cheese
  • Meat Zucchini Rings
  • Mushrooms in Cream Sauce
  • Coconut Chicken Bites
  • Apricot Muffins

You don’t have to calculate your servings anymore when you want to make something tasty for you and your special someone!

Now you only need this cookbook!

Day Trading: A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Start Day Trading

by Garth McCalister

Do you want to start Day Trading but you don’t know where to start?

If you are already familiar with the stock market or the forex market and want to take your interactions with your chosen market to the next level, then day trading is a great choice.

While it certainly has the potential to increase your earnings significantly, it also boasts an incredibly high skill ceiling with trades whose difference between success and failure is exceedingly slim. If you stumble in blindly you could be one of the countless masses that loses their shirt and washes out with their first trade or you could be one of the skilled few that strikes it rich practically overnight.

The dramatic learning curve is what Day Trading: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Start Day Trading has been written to dull, it discusses everything you need to know in order to get started day trading as quickly and effectively as possible. The act of day trading is one that is hotly debated these days, simply because like many ways of making large amounts of money in short periods of time it is easy for the uniformed to jump in blindly and lose their shirts before they have even properly gotten started. The truth of the matter is that day trading is like any other type of investment, never without risk but certainly far from random.

Unlike traditional investing, day trading is much more of an active full time job rather than a relatively passive way to make extra money on the side. If you hope to succeed in the long term when it comes to day trading, then you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to be successful day in and day out.
What this means is that even if you are confident when it comes to picking stocks or forex pairs, the lessons that you have learned over the years no longer apply. Day trading is its own beast entirely and that comes with its own set of strengths as well as weaknesses that you need to learn to overcome with the details found inside this book.

Some of the topics that we will explore in this guidebook include:

  • Pros and Cons to help determine if Day Trading is for you
  • The basics of Day Trading
  • Characteristics of a successful day trader
  • How to perform fundamental analysis
  • How to do technical analysis
  • Day Trading FAQ outlining answers to burning questions of new traders
  • Momentum Trading strategies in the Stock Market & Forex Market
  • Some of the best tips and tricks that a beginner can use to start Day Trading today

You will also learn about the specific considerations you will need to keep in mind when creating your own personalized trading plan to ensure you maximize your successful trade percentage as quickly as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your financial future and buy this book today!

Instagram Marketing: The Crash Course To Get Ahead in Advertising And Win The Social Media Warfare

by Mark Gray

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Win the Instagram Warfare with The Crash Course

Instagram is a global phenomenon. There will be millions of other brands competing and vying for the same attention from your audience just like what you are doing. As a business, it is important that you can distinguish your brand from the crowd through the right advertising techniques and strategies if you hope to win in the social media warfare. To come out on top, you must be able to increase your chances of making yourself heard loud and clear, which is exactly what brings you to this guidebook today.

We have all got a lot of big, awesome ideas for fantastic campaigns. Unfortunately, sometimes, we’re not quite sure in which direction we should be headed to turn that vision into a reality, especially for small businesses with an even more limited budget and resources to work with. What advertising strategies are going to work best to help you achieve the outcome that you’re hoping for?

What This Manual Includes

The Growth Strategy
Without a proper growth strategy in place, you would aimlessly be promoting your content without any sense of direction about whether your efforts are working or not. Your content is a big part of your growth strategy, and it is the content that you produce on your social media profile that starts to build the relationships between you and your audience.

Avoid Problems
A lot of brands, especially the ones who are just starting out on social media, are often left baffled as to why they’re marketing and advertising efforts did not work quite the way they hoped for. If you want to avoid becoming one of those brands, you need this guide to help you out.

Content Is Still King?
All the beautiful visuals and exciting videos in the world are not going to do you much good if the content that you produce doesn’t align with your advertising and marketing strategies.

Key Topics

  • The key elements that go into building the perfect profile
  • Why you should consider working with some of Instagram’s most influential users
  • The secrets and strategies to marketing with Instagram Live
  • Best practices to make your Instagram Live content memorable
  • Essential key insights to creating quality content
  • How to track your success

Learn Instagram the Smart Way, Get Your Copy Today!

Passive Income Ideas: How to Create Real Income Streams and Turn 20k into Millions with Stock Trading, Real Estate, Crowdfunding Tutorials

by Warren Graham

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Are you tired of your daily job? Would like to understand what is passive income and how you can achieve financial freedom?

Many people are living life on their own terms, working when they choose to, and earning more than they ever did at their “daily” jobs. 

This book contains clear advice and successful strategies for building wealth through Real Estate, Online Trading and Crowdfunding. It will be your guide on your journey to create real and relevant passive income streams and the life you want!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • What Passive Income is and why it is the best option yet
  • What are the Gurus teaching on money and financial freedom
  • How to generate six figures per year in Real Estate (Flipping houses or Rental Properties)
  • How to create income from Stock Trading Online and other securities
  • And much more!

Even without previous knowledge and no business background you can achieve your financial freedom.

Please do not be like most people who do not take the steps and put in the work necessary to generate passive income for themselves. Enjoy the reading and take full advantage of the information that this book has to offer and create the life you want. 

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The Best Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook: ketogenic Diet Cooker Recipes Made Fast and Easy

by Susan Johnson

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Do you have a busy lifestyle with no extra time to prepare a meal? If so, The Best Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook is just what you need to get started in the right direction using the ketogenic diet techniques.

Each recipe offers a step-by-step guideline to prepare the tastiest breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you desire. You will also have a list of the macros including the calories, fats, proteins, and net carbs for each item.  These are just a few of the tasty meals you will learn how to prepare:

  • Creamy Strawberry Pudding
  • Orange Rum Cake
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • No-Beans Beef Chili
  • Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • Ham & Beans
  • Beef Stew
  • So Much More!

Get ready for your next family gathering with healthier ketogenic food choices!

Add this collection to your personal library and make it a â??must have’ every day!

Social Media Marketing Secrets: The Latest Social Media Strategy For the Future on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, Advertising and Seo, Be an … Media Marketing, Personal Brand Book 4)

by Jack Gary

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You have worked hard on your business. Whether you are a startup or a business that has been going for some time, there are a lot of different things to take care of. But your number one priority is coming up with a marketing plan that will help you to reach your customers and to make more sales. One of the best ways that you can do this is to start a social media marketing campaign.

This guidebook is going to take some time to look at the importance of social media to your business

and some of the different things that you need to know in order to get the most out of your own social media campaign.

Some of the things that we will discuss in this guidebook to help you get started include:

-The influence of social media and why you need to consider it for your business

-Understanding the differences between YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and how each one can help your business succeed

-Facebook and how it can take your business to the next level

-The basics of Facebook marketing and how both organic reach and paid advertising can work together on Facebook to help your business grow

-How to work with Instagram and market your business on there

-The importance of marketing your business through YouTube

-How to get organic reach with YouTube

-Using paid advertising on YouTube to get the best results

-How Twitter can be used to help your business to grow

-And so much more!

Social media should be the basis of your online marketing presence. There are a lot of customers available through these social media sites, and figuring out the one that will work the best for you and sticking with a plan of interacting and providing value to your customers can make a world of difference. When you are ready to learn about the major social media sites and how to use them to promote your business, make sure to check out this guidebook to get started.

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Accelerated Learning: Proven Scientific Advanced Techniques for Speed Reading, Comprehension, Photographic Memory, Mental Math & Lasting Retentation. Watch … Skyrocket! (Expanded) (Memory Training)

by Jimmie Powell

In today’s fast-paced world with its unprecedented rate of change, how will you keep up?
Would you like to improve your learning speed and ability to recall what you’ve learned? Do you want to enhance your memory and learn how to become a human calculator?

If you’re seeking to expand your mind by applying faster methods for learning and retaining new information, this is the perfect book for you. Keep reading!

The amount of information in the world is ever increasing in today’s digital age. The ability to continuously grow is an essential skill for people of all ages. The human brain is naturally designed to learn. Patterns help the mind see concepts and connections between what you are learning and how you can use it. The mind will likely recall the pattern rather than the lesson fundamentals.

Just like the body, the brain must be exercised regularly. Without regular use, it will weaken and become ineffective. Additionally, an emotional experience will be remembered much more quickly than one that you were not emotionally invested in. Because stress can inhibit the learning process, your emotional and mental state should be as positive and upbeat as possible.

The author of this book, a highly successful psychologist, has developed a unique six-step framework for rapid skill acquisition that has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life improve their approach to learning. Jimmie Powell’s clear, expert voice walks you through the process of developing an effective, lifelong learning habit.

No matter what field, subject or topic you need to study, you can acquire the necessary knowledge in a swift and stress-free manner. In Accelerated Learning: Proven Scientific Advanced Techniques for Speed Reading, Comprehension, Photographic Memory, Mental Math & Lasting Retention, you will find out how to:

  • Cut down on your hours of study time by applying 6 proven steps to faster learning
  • Access the key trait needed to develop your ability to concentrate
  • Discover your authentic intelligence and learning strengths
  • Proven techniques to reinforce your learning and recall stored information for years to come
  • Apply the core skills needed to become a faster, more skillful learner
  • Speed read, develop a photographic memory and become a master of mental math
  • And much more!

Learning is not just about knowing the correct answers to questions. It’s about learning how to think and where to look for information. If you’re looking for key strategies on how you can transition from being an occasional learner to a lifelong learner, this book is a great fit.

Even if you’ve been conditioned to dread the amount of time you need to acquire new information, following the guidelines in this book can bring out your inner child and his or her natural drive to learn. Learn scientifically proven methods for how to effectively retain and recall knowledge whenever it’s needed.

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The Color of Time: My life on the Edge of Change

by Abe Markman

My memoir has five themes:
1. How five generations changed their views of my 1953 inter-racial marriage;
2. My howling into the winds of injustice and being surprised when someone listened.
3. My personal growth despite handicaps;
4.My Jewish birth clan;
5. My vision for the survival of our species.

Intermittent Fasting Beginners Guide For Women And Men: A Complete Book For Effective Weight Loss, With Exercises, Motivation Habits And Delicious Recipes

by Jason Maria Williams

You’ve been sifting through the thousands of articles available about dieting, weight loss, and fasting but keep coming away hopeless or confused ?

If only you could combine eating habits to optimize your weight loss and health journal, finally, you could see the leaner version of yourself in the mirror, am I wrong ?

Are you ready to try something that will shed those excess pounds and boost your heath ? The secret is fasting !

In this manuscript, you will discover a Guide Dedicatet to Him and Her. A Complete Book For Effective Weight Loss, With Exercises, Motivation Habits And Delicious Recipes, and it could change your life, forever…

The aim of this book is to be a comprehensive, inclusive guide through the complex ins-and-outs of intermittent fasting, as well as the accompanying lifestyle and similar weight loss plans.

Between these pages, you will find an in-depth look at the science behind fasting, and how that science directly affects your body and wellbeing.

You will explore how this ancient method was used by our ancestors, and how we can benefit from it today.

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The creation of this book involved research of many different health and fitness experts and their individual takeaways from intermittent fasting, to give readers a well-rounded view of what they can expect, what to be wary of, and how to optimize the potential benefits of fasting.

Inside you will find :

â??  A guided tour of your biology and hormones, and how they work both with and against intermittent fasting
â?? Many health and fitness benefits that you can achieve with fasting to improve your mind, body, and quality of life
â?? What makes fasting more challenging for women, and why they shouldn’t be discouraged – but only more determined
â?? How intermittent fasting can work with many other popular eating restrictions, including keto, veganism, paleo, and anti-inflammatory diets
â?? Why you should further explore these diets after fasting if one suits you
â?? An insightful look at why you crave the foods you do, and how to cut or even eliminate those cravings
â?? Tips for self-care and improved health, both while you are fasting and in your life beyond the diet

â?? MUCH more…

Intermittent Fasting has been gaining ground in recent years as a popular method for weight loss, but if done incorrectly, there can be serious repercussions. It’s important to be well educated on fasting and your own biology before trying it out for yourself.

You’ll be working with your body’s natural rhythms, allowing you to start seeing significant progress in the necessary, without haste or worries mind.

Intermittent Fasting isn’t a diet, it’s a pattern of eating. It’s a way of scheduling your meals so that you get the most out of them. Intermittent Fasting doesn’t change what you eat, it changes when you eat.

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel once you achieve the health you desire, and how your family and friends will react when they notice your new body and mental sharpness.

Get a copy today and see for yourself how intermittent fasting can not only be good for your weight, but good for your whole body.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: How to Use CBT to Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Intrusive Thoughts + A Guide to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and ACT Techniques

by Craig Huffman

If you’ve always wanted to stop intrusive thoughts but don’t have an effective method for doing so, then keep reading…

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An Essential CBT Guide to Rewiring the Brain and Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts Using a Highly Effective Form of Psychotherapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to Using ACT to Treat Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and More, Including Mindfulness Exercises and a Comparison with CBT and DBT

Are you sick and tired of being depressed, experiencing anxiety, and having unwanted intrusive thoughts?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to negative thought patterns and discover something which works for you?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

You see, breaking free from depression and anxiety doesn’t have to be difficult.

Even if you’ve tried many other ways that didn’t work.

In fact, it can be easier than you think.

A report in BBC Science linked to a study demonstrating that CBT can change the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher-level thinking.

The report concluded that it seems that CBT might be able to make real, physical changes to both our “emotional brain” (instincts) and our “logical brain” (thoughts).

In this book, you are going to discover how you can use CBT to condition your thoughts and actions to support you in improving your emotional experiences in life. From cover to cover, you will be walked through the step-by-step process of overcoming your mental illness once and for all using CBT.

In part 1 of this book, you will learn about:

  • The 9 types of negative thoughts you need to be aware of
  • How to get something to work towards
  • Amazing CBT tools
  • The best behavioral activation techniques
  • How to change your problematic core beliefs and replace them with positive and productive core beliefs
  • How Mindfulness-integrated CBT (MiCBT) works
  • Simple methods you can use to improve your overall life that supports the success of your CBT efforts
  • And so much more

Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:

  • What is ACT?
  • The Six Core Processes of ACT
  • ACT Case Formulation
  • Treating Depression with ACT
  • Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with ACT
  • How to Treat OCD with ACT
  • Treating Anxiety with ACT
  • Treating Substance Abuse and Addictions with ACT
  • Treating Aggressive Behavior with ACT
  • Treating Chronic Pain with ACT
  • Monitoring Weight Loss with ACT
  • Treating Stress with ACT
  • Stopping the Habit of Smoking with ACT
  • Treating Diabetes with ACT
  • Mindfulness Exercises and Tips
  • Comparing ACT with CBT
  • Comparing ACT with DBT
  • ACT Training Opportunities and Other Resources
  • And much, much more

So if you want to learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, scroll up and click “add to cart”!

Keto Meal Prep Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Cook On Sunday and Eat All Week

by Hannah Golden

The hardest part of maintaining a Keto Diet is thinking of what to Eat!

What do I buy at the grocery store? What should I eat tonight? Is this snack Keto?

These are all questions that us Keto dieters are faced with every day. My name is Hannah and I am a Yoga Instructor, Kickboxer and fitness enthusiast. I have been eating a Keto diet to help me reach my fitness goals for about two years now.

In the beginning, I didn’t find that the diet itself was difficult, it was just thinking of what meals to eat and what to get at the store that was the hardest part.

Seriously, I was really tired of googling: Is (blank) Keto?

That is when I discovered meal prepping!

Ok, I know meal prepping can seem really obvious, but it wasn’t my go-to plan of attack when I first started Keto. Instead I was trying to “wing it” and that left me hungry, frustrated and seriously tempted to just order in a pizza. 

Our lives are so incredibly built around carbs that it can be really tough to avoid your basic go-to meals that you’ve been cooking for years!

This recipe book doesn’t have fancy meals. 

I wanted to provide you with some really simple, week-night meals that you can use to keep up a Keto lifestyle with less effort. These meals are not fancy. You’re not going to be impressing your mother in law with these recipes, instead you’ll be using them to stick with a challenging diet day after day.

This book is written with the meal prepper in mind. 

I have put each of the recipes in order of main ingredient. This is so you can cook a bunch of chicken breast or ground beef in one night and use it in multiple recipes so you have meals throughout the week.

The goal of these recipes is to make them as-is or double them so that you can have even more meals prepped for the week. It all depends on how willing you are to eat the same or a similar meal every day.

Meal prep tricks, motivation tips and a FREE intermittent fasting meal plan are all included. 

This book is the real deal. I have included:

  • Some tips and tricks that I have learned from meal prepping a Keto diet for over a year. 
  • Some motivation hints that are sure to help on the days when you feel like giving up.
  • Over 50 easy to make recipes ordered in a way that makes it easy to meal prep. 
  • A list of Keto friendy snacks that can be added to your meals to give you variety throughout the week.
  • Access to a FREE intermittent fasting meal plan if you want to take your fitness goals to the next level.

Reach your fitness goals with less headache.

We all want to be fit and reach our fitness goals but it is really hard to stick with a Keto diet. The Keto diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle but it is also one of the most difficult to maintain.

The Keto Meal Prep Cookbook is your ticket to a frustration-free Keto lifestyle. It’s a must have if you want to keep up the difficult Keto lifestyle. 

Grab a copy of the Keto Meal Prep Cookbook today!

Overcoming Social Anxiety: How to Be Yourself and How to Stop Being Afraid of Social Interaction

by Jennifer Butler Green

Overcoming Social Anxiety: How To Be Yourself Around People And How To Stop Being Afraid Of Social Interaction

Are you tired of worrying about what other people think about you all the time? Have you been served the wrong sandwich at the diner but you shut up and eat it anyway because you’re too nervous and don’t want to be a bother? Do you sometimes get on a bus or join a party and worry that everyone is talking about you? If you want to be yourself around people but are always afraid that you’ll just mess up and embarrass yourself, then keep readingâ?¦

According to the Psychological Bulletin; social anxiety arises when individuals are motivated to make a preferred impression on real or imagined audiences, but perceive or imagine unsatisfactory evaluative reactions from subjectively important audiences.

Here’s just a few things you’ll learn in this book:

â?Why you shouldn’t just keep avoiding conflict – why you should be telling people what you want.
â?What shrinks don’t tell you about the causes of social anxiety
�The secrets of Hollywood stars about dealing with their own feelings of anxiety
�How to gain respect and acceptance, without becoming a people-pleaser
�Harmful myths the mainstream media tells you about social anxiety
�The biggest mistake people make when trying to overcome their fear of rejection
â?Why simply “faking it â??till you make it” does not help you overcome the feeling of awkwardness – what to do instead
â?Why you shouldn’t just blindly accept how people treat you

Even if you’ve become so afraid of being with other people that you lock yourself inside your room for most of the day, this book presents a way to overcome your fear of rejection that does not force you to make big changes that you’re not ready for.

This is definitely not a book that will tell you to go see a therapist because we know that you’ve already considered it.

This is also not a book that will tell you about the different medications that cure anxiety, we understand that you want to find a solution that does not require medication or that you feel that just taking medicine alone is not enough for you to deal with your feelings of anxiety. This is a book that will help you discover how to overcome social anxiety with the abilities that you already have within you.

So if you want to discover a proven way to overcome social anxiety that many successful people are using to be more confident in their social interactions, scroll up and click “Add to Cart.”


by Flip Mcgyver

THE ALKALINE LIFE VOL 2 is the follow up to the BEST SELLER The Alkaline Life in this volume I go thru a more detailed description of the foods & dietary changes that you can make in your life to lose weight naturally without killing yourself in the gym. In this volume I teach you about the value you can add to your life by switching a couple of things that can help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE mentally & physically because overall at the end of the day your HEALTH is your WEALTH the blueprint is all in this book THE ALKALINE LIFE VOL 2.

Interpersonal Problems: 8 Simple Rules That Can Restore Your Relationship

by Matthew Richardson

Are you in a relationship that has run into problems?

Have you tried and failed to fix them by yourself?

Do you need some help and advice on how you can mend it fast?

Every relationship has moments when it runs into trouble. When that happens we do our best to try and sort the problem, usually through tried and tested methods or using advice from well-meaning friends or family. But it isn’t always successful.

Now, with this book, Interpersonal Problems: 8 Simple Rules That Can Restore Your Relationship, you can find the answers that have been evading you, with chapters that offer advice on:

ï??How perspective and experience drives or divides relationships
ï??Building walls and relationship fade
ï??How conflicts develop
ï??Minimizing or ignoring problems
ï??The fundamentals of a harmonious relationship
ï??Emotional and physical affinity
ï??The 8 rules that will transform your relationship
ï??And lots moreâ?¦

There will always be a time when our relationships take a battering from everyday life, but by reading Interpersonal Problems you can arm yourself with what you need to overcome them quickly and easily, before they become insurmountable.

Get a copy today and see what difference it will make to your relationship!

The Complete Harvard Classics and Shelf of Fiction (A to Z Classics)

by Charles W. Eliot

( newly updated TOC )

The Harvard Universal Classics, originally known as Dr. Eliot’s Five Foot Shelf, is a 51-volume anthology of classic works from world literature, compiled and edited by Harvard University president Charles W. Eliot and first published in 1909.

Eliot had stated in speeches that the elements of a liberal education could be obtained by spending 15 minutes a day reading from a collection of books that could fit on a five-foot shelf. (Originally he had said a three-foot shelf.) The publisher P. F. Collier and Son saw an opportunity and challenged Eliot to make good on this statement by selecting an appropriate collection of works, and the Harvard Classics was the result.

Eliot worked for one year with William A. Neilson, a professor of English; Eliot determined the works to be included and Neilson selected the specific editions and wrote introductory notes. Each volume had 400-450 pages, and the included texts are “so far as possible, entire works or complete segments of the world’s written legacies.” The collection was widely advertised by Collier and Son, in Collier’s and elsewhere, with great success.

Eight years later Eliot added a further 20 volumes as a sub-collection titled ‘The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction’, offering some of the greatest novels and short stories of world literature. The exhaustive anthology of the ‘The Harvard Classics’ comprises every major literary figure, philosopher, religion, folklore and historical subject up to the twentieth century.

Keto in Five: Trustworthy Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 70+ Low-Carb High-Fat Ketogenic Recipes

by Adele Baker

Are you looking for easy Keto recipes that fit with your lifestyle and busy schedule?

Look no further than The Keto in Five, where you’ll find nutritious, flavorful, low carb ketogenic recipes that will easily transform into mouth-watering meals for rapid weight loss.

This book offers:

  • 5-ingredient recipes that are going to make life easier
  • Keto Breakfast, Lunch, Main and Side dishes, which are full of flavor and healthy fats
  • Simple dinner ideas, low carb desserts, chicken, beef and other fantastic recipes
  • Special chapters for soups and salads lovers
  • Drinks, Shakes & Smoothies that are both inspiring and trustworthy

You’ll be cooking with natural, wholesome ingredients that are easy to find and affordable. There is no need to go to five different grocery stores just to hunt down a bunch of unfamiliar ingredients. It’s time to embrace not only a diet but a new and healthy way of life!

Please note! Two options of the Paperback are available:

  • Full-color edition – Simply press See all formats and versions above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button
  • Black and white version

As a GIFT, I’ll give you a BONUS!

  • TOP recipes for any occasion from the best-seller author Adele Baker

Just remember! Investment in your health is the best present that you could ever make for yourself. Be Happy! Be Healthy!

Let’s start cooking!

5 Ingredients or Less Diet Cookbook: Learn 850 New, Quick and Easy Recipes for Your Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker, Oven, Pan, Skillet & One Pot – For Busy People and Various Lifestyles

by Alice Sanders

Minimize Grocery Stress and Bills with these 850 New, Quick and Easy, Delicious Recipes That Take Lesser Time – For Your Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker and Crock Pot, Oven, Pan, Skillet and One Pot – For Busy Moms and Chefs and Various Lifestyles

5 Ingredients or Less Diet Cookbook – Features 850 New, Quick and Easy Recipes which require about 5 ingredients or lesser and take not more than 30 minutes to prepare and cook for Your Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker, Oven, Pan, Skillet and One Pot – For Busy People and Various Lifestyles- Be it vegan, vegetarian, weight watchers, Ketogenic lifestyle, Low carb and Gluten Free, Lectin Free, etc. You will also find some crazy 5 ingredients or less recipes for different special seasons of the year.

Have you also calculated the time it takes you to fully comprehend a long recipe, probably just trying to remember all the ingredients in the recipe? Or the time it takes you to prepare and cook such long recipe meal?

Here are some of the Advantages of a 5 ingredient or Less Meal:

  • It saves you a lot of time, thereby ensuring you meet up with your tight office schedules
  • You also save money, while you still enjoy a healthy, delicious meals, while saving time and cutting the grocery bill.
  • It saves you both preparation, cooking and market stress.
  • Very easy to understand the recipes.
  • You can easily comprehend the recipe especially if you want to cook the same recipe again in future.
  • You will learn how to pump up flavor with just a few ingredients. You just need to know the secret!

You will find the following delicious 5 ingredients or Less recipes categories:

  • 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS KETOGENIC RECIPES – Keto Vegan Recipes, Keto Vegan Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) Recipes, Ketogenic Vegan Soup Recipes, Keto Instant Pot Recipes
  • 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS AIR FRYER RECIPES – Ketogenic Air Fryer Recipes, Freestyle Weight Loss Air Fryer Recipes, Vegan and Vegetarian Air Fryer Recipes, Healthy Air Fryer Recipes (General Category)
  • 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS INSTANT POT RECIPES – Vegan Instant Pot Recipes, Freestyle Weight Loss Instant Pot Recipes
  • 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS LOW CARB AND GLUTEN FREE RECIPES – Low Carb and Gluten Free Instant Pot Recipes
  • 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS LECTIN FREE RECIPES – Slow Cooker, Skillet and Oven Lectin Free Recipes, Weight Loss Lectin Free Recipes
  • 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS DUTCH OVEN, SKILLET, PAN AND ONE POT RECIPES – Meat and Poultry Oven Recipes, Seafood Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegan Recipes

With 5 Ingredients or Less Diet Cookbook, you will also learn:

  • 850, new, quick and easy recipes for various cooker, most of which take not more than 30 minutes to prepare and cook, except for the slow cooker recipes
  • Different Cooker Beginners Tutorials – For Instant Pot, One Pot Dutch Oven, Air Fryer, etc.
  • Various Lifestyle Beginners Tips – Ketogenic lifestyle tips, Low Carb and Gluten Free Diet Tips, Lectin Free Diet Tips
  • 24 Kitchen Tips and Tricks You Should Know
  • How to cook delicious and healthy meals with minimum cost and effort

Just take the right decision now and enjoy these 850 new, quick and easy to prepare and cook, healthy recipes with your family and also reduce your grocery bills. Also experience the real taste of home-made, satisfying main dishes, quick-fix sandwiches, comforting soups and family-favorite desserts, side dishes, salads and breads that you can prepare in a flash.

Alkaline Teas: Wake Up Slimmer, Feel More Energized and Reduce Stress with Delicious Herbal Infusions and Healing Tea Recipes (Alkaline Diet Book 1)

by Marta Tuchowska

Sick and Tired of FEELING Sick and Tired?

Trying to eat healthily yet getting little to no results?

Wondering why you’re always feeling tired and can’t focus?

You go for another cup of coffee, but it seems like it’s not really helping you at all.

Oh and finally…you’re always craving sweets and unhealthy foods.

And it’s just hard for you to eat a clean food diet. You feel like you’re doing something wrong…:( 

Luckilly there is a way out…

The SOLUTION is easier than you think…

You see…it’s NOT only about what you eat.

It’s MOSTLY about what you drink.

The best way to get out of the vicious cycle of feeling tired and heavy is ALKALINE hydration.

When you stay hydrated, you naturally start craving healthy foods (just like you crave sweets and sugar when you’re dehydrated). 

And the simplest and MOST EFFECTIVE  way to get more alkaline hydration on a busy schedule is through ALKALINE TEAS.

So what are ALKALINE TEAS and how/ why they can help you? 

It’s actually super simple. Alkaline teas are all kinds of nutritious and delicious herbal infusions that are:

-caffeine free or very low in caffeine,

-sugar-free +

– super-rich in vitamins and minerals (hence, you instantly feel more energized)

And so, by enjoying a nice cup of alkaline tea on your break, you give your body optimal hydration and nutrients it needs to stay energized and help you thrive.

The BEST part?

-Alkaline teas are easier to prepare and less expensive than smoothies or juices.

-They can easily be made and enjoyed at work and will surely mesmerize your colleagues with its amazing flavors and colors.

-No fancy equipment is required.

Inside the book, you will find dozens of alkaline tea recipes, both warm and ice tea recipes alongside with some bonus recipes (alkaline green smoothies + herb & fruit infused water recipes).

You will quickly discover which recipes are best for you.

You see, some recipes:

– are great for weight loss,

-some can help you strengthen your immune system and fight colds 

– some will help you drink less coffee without feeling like a zombie +

-some recipes make you feel relaxed  (perfect to unwind after a busy day)

With Alkaline Teas you will learn exactly which recipes you should be following and why.

And if you don’t want to quit your coffee that’s fine too because you will find a ton of recipes to help you create a healthy balance so that you don’t deplete your body of vital nutrients and minerals.

Alkaline Teas is your quick, personalized guide to optimizing your health and life with delicious and nutritious alkaline drinks.

Join thousands of others who are using Alkaline Teas to lose weight, have more energy and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Order your copy today:) 

See you inside!

The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind

by Yonatan Levy

Tech product leader Yonatan Levy approaches uncertainty as a desirable, even necessary, ingredient in the creative process. In The Other Ideas he reveals time-tested secrets for achieving breakthrough ideas and successfully implementing innovation projects.

We all have ideas. But what makes some ideas better than others? How do we figure out which ideas hold the most potential and which ones we can let go? How do we take an ordinary idea and hone in on its very best parts? More specifically, how do we take an idea and transform it into a groundbreaking digital product? 

With over a decade of experience in technology product development and classical art training, Yonatan shares with us his own arsenal of creative-thinking techniques that fuse artistic perspectives with the dynamic demands of today’s high tech industry. Twenty-six of Levy’s original sketches accompany his text. 

The Other Ideas isn’t a rehashing of industry standards or age-old advice. Rather, the pages in this book come from Levy’s own experiences; in each of his essays, he invites the reader into a discussion designed to accelerate personal ingenuity, incubate innovation, and thrive in the ever-changing world of digital product development. 

This book can change your creative process, and make you feel less alone when confronting the hard parts. Levy’s hard-won lessons touch upon the core of any creative work by delving into topics such as: 

  • Enduring uncertainty
  • Pushing past the obvious
  • Exploiting obstacles
  • Fighting for inspiration
  • Appreciating accidents
  • Using work itself as the holy grail of creativity
    And a lot more…

Mark Twain. The Complete Novels

by Mark Twain


1. The Gilded Age: A Tale Of Today
2. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
3. The Prince and the Pauper
4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
5. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
6. The American Claimant
7. Tom Sawyer Abroad
8. Pudd’nhead Wilson
9. Tom Sawyer, Detective
10. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
11. A Horse’s Tale
12. The Mysterious Stranger
13. A Double Barreled Detective Story (BONUS)

Ninja Foodi Cookbook: 250 Recipes to Use Your Multicooker to the Fullest

by Heather Perkins

The Ninja Foodi can help you cook some delicious feasts in a matter of minutes

The Ninja Foodi is an awesome appliance, very easy to operate because it is similar to how pressure cookers, instant pots, and air fryers work. You can cook your meals in a very simple way, you do not need to use any other pans and pots and you do not need any special cooking skills. The Ninja Foodi shows you how the food is cooking at all times and it announces you when the meal is done.

So, let’s start our culinary journey through the delicious feasts made in the Ninja Foodi

Check out some of the recipes you are about to discover:

  • Almond Hash Browns
  • Squash Curry
  • Paprika Trout Fillets
  • Greek Potato Mix
  • Chicken And Chimichuri
  • Buttery Pork Steaks
  • Cumin Chicken Wings
  • Tomato Spread
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Baked Squash Salad
  • Blueberries Cake

Enjoy cooking with the Ninja Foodi!

Air Fryer Cookbook: 250 Tasty Keto Recipes for Air Fryer

by Steven D. Shaw

In this cookbook we combined Ketogenic recipes with the best way of cooking – Air Frying!

Delightful and easy recipes from this cookbook do not need special ingredients and will make your dinner, lunch, breakfast, and even snack very tasty.

You can be sure that air fryer and the recipes of this book will change your mind about food and diets!

Check out some of the recipes you are about to discover

  • Herbed Eggs
  • Cheese Chicken Drumsticks
  • Beef Strips with Zucchini Spirals
  • White Mushrooms with Spicy Cream
  • Beef Jerky
  • Cauliflower Rice with Parmesan and Pesto
  • Pork Meatballs Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese
  • Strawberry Grated Pie
  • Coconut-Sunflower Bars
  • Bacon Mozzarella Balls
  • Peanut Butter Cups with Coconut

Get your copy!

Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet: An Essential Guide to IF and Keto, Including Amazing Tips for Activating Autophagy and for Getting Into Ketosis

by Elizabeth Moore

If you’ve always wanted to lose weight and increase your mental clarity but feel like no diet seems to fit you, then keep reading…

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Intermittent Fasting: How to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, and Increase Mental Clarity without Having to Give up All Your Favorite Foods
  • Keto Diet: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Guide for Weight Loss and Mental Clarity, Including How to Get into Ketosis, a 21-Day Meal Plan, Keto Fasting Tips for Beginners and Meal Prep Ideas

Are you sick and tired of not being able to have the body you know you can have?

Have you tried endless diets but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to excess body fat and discover something which works for you?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

You see, burning fat doesn’t have to be difficult.

Even if you’ve tried many fat burning diets and workout plans.

In fact, it’s easier than you think.

Health researchers from the University of Florida reported that intermittent fasting can be a reliable means of weight loss and may optimize physiological functioning, enhance performance and slow down aging.

The report also suggested that fat burning starts after only 8-12 hours.

Which means you can burn fat and increase your overall health without starving yourself or giving up all your favorite foods.

In part 1 of this book, you will learn about:

  • The truth about intermittent fasting and why is it so effective
  • The history of fasting and why it isn’t as new or radical of an idea as you may have thought
  • How intermittent fasting could help fight off cancer, excess weight, belly fat, and diabetes
  • How to activate the process of autophagy and clean out the body
  • 5 ways to reduce inflammation
  • 6 effective ways to lower your cholesterol
  • 7 risk factors that can lead to cardiovascular disease and how to use intermittent fasting to reduce these risks
  • What the research say about intermittent fasting
  • 8 possible side effects of an intermittent fast you need to know
  • Men vs. women – why women should fast differently than men
  • Keeping the fast: what is allowed when you’re fasting?
  • The different methods you can follow and still get the same results with this fasting
  • How to implement exercise into your fast to get even better results
  • How to measure your results with fasting
  • How to troubleshoot your fast if you aren’t getting the results that you want
  • How to lose body fat while increasing muscle mass compared to regular dieting
  • And so much more

Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:

  • How to increase brain energy, clarity, and decrease aging of the brain by using ketones as a fuel source
  • The ketosis process and 7 things you can expect when getting into ketosis
  • Amazing ketogenic tips and tricks
  • How to save time while on the keto diet with just one simple hack
  • How to not go hungry on the keto diet
  • How you can still eat out with your friends and family while on the keto diet
  • How the ketogenic diet works
  • How to effectively pair the ketogenic diet with exercise
  • The powerful effects of intermittent fasting and how it is perfected when paired with the ketogenic diet
  • How to follow a vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-free ketogenic lifestyle
  • Which foods you can enjoy, and which foods are best avoided on the keto diet
  • A complete keto-approved shopping list
  • A 21 menu plan
  • How to meal plan and prep on the ketogenic diet
  • The most frequently asked questions and answers
  • And much, much more!

So if you want to learn more about Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet, scroll up and click “add to cart”!

How to save your money in travel

by Julia Thompson

In my first trip I’ve made all of the things I shouldn’t do (literally): bought a ticket and booked a hotel in a last day before my trip, rode a taxi an hour when I could get to hotel for 15 mins, and so on and so forth. But I believe that there are wise people who learn on someone else’s mistakes and this book is for them.

It will give you straight advises that I needed so much in my first travel. And to experienced traveler will be good to clarify some details about the customs and tax-free goods. I hope that this book can help you to avoid the mistakes I made in my trips and save money to buy something nice to your relatives and friends, instead of waste additional hundred dollars on a taxi ride.

So check this book for advice and have a wonderful trips!

The Power Within: Achieve Your Dreams and Change Your Life (Mentoring, Career Development, Personal Growth): How to Reprogramme Your Subconscious to Achieve … Your Goals (The Power Within Series Book 1)

by G Hunter

NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER (January 2015)

Are you interested in discovering why you fail to reach your goals?

Why affirmations never seem to work for you?

If you are interested to learn what is holding you back from achieving you goals, this is the book for you!

This book will teach you:

* What the subconscious mind is and how it works
* The difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind
* Why affirmations haven’t worked for you
* How to influence you subconscious mind so you are able to achieve your goals
* How ‘Questioning Affirmations’ are more successful for achieving goals and why
* Over 50 examples of questioning affirmations to help you achieve your goals

Tags: Affirmations, Attitude, Transformation, How to, Practical Guide, Self Image, Self-Esteem, Confidence,motivation, Self-Love,Inspiration, Self Help, Personal Growth, Happier, Personal Development

21 Days of Effective Communication: Everyday Habits and Exercises to Improve Your Communication Skills and Social Intelligence (Positive Psychology Coaching Series Book 17)

by Ian Tuhovsky

Discover how unlocking the hidden secrets to successful communication can create powerful, changes across all areas of your life.

As we travel on our journey through life, many of us pick up poor communication habits, but could these habits be holding you back from enjoying all the health, happiness, love and freedom you truly deserve?

In 21 Days of Effective Communication, you’ll learn not only why the way you communicate makes all the difference to your success, but also just how easy it is to eliminate bad communication habits, overcome your limitations and build better relationships.

The best part?

You can achieve all this – and more – within just three short weeks.

Enjoy immediate improvements to the way you communicate, right from day 1

Packed full of fast, efficient methods for developing better communication skills, this highly practical, step-by-step guide is designed to start producing the results you need IMMEDIATELY.

�There are NO long-winded explanations

�NO complicated processes

â?NO psychobabble and absolutely NO jargon…

…Just clear, simple, and powerful exercise you can use right away to:

�Breeze through any social situation feeling cool, calm, and confident at all times.

�Build meaningful, rewarding relationships at work, at home, and in your love life.

�Become a better listener and offer effective emotional support to those you care about.

Accelerate your success and start achieving your biggest goals today with just a few, simple techniques

Improving your communications skills is about much more than getting on better with those around you.

By taking the easy-to-follow, actionable steps outlined in this book, you’ll discover how effective communication can make an enormous difference in all areas of your life.

Over the course of just 21 days, you’ll learn:

�How changing one small word can make a huge difference in the way you approach challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve your biggest goals.

�How the awesome power of gratitude can work miracles on your mood, your mindset, and your well-being.

�How to successfully persuade, engage, and ask the questions that get you the results you truly want, every single time.

�And much more!

Unlock the hidden secrets to better communication and start transforming your life for the better today. Click the BUY NOW button above to order your copy of 21 Days of Effective Communication and you’ll also receive a complete, 120 e-book, Mindfulness-Based Stress and Anxiety Management Techniques absolutely free.

The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and â??in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook.

Thrown in prison for a crime he has not committed, Edmond Dantes is confined to the grim fortress of If. There he learns of a great hoard of treasure hidden on the Isle of Monte Cristo and becomes determined not only to escape but to unearth the treasure and use it to plot the destruction of the three men responsible for his incarceration. A huge popular success when it was first serialized in the 1840s, Dumas was inspired by a real-life case of wrongful imprisonment when writing his epic tale of suffering and retribution.

The Complete Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML)

The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you’ll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.

Concussion Protocol 101 Pocket Guide: For Team Physicians, Athletic Trainers, Healthcare Providers, and Rehab Professionals

by ImPACT Applications

What happens when someone on your team has a suspected concussion? As a person responsible for a group of athletes, students, or employees, you need to have a concussion protocol in place. When a concussion happens in your organization, make sure you and everyone involved knows exactly what they need to do.

This brief guide* will help you identify the key team members, get tools, and develop policies you need to confidently handle concussions when they happen.

You’ll learn how to check for concussion and signs of a concussion, how to facilitate concussion treatment, and return to play protocols for athletes.

*This guide contains helpful links and engaging visuals to enhance your reading experience. Please download it to a Kindle E-reader app on your chosen device.

Level Up: A Self Discovery Journal: 200 Questions and Writing Prompts to Enhance Creativity and Get in Touch with Your Inner Self

by Omanah Bultman

Become inspired by over 200 probing questions to inspire creativity and provoke self-discovery. 

Overcome depression with self-discovery. Reconnect with yourself as you dive deep into the Level Up Self Discovery Journal. Follow along to the end as you read the quotes and answer each question.

Lose yourself in the self-discovery process.

This book is ideal for anyone who is soul searching, looking to find themselves, and those looking to level up their lives by getting in touch with themselves.

In this journal, you will:

  • Inspirational Quotes
  • 200 Questions and Writing Prompts to
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Reconnect with Your Inner Self

Questions encourage:

  • Goal Setting
  • Creative Thinking
  • Future Planning
  • Explanation
  • Descriptions
  • Storytelling
  • Which One?

If you are prepared to Level Up your life, click the ‘Buy with 1-Click’ button and get your copy of Level Up: A Self Discovery Journal, today!

Keto Life : 30-Day Keto Fix.

by Helen Byfield

Are you interested in starting a keto diet program, but you’re not sure how to start? Are you already committed to a ketogenic diet program, but are still struggling with what to eat or how to prepare the right meals?

“30-Day Keto Fix” is your comprehensive, go-to guide to the ketogenic way of eating even if you are a beginner.

Whether your goal is to look better, lose weight, improve your health, or you simply want to discover the healthy alternatives to sugar and carb-laden foods, this book will help you achieve the results you want no matter how hectic your lifestyle is.

Featuring over 37 different keto-based recipes, this book gives you the practical guidance and extensive information you need to prepare nourishing meals and adopt a ketogenic lifestyle seamlessly.

This book is written to offer you a radical new approach to achieving health, weight loss, and happiness through a keto-adapted lifestyle.

Click on the “Add to cart Button NOW!”

True Crime 2018: Homicide & True Crime Stories of 2018 (Annual True Crime Anthology Book 3)

by Jack Rosewood

Murder, terrorism and mass killings, were prominent in the news for 2018, and in this True Crime Anthology you will find the cases that made international headlines from January to the end of December. An entire year has been included in this book, and as we go into 2019, it’s important to remember not only the shocking events that took place, but also to acknowledge the many that lost their lives at the hands of others this year.

The types of cases included are:

  • Serial killers
  • Family murders
  • Mass murders
  • School shootings
  • Major hacking incidents
  • Terrorist Acts
  • Cold Cases

There have been many advances in technology that has led to the uncovering on many suspects in cold cases, including the identity of the Golden State Killer, a secret that had remained hidden for decades. A number of cold case murders were solved this year, bringing an end to the torture the affected families and the investigators had endured for so many years.

Tragically, school shootings were still prevalent, and mass shootings seem to be on the rise. Terrorism struck many corners of the world, in a variety of ways, but results were swifter in identifying perpetrators and taking action.

Some of the featured events in this anthology include:

  • Marshall County High School Shooting
  • The Turpin Family
  • Larry Nassar and Harvey Weinstein
  • Coincheck Hacking
  • Bruce McArthur – Serial Killer
  • Atlanta Cyberattack
  • International Spy Poisonings
  • Scottsdale Spree Killings
  • Miles Family Murders
  • Murder of XXXTentacion
  • Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre
  • Mail Bombing

Plus many, many more. If you are a lover of true crime, and want an anthology to add to your collection, this is the book for you.

Intermittent Fasting For Women: Ultimate Diet Plan For Losing Weight, Improving Your Health, And Enjoying The Foods You Love (Health, Fitness and Nutrition For Women Book 2)

by Kurt Romano

Learn the right way to apply Intermittent Fasting to your diet as a women

The information shared in this book has helped women all over the world with their health, nutrition, and weight loss goals. Diet fads have increased in popularity, however many people in society have been given false advice and information on how to time their meals. As important as the quality of food being eaten is, the timing of our meals and the benefits of specific timing strategies are just as or more important. Most people are under the impression that three meals a day with snacks in-between is the solution to their weight loss goals and increasing metabolism but unfortunately this is false advertising. By skipping meals and letting your body burn fat naturally we can still eat the foods we love, eat the same quantity or more then we would with three or more meals a day, and see much faster results. Fasting has been around for thousands of years but knowing which type is best for you and how to best execute a daily fasting regimen makes all the difference. This book is a condensation of the most important steps to reach your health, fitness, and nutrition goals and will save you hundreds of hours on internet searches. Whether you have beginner, intermediate, or advanced knowledge in intermittent fasting this will narrow down fundamental techniques to reach your goal. It can be a challenging process to reach your goals without a specific guideline which is why this book was written.

This book will cover:

– What is Intermittent Fasting and Man Vs Women
– The types of intermittent Fasting
– Autophagy
– Pregnancy
– Hormones
– Types of Diets
– Whole Foods and Recipes
– Importance of Strength Training for Weight Loss

Weight Watchers: The Ultimate 7 Days Weight Loss Program with Delicious Weight Watchers Smart Points Recipes Thatâ??ll Melt Your Belly Fat

by John Chapman


Weight Watchers

diet is the only diet that allows you to eat anything you want like ice cream, pasta, cheese, and all other favorite things while enabling you to lose weight.

When following this diet, you’ll learn how you can become healthier without sacrificing your love for food. With this diet program, you’ll learn how to create healthier food without taking away so much from the taste department. In the this book, you’ll learn how you can cook flavorful soup, fulfilling main dishes, yummy salad and side dishes, loaded breakfast and appetizers, and delicious desserts.

The Weight Watchers diet prevents you from taking in empty calories without worrying too much on what you eat. It takes minimal effort to follow this diet as all you have to do is to follow the recipes I’ve included in this book.

If you want to take the diet to the next level, you can also search online for personalized activity goals to help you reach your weight goals faster.Aside from exercise and diet plans, you can also find communities online who can give you advice and tips so you can also be successful in this diet.

Let get your family join in on the fun as this diet is good for everybody. People with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease will greatly benefit from this diet as it helps you maintain healthy levels of food nutrition to prevent complications caused by improper diet. If you’re not too sure, you can always check with your doctor whether this type of diet will affect your health.

Checkout this book NOW!

WHOLE 30 COOKBOOK: 100 Simply Delisious Everyday Recipes for Your Whole 30

by Steve Nolan

Would you like to be able to lose weight and keep it off?

Would you like to be able to rid your body of the toxins that can build up inside?

Would you like to do it without sacrificing the taste of the food
you eat?

Many people, especially in the western world, suffer from obesity. It has become an epidemic of gigantic proportions and is fast leading to health problems for millions. So many of us think about losing weight at some stage, but it isn’t always easy.

That’s where this book can help.

Whole 30 Cookbook: 100 Simply Delisious Everyday Recipes for Your Whole 30

is a revolutionary approach to your lifestyle and delivers advice on:

»Essential lose weight tips

»Help with detoxing

»How to change your eating habits

»The foods to eat

»The foods to avoid

»Great recipes for every meal

»Lifestyle hacks

»And more�

The Whole 30 Cookbook

isn’t just another recipes book that delivers ideas for weight loss meals. It tackles the root of the problem and aims to help you change the way you live, which is usually where the problems lie.

Get a copy today and see how it could change the way you live and eat!

DIY Wooden Storage Bench

by Lorayne Miller

This book will show you in twelve easy steps how to build a storage bench. Storage benches are great for many reasons. You can store toys or shoes in them and they look great! This easy DIY project has pictures on each page so you can’t make any mistakes.

Dog breeds: A Guide to 261 Breeds with pictures and description of each dog breed type

by Eric Lee

This book on dog breeds Is a Picture book of 261 dog breed types. Each dog breed has a picture and a description. The descriptions are very basic, some information on the dog breed history, health and some Training tips.

If you want to learn about dog breeds, or maybe you are looking to add a new member to the family, This dog breed book is great for that. With a good illustrated picture of each dog breed and a good quick description of the breed can help you get started.

From beginning to end, the dog breeds start from breeds that start with the letter A and run in alphabetical order ending at z.

Simple Healthy Delights

by Angelika Hofmann

Quick and Tasty Plant Based Recipes for Everyone

Real, delicious food that everyone from vegans to meat eaters will enjoy. Simple recipes with few ingredients make it easy to incorporate healthier eating into your lifestyle in a lasting way. When we eat well in the long-term, our health is dramatically impacted for the better.

Chakras: Unlocking the Secrets of Chakra Healing, Kundalini Meditation, Third Eye Awakening, Astral Projection, and Psychic Development

by Kimberly Moon

If you’ve always wanted to find balance in your body but struggle with physical ailments you can’t overcome, then keep readingâ?¦

Four manuscripts in one book:

  • Chakras: Unlocking the Secrets of Healing Through Chakra Meditation, Mantras, Kundalini Yoga Exercises, and Reiki, Including Tips for Third Eye Awakening for Beginners and Balancing the Energy Body
  • Kundalini: The Ultimate Guide to Awakening Your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Chakra Energy, and Psychic Visions
  • Third Eye Awakening: Secrets of Third Eye Chakra Activation for Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Enlightenment, Clairvoyance, Astral Projection, Psychic Development, and Observing Auras and Chakras
  • Astral Projection: Unlocking the Secrets of Astral Travel and Having a Willful Out-of-Body Experience, Including Tips for Entering the Astral Plane and Shifting into Higher Consciousness

Are you sick and tired of not being able to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing?

Have you tried endless other solutions, but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to feeling lousy and discover something which works for you?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

You see, balancing your energy doesn’t have to be difficult.

Even if you’ve tried controlling your stress, exercising more, giving up caffeine, or any other myriad of solutions.

In fact, it could be easier than you think.

A report in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research demonstrated that a person’s chakras affect their emotional well being.

And another study stated that the heart releases a magnetic field at room temperature.

Which means you can get an emotional and physical balance without giving up everything you enjoy.

Some of the topics covered in part 1 of this book include:

  • The truth about chakras
  • 7 warnings signs that your chakras are out of balance
  • 10 benefits of healing your chakras
  • 14 myths about chakras
  • 50 powerful chakra healing techniques
  • 7 things that can help your chakra healing process
  • 7 things that could be holding you back from healing your chakras
  • And much, much more

Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:

  • What the kundalini is & where it comes from
  • What kundalini & shakti energy can do
  • How the chakras are related to kundalini
  • What (and who) could be holding your awakening back
  • How to troubleshoot your awakening
  • Common myths about kundalini dispelled
  • And much, much more!

Some of the topics covered in part 3 of this book include:

  • The concept of the third eye and the role it can play in your life
  • The mystery of the pineal gland and the reasons for its calcification
  • Top 21 foods and supplements that can help you in decalcification of the pineal gland
  • Other ways to decalcify your pineal gland
  • 4 powerful techniques for awakening your third eye
  • Ways to prepare yourself for third eye activation and ways to protect yourself
  • 7 things holding you back from awakening your third eye
  • And much, much more!

Some of the topics covered in part 4 of this book include:

  • Background information on astral projection, what is the attraction, and why do people want to have out-of-body experiences
  • Best methods and techniques, how to perform them, how to jump-start your experience, real-world information that you can do in your daily life to enhance the experience, and what to expect during your preparation and journey
  • And much, much more!

And if you have a burning desire to be more energetically balanced and naturally happier, then scroll up and click “add to cart”!

Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know About Computer and Cyber Security, Social Engineering, The Internet of Things + An Essential Guide to Ethical Hacking for Beginners

by Lester Evans

If you want to avoid getting hacked, having your information spread and discover the world of ethical hacking then keep reading…

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Cybersecurity: An Essential Guide to Computer and Cyber Security for Beginners, Including Ethical Hacking, Risk Assessment, Social Engineering, Attack and Defense Strategies, and Cyberwarfare
  • Ethical Hacking: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Using Penetration Testing to Audit and Improve the Cybersecurity of Computer Networks, Including Tips on Social Engineering

Do you create tons of accounts you will never again visit?

Do you get annoyed thinking up new passwords, so you just use the same one across all your accounts?

Does your password contain a sequence of numbers, such as “123456”?

Do you automatically click all links and download all email attachments coming from your friends?

This book will show you just how incredibly lucky you are that nobody’s hacked you before.

With this handy little book as your starting point, you can finally go from a starry-eyed internet user to a paranoid cybersecurity geek.

With plenty of examples, this book will show you that the internet is not merely a way to watch cute cat videos; it’s a battlefield, a military invention that was accidentally found to be capable of overpowering any threat economically, digitally and politically.

From the crudest forums to the most sophisticated online services, there is a war going on and, whether you want it or not, you’re involved by the very fact you’re here, so better arm yourself with knowledge.

In part 1 of this book, you will learn about:

  • How the internet is held together with a pinky swear
  • How hackers use raunchy photos to eke out private information
  • Examples of preposterous social engineering attacks
  • Equally preposterous defense from those attacks
  • How people in charge don’t even realize what hacking means
  • How there’s only one surefire way to protect against hacking
  • Research on past, present, and future hacking methods
  • Difference between good and bad hackers
  • How to lower your exposure to hacking
  • Why companies pester you to attach a phone number to an account
  • Why social media is the most insecure way to spend your afternoon
  • And much, much more

Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:

  • Fighting against companies
  • Ethical Hacking Defined
  • War on the internet
  • Engineer’s mind
  • The Almighty EULA
  • The danger of defaults
  • John Deere
  • Copyright
  • YouTube ContentID
  • Tracking users
  • DRM
  • GEMA, the copyright police
  • Torrents
  • Sports channels
  • Megaupload and Anonymous
  • Julian Assange
  • Patents
  • Penetration testing
  • Jailbreaking Android/iPhone
  • Shut up Cortana
  • How an hacker could go about hacking your WiFi
  • And much, much more!

So if you want to learn more about Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking, scroll up and click “add to cart”!

INNOVATE !: The employee’s guide to innovation. (Change Designs Business Books Book 1)

by Ruth Tearle

All it takes to innovate is a change in mental habits.
All it takes to build a culture of innovation, is employees who enjoy innovating.

Many organizations want to build a culture of innovation. While leaders find it easy to develop innovation systems and rewards, what they find difficult is getting enough employees involved.

Employees will tell you that they want to innovate, but just don’t know how.

This employees guide to innovation provides the missing link needed to build a culture of innovation.

Ruth Tearle is a highly regarded leadership consultant who transforms boring innovation processes into inspiring journey’s of self discovery and empowerment. In this book, she will lead you through an imaginative journey into your mind. Here you will learn:
The habits that will make you more successful at work.
How to pack your own magical backpack, that you can use on any journey to innovation.
How to use left and right brain tools to analyse problems, generate solutions, evaluate and choose a solution to work on, and plan to implement that solution.
How to use the 8 step Quest for Magic process to turn great ideas into powerful innovations.

Turbo-boost your career. Work through the challenges in this guide and develop the habits and skills of an innovation champion.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

by Washington Irving

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and â??in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook.
“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is a short story by American author Washington Irving, contained in his collection of 34 essays and short stories entitled The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Written while Irving was living abroad in Birmingham, England, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” was first published in 1820. Along with Irving’s companion piece “Rip Van Winkle”, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is among the earliest examples of American fiction with enduring popularity.

Anxiety, Leave Me Alone: Simple Ways To End Anxiety Now (Positive Energy)

by Alex Canny

Learn how to understand your inner self and equip yourself with scientific strategies to conquer your anxiety!

Are you: feeling sick and tired of grappling with the monster called anxiety? Living a life you don’t deserve? Growing into someone too sensitive to be recognized?

Do you: find yourself over thinking every step you are taking? Feel vulnerable every time your friend say “pull yourself together drama queen?” (or king)? Struggle with a professional failure or a personal issue? Long for reclaiming power over your own self by yourself? Want to get help now by an expert without undergoing hours of confessions in a confined office?

Anxiety affects more than 18% of Americans and more than 25% of the world population: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We tend to forget that our lives are loaded by a myriad of inevitable changes and our age is too hectic to cope with it without getting help. We discount the fact that we get overwhelmed every time life hits us hard; instead we shrink in our sense of stigma and failure and get trapped in the shackles of our out-of-control anxiety.

But now, help is here! It’s a button away from you!

In Anxiety, Leave Me Alone Simple Ways To End Anxiety Now, Dr. Alex Canny draws on his long-year experience as a psychologist at UCLA Psychology Clinic to bring the most effective and efficient techniques and strategies at your fingertips.

This book will help you figure out the reasons and triggers behind collapsing into anxiety. In a conversational style, Dr. Canny teaches you techniques for analyzing and understanding your own anxiety thoughts and triggers. In the first part of the book, you dig deeper into your inner-self and come up with the reasons behind your unhelpful cognitive distortions; those mistaken and manipulating thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that you cling to without even recognizing them. Then, you will be guided through practical strategies of emotional regulation to develop your own coping strategies and skills to solve the situations you fear and implement lifestyle changes.

Are you ready to throw off the shackles of anxiety and shout “Leave me alone”?

After reading Anxiety, Leave Me Alone Simple Ways To End Anxiety Now from cover to cover, you will regain control over your life and resume the life you deserve without compromising the quality of your life or collapsing again.

You will learn:

  • How to develop thought awareness
  • The nature of negative thought patterns
  • How to use calm breathing exercises to challenge your anxiety
  • How to transform intrusive thoughts
  • How to design your fear ladder

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    Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting: An Easy, Beginner Weight Loss Challenge for Men and Women to Maximize Healthy Weight Loss With Keto

    by Amy Moore

    Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet: Book Description
    Are you struggling with your ketogenic diet?
    Did somebody tell you that you could get the perfect body, but then didn’t tell you how hard it would be to eat every single day?

    Keto doesn’t have to be a struggle. Getting that great body is possible, and it doesn’t have to be hard. It does take the work of finding out the right information, and using the correct way of doing it to get stronger, leaner, and make it show.
    It’s an easier way to harness the combined powers of keto, and intermittent fasting, so you can get that amazing body you’re working so hard for.
    Inside this book, you will discover:
    -The main problem skinny fat people have with weight loss, and how to overcome it
    -The counterintuitive principle: why not to lose weight as fast as possible
    -All the benefits of Keto, and Intermittent Fasting
    -Carbohydrate Cycling Secrets

    If you’re ready to unlock the secrets of weight loss,
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    Olive Oil Bible: Olive Oil: The Miraculous Advantages: How can olive oil keep you healthy.

    by Metin Emir

    Olive oil has been used for thousands of years in Mediterranean cultures. Ancient Greeks knew its power to heal wounds, and eventually they used it to light oil lamps, for cooking, and for beauty. Cleopatra was said to use it on her skin alongside milk baths and ancient physicians noted its use in the role of massage.
    The greatest exponent of olive oil is monounsaturated fat. Olive oil is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed as it is – freshly pressed from the fruit.
    Olive oil is a natural juice which preserves the taste, aroma, vitamins and properties of the olive fruit.
    Olive oil is considered a gift of god in regions where it is used in some parts of the world. Kings and priests were anointed with olive oil and royal scepters were made from olive wood.
    Olive oil has been used for nutrition of hair since the ancient times. It is used in tradition Indian for hair massage.

    A True Professional: 6 Universal and Timeless Qualities

    by Michael O’Donnell

    No matter what line of work you are in, your advancement and ultimate success will largely be determined by earning the reputation as a true professional. But do you really know what it means to be one? Many people stumble through their careers and eventually stagnate because they fail to achieve this stature. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL details the 6 Universal and Timeless Qualities — and 30 specific behaviors — needed to rise to the top of any profession. It includes contemporary strategies, tips and real-life examples for getting hired, promoted, referred and recommended. It’s been called “a blueprint for career success,” and “an immutable guidepost for life success.” Seasoned professionals rave, “this is the book I wish someone would have given me when I was starting my career.” Whether you work for an organization or run your own business, this is an essential read for every aspiring professional. It’s also a great refresher for people who have piqued in their careers or are thinking about switching careers.

    Body Language: Secrets of Body Language – Female Body Language. Learn to Tell if She’s Interested or Not!

    by James Beckett

    Who Else Wants to Know What She’s REALLY Thinking about RIGHT NOW?

    Did you know that we say far more with our bodies and faces than we ever do with our words? Body language is a huge part of human interaction – but it’s often completely ignored or misunderstood.

    If you want to know how to read the signals she’s giving you and find out if she’s looking at you as more than just a chance meeting, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Hi, I’m Lionel, a body language expert with a career spent researching, examining and analyzing the human behavior and psychology. As you can understand, I’ve been studying body language for a very long time and I can literally tell at just a single glance exactly what’s going on in her mind.

    Would you like to be able to do the same?

    Just like you, I’m frustrated that all the books, resources and courses out there on body language focus on exactly the wrong thing: what a facial expression or a gesture means in isolation. That’s not how it works – our body parts work in harmony to create an overall message.

    That’s why I’ve written this book – because I know that the secret of finding out whether she’s interested in you lies in more than just one pout or a flick of her hair. I want to show you how to understand her body so that she can finally get that message across to you. That message that she’s been sending all along…

    Give me ONE day and I’ll hand you the keys to her mind

    And I’ll do it for less than the cost of a cosmopolitan. Even if you’ve never heard a single fact about body language before, you’ll find out in this book what a powerful tool it can be both for you and for her.

    Knowing whether she’s interested or not in just a few moments IS possible, even if you’re a complete beginner

    You’ll learn how to spot the most important signals and weigh them up in the right context to tell what she’s trying to say.

    Within this guide, you’ll discover:

    • Why her eyes really are the windows to her soul
    • What she’s telling you through her gaze
    • The secrets behind her smile
    • Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she’s touching you
    • What it means when her gestures are exactly the same as yours
    • How to use her body language to tell if she’s interested now
    • How to tell if she’s still interested in you when you’re in a relationship
    • And a whole lot more…

    This guide will save you over $500 on a useless course

    You’ll find plenty of courses out there for people who want to learn body language, but why would you risk wasting at least $500 and hours upon hours of your time on something that may or may not work? It’s a no brainer – This proven guide to understanding female body language has EVERYTHING you need, for a fraction of the cost.

    Don’t just take my word for it…

    I’ve been sharing my knowledge about body language for years. Here’s what just a couple of people who have read this book had to say:

    “It is concise, well-structured, and gives valid information that a purchaser of this book would be looking for. There is no wool over the eyes here – my smile says I like it, my lips say it is a must read! A++”

    “I would highly recommend every guy reading this book so they can understand their girlfriend, wife, or any women in their life”

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    The Journey: Truthful, Thought Provoking Personal Stories to Help You Find Your Path to Happiness

    by Beth Taylor

    This book is a journey about friendship and family through the years and how they can all influence your life in one way or another.The stories in this book will resonate with you and guide you towards your hidden self.

    Do you want to find your path to happiness?

    Do you want to be brave and believe in yourself?

    In The Journey you will find stories toâ?¦.

    • Inspire and motivate you
    • Make you think beyond the â??norm’ of todays society
    • Help you understand differences with people and situations
    • Open your heart and mind to the beauty of this world

    Beth Taylor has been going through a spiritual awakening experience for many years that has encouraged her to write stories that are straight from the heart and very personal to her.                     Through the sharing of her small and large triumphs in life, Beth will give you the rewards, the inspiration and the motivation to put into practice in your own life. You too can find your happiness!

    Life is never about the destination. It’s all about â??The Journey’.

    DON’T WAIT! Start your journey with me today!

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    Tudor History: A Captivating Guide to the Tudors, the Wars of the Roses, the Six Wives of Henry VIII and the Life of Elizabeth I

    by Captivating History

    If you want to discover the captivating history of the Tudors, then keep reading…

    Free History BONUS Inside!

    Four captivating manuscripts in one book:

    • The Tudors: A Captivating Guide to the History of England from Henry VII to Elizabeth I
    • The Wars of the Roses: A Captivating Guide to the English Civil Wars That Brought down the Plantagenet Dynasty and Put the Tudors on the Throne
    • The Six Wives of Henry VIII: A Captivating Guide to Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Katherine Parr
    • Elizabeth I: A Captivating Guide to the Queen of England Who Was the Last of the Five Monarchs of the House of Tudor

    Five Tudor monarchs sat on the throne of England and Ireland from 1485 to 1603. The family earned their royal rights through strategic planning and battlefield prowess, and kept them because of intellect, strength and sheer determination. The Tudors, one of England’s most powerful and famous royal dynasties, knitted together a fragmented and small island nation that became one of the world’s financial, colonial and technological superpowers.

    There is so much more to the story of these kings and queens than beheadings, political marriages and the reformation of the church – but those events remain some of the family’s most enthralling moments.

    Some of the topics covered in part 1 of this book include:

    • The Tudors of Wales
    • The Wars of the Roses
    • Catherine of Valois, Mother of the Tudor Dynasty
    • Margaret Beaufort, Second Tudor Matriarch
    • King Henry VII
    • Arthur Tudor
    • King Henry VIII
    • Margaret Tudor, Sister of Henry VIII
    • Mary Tudor, Queen of France
    • The Birth of the Church of England
    • King Henry VIII: Wives Two and Three
    • King Henry VIII: The Last Three Wives
    • King Edward VI
    • The Nine Days’ Queen, Jane Grey
    • Elizabeth Tudor
    • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
    • And much more!

    Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book include:

    • A Short History of the House of Plantagenet
    • Civil War in France
    • England’s Loss and a King’s Illness
    • Treason by the Duke of York
    • The Battle of Northampton
    • Margaret’s Army
    • Mortimer’s Cross and the Battle of Towton
    • York Takes the Throne
    • The King in the Tower
    • The Kingmaker Repents
    • The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury
    • The Death of a King
    • The Final Plantagenet Kings
    • Richard III and the Princes in the Tower
    • The Battle of Bosworth
    • The Foundation of the Tudor Dynasty
    • Attempts on the Tudor Throne
    • The Sainthood and Cult of King Henry VI
    • The Legacy of the Wars of the Roses
    • And much, much more!

    Some of the topics covered in part 3 of this book include:

    • Henry Tudor
    • Catherine of Aragon
    • Mistress Elizabeth Blount
    • Mistress Mary Boleyn
    • Anne Boleyn
    • Anne of Cleves
    • Mistress Mary Shelton
    • The Wooing of Jane Seymour
    • Catherine Howard
    • The Culpeper Affair
    • Katherine Parr
    • More Theories on Henry Tudor’s Fertility
    • The Illegitimate Children of Henry VIII
    • And much more!

    Some of the topics covered in part 4 of this book include:

    • The Birth of a Future Queen
    • From Princess to Lady
    • Elizabeth and the Royal Stepmothers
    • The Teenaged Princess
    • A Flurry of Successions
    • Queen Elizabeth I
    • Sir Francis Drake and the Elizabethan Settlements
    • Mary, Queen of Scots and War with Spain
    • Arts and Culture in Elizabethan England
    • The End of the Tudor Dynasty
    • And much, much more!

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    Instagram Marketing: How to Dominate Your Niche in 2019 with Your Small Business and Personal Brand by Marketing on a Super Popular Social Media Platform and Leveraging its Influencers

    by Matt Golden

    If you want to discover how to dominate your niche using Instagram marketing, then keep reading…

    Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and the platform is rapidly growing into one of the most powerful online marketing tools for small businesses and personal brands.

    If you are currently in business, or if you are planning on launching a business in 2019, you need to consider getting your business on Instagram and start building engagement on this social media giant.

    If you are ready to start making an impact on Instagram in 2019, Instagram Marketing: How to Dominate Your Niche in 2019 with Your Small Business and Personal Brand by Marketing on a Super Popular Social Media Platform and Leveraging Its Influencers is the exact book you are looking for!

    Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

    • Choosing your niche
    • How to set up your Instagram profile the right way
    • Amazing strategies for branding your account and all of the content that you post
    • Secrets to creating powerful, scroll-stopping posts
    • 5 unwritten rules of Instagram
    • How to make sales using Instagram
    • Building Instagram into your sales funnel
    • Myths from marketing gurus and the truth you need to know
    • How to ethically spy on your competitors
    • And much, much more

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    Wealth of Nations

    by Adam Smith

    Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and â??in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook.

    Adam Smith’s masterpiece, first published in 1776, is the foundation of modern economic thought and remains the single most important account of the rise of, and the principles behind, modern capitalism. Written in clear and incisive prose, The Wealth of Nations articulates the concepts indispensable to an understanding of contemporary society.

    Complete Pescatarian Cookbook: Learn 550 New, Delicious, Seafood and Vegetarian Diet Recipes for your Skillet, Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan and One Pot – Inspired by Mediterranean Lifestyle

    by Jessy Baker

    Learn 550 New, Quick and Easy, Healthy and Delicious Pescatarian Meal Recipes – Seafood + Vegetarian – For You Skillet, Convection And Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan; All in One Pot – Inspired By Mediterranean Cooking Style – Both for Healthy Living and Effective Weight Loss Goal

    Complete Pescatarian Cookbook – Reveals 550 New, Delicious, Seafood And Vegetarian Diet Recipes For Your Skillet, Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan And One Pot Meals – Inspired By Mediterranean Lifestyle For Effective Weight Loss Plan. This cookbook is an ultimate kitchen companion for any mum, chef or cook who wish to learn how to cook new healthy.

    Are you wondering what the word PESCATARIAN is all about? The word originated from 2 common words: “Pisces” meaning fish or seafood and “Vegetarian” (Vegetables – discarding the prefix). This simply entails the proportionate combination of seafood and vegetarian diets to promote a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan. You might also see another variation in spelling like PESCETARIAN. Either spellings or variations imply the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

    Pescatarian meals help you enjoy the benefits of 2 different sources of nutrients; that is land nutrients (from vegetables) and sea nutrients (from sea foods). One advantage of pescatarian meal lifestyle is that the diet style is very flexible. You combine seafood and vegetables the way you like. You may also combine a fish recipe with a salad recipe. The choice is all yours! Also, the ingredients of pescatarian meals can be easily found in your local markets, you can even grow the vegetables in your garden! Even if you have a tight work schedule, you will discover some delicious recipes in this cookbook which take not more than 25 minutes of your time to prepare and cook.

    The Recipes in this Pescatarian cookbook are categorized into the following:

    • Vegetarian Main Dishes + Appetizers and Desserts – Mediterranean Vegetable Omelet, Semolina Dessert, Bulgarian Baked Beans, Turkish Green Beans, Rice and Cabbage Stew, etc.
    • Vegetarian Soups – Mediterranean Chickpea and Tomato Soup, Moroccan Lentil Soup, Beet and Carrot Soup, Mushroom, Barley and Lentil Soup, Blue Cheese Soup with Zucchini and Broccoli, etc.
    • Vegetarian Salads – Mediterranean Buckwheat Salad, Baby Spinach Salad, Kale Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing, Turkish Beet Salad with Yogurt, Tasty Tabbouleh, etc.
    • How to cook delicious and healthy meals with minimum cost and effort
    • Seafood Recipes – Garlic Lemon Scallops, Shrimp with Cilantro and Lime, One Pan Baked Teriyaki Salmon, Skinny Southern BBQ Shrimp, Honey Glazed Salmon with Wasabi, etc.
    • Special Fish Recipes – Walleye Vegetarian Delight, Citrus Marinated Fish Fillets, Southern Bass Chowder, Baked Fillets of Northern Pike, Mid-Western Fish Stew, Fillet Almondine, etc.

    Here Are Things You Gain From this Complete Pescetarian Recipe Cookbook:

    • 550 Seafood + Vegetable Recipes – Inspired by Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle
    • Pescetarian Diet Beginner Tips – Benefits of Pescatarian Diet lifestyle, Foods that burn Belly fats
    • Seafood Tips/Advice – Seafood shopping and storage guides
    • Dutch Oven Tips – First use advice, oven cleaning/maintenance guide
    • Instant Pot Tips – How to use and maintain your instant pot electric pressure cooker, including first time setup guide
    • Vegetarian Diet Guides
    • How to cook delicious and healthy pescetarian meals with minimum cost and effort, etc.

    Are you ready to start eating healthy and easy to cook healthy Seafood + Vegetarian diets with your Skillet, Convection and Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan – All in One Pot without spending much? Then scroll up and hit the BUY Button now!

    The Crypto Trader`s Handbook: INDICATORS & OSCILLATORS (CRYPTO TRADING Book 2)


    Technical Indicators dives further into the world of trading indicators. Learn about how to calculate and trade. This book teach you exactly how to calculate each indicator. Get great tips about how to trade with these indicators.� If you trade using price action you can test your strategies and theories using the information in this book. Learn how to program Harami patterns, Tweezer Bottoms and the double tops.�There are indicators to suit trend traders and reversal traders, day traders and long term investors.�� This book is completely dedicated to Cryptos and all the examples are based on BTC so this becomes easy for a novice trader who is passionate about trading cryptocurrencies. There are wide range of indicators that are used in the market for speculation. In this book I have segregated the topics tic by tic so that it is easy for the reader to take references from one Indicator to other Indicator and compare the differences. As a trader no Indicator or Oscillator is used as standalone there should be some combination of Price Action and Candlesticks which gives you a decent output.

    There are specific patters which gives us a sign of reversal but a pattern alone doesn’t give you confirmation about the reversal (turnarounds) you have to sync that patters in combination with indicators and then conclude that the trade will work or not.

    Make Money!

    South Beach Diet: Beginner’s Guide with Foolproof Recipes|Lose Weight Easily and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

    by Emma Green

    Rev up your metabolism and lose weight faster while following South Beach Diet

    The South Beach Diet is a healthy way of eating that is far lower in carbs than conventional low-fat diets. It also encourages dieters to eat mainly unprocessed foods, liberal amounts of vegetables and healthy, high-fiber carb sources.

    Many people have reported losing weight and keeping it off by following the diet.

    Here are some benefits, you will get: 

    • Lose your weight naturally
    • Have a stable energy level
    • Feel increased endurance
    • Improving risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease
    • Stabilizes blood sugar level

    This book includes:

    • A Closer Look at the South Beach Diet
    • Everything about how to choose the right fats and the right carbs
    • Allowed meat, vegetables, legumes, sauces, and seasonings charts
    • Over 60 recipes, which are rich in low-glycemic-index carbs, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats
    • Quick-cook ideas and trustworthy meals that take less than 15 minutes to prepare
    • All recipes supported by nutritional breakdowns, full images, and portion control

    ***Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats- Black and White and Full color. Choose the best for you ***

    • Full-color edition – Simply press “See all formats and versions” above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button
    • Black and white version – is the default first

    For more information, please pay few minutes and scroll up to look inside, you will like it!

    Manual de Vendas Complexas: Como pequenas empresas podem fechar grandes negócios B2B e prosperar (Portuguese Edition)

    by Marcos Jesus

    Muitos empreendedores sonham em fechar grandes negócios com outras empresas. Mas vendas do tipo enterprise são difíceis de serem concretizadas com sucesso. Escrevi este manual pensando naqueles que estão no início dessa caminhada e precisam de algumas dicas. Este livro também serve como uma atualização sobre o tema.

    O Manual de Vendas Complexas é uma leitura rápida, e pode ser consultada diversas vezes, perfeita para a praia ou aeroporto. Indicado para fundadores de startups e heads de vendas, ou para quem esteja pensando em trabalhar com funis complexos de vendas.

    Alguns dos tópicos abordados:
    * Noções básicas de vendas complexas
    * 7 regras essenciais para sucesso em vendas enterprise
    * Táticas de vendas enterprise
    * Como criar urgência para fechar logo o negócio
    * O hack para burlar a parte burocrática

    Sobre o autor:
    Marcos Jesus é chefe de negócios da CanisHub no Brasil, e já foi sócio de duas empresas que focavam em vendas b2b. � fundador da TacticsB2B, consultoria para tração de times de vendas com foco em negociações do tipo enterprise.

    Emotional Mastery for Adults with Aspergers – Practical Techniques to work through anger, anxiety and depression

    by Leslie Burby

    Emotional awareness is not something that we are taught in school and it is rarely even understood by our parents. We live in a society where even those not in the Autistic Spectrum (Neuro-typical Individuals) suffer to some extent with emotional repression and its subsequent side effects.

    It is not surprising that most with Asperger’s syndrome struggle to get the help, knowledge and understanding to deal with problems with anger, anxiety and depression.

    Following the creation of the Asperger Test Site, we received a steady flow of questions from people seeking advice following their diagnosis. One of the things we noticed is that it was the emotional aspect of life that people were struggling with the most. Issues around anxiety, anger and depression are quite common for adults with Aspergers. There is a common misconception that people with Aspergers don’t feel emotions, but that is simply not true. What is true is that there is difficulty understanding , communicating and dealing with the emotions that are present.

    This book is intended to give you a better understanding of the emotions that affect those living with Asperger’s syndrome. In writing this book, we deemed first to identify what the problem areas are before looking for resolutions. While we could not cover every single emotion in this book, we have covered the ones that are most problematic.

    We hope it will provide a powerful reference that you can use to improve the quality of your life.

    When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates Can Succeed In Myanmar?: First-Time Guidebook

    by Hana Bui

    An enchanting and mysterious country awakening after 60 years of dictatorship and isolation, Myanmar is emerging as the last frontier market. It is also the “Golden Land” nationwide, dotted as it is by spectacular and charming pagodas and temples.

    More and more expatriates, together with the flocks of Foreign Direct Investment into Myanmar, come here for their overseas assignments and to clock in achievements.

    In the newly-opened country full of oddities and quirks, expats have found lots of challenges, especially cultural differences and subsequent cultural conflicts. It looks like “Men Are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, when strangers work with strangers. If there is no real understanding, there will be no smooth co-operation.

    When Global Meets Local – How Expatriates Can Succeed in Myanmar: A First-Time Guidebook

    This book offers a first time valuable guide for expats in Myanmar, or for those who want to come here. Its mission is to assist expatriates to succeed by helping them to overcome the biggest challenge of expats the world over – cultural conflicts.
    Full of vivid, real-life stories, the book presents, in a simple and applicable fashion for super-busy expats, the following:
    -2 Survival Rules of Social Interaction, the most common cultural conflicts in Myanmar
    -3 Keys to Success & 12 Simple & Applicable Lessons
    -What the locals think of foreigners and 15 comparable thoughts between expats and locals (how they easily misinterpret each other’s “strange” behaviours)
    -Things expats wish they knew before coming here so they may avoid re-inventing the wheel and save lots of time, effort and money.
    -How to foster good relationships with the locals
    -How to fix any damage done
    -Suggestions to Win – either for a two-year contract expat or a more long term one

    The Survival Rules, Keys to Succeed, and simple and applicable lessons are gained from insight into the values and beliefs of the amicable local people. The local corporate working culture and the characteristics of the local talent pool are also assessed.

    Interestingly, the book also tells authentic stories of local giants who are on the way to transforming their lucrative businesses as they aspire to reach international standards in a new, competitive, open business environment.

    Having lived in Myanmar for six years doing business, author Hana Bui has a strong interest in global-local interrelations. She holds an MA degree on Globalization and Communications from University of Leicester, England.
    She was also an independent business journalist in Saigon, Vietnam, her home town.

    The author did a survey of over a hundred expatriates who work or have worked in Myanmar for over a year, plus over 50 local professionals. Nearly 30 in-depth interviews were conducted. The professionals interviewed are mostly in the commercial sector, but others such as NGOs or diplomatic organizations are also included.

    If you are reading the book and burst out, “Yes, that’s exactly what happened to me!”, then you are not alone!

    Who can benefit from the book:
    New expats and entrepreneurs coming here to work
    Existing expats and entrepreneurs who want to improve their efficiency
    Expatriates and investors who want to come to Myanmar or who are considering doing so
    Travelers who want to have a deeper understanding about the people in the Golden Land
    Local entrepreneurs and professionals who often work with expats, especially HR professionals
    Anyone who is interested in gaining an understanding about Myanmar culture, business, and people in the transition period of connecting with the global world.

    The Life-Changing Magic of Decluttering Your Mind By Decluttering Your House: A step-by-step guide to releasing anxiety, stress, worry, and depression by tidying up and organizing your life

    by Marie Douglas

    This book talks about how a cluttered house or space can cause subconscious stress without you even knowing it.
    Marie talks about how she has developed several techniques for easy and stress free decluttering and organizing ones space.
    Her step by step instructions will help you find joy in getting things done and help you relax.
    This book is unique in that it goes into detail of what the most critical and common issues that many homemakers, mothers,spouses are concerned with , and you may be surprised by some of them that aren’t as well known.

    Low Carb Cookbook: 2 Books in 1: Easy and Delicious Low Carb Recipes for Fast Weight Loss

    by Angela Gibbs

    Low Carb Cookbook: 2 Books in 1

    Book 1: Low Carb Dump Meals: Easy and Delicious Low Carb Recipes for Busy People

    A low carb diet restricts the amount of carbohydrates you eat, asking you to focus instead on healthy fats, lean proteins, and high fiber vegetables that have little sugar. Most people choose to adopt a low carb eating plan to lose weight and lower blood sugar.

    Dump meals are meals that are simple to cook. The idea is to combine a number of ingredients into one pot, and then leave it alone until the food is finished cooking. There’s no marinating, braising, stirring, or excessive preparation. It’s a great way to save you time and effort.

    This book will make it easy for you to follow a low carb diet. You’ll learn:
    – What to eat and what avoid while following a low carb diet
    – Low carb slow cooker recipes
    – Low carb salad recipes
    – Low carb oven dump recipes

    Book 2: Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Quick, Easy, and Delicious Low Carb Recipes for Fast Weight Loss

    If you’ve tried calorie-counting diets and programs that come with complex recipes and pre-packaged food, the Ketogenic Diet may be an easier way for you to lose weight. The Ketogenic Diet focuses on reducing the body’s carbohydrate intake and substituting it with fat. As a result, the body enters a metabolic state known as ketosis. During this stage, the body becomes extremely efficient at burning fat to make energy. Fast weight loss, lower blood pressure, and increased energy are only some of the benefits of this popular diet.

    This book will make it easy for you to adopt the Ketogenic Diet. By reading this book, you will learn:
    – The principles of the ketogenic plan
    – Its health benefits and risks
    – What to eat and what to avoid while on the diet
    – 35 Best Ketogenic Diet recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert

    These recipes are easy, healthy, and absolutely delicious.

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    Speed Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Make Reading Simple, Fast and Efficient!

    by Paul Lucas

    Speed Reading

    The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Make Reading Simple, Fast and Efficient!

    Do you want to engage your mind and ensure you are making the most of your brain?

    If so, Speed Reading:The Ultimate Guide to Learning How to Make Reading Simple, Fast and Efficient! by Paul Lucas is THE book for you!

    Being able to quickly absorb and understand information is one of the most crucial and beneficial skills you can learn in today’s society. Speed Reading will help to teach you how the human mind works and how to engage correctly in order to read in the most efficient way possible! By learning the techniques, exercises and strategies contained in this book you will be able to triumph all of your college classes, impress in the annual board meetings and complete any assignment in record speed!

    Why choose this book?

    This book includes our tried and tested methods on Speed Reading. Including THE BEST scientifically proven methods, including visualization and conceptualization! If you live a busy life and need to be the most productive version of yourself then our book Speed Reading is essential for you!

    What is inside?

    • Introduction to Speed Reading
    • History, Benefits and How the Human Mind Can Speed Read
    • Techniques to Speed Read
    • Speed Reading Exercises
    • Speed Reading Strategies
    • Visualization and Conceptualization
    • And much, much more!

    What are you waiting for?

    Kickstart your life now by downloading this book!

    See you inside!

    DIY Live Edge Resin River Table

    by Lorayne Miller

    Live-edge resin river tables are beautiful pieces of furniture and highly sought after and with the right planning and skills can be created by experienced wood workers. If you have ever priced these pieces in furniture stores you know they are very expensive. It is not as hard as you might think to make your own and this book will show you in steps with pictures on each page how to make your own live edge resin river table that you will love and enjoy for years. Best of all you will save a ton of money!

    Father Brown: The Complete Collection

    by G. K. Chesterton

    Content :

    – The Innocence of Father Brown
    – The Wisdom of Father Brown
    – The Donnington Affair
    – The Incredulity of Father Brown
    – The Secret of Father Brown
    – The Scandal of Father Brown
    – The Mask of Midas

    Inteligencia Emocional Libros 1-2: Un libro de Supervivencia de Autoayuda Efectiva, con Estrategias Exitosas y Técnicas de sanación que guiarán tu camino … Técnicas de PNL) (Spanish Edition)

    by Daniel Patterson

    ¿Tienes dificultades para relacionarte con la gente?

    ¿Desearías poder entender cómo piensan, las cosas que hacen, y cómo se sienten?

    ¿O sientes demasiado al asumir su bagaje emocional, incluso sin saber que lo estás haciendo?

    La verdad es que no solo es posible, es fácil descubrir tu propia programación humana, así como la de todos los que te rodean, cuando tienes las herramientas correctas. ¿No te sería mucho mejor tu vida si pudieras descubrir cómo toda la gente está programada, tanto intelectualmente, como emocionalmente, así podrías entenderlos rápida y fácilmente?

    En este juego de dos libros, incluimos Empático, una guía para mejorar su salud emocional al entender cómo los pensamientos y emociones pueden permear tu espacio personal; y Manipulación, una guía para la PNL, el arte de entender los procesos de fondo detrás de la manera que piensa la gente, así puedes obtener lo que deseas, y ayudarles a obtener lo que deseen.

    Dentro de estos libros, dominarás los artes de:

    -Cambiar cómo tú y los demás piensan con un control mental ético
    -Técnicas respaldadas por la ciencia para utilizar la PNL
    -Entender cómo la PNL influencia a la gente
    -Usar la PNL para la mejora personal
    -Comunicación y tácticas no verbales
    -Lo que significa ser Empático
    -Bloquear los pensamientos, sentimientos y emociones indeseadas
    -Prosperar como una persona Empática

    Al utilizar de manera intencional las habilidades que aprenderás en estos libros, puedes tomar control de tu vida, y avanzar en tus propias metas personales.

    ¡Si deseas tener la mejor salud emocional de tu vida, éxito social masivo, y vivir un estilo de vida más saludable y feliz, simplemente deslízate de nuevo hacia arriba y solicita una copia ahora mismo!

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    Everyday Mexican: Easy Favorite Mexican Recipes to Make at Home

    by Sarah Spencer

    Bring the authentic flavors of Mexico into your kitchen! Prepare a Mexican meal your friends and family will love and ask you to make again and again!

    Mexico’s rich food history has been acknowledged across a world that now celebrates traditional Mexican culinary practices. Flavor-rich Mexican cuisine is appreciated worldwide for its clever use of chilies, peppers, and beans to create unique textures and flavors.

    Mexican foods bring real charm to any celebration, casual party, formal get-together or classic weekend dinner. Modern Mexican cuisine represents an amazing combination of culinary craft from Spain and Mexico. The people of Mexico have great passion for their food; they are proud of the culinary customs that guarantee a perfect balance of flavors in all their meals.

    Mexican foods are full of exotic flavors resulting from their unique preparation techniques. They are usually multilayeredâ??think of tacos, burritos, tortillas, and carnitasâ??and this means that it takes longer to prepare and arrange the ingredients for some recipes. But in the end, it is well worth your effort to get a perfectly balanced meal with unique flavors.

    No matter how many times you enjoy Mexican recipes, you will always want to have them again and again. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in Mexico and enjoy its world-class cuisine firsthand, but you can make it easily in the comfort of your home. Mexican food may seem challenging and complex to prepare at first, but the fact is that once you start making it, achieving an authentic taste will soon become almost effortless.

    This cookbook delivers a handpicked collection of flavorful Mexican recipes that are easy to prepare at home. Some of these recipes are a little richâ??not necessarily the best thing to eat when you’re on a dietâ??but they are all full of amazing flavors. You’ll get to explore a wide range of Mexican dishes for your various cooking needs, be it breakfast, poultry, meat, seafood, fish, vegetarian mains or desserts.

    Inside, you’ll find over 90 classic Mexican recipes including:
    -Sauces, dressings and seasonings such as the Fajita Seasoning Mix and the Salsa Verde
    -Breakfast dishes like the Gordita Breakfast Wraps and the Egg Bean Vera Cruz
    -Recomforting soups recipes like the Wholesome poultry recipes such as the Chicken Verde Casserole and the Tinga De Pollo
    -Bountiful beef recipes like the Birria de Res, the Beef Burrito, and the Taco de Bistec
    -Satisfying pork and lamb recipes like the Pork Empanadas from Scratch, the Lamb Chipotle Tortilla, the Taco Pork Chops, and the Pork Carnitas
    -Delightful fish and seafood recipes such as the Shrimp Tequilla Tacos, the Veracruz Sea Bass, Seafood Enchiladas, and the Spicy Fish Taco Bowls
    -Amazing vegetarian mains and sides such as the Chilli Renellos, the Refried Beans, and the Quick and Easy Frijoles Charros
    -Plenty of desserts and drink recipes to make awesome desserts and drinks such as the Horchata, the Tres Leche Cake, the Sopapillas, and the Cheesecake Taquitos

    All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

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    by Lorrie A Simmons

    FREE is a memoir of the life of Lorrie Brinson Simmons. Her life as a young woman having survived some difficult life lessons that lead to low self esteem and guilt. Free was written not only to share her struggle, but also to share her truth about encounters with sexual assault, aka date rape, and domestic violence.This book is for the survivor or family member of these victims to realize that love doesn’t hurt; each survivor can begin again and experience a life of hope and happiness after the pain. This book shares the keys to freedom and living a life in victory and overcoming the hurts of the past.

    Crime and Punishment

    by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    This book contains several tables of HTML content to make reading easier.

    One of the most influential novels of the nineteenth century, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishmenttells the tragic story of Raskolnikovâ??a talented former student whose warped philosophical outlook drives him to commit murder. Surprised by his sense of guilt and terrified of the consequences of his actions, Raskolnikov wanders through the slums of pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg trying to escape the ever-suspicious Porfiry, the official investigating the crime.

    History of the Roman Empire

    by Srdjan Kotarlic

    The Roman Empire is the post-republican phase in the development of ancient Roman statehood, characterized by an autocratic form of government and large territorial possessions in Europe and the Mediterranean. Rome was the only state in history that owned the entire coast of the Mediterranean. The chronological framework of the existence of the Roman Empire covers the period from the reign of the first emperor Octavian Augustus to the division of the empire into Western and Eastern and the subsequent fall of the Western Roman empire, that is, from 27 BC on to 476. The eastern part of the Roman Empire with its center in Constantinople existed for another 977 years – until 1453.

    Rome began as a group of villages along Italy’s Tiber River.
    About 750 B.C., the villages joined together to form a city
    called Rome. It was ruled by kings for more than 200 years.
    Eventually, Rome became a republic, and the people elected
    representatives. These representatives formed the Senate,
    Rome’s most powerful body of government. Each year the
    Senate elected two leaders who took charge of the
    government and the military

    In 27 B.C., Rome became an empire. Caesar’s adopted son
    Augustus became the first Roman emperor. He brought
    peace and wealth to Rome for 40 years. Rome made great
    progress. The army kept peace. Trade increased. Many public
    buildings and lighthouses were built.

    Ten Minute Yoga for Stress Relief, Focus, and Renewal

    by Lisa Shea


    In our rushed, hectic, go-go-go modern world, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself. But this one body is all each of us has to make it through an entire lifetime. What we do to our bodies – the stress we subject them to, the damage we do to the muscles and ligaments – stays with us every waking moment. We owe it to ourselves to nurture this delicate vehicle which moves us through our world.

    Ten Minute Yoga for Stress Relief, Focus, and Renewal is the short version of my full hour-long routine. It can be used when you travel, when you’re busy, and pretty much any other time that you need to keep your time quick. Both this and my full-length yoga book are FREE on all systems.

    Study after study finds that yoga helps with lower back pain, depression, energy levels, balance, post-traumatic stress, focus, sleep, and much more. Whether you need to reset after a busy day or wish to have more joy in your daily life, yoga can help. It nurtures your body and embraces your soul.

    Join us to take that first step forward into a healthier, happier you.


    Ten Minute Yoga for Stress Relief, Focus, and Renewal is intended to be free on all systems, to help those who are in need of support find a step toward a more contented life. If the system you are currently on requires a charge to download, all author’s proceeds will benefit battered women’s shelters. It is the short version of my longer yoga book, which is also free. Together they ensure you are able to do yoga every day no matter what life throws at you.

    If you have never done yoga at all, I highly recommend you start with a live human being helping you in person. That person can ensure you hold the poses in a healthy, safe way. If you don’t have access to a human, at least use a video of some sort to see the poses in motion. It’s like learning the harp or learning to swim – you need to see how the whole body moves. My book then helps you understand my personal sequence of poses, to create an atmosphere of stress relief and forgiveness.

    Feel free to contact Lisa if you have any questions about her routine – she’s happy to help!

    PLC Programming Using RSLogix 500: A Practical Guide to Ladder Logic and the RSLogix 500 Environment

    by Nathan Clark

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    Learn How to Design and Build a Program in RSLogix 500 from Scratch!

    This book is an introduction to ladder logic programming and will guide you through your very first steps in the RSLogix 500 environment. We take a detailed look at the entire RSLogix 500 interface, practical methods to build a PLC program, and how to connect to a MicroLogix PLC. We also cover the basics of ladder logic programming and simple programming principles that every beginner should know. By the end of this book you will be able to create a PLC program from start to finish, that can take on any real-world task.

    What This Book Offers

    Introduction to Ladder Logic Programming
    We cover the essentials of what every beginner should know when starting to write their very first program. We also cover the basics of programming with ladder logic, and how ladder logic correlates to the PLC inputs and outputs. These principles are then put to work inside RSLogix 500, by explaining the basic commands that are required to control a machine.

    Introduction to RSLogix 500
    We go into meticulous detail on the workings of the RSLogix software, what each window looks like and how to navigate through the program. We cover every available instruction necessary for beginners, what each instruction does and which PLCs those instructions will work for. You will also learn about communication settings and how to add additional devices to your control system.

    How to Work with Instructions
    We show you how to assign instructions to static memory locations, and how to navigate and use the memory addressing system. This guide also covers the finer details of timers, counters and integers, as well as moves, jumps and math functions. All of which are essential to most programs.

    A Real-World Practical Approach
    Throughout the entire guide we reference practical scenarios where the various aspects we discuss are applied in the real world. We also include two full practical examples at the end, which brings together everything you will have learned in the preceding chapters.

    Key Topics

    1. Introduction to RSLogix 500 and PLCs
      • Intended Audience
      • Important Vocabulary
      • What is RSLogix 500?
      • What is a PLC?
      • Basic Requirements
      • Brief Chapter Overview
    2. Simple Programming Principles
      • Determine Your Goal
      • Break Down the Process
      • Putting It All Together
    3. Interfacing with RSLogix
      • The Main Header
      • The Project Window
      • The Quick Access Toolbar
    4. Basics of Ladder Logic Programming
      • What is Ladder Logic?
      • XIC and XIO Instructions
      • OTE, OTL and OTU Instructions
      • Basic Tools and Setup
    5. Memory Addressing
      • Outputs O0 Data File
      • Inputs I1 Data File
      • Status S2 Data File
      • Binary B3 Data File
      • Timer T4 Data File
      • Counter C5 Data File
      • Control R6 Data File
      • Integer N7 Data File
      • Float F8 Data File
      • Data File Tips
    6. RSLogix Program Instructions
    7. Timers, Counters and Integers
      • Timers
      • Counters
      • Integers
    8. Move, Jump and Math Functions
      • Move and Compare Instructions
      • Jumps and Subroutines
      • Simple Math Instructions
    9. Peripheral Devices
      • Matching IP Addresses
      • RSLinx Classic
      • FactoryTalk View Studio
    10. Practical Examples
      • Tank Filling Scenario
      • Bottling Line Scenario

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    FIDEL CASTRO: One of the most prominent communist leaders. The Entire Life Story (Great Biographies Book 1)

    by The History Hour

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    Fidel Castro ruled the country of Cuba for almost 60 years, and he changed the political structure of the country to a one-party socialist state. He ruled firstly as a Prime Minister before converting it to the title of President and Commander-in-Chief of Cuba. Castro’s political journey started on a rebellious note as he participated in the revolt against right-wing administrations in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. He later rose to become the leader of the communist revolution.

    Inside you’ll read about

    • The unveiling of a hero
    • A long road to political recognition
    • The Mystery that is Cuba and the Enigma that is Castro
    • Leadership and resilience panache to success
    • From a rogue nation to a peacekeeper
    • The revolution and Cuban’s life under Castro
    • 1953 insurrection and the vital lessons

    And much more!
    This book is a biography of the great leader Castro. In this book, we would highlight his strengths, weaknesses, mistakes and other attributes of interest. I hope you find this book interesting and inspiring enough to awaken the giant in you to achieve greatness.

    The Brain Fix: Master Logic And Productivity, Improve Memory, Learn Faster And Become The Best Version Of Yourself

    by David Haze

    Have you ever wondered what separates the most successful people from the rest of us? Is it superior genetics, or better education?

    Not at all! The real reason some people are able to reach top levels of performance is their reliance on brain performance. They have learned and integrated systematic thinking. They can leverage this way of thinking to produce better than average results.

    In The Brain Fix you’ll learn  the coreâ??and only the coreâ??of what you need to know to, use your brain to its fullest potential to get your mind under control, how to choose life, be more intelligent and become the best version of yourself.

    That’s right. Pretty soon, in fact, within 2 hours, you can read, watch and learn how to address every aspect of your learning – from memorizing, absorbing more info, focusing better and never before revealed secrets about how the brain programs the most important aspects of your life including sex, thinking, money, health, and even happiness.

    Turn your brain into a powerful dynamo by learning how geniuses think.

    Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

  • Accelerate your learning abilities
  • Improve your memory instantly
  • Develop bulletproof focus and concentration.
  • Solving complex problems with ease
  • Fly through material and ace tests
  • How to make money by accessing your strongest mental assets
  • Strategies that can help you become a more disciplined thinker, developing your analytical, reasoning, and reflective thinking skills.
  • Improve your sex life and health
  • And much, much more

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    Casanova Texting: The Ultimate Guide to Texting Women (Modern Casanova Book 4)

    by Mark London

    Do you want to learn about the best way to text a woman? Do you want to learn about using texts to flirt? Do you want to learn to seduce a woman via texts? If your answer to any of the above questions is a yes then you have come to the right place.

    Use Texting to Seduce Her!

    A step-by-step guide to transform your phone into a remote control to trigger a woman’s naughty imagination and seduce her- have the women you like crave your attention, clamor for you to satisfy their needs or even start dating the girl you like.

    In this book, you will learn

    How to text a girl

    Tips to send flirty texts

    Ways to seduce a woman over texts

    Tricks to leave a woman wanting for more

    And much more!

    If you want to turn into a Casanova via texting, then this the best book for you! In this book, you will learn the art of texting a woman to not only impress her, but even enamor her with your charm. The tips given in this book are easy to understand, simple to follow and are quite effective. So, if you want to improve your texting game, this is the perfect book for you!

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    ER Stories From The Inside

    by Brian Fleig

    26 year Nursing veteran with 15 years in the Emergency Room tells what it’s like at the bedside.

    The Way To Wealth

    by Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin’s writings have inspired millions throughout the years, and his advice on how to earn and save money is timeless. “The Way to Wealth” was an essay written by Benjamin Franklin in 1758. He was on a journey to England and resented the time wasted waiting for the ship to sail (it was anchored in New York for 2 weeks) that he began collecting adages and advice from 25 years worth of publication of Poor Richard’s Alamanac (Spelled Alamanack at the time). Because the poor man couldn’t afford books, he would spend his earnings on yearly almanacs filled with astrology, jokes, stories, and other works of amusement. In Poor Richard’s Alamanac, Franklin copied some of the more popular pieces of advice, slightly modified, and also included original works of his own

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